Follo Curvy Washbasin by WMD London

Follo washbasin is something unique for all those who wish to have hygienic and stylish washbasin. “Follo” is a curvy looking washbasin with amazing features. To reduce standing water, Follo washbasin uses drainage grooves instead of standard drain that you find in usual fossil washbasin. It is designed to minimize the awkward splash back that most of the time seems to find its way to your crotch. You will surely get Follo washbasin in a wide range of styles and features at the end of this year. So, check out their website for more information of this washbasin.

curvy follo washbasin

curvy follo washbasin

Designer : WMD London via Gizmodo

A College Party Becomes Easier with The Kegstand

The summers are in and of course you just want to grab that chilled drink to beat the heat. So now the time has come to make your college party even classier with the new Kegstand. The lifecycle of Kegstand is effortless i.e. rent, return, refill – and then rent again! With the help of its exclusive feature of the wheels it very easy to pull the Kegstand into your backyard and once that you have dropped the Keg cozy on and buckled it to the base then it can be filled with ice and then at the end of the night it is for drainage as there is a plug which helps you to have an easy drainage.

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

Source : TheGreenerGrass via IGreenSpot

TVA Gazelle Tilting 4-wheeler Car Concept by Philip James

It is a fact that today we are on a verge of new commuting age where cars are too heavy, bulky, and dirty. Even the motorcycles are too inflexible and hard to ride on traffic-clogged roads. If someone adds a hybrid nature to existing cars, they can be best solution for your survival. TVA Gazelle tilting 4-wheeler is a car which is not at all wider or heavier with an ability to tilt for stability around the corners. The Australian inventor Philip James has designed this vehicle that will make well over 100 mpg with the help of the vehicle design. Its steering wheel is totally isolated from the front wheels because of Gazelle’s radical new steering and handling system.

tva tilting vehicle concept

tva tilting vehicle by Philip James

Tilting 3- and 4-wheelers like the Carver, Phiaro and Venture are a step in the right direction, says James, but they still can’t offer total stability because the steering is still directly connected to the steering wheel – so when traction is lost or the vehicle goes to topple under cornering forces, the driver is completely responsible for any corrective action; a fundamental issue with any vehicle that uses direct steering control.

James’ solution is simple yet revolutionary – his narrow, 4-wheel TVA Gazelle concept vehicle connects the steering wheel directly and exclusively to the vehicle’s tilt angle. The front wheels are effectively then completely free to dynamically respond to the vehicle’s momentum and inertia, turning into the lean all by themselves and maintaining exceptional stability in corners. This cue vehicle seems like a dream come true for all those who are fed up of rising traffic on roads.

tva tilting 4-wheeler vehicle concept

tva tilting vehicle 4-wheeler concept

tva tilting vehicle

Designer : Phillip James via Gizmag

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