Pegasus WheelChair Concept

I really do hope Pegasus wheelchair is going to be mass produced, it will help a lot of disabled people moving efficiently. Compared to manually operated wheelchairs, pegasus is trying to break the image of the old wheelchair by combining electric drive motor with gyroscopic sensors to help the driver to move not just forward and backward but also in an upright position. The problem left would be the balance issue, since this is still a concept, there is no detailed description on how this Pegasus wheelchair will handle that.

pegasus wheelchair

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“Freedom for Disabled Divers” Project Offers The Freedom of Mobility Underwater

The physically challenged people do have their own desires and aspirations as others, be it walking, climbing, and swimming and so on. Scuba diving is one of many ways for us to experience the world in which we live in. To help these people have their freedom of underwater mobility, a new “Freedom for disabled divers” concept has been proposed. This project confronts an innovative system that controls buoyancy plus trim under water.

The cool aspect about this project is that the physically handicapped divers who feel chained to their wheelchair can now feel the awesome sense of buoyancy and absolute freedom of movement under water. The design philosophy is pretty simple – design for all. “Freedom for disabled divers” targets a wide group of people with special attention to the physically challenged. This kind of recreational diving is not only giving you a chance to be inspired by the life under the sea but also the social side with all diving communities.

Diving exhibitions, interviews with paraplegic divers, special diving instructions, inspection and mock-up testing were all a crucial part during this project. The result of this outcome was awesome. The physically challenged divers generally need to use their arms in order to swim under water, which does nothing but complicates diving. “Freedom for disabled divers” concept in turn presents a solution, which allows a great control of buoyancy plus body trim under water, thereby increasing the freedom of mobility.

Designer : Emil Orman

Freedom for Disabled Divers

Freedom for Disabled Divers
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