Band-Aid Printer Concept Prints Different Types of Band-Aid Shapes to Cover Your Wounds

Our body parts have different shapes, however, we only use a common band-aid shape to cover wounds on any part of our body. Band-Aid Printer concept was born out of the idea to create different types of plasters to fit various shapes of body parts to make you feel comfortable. In this way, you can print different plaster shapes to suit the wounded area, it’s a quasi-3D printer that prints the band-aid directly.

Designers : Han Like, Liu Peng, Ren Mingjun, Wei Chenjie, Yang Xiao, Liu Peng

Band-Aid Printer Concept by Han Like, Liu Peng, Ren Mingjun, Wei Chenjie, Yang Xiao, Liu Peng

Band-Aid Printer Concept by Han Like, Liu Peng, Ren Mingjun, Wei Chenjie, Yang Xiao, Liu Peng

Traccia Pen-Like Mobile Phone by Andrea Ponti

With a majority of cell phone aficionados looking for novel functions in mobile handsets in recent times, the focus of several Smartphone designers has been changing towards utility phones that could meet communication and multimedia needs, via a single device. Well, you would have come across the vaguest of phones; however, you wouldn’t have seen anything as brilliant as the new Traccia mobile phone.

Designed by Andrea Ponti, Traccia is a pen-like mobile phone that recognizes hand movements and commutes the same into commands. This new concept phone features a sleek design to appeal trendy users. Located at the edge of the stick is an embedded optical sensor that detects the traces of what the user has written. This in turn is converted into text, commands as well as functions through a software installed. Your visible writing can now be converted into text or email without any hassle. Imagine the ease that Traccia offers. It features three buttons for navigation purpose with which the users can draw invisible lines in order to access contacts and menu functions. Like all other phones, Traccia as well features a camera positioned at the centre of the arc, right under the display. The built-in polycarbonate gives it a natural feel and gives the touch screen a more alluring effect. The built-in polycarbonate is perfect to create a fundamental interaction between phone users and machines.

Designer : Andrea Ponti

Traccia Phone Pen

Traccia Phone Pen

Traccia Phone Pen

Traccia Phone Pen

Traccia Phone Pen

tScan : Sleek and Compact Scanner Concept

You are getting into the last minute preparation for all important presentation. All the slides are in order and suddenly you realize one important piece of information has not been added! All you have is a print out; you need to scan it and no scanner to be found. tScan is a concept scanner, designed by Giuseppe Russo. The best thing about the scanner is that it is sleek and compact. With dimensions 350mm x 100mm and a thickness of 35mm, it’s just the right size for you.

tScan scanner concept

As they say good things come in small packages, this pocket sized powerhouse, has A4, A3 and tape scan mode. And the advantage is that you can carry it anywhere with you. It is compact on the desk, doesn’t occupy much space and with the sleek you can flaunt it anywhere.

tScan portable scanner concept

With the buttons in place to select the mode i.e. A3, A4or Tape mode, and guide and roller in place so that it can guide the paper through it, the top portion has the optical so that it can scan the document. Also one can detach the scanner and place it on top over the document to scan it e.g. while scanning a book and then chose the mode and voila … you have a scanned copy for the page!

tScan compact scanner concept

tScan portable compact scanner concept

tScan sleek and compact scanner concept

tScan portable sleek scanner concept

Designer : Giuseppe Russo

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