RUSH Camera for Total Action

RUSH camera is waterproof and shockproof – unique shots can be taken from a lot of new perspectives. Surfing, biking, or any other sports – RUSH is the camera for total action.  The camera’s function is based on three different fixation principles covering all needs of conventional sports. RUSH can be attached by using either a helmet or body band, or with an extra suction cup. It can be provided with a bike feature, too. The shutter release is attached to the index finger and can be triggered by thumb. This way, pictures can be taken in any situation. The image can be viewed on the info screen worn around the wrist. The jury: the solution is respectable. Nothing is promised that can’t be kept. Proportions and forms are conceivable

rush skateboarding

rush in action with motorcycle

rush parts

rush biking

rush dog

rush climbing

rush snowboarding

rush surfing

Designer : Martin Ruegg

Teachbox Concept Trains Children’s Creative Mind

Millions of boxes including health and food aids are annually sent to developing countries such as the African and Asian ones and those in other parts of the world covered by the UNICEF. Upon unpacking, most of these boxes are disposed of while these plain boxes enjoy a powerful potential to be creatively reused. In this concept, a sustainable solution is presented, based on which the simple model of 3-D puzzles is perforated on the boxes sent by the UNICEF.

The color and graphic elements of these puzzles attract the children, they will then take out the puzzle perforated models for completion and playing with. The Teachbox concept provides with the children possibility to make their own toys.

Designers : Milad Mohajeri and Ali Haji

TeachBox toys by Milad Mohajeri and Ali Haji

TeachBox toys by Milad Mohajeri and Ali Haji

Regarding the need for pleasant and safe games and the children’s intellectual training weakness in poor and developing countries, Teachbox concept can train children’s creative mind. Beside the recommended plans, other diversified plans and forms can be implemented in order for the children to learn more. These models are perforated on boxes by the die-cut system and impose a low cost on the production process with a single color print.

TeachBox toys by Milad Mohajeri and Ali Haji

TeachBox toys by Milad Mohajeri and Ali Haji

Tuvie has received “TeachBox Toys” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

PedalBoard by Nicholas G. Sawyers

Pedalboard is not your conventional skateboard anymore, it’s a skate board bicycle hybrid. It is designed with the idea of combining free action of a board and geared advantage of a bike. You’ll get the freedom to climb hills without having to push like a conventional skateboard, thank you to the special designed spring that is loaded with “half cranking action”. A pair of large wheels and air tires will give the board capability to deal with dirt, rough concrete, or cracks in the pavement.

Designer : Nicholas G. Sawyers

PedalBoard Skate Board Bicycle Hybrid

PedalBoard Skate Board Bicycle Hybrid

PedalBoard Skate Board Bicycle Hybrid

PetalBoard Skate Board Bicycle Hybrid

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