Twist Camera Self Powered Camera with Winding Mechanism for Power

The new technologies of digital cameras have become more and more complex, which leads to creating more sophisticated parts and more complex disposable waste. Based on that issue, Bryn Seymour and Jon Rothapfel tried to help creating self powered eco friendly camera. Inspired by other contemporary self powered devices such as radios and lamps, the Twist Camera is a small portable digital camera that uses a winding mechanism for power and would be capable of taking several photographs per cycle of the mechanism.

The Twist Cameras features are minimal with the view finder being a simple hole in the body for the user to look through, a knob to wind for energy, one button for shooting a photograph and a multi colored L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) for the user interface.

self powered twist camera

self powered twist camera eco friendly technology

Photographs can be uploaded from the camera via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) plug that is hidden under the winding cap to a computer for further distribution and viewing.

It is intended that such a device could support resolution of up to 5MP with current technologies and find use in a range of diverse areas such as recreation, children’s products and third world use.

The self winding mechanism is also intended to highlight how the latest technologies can live in a more harmonious way with us in our society and hopefully make people aware that energy does not just only come from a power point.

self powered twist camera green technology

Designer : Bryn Seymour and Jon Rothapfel

Plantoy by Elodie Delassus

Not everyone who plants toy can actually take care of them. Plantoy is plant accessories that can help you to bring natural beauty into your home. Basically this device provides essential information of what your plants needs, it’s like ears that listen to all your plants needs which later delivers this information to you.

Plantoy consists of a light detector, a water detector and a temperature detector. Designed by Elodie Delassus, a French industrial designer, these series of elements will inform you to take necessary actions to keep your plants healthy.

Designer : Elodie Delassus

Plantoy Plant Accessories by Elodie Delassus

Plantoy Plant Accessories by Elodie Delassus

Plantoy Plant Accessories by Elodie Delassus

Plantoy Plant Accessories by Elodie Delassus

Stylish Flash Memory Card Holder

Flash Memory Card Holder designed by Tom Kenworthy can help you to bring your memory card safer wherever you are. There are a lot of flash memory card out there, most of you probably only know Micro SD or SD. Traveling with all those memory cards can be so difficult, if you are not careful, you might easily lose those memory cards. The solution ? Get this stylish flash memory card holder.

flash memory card holder

Designer Tom Kenworthy envisages a sustainable 3 tier sliding holder made from recycled vending cups. It only takes 7 plastic cups to make one holder. It?s lightweight, small, and can be colored to your heart?s desire. You might not need to carry your memory cards everywhere but at the very least this is a great way to keep them all in one place.

stylish flash memory card holder

tom kenworthy flash memory card holder

flash memory card holder

Designer : Tom Kenworthy

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