11 The New Beautiful and Elegant Football Table

The classic football table has never been received any attention of designer in recent years. While the football stadium is getting more and more architectural and sculptural beautiful. The image of classic football table is no longer fits in with the designed landscape of modern interiors, this is where GRO design and Tim modelmakers propose their modern and elegant concept of the new football table, called 11. The table is named after the number of players on each side, the term ‘the beautiful game’ is often used to describe football/soccer and is the title of Pelé’s book “My Life and the Beautiful Game”.

11 football table by gro design

11 slick and elegant football table

11 football table designed by gro design

eleven futuristic football table

eleven futuristic football table

Designer : GRO design and Tim modelmakers

3.72 Travel Case for Surfboards

River Surfing has a special kind of madness and those who are crazy about it would love this concept. This is a travel case for surfboards. You can keep three surf boards without fins and two with fins at a time in this case. It will be very helpful for those who everyday enjoy their surfing passion. It has sporty appearance and sophisticated design. Not only this, it comes with transport wheels, handles, a set of locks for those who want to keep be on car roof racks and a complimentary bad where you can keep your accessories such as wax, tape and straps. So, now onwards, go surfing with this amazing case.

3.72 surfingboard case

Designer : Sincro Design

Loop Speakers by Murat Armagan

LOOP Speakers, a Murat Armagan design, are a pioneer in the world of drop ceiling sound systems. LOOP Speaker, with its looks evoking the Retro, makes you feel the power of a jet engine. An approach to design which through its sleek form puts the function of sound at its core in order to lead music to its listener.

LOOP Speakers are available in different colors and are compatible with all mobile devices with Bluetooth function. A good ambiance for music-listening can be created without taking any space in your work place by installing the speakers on your ceiling. No additional remotes necessary as all control of the device is by mobile phone.

As an avid and tasteful follower of design, you can enhance your living spaces with this iconic object which brings together music, technology and design.

Designer : Murat Armagan

Loop Speakers by Murat Armagan

Loop Speakers by Murat Armagan

Loop Speakers by Murat Armagan

Loop Speakers by Murat Armagan

Tuvie has received “Loop Speakers” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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