Sub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System Targets Type 1 Diabetes Patient That Plays Sports

Sub-Scope is a sub-dermal continuous glucose monitoring system that is targeted at sporty users with Type 1 diabetes. Sub-Scope has three components which work together to give the user quick and accurate readings while they are exercising. The system consists of a sub-dermal implant, a watch and an app on the user’s smart phone.

It uses a passive sub-dermal RFID implant in the forearm which continuously monitors blood at a rate of once every two minutes. The watch receives the data from the implant and displays it in animations and colors. This gives
user quick references about glucose levels. If the user requires more accurate data, user can swipe across the watch face or look at their smart phone app which would display all information compiled into a trending graph.

Designer : RuiFeng, Yeo

Sub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System by Yeo RuiFeng

Sub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System by Yeo RuiFeng

When the user removes the watch for the night, he places it on a charging dock that not only charges the watch but also displays the color information from the watch on to itself. The changer will continue to alert the user if glucose level goes into danger zone.

Sub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System by Yeo RuiFeng

Sub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System by Yeo RuiFeng

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Sub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System by Yeo RuiFengSub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System by Yeo RuiFeng

The Aura : Combining Traditional Healing Methods with Cutting-Edge Technology

The Aura is a concept for future of personal health care. The concept includes lightness, simplicity and futuristic design. Aura is made up of monitoring, therapy and protection of personal health. Its monitoring pert involves looking into a bowl and then the Aura performs its process of monitoring your mood and health, and when you touch it, The Aura monitors the body temperature and heartbeats. The color and sound influences the external and physiological health. The white light across the bowl shows the color and images in the vessel. By keeping an eye on the health part, you can throw away the health problems. If you repeat it for some period of time, the Aura will provide you health security. Hence, the Frog shares a design concept for your health care with the combination of traditional healing methods and technology

the aura future health concept

the aura future health concept

the aura future health concept

the aura future health concept

Designer : FrogDesign

A Childhood Passion Inspired Flavio Adriani To Imagine And Create A Lamborghini In An Eco-Friendly Way

Flavio Adriani, the designer, created the Lamborghini Concept EV as a tribute to the man who changed everything about sportcars, Ferrucio Lamborghini. The design, the lines, the impact of the car derive from a beautiful, almost perfect combination of  the Diablo and Gallardo. The concept is not just about passion for Lamborghini, it also is equipped with the latest technology regarding the drive train, pollution, energy saving and passenger safety. The car has an electric drive train, there are 4 electric engines in each of the 4 wheels. The energy this engine needs to operate is gathered with the solar panels placed over the engine compartment. These panels are V shaped, giving the car a more aggressive look, it’s like the whole car says: “Eat my dust!”. The designer also fitted a panel protecting passengers against low frequency radiation. This radiation comes from mobile phones, antennas and other wireless devices. These radiations have proven to be dangerous to human health bringing headaches, cancer and more.

For Flavio Adriani, the greatest challenge designing this electric Lamborghini was, how to bring the amazing sound of the engine that has been removed. The solution he found are wind turbines. The air enters the tubes through the front bumper and makes its way to the central turbine which gives it a jet engine sound.  Imagine driving  this staggering car in an ordinary city and every time you pass people by, they look up, trying to scout an airplane. That would be a  beautiful feeling, driving a car with such an impressive history and passion within, that also sounds as an airplane.

Designer : Flavio Adriani

lamborghini concept car4

lamborghini concept car8

lamborghini concept car7

lamborghini concept car5

lamborghini concept car1

lamborghini concept car2

lamborghini concept car3

lamborghini concept car6

lamborghini concept car9

lamborghini concept car11

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