Futuristic Cybertecture Egg, Architecture with High-Tech Solutions

Hi-tech building from James Law Cybertecture International brings you excitement and great imagination of what will futuristic building will look like. Cybertecture Egg is the latest design of this firm, the egg-shaped high-tech building will be the iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and an awe-inspiring landmark in the city.


Dragonfly, A Metabolic Farm for New York City in The Future

Dragonfly vertical farm is a concept urban farm specially designed for the Roosevelt Island of New York City which will reduce the problems associated with food shortage, mileage and connection between the producers and consumers. Because of the densely packed city civilization, this farm has been designed vertically, spanning 132 floors and 28 different agricultural […]


Marvel Groot USB Car Charger for Guardians of the Galaxy Fans

Dancing Baby Groot has captivated many fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, so if you haven’t watched it, you probably don’t know who Groot is. Marvel Groot USB Car Charger has been designed for those fans who would love to own their own dancing baby Groot. It’s a car charger that features […]

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