Grandview Barrel Sauna Heats The Room Evenly and Efficiently

Available in standard and canopy version, Grandview Barrel Sauna is your perfect little heaven that can be installed in your backyard. Measuring 84-inch diameter, the barrel offers pretty spacious interior, allowing wider benches and flat duckboard flooring sections.

Each barrel sauna has been designed to fit a wide selection of your preferences, the canopy model features nice sitting area in the front, it also comes with standard 8.0kw electric heater that is upgradeable for high-performance wood-burning stove. The round wall helps heat the room evenly and efficiently.

From : Almost Heaven Saunas

Grandview Barrel Sauna by Almost Heaven Saunas

Grandview Barrel Sauna by Almost Heaven Saunas

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Tek Lumber Wood Stove Was Inspired by Wood Logs and Nature

Tek Lumber, an iconic product, results from a collaboration between INNGAGE, a design company, and Solzaima, a wood stoves brand and manufacturer. It represents a new concept of wood stoves capable of telling meaningful stories. Inspired by wood logs this stove brings a more natural atmosphere to the living room. The goal was to transfer nature into the habitat of the consumer, as a reminder of the wood that burns inside the stove. Steel pipes contrast with wood giving form to this everyday product that is eye catching and conveys new charisma to wood burning stoves. We love the clean glass technology that makes sure the glasses stay clean during stove operation so that you can witness the gorgeous flames.

Tek Lumber wood stove has won silver A’Design Award that reflects the value and impact generated from the alliance between good design + brand + industry.

Designers : Inngage Design and Solzaima

Tek Lumber Wood Stove by Inngage Design

Tek Lumber Wood Stove by Inngage Design

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Riviera Ecologic Idro-Pellet-Stove by Daniele Gualeni

Riviera is a Pellet Stove with an appearance of traditional wood burning stoves, but is safer, cleaner and more convenient to use. Riviera utilizes powerful microprocessor controls that can effectively heat a two to three bedroom home on its own, while ensuring less air pollution. Its thermal output can be adjusted from 3.5 to 17 Kw and the 35 kilos of hopper capacity and extraordinary 95% efficiency level has made it able to take care of both household hot water and running the radiators. The stove is dressed in majolica panels with precious old Venetian décor and is available in four different colors. Two different finishes on its black cast iron frame have given it an elegant appearance and allows the user to place it comfortably in either a fashionable or a more traditional setting.

riviera ecologic idro pellet stove

riviera ecologic idro pellet stove

Designer : Daniele Gualeni

Rotate Your Wood-Burning Stoves

With this wood-burning stoves, you can install it anywhere you want. Max Blank produces wood-burning stoves that can rotate 360 degrees for you to enjoy no matter where you sit. This type of stoves can be placed in the center of your living room, giving you modern and futuristic wood stove. Three glass shelves atop the stove even add storage space for your objets d’art.

rotating wood burning stove

Designer : Max Blank

Modern Wood Burning Stove

Very innovative design from Einar Hareide and Anna Oren, the Jotul 373 wood burning stove is purist and functional in its design and opens up new possibilities of how to make use of a stove in a room. What is innovative about the stove is that it can stand free almost anywhere in the room and thus creates a new living room quality. It features a detailed design, unique precision in the cast iron, and can be operated from all sides. Furthermore, the wood burning stove can be rotated 360 degrees when it is fitted with a flue outlet at the top and with a turntable. In order to adapt to a variety of different interiors, the basic models of the three stoves in this range can be fitted individually and combined with a variety of leg sets.

The stoves can also be fitted with an additional glass front panel that lowers the surface temperature on the front. Another unique and well-conceived feature is the decorative panels for the side windows. The panels protect walls and furniture from direct radiant heat and create evocative shadow figures on the walls. In order to give the experience of true open fire, the wood-burning stove has been designed with large glass sides ? giving a direct view on the elementary play of the flames.

wood burning stove

Manufacturer :

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