Leapfrog (Celebral Palsy Helper) by Donn won Braun

Singaporean designer (and a recent industrial design graduate from NUS), Donn Koh, had recently clinched one of the most coveted prizes for industrial design students – the Braun Prize. Titled Leapfrog, the project helps children with spinal problems to switch between sitting, standing and walking seamlessly.

leapfrog, celebral palsy, brain-injured

LeapFrog humanizes the assistive walker for the brain-injured child by combining stander and walker functionality – it transforms, and assists, in sync with the child?s intention to sit, stand or walk. Besides supporting physical development, sense of independence and esteem, LeapFrog also turns ?painful? medical engineering aesthetics into sociable, toy-like approachability.

Source : gemssty.com

Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack is a beautifully designed bathroom rack that you can use as a towel rack, a hari dryer, a sterilizer and a bathroom ventilator. We know that bathrooms usually have high humidity level that can cause moulds to grow. This rack helps in controlling humidity level by blowing air through its perforations to keep bathroom to have good air circulation. Not only it can be used to ventilate the bathroom, it can also be used as a towel rail, you can also dry and sanitize towels by activating a sterilization function. There’s a built-in hairdryer that you can detach from one of the ends of the Breeze Rack.

Designer : Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Merium Multimedia PC

People�s idea of what their digital home should look like, is about to change radically. Large consumer groups now demand that home entertainment products must represent innovative design in order to even be considered as interesting to purchase. This demand is clearly addressed by the new Merium Multimedia PC, because what truly makes the new Mesiro Merium a piece of art, is its unique Scandinavian design and the fact that you can change its appearance to match the rest of your home. Just change the front covers � and you have a personalized piece of art.

The Merium is, technically speaking, a PC. However it is designed especially with the enjoyment of multimedia in mind. The Merium multimedia PC is an innovative and sleek designed product that helps you store, secure and enjoy all your digital valuables, such as your pictures, music, cam-recordings and other precious data, as well as providing Internet connectivity to your living-room. By introducing services such as Youtube and Facebook into the living room, friends and family can enjoy the web and other traditional PC entertainment together. Want to get this ? Prepare for 999.00 EUR.

merium multimedia pc

merium compact multimedia pc

merium sleek multimedia pc

merium future multimedia pc

merium compact and small multimedia pc

merium multimedia pc with vista

Designer : Mesiro

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