Honda NSX Design Study Redesign by Andreas Fougner Ezelius

Due to his dissatisfaction of the new Honda NSX design, Andreas Fougner Ezelius tried to come up with the redesign version. You can read his explanation below.

This project was a pretty quick one. I have thought about doing a remake of the classic NSX for quite some time. I wasn’t happy with the Acura/Honda new NSX because I think it lost most of the proportions and styling of the original car. So I created this. As with all my projects I aim for the less is more approach. I try to strip down my design to the bare minimum and on this project I focus only on the exterior. I tried to retain the very low profile and almost fighter jet like cockpit from the original car. I wanted a certain 90s vibe to it but at the same time make it feel modern. I think most cars nowadays get lost in tons of details and I would like to get back to beautiful, simple, purposeful shapes.

The colorful presentation comes from months of darkness in Sweden. I simply need a contrast to winter :)

Designer : Andreas Fougner Ezelius

Honda NSX Design Study Redesign by Andreas Fougner Ezelius

Honda NSX Design Study Redesign by Andreas Fougner Ezelius

Honda NSX Design Study Redesign by Andreas Fougner Ezelius

Honda NSX Design Study Redesign by Andreas Fougner Ezelius

Serendip Is The New Multimedia Research Device That Was Created For The Qualitative Enquiry Of Adolescents

The mysterious shape, the interesting features and the ability to carry it around make the Serendip the ultimate gadget for adolescents. The combination of an intriguing negative space with a play of reflections and shadows evokes curios behaviour. The designer, Thomas Troch, created and designed the concept and realized it with rapid prototyping technology. The prototypes are not only characterized by a static form, but also by a dynamic form. The prototype has been created for research in the teenagers everyday life. The Serendip, in a static form, makes the user curious about what it is, what it does and the purpose why it was created. It has a simple shape ans loads of features. One of the interesting features is that it has a LED display on it’s exterior shell which you can program to show colorful lights to enhance the user’s self respect.

The density of the LED – pattern represents memory usage and the changing color codes stand for the used media, evoking creative employment of the integrated features. The multimedia features integrated in the Serendip are: a 1.5 inch PM-OLED display, a 2 MP CMOS camera, a MEMS microphone, a speaker and also a vibration motor. The Serendip is also able to take photos and video clips. The process of taking photos is amazing, you have to hold it in your hands and pull the largest part backwards. The Serendip really brings out the child in you. The integrated media allow the user to collect data, rendering a unique view of his world. Interaction with this object influences the behavior of the user, hence motivating adolescents to participate in qualitative research.

Designer : Thomas Troch

serendip multimedia research 2

serendip multimedia research 3

serendip multimedia research 4

serendip multimedia research 5


serendip multimedia research 7

serendip multimedia research 8

serendip multimedia research9

serendip multimedia research 1

Detraform Model 500 Phone Design by Kiwi&Pom

Designed by Kiwi&Pom, Detraform phone offers unusual L shaped design. It’s a cordless DECT phone with subtle interface and a selection of classic colors. Sustainable consumption begins with products that last a lifetime. This cordless phone features a robust, polished polycarbonate and anodized aluminium shell. This phone design not only provides you with the principal telephone functions of speaking and listening, it also includes a speaker phone and a simple push-to-talk intercom system. You can support this project by pre-ordering your phone from this page:

Designer : Kiwi&Pom for [Detraform]

Detraform Model 500 Phone

Detraform Model 500 Phone

Detraform Model 500 Phone

Detraform Model 500 Phone

Detraform Model 500 Phone

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