Vestalife Firefly and JewelBox iPod Speaker by RKS Design

Vestalife, the award-winning lifestyle electronics company, and world-recognized strategy and industrial design consultancy RKS today announce a new strategic partnership as Vestalife prepares to launch new products at Macworld and CES. “As we were designing Vestalife’s new iPod speaker docks,” said Ravi Sawhney, RKS Founder and CEO, “we realized that RKS and Vestalife are kindred spirits. We both appreciate the power of design to create an emotional connection with consumers. We look forward to the using Psycho-Aesthetics, our philosophy of creating an emotional connection between consumers and brands, to help propel Vestalife to even greater heights.”

When you look beyond Vestalife’s products, competitive iPod speaker docks are driven by function and lacking in character and emotional appeal. The Firefly’s organic, flowing lines and evolved geometric shapes give it a unique attitude and personality. When closed, the Firefly design uses negative space to dissect its overall shape into three distinct sections. The bold breaks and gaps give the design a layered look and hint at the promise of kinetic transformation as the system is opened.

Vestalife Firefly

vestalife firefly ipod speaker

vestalife firefly ipod speaker

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