Larchmont Lotus Building Will Be Protected By Futuristic Shading System

Larchmont Lotus, a medical center in Los Angeles has been competed with a wrapper designed by XP& Architecture. The architect designs a cover that servers 2 design purposes at once, first would be cooling the building and the second would be image improvement of the medical center. As the sun moves throughout the day, the façade adjust its metal leaves to regulate the internal temperature of the building. If preferred, the users can override the movement of the system.

Project: Larchmond Lotus
By : XP& Architecture
Project Manager: Judith K. Mussel
Project Designer & Architect: Judith K. Mussel
Design Team: Seung Chul Song, Gunther Schatz, Mona Marbach

Larchmont Lotus Shading System by XP & Architecture

Larchmont Lotus Shading System by XP & Architecture

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Hex House : A Hexagonal Temporary Housing for Refugees

Architects for Society has designed Hex House, a hexagonal temporary housing for refugees. There are natural and there are man-made catastrophic events, both can affect the living conditions of large population groups. It’s a common problem where refugees seek asylum across the globe, the team of Architects for Society has embarked on designing a building that provides solution and targets these populations by offering house designs that both dignified and cost effective.

These hexagonal houses have been designed in a way that it is low cost, sustainable, and can be rapidly deployed. Aside from that, each structure should be strong enough for long stay. The modular design allows it to be shipped in pieces and assembled by the end users. The basic components are galvanized tube steel for the base, while the walls are constructed of insulated metal panel, the floor and the roof can be customized with conventional interior and exterior finishes.

Designer : Architects for Society

Hex House by Architects for Society

Hex House by Architects for Society

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Our Top 20 Picks from A’ Design Awards & Competition Winners 2015-2016

A’Design Award and Competition, one of prestigious design awards, has released the results of the 2015-2016 design competition. Last year, there were 836 winners, but this year, the number has jumped to 1276 winners from 88 countries in 93 different design disciplines. Each entry has been carefully evaluated by an international influential jury panel that consists of design professionals, established scholars, prominent press members, and experienced entrepreneurs who have devoted great attention to details when voting each entry.

Get fresh design inspiration, all of you are invited to discover latest trends in arts, architecture, and technology. You can visit A’Design Awards’ online gallery of winners at, all editors worldwide, aficionados, and design enthusiasts, would benefit from browsing and checking out the winning designs. All winners are invited to attend glamorous gala-night and award ceremony in Italy, they would be called to stage to collect the trophies, award certificate, as well as yearbooks.

Here are top 20 winning designs of our pick (in random order):

1. 3bee Bicycle Frame by Tamás Túri
Inspired by the shape of human body when riding a bike, 3bee is a bicycle frame that can be adjusted to meet rider’s need. It is a 3D printable sports equipment that aims to make the bike fully customizable. It comes with an integrated seat, this frame is fully adjustable from the beginning of the production, the use of 3D printing technique allows you to personalize the bike with different kind of parts.

3bee Bicycle Frame by Tamás Túri

A'Design Award and Competition 2015-2016 Winner - 3bee Bicycle Frame by Tamás Túri

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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016 – Last Call for Entries

Update: A’ Design Award has updated its late deadline to March 7. Enter your works now at

Time is ticking, this is a gentle reminder guys, we’d like to urge you to submit your best works to A’ Design Awards & Competition. Remember, the submission deadline is on February 28, 2016, check this link to start your registration.

A’ Design Awards & Competition is world’s largest design competition that highlights best of the best, starting from products, services, to design concepts. It’s not just a design award, it functions as indicator of quality and perfection in design, this competition is recognized worldwide and gets attention from design oriented companies worldwide. Winning this competition would certainly put you in the map, your work will attract eyes of design oriented audiences worldwide, in return, you’ll find better and higher profile jobs and sales leads. We have highlighted few benefits for winners in previous post, but you can always find more details here:

A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016 – Last Call for Entries

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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016 – Call for Entries

Inspired yourself by browsing the winning designs from A’Design Award & Competition 2015, because it’s time of the year again to submit your best works to get instant recognition that you’ve always wanted as a young designer.

A’Design Award & Competition calls for entries, you can register here to get early assessment. Just in case you haven’t heard about this competition, you need to know that A’Design Award is one of prestigious design competitions that highlight best of the best products and designs every year. It was born out of the intention to showcase best designs and products, highlighted to international public and communicated to all relevant press across the world.

This competition is a also a great platform to sell your designs. Yes, the unique system allows designers to sell winning ideas to sponsor companies where these companies can bid to make best offers to buy the designs. Isn’t this designers’ dream? Where their concepts/designs can come to fruition and help people in their daily lives. You can read more in detail in this page:

A' Design Awards & Competition 2016 - Call for Entries

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Collingwood Shepherd Hut : Cozy Little Hut for One Person

Collingwood Shepherd Hut is a cozy and comfy little hut that you can tow anywhere. You can move it wherever you want without any extra construction costs or building permits, this little hut blurs the line between office, home, and cabin. Crafted from hardwearing materials, set atop cast iron wheels, this little studio/playroom/home office/den is perfect when you need sometime to be alone.

The timeless design makes this hut going back to its essentials, a place when you need to get away from the world around you while still keeping close to everything that matters. This is the hut for wild backwoods retreat or quiet garden refuge, a good read or just enjoy a pot of tea. The modular design allows you to design the interior as you like, the modular furniture designs also support this. Every piece furniture has been thoughtfully designed to serve more than one function, most of them collapse, unfold, and tuck away, smart heh?

Designer : Gute

Collingwood Shepherd Hut by Gute

Collingwood Shepherd Hut by Gute

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Our Top 20 Picks from A’ Design Awards & Competition Winners 2014-2015

A’ Design Awards & Competition has released the winning designs, we can promise you this, those designs are awesome! A good design speaks international language, that’s why this prestigious design award attracts thousands of designers worldwide waiting to showcase their best designs. The results of 2014-2015 are 836 winners from 83 countries in 89 different design disciplines. All winners would enjoy great exposure for their works, all award winning designs will be exhibited in Ireland, the World Design Hub 2015, Italy, and Holland, while the “invitation-only” Gala Night and Award Ceremony will be held in Lake Como, Italy on April 18.

This year competition was much harder than previous years due to increased competition by increased quality and quantity or works. Each entry was carefully evaluated by member of international jury panel of established academics, creative design professionals, press members, and entrepreneurs. The A’ Design Award and Competition 2014-2015 Edition was further endorsed by ICSID -International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, IFI – The International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers and ICOGRADA – International Council of Communication Design which imposed several additional criteria during evaluation and voting.

We have chosen 20 amazing designs (in random orders) among hundreds that we’d like to share with you:

1. Strata Chair by Ben Preston

Strata is a unique chair that demonstration the basic concept of “complimentary juxtaposition”. It demonstrates complexity made possible by using modern technology and traditional building methods. The unique spiral pattern on the exterior can be achieved by rotating plywood “bricks” upward, the voids from the pattern create a playful shadows while displaying true nature and construction of the piece as unity. The seat and footrests are polished to shine, creating a luxurious appearance that creates contrast to rough exterior surface.

A' Design Awards & Competition – Winners 2015 - Strata Chair by Ben Preston

A' Design Awards & Competition – Winners 2015 - Strata Chair by Ben Preston

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Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners

Golden Pin Design Award has announced its best design winners for 2014, below are some great designs we would like to share with you in random order.

1. Cardiac Rehabilitation Monitor System
Taiwan Textile Research Institute In-house Design
Nova Design Co. Ltd

This CRM System combines elastic fabric electrodes and comfortable knit fabric to provide sternum support and monitor heart rate variability (HRV). The minimalist design of this functional monitor allows it to be comfortably and discreetly concealed under the clothes of the wearer. The system uses Bluetooth to transmit signals to an app, which allows users to independently manage their health. This CRM System has passed the required bio-compatibility (ISO10993-5, -10) and electrical safety (EN606061-1) tests, and has been granted CE safety certification.

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners - Cardiac Rehabilitation Monitor System

Dr. Hung-Hsiang Wang – Jury Member
“The cost to make medical equipment is high because a large amount of money needs to be invested in buying patents, but once the necessary patents have been acquired, the retail prices and profits of this type of equipment are high, too. This industry is developing rapidly in Taiwan.”–

2. Espresso Urban Bike
Gearlab Co. Ltd

Espresso Urban Bike is designed specifically for urban living in Asian cities. The frame geometry of Gearlab’s Espresso caters to East Asian proportions, ensuring a comfortable and confident ride for Asian owners. The choice of smaller wheels with 20-inch rims means the bike accelerates faster, an essential function in the stop-and-go traffic systems typical in Asian cities. These small wheels also make the bike easier to carry in and out of tight living spaces. The bike is comfortable and has a place for bags and personal belongings, a simple locking solution, and stunning aesthetics.

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners - Espresso Urban Bike

Dr. Hung-Hsiang Wang – Jury Member
“This bicycle is designed specifically for city dwellers and it’s the details that make the design, from the basket in the front to the small-sized wheels for convenient navigation on congested city roads. Given the high rate of bicycle theft in cities, Espresso comes with a specially designed lock as standard. This is a high-quality product with thoughtful design.”

3. FO-1103-P
Wow Energy Saving Lighting Ltd

Modern office lighting consumes far more energy than is actually necessary. A well designed office lighting system can provide an efficient light source for a working environment. All lights in the FO-1103 Office Series are made from aluminum, are adjustable, and are minimalist in design. The angle of the light and the color temperature can be adjusted by remote control. The FO-1103-P is a dexterous pendant light: the body of the lamp can rotate upwards to 180 degrees and downwards to 15 degrees. The lighting mode is flexible and can be adjusted to suit the usage needs of any given space. Available modes include down lighting, centralized lighting, two-directional lighting, and indirect lighting.

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners - FO-1103-P Energy Saving Light

Dr. Hung-Hsiang Wang – Jury Member
“The light style, luminosity, and angle of this light can be adjusted using a remote control. The FO-1103-P is a true product of the future; to install this fixture, a designer needs to work with a lighting specialist who will link it up to all the other electronic devices common in today’s home. It is a concept that fits perfectly with the IOT (Internet of Things) methodology.”

4. Here I Am Sticky Note

Here I Am turns a 2D post-it note into a 3D note through folding. The space saved in the folding process creates more writing areas and enhances the efficiency of the product. The triangle shapes are sticky on all sides, and no matter where they are used, they are easy to find. Here I Am was developed to improve working and noting efficiency.

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners - Here I Am Sticky Note

Apex Lin, Pang-Soong – Jury Member
“This label sticker set, with its multitude of three-dimensional designs, is an updated version of the label stickers currently available on the market. It is encouraging to see that with just a little creativity and a different perspective a designer can create a new product from an old concept and successfully sell it in the marketplace.”

5. Modelshop Wooden ARToy- Panda
Evergreen International Corp.
Keith Newstead

The wooden model, Panda, is engaging from the moment the package is opened until the final pieces are fitted together. The toy combines humor, ingenuity, and art to bring pleasure to the senses while at the same time rewarding the maker with a feeling of accomplishment. Through innovative design practices and making use of mechanical principles, the finished Panda springs into life when a crank is turned. The automata is made from precision-cut, environmentally friendly materials and can be assembled without having to use glue or sharp tools. The latest technology is used to manufacture the curved parts from reconstituted wood. The model can be assembled by people of all ages: the process of building Panda by hand encourages patience and focus.

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners - Modelshop Wooden ARToy- Panda

Dr. Brandon Gien – Jury Member
“These sorts of projects are just fantastic. I’m a big fan of anything that encourages children to use their creativity and their dexterity to build something, and then experience what happens after they’ve built it. The fact that it’s made from environmentally friendly materials such as wood and not plastic is nice as well. In a world where toys are traditionally made of plastic, it’s important that children get to touch and feel products like this.”

6. Smart Projector
Quanta Computer Inc.
Quanta Innovation Center

In a society in which “sharing on the go” has become the norm, the intelligent micro-projector is a must-have for those in the business community. The WG1P Smart Projector features wireless data transmission and can be quickly linked to mobile devices, smartphones, and tablet PCs. This pocket-sized, super lightweight, “Intelligent” micro-projector also features a high-definition projection screen complemented by a high quality built-in 2.1-channel speaker that makes for effective presentations, compelling media playing, and simple document sharing. The sleek black exterior design features delicate speaker holes and a touchpad that allows you to quickly and easily access presentation or video files.

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners - Smart Projector

Dr. Brandon Gien – Jury Member
“We all have smartphones. We’re all recording large amounts of video and photos on our phones. To have a device that then allows us to view those images and those videos in a format that is outside of our screen is really in demand. They’ve managed to squeeze a lot of technology into a very small footprint. It’s a very intuitive little product as well. I could pick it up, switch it on, and within seconds I was operating it. There was no instruction book and the interface was in Chinese, but it was intuitive enough that I could still use it and to me that’s a sign of good design.”

7. SYL958 Loader
Sany Heavy Machinery Limited

The SYL958 Loader features an edgeless door cab design; a built-in, integral Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structures (FOPS) design; a visualization central electrical box; and a Parker fingertip operating system. The cab is sealed against the intrusion of dust to protect the health of the operator, and noise is reduced to a level 6 dB lower than other machines in China. A two-stage damper system with four-point suspended installation guarantees a comfortable operating experience. Daily service and maintenance points can be easily reached from the ground. The service life of key components is improved with the inclusion of an advanced technology DANA rotor type gearbox, a drive axle for heavy mining machines, and a reinforced heavy-duty vehicle body structure. An efficient fixed-variable confluence high-pressure system results in energy reductions of over 10 percent. The internally-pressurized oil tank stays cleaner for longer, resulting in a longer service life and less frequent oil changes. Recyclable materials and lead-less paint are incorporated across the machine.

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners - SYL958 Loader

Cai Jun – Jury Member
“Large equipment manufacturing–producing industrial products like high-speed trains and heavy-duty loading equipment–is one of the most important industries in China. China has made steady advancements in this area in recent years. Sany Heavy Machinery Limited is one of the leading manufacturers in this field. They focus on user-friendly design. The overall look and design of the product projects the unified spirit of the brand, and is an outstanding.”

8. Zenbook UX301
Asustek Computer INC.
Asus Design Center

The ZENBOOK™ UX301LA is a premium product in the ASUS Ultrabook™ range and combines great performance with elegant design. A unique, high performance CPU is encased in an ultra-thin, ultra-light laptop that features a Corning® Gorilla Glass Iid. The use of aluminum silicate Corning ® Gorilla Glass reduces body thickness by 14 percent, making this Zenbook lighter and thinner than its predecessors. A reduction in the use of metallic material enhances RF efficiency, and the use of fluoropolymer nanometer coating not only ensures excellent stain-resistance and anti-fingerprint capabilities, but also that surface dirt is easy to remove. ZENBOOK™ UX301LA represents the perfect combination of “mechanism, performance, and material.”

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners - Zenbook UX301 Notebook

Apex Lin, Pang-Soong – Jury Member
“At a time when laptop technology in Taiwan has matured, ASUS continues to innovate. This laptop features an ultra thin glass screen and the logo produces a spiral light. This high-level design was awarded a Japanese Good Design Award this year.”

AWWA-VA Gigabay Cargo Airplane by Oscar Viñals

We usually see Jet or Space craft designs from Oscar Viñals, this time, he has submitted a concept cargo airplane. You can read his detail description about this project below.

AWWA-VA “GIGAbay” is a concept of a “green” cargo airplane for this 21st century, based primary on its high ratio of eco-friendly purpose and its big versatile capacity to adapt to many working environment. Thanks to its advanced systems and materials, it makes this cargo:

  • Energy efficient
  • Fewer emissions
  • Less aircraft noise until 30% compared with current standards
  • Big capacity of cargo with a volume of 2,303m3 and more than 220 tons of payload, with an internal advanced and active fuselage system
  • Capable to generate “green” power, thanks to superconductivity technology, fuel cell stack, wind generators, and solar energy
  • Equipped with 4 Hybrid engines – electric / fuel & two electric engines
  • Less damages in a hypothetical emergency landing with “auto-break” wings system
  • Less drag and weight (increasing the payload cargo)
  • Less fuel consumption and damaging emissions

AWWA-VA GIGAbay is the version for cargo transport of the AWWA “Sky Whale” concept plane, with similar base. It would be equipped with a new advanced technologies from alloys, ceramic or fiber composites, carbon nanotube and fiber optic cabling, smart materials (SMA), Hybrid & E-engines (E-e), active wings with wind generators inside. It is capable to create electric energy with micro solar cells in hexagonal geometry like a part of structure’s ceiling or through two big electromagnetic generators named W.E.R.D.S. (wind energy recovery duct system) based in superconductivity technology and fuel cell stack –Hydrogen- that transforms the air flow in energy.

The airplane’s fuselage offers a big compartment to have a maximum volume of cargo in order to transport huge items, for example sections of commercial airplanes, like two Airbus A350 XWB’s sections or 4 EC-725 Super Puma copters. The cargo bay provides a volume of 2,303m3 and depending on its configuration (versatility) would have the cargo’s distribution in two decks to carry more than 220 tons of weight. The bay could be equipped with a crane of double rail capable to move items up to 30 tons along the cargo bay. It also features an adaptable and mobile platform to carry up the cargo.

Designer : Oscar Viñals

AWWA-VA Gigabay Cargo Airplane by Oscar Viñals

AWWA-VA Gigabay Cargo Airplane by Oscar Viñals

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A’ Design Award and Competition 2014 – Winners

It’s time again to announce the winners of A’ Design Award & Competition, with more than 12,000 entries in more than 100 categories from 208 countries, you will find amazing products, buildings, accessories, and much more. A’ Design Award & Competition has been a prestigious design competition that attracts thousands of designers from around the world to showcase their best works. It sets a benchmark for design development in different countries and the winning designs along with the designers get international fame in an instant.

Here are 20 amazing designs among hundreds that we’d like to share with you.

1. Black Shadow H-E by Mark Norton Menendez
Remember the old days when leather jacket clad riders raced from one café to another just to prove themselves? Well, those days were the inspiration of this project. Black Shadow H-E (Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Motorcycle) features vintage style with modern technology. Its carbon titanium composite frame making this vehicle becomes a lightweight, ecological bike with vintage styling.

A' Design Award and Competition 2014 Winners - Black Shadow H-E by Mark Norton Menendez

2. Schon Lamp by Mostafa Arvand
Inspired by the form of seashells, this beautiful artistic Schon Lamp attracts everyone to approach to touch it. The light surface is located at the center to create soft illumination and uniform light to its surrounding. Simply touch the body to turn the light on/off.

A' Design Award and Competition 2014 Winners - Schon Lamp by Mostafa Arvand

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A’Design Award & Competition 2014 – Last Call for Submissions – 3 Days Left!

There are only 3 days left guys, hurry up! This is a friendly reminder to all designers all around the world, time is ticking so if you plan to submit your design/project to A’Design Award & Competition, you better hurry. It’s A’Design Award & Competition last call for submission, the deadline is February 28, 2014, so pick your best works and submit them now.

We have featured an article about this competition, you can read it here, it’s a prestigious design competition that will certainly expose your design portfolio to larger audience. The PR push will get the world to notice your talent, a dream of every young designer to gain recognitions.

A’Design Award & Competition 2014 - Last call for submission

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Onyx 41 Yacht Features Fully Touch Screen Controls and Joystick Steering

Together, DeBasto Designs and Hodgdon Shipbuilding have released Onyx 41 yacht concept that features sleek and stylish line, easy to look at as well as to operate. This yacht sets new standard of technology applications in yacht of its class, fully touch screen controls to remote monitoring, self-deploying integrated fender system, built-in dock line handling, joystick steering, and hybrid electric propulsion. Operating this yacht would be more convenient and offer you a different experience than usual.

Just in case the superiority of those features above don’t impress you, let’s take a look and the level of luxury aboard. You’ll find generous space inside this yacht, a large berth, wrap around settee, galley and head with awesome opening skylights above. Applying the open-air concept, the deck features semi-enclosed lounge that dramatically exposes you to the outside world through a sliding skylight roof. Massive integrated furniture flow smoothly nearly full length of the available space; it creates stylish seating and lounging area.

Designer : Luiz DeBasto

Onyx 41 Yacht by Luiz DeBasto

Onyx 41 Yacht by Luiz DeBasto

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Guest Post : Chairs in the Bauhaus

This article is a guest post from Tom Faulkner, a furniture designer who believes simplicity of line and proportion are the cornerstones of all good design and he applies this principle to everything he makes.

The Bauhaus Design School may be the most prestigious and influential design studio in the last century with regard to modern furniture. Founder and architect Walter Gropius believed that furniture served a social and societal function, and that minimalist, inexpensive design was the way to ensure everyone had access to comfortable, sophisticated furniture. This design ethic remains very much in force today, and Bauhaus-inspired designs grace every kind of building from public offices to private residences.

These 20th century modernists made metalwork their own, and reclaimed it as a material from the worlds of engineering and architecture. They adored its strength and versatility, and its aesthetic simplicity. Tubular steelwork is one of the signature trademarks of many of the sleek, modern designs is of Bauhaus furniture.

Here are five classic Bauhaus designs that you might see just about anywhere!

1. Brno chair by Mies van der Rohe

Brno chair by Mies van der Rohe

Designed by the popular German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, this classic, elegant chair is still being used by the stylish and fashion conscious all over the world. Mies van der Rohe was an alumnus of the Bauhaus and coupled his unique architectural vision with the Bauhaus vision of inexpensive, easy to assemble furniture. The Brno chair has a simple chrome plated frame made of flat steel plate, which is combined with a supportive and soft upholstered seat. It is one of the most successful chairs to come out of the Bauhaus school, it is still made today under license but is also extensively copied. Beware of cheap imitations! Some places you may see this (or very similar) designs include reception areas, waiting rooms, smart offices, and high end private residences -making this design one of the most ubiquitous in the furniture industry.

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XLDron Versatile Earth Window (EW) : The Vision of Future Space Tourism by Oscar Vinals

How many people have dreamed of being astronauts and do a space trip? Having unforgettable adventures surrounded by infinite space realizing that we become one with the immensity of the Universe.

The future development of space travel and make it more accessible to a lot of people could be the first step in order to offer breath taking experience like that. Now the exploration of the Universe depends less on geo-strategic plans than in front of the business interests that will place the aerospace industry in one of very important positions in the global economy.

Today it is actually possible to do space travel for special people (special as in rich people), thanks to Space Tourism program. The possibility to change this amazing journey into longer in time and a greater distance from the earth starts now. Soon, we could see the possibility of building all infrastructures for a Space Hotel to a Space Resort or even Space Stations.

XLDron Versatile Earth Window (EW) from this talented industrial designer tries to give you a vision of our future space tourism.

Designer : Oscar Viñals

XLDron Versatile Earth Window (EW) for Space Hotel by Oscar Vinal

XLDron Versatile Earth Window (EW) for Space Hotel by Oscar Vinal

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Nanjing Lab III Vegetation Laboratory Design Proposal by Yaohua Wang

Nanjing Lab III vegetation laboratory is a futuristic lab designed by Yaohua Wang, an avant-garde architect who has been known with his futuristic architecture designs. This design is a visualizations or proposed Nanjing Lab and currently under the schematic design phase. It’s definitely not your traditional vegetation lab that usually only focuses on the attributes of the plants themselves, this time, the lab will be used to also test plant’s behavior inside Nanjing city, such as their reactions to the city’s polluted air and dust.

Designer : Yaohua Wang

Nanjing Lab III Vegetation Laboratory by Yaohua Wang

Nanjing Lab III Vegetation Laboratory by Yaohua Wang

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