Foldable Kitchen Faucet from Kohler

This is definitely unique innovation for a kitchen faucet. Kohler has introduced Karbon Articulating kitchen faucet with futuristic look and sure futuristic functionality. This Karbon Faucet articulates from a compact pole-looking into a long arm when you need it. It’s great for filling large pots, pulling down into sink to prepare food, and it is designed to be used hands-free, fantastic isn’t it? This kitchen faucet is finished in gleaming polished chrome, luxury style for your kitchen.

kohler kitchen faucet

kohler karbon foldable kitchen faucet

kohler kitchen faucet

Designer : Kohler

Nica Bluetooth Headset Design by Maverick

Nica Bluetooth Headset is a latest creation by Maverick featuring excellent functionality along with exceptional and stunning outlook. This open air design incorporates a breakthrough in acoustics for maximum comfort and secure attachment aside from the classically modern look. Pure round shape of this headset will enhance your look and the thinner dimension will allow easy fit in your pocket. The inner soft pad will gently rest with maximum comfort against your ear, while providing ambient sounds for both ears. Instead of plugging in a cable, Nica will attach magnetically with the car dock and desk doc. The innovative charging options of the headset include the car doc that can be installed in the cigarette lighter jack of any car.

maverick bluetooth headset

maverick bluetooth headset

maverick bluetooth headset

Designer : Maverick

Hi-CT Hybrid Car Concept from Toyota

First impression at Toyota Hi-CT car might not make you say “wow”, well we agree that the design is somehow not as stylish as we expect it. On the other hand, Toyota’s team of you Japanese and European designers claimed that Hi-CT is a reflection of what a cool and great vehicle should look like, they want to create something that make people stop and take a good look.

The Hi-CT is a plug-in hybrid with a 1.5L motor and uses lithium-ion batteries, which are located underneath the floor of the vehicle in order to maximize the interior space of the car. While it looks quite boxy and big, it is in fact quite small. The entire vehicle is 3.3 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and 1.7 meters high. It is, effectively, a cube on wheels. Due to the tiny size, it can only carry two persons. However, being a “lifestyle” car, there’s enough space inside it for everything that an active user or two could need. The rear trunk can be modified so that surfboards, bicycles and camping equipment can be carried around for those days where you need to get out to nature.

Looking at inside of the car, we might hear you say “wow” because of its futuristic design, the exterior now doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

toyota hybrid car hi ct

toyota car hi ct

toyota hi ct green technology

toyota hybrid car hi ct eco friendly

Source : IGreenSpot

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