BlueFox ST1 Anti-Drowning Bracelet Can Be Programmed Individually for Each User

The BlueFox ST1 bracelet works fully automatic. The permanent measurement of depth and time in the water makes the bracelet to a personal protector for bathers. In an emergency situation, in this case the pre-programmed parameters of depth and time are exceeded, the alarm module will be disconnected from the bracelet and with a balloon filled gas (within few seconds) forced to the water-surface. Right after the alarm module with the balloon has reached the water-surface it alerts all people in and around the water with a very loud (100 db) acoustic signal. BlueFox ST1 is a stand-alone safety product. No additional equipment or installation is required to carry out the necessary alert functions in an emergency case. This allows a safe rest in all kind of waters and pools around the world. The only condition is that you are not alone and somebody can do the rescue procedure.

Designer : Bluefox Swiss

BlueFox ST1 Anti Drowning Bracelet by Bluefox Swiss

BlueFox ST1 Anti Drowning Bracelet by Bluefox Swiss

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