MyYour Outdoor Shower

This is probably the sleekest and most beautiful outdoor shower anyone might have ever seen. The grayish self-colored body of the shower bears resemblance with the splendid carves of a woman’s body and the design is equally attractive. The Four shower head coupled together can pour water in four different directions. The nozzles and the shower handles are shiny and smooth to match with the overall look of this outdoor shower. The foot stands at the base look like a complete flower with four petals and definitely enhances the beauty of this hardware. This is going to be a great addition to the poolside or garden of your home.

myyour outdoor shower

myyour outdoor shower

Designer : MyYour via Trendir

Help Lock with A Timer to Unlock The Door

Bathroom accidents are getting a common issue every year with several cases resulting even in death because of being exposed too late. This concept Help Lock will be beneficial for not only the aged or people who are living alone, but also the usual home owners. An alarm and a timer are the key elements that have been used to solve this problem. The timer sets automatically whenever a person locks the door and it will remind the user to cancel the alarm once the set time has passed. If there is no answer after 30 seconds, the lock will unlock the door, sound the alarm and dial an emergency number that was programmed earlier.

bathroom help lock

bathroom help lock

(Click to view bigger image)

bathroom help lock

Designer : Haishan Deng

Serendip Is The New Multimedia Research Device That Was Created For The Qualitative Enquiry Of Adolescents

The mysterious shape, the interesting features and the ability to carry it around make the Serendip the ultimate gadget for adolescents. The combination of an intriguing negative space with a play of reflections and shadows evokes curios behaviour. The designer, Thomas Troch, created and designed the concept and realized it with rapid prototyping technology. The prototypes are not only characterized by a static form, but also by a dynamic form. The prototype has been created for research in the teenagers everyday life. The Serendip, in a static form, makes the user curious about what it is, what it does and the purpose why it was created. It has a simple shape ans loads of features. One of the interesting features is that it has a LED display on it’s exterior shell which you can program to show colorful lights to enhance the user’s self respect.

The density of the LED – pattern represents memory usage and the changing color codes stand for the used media, evoking creative employment of the integrated features. The multimedia features integrated in the Serendip are: a 1.5 inch PM-OLED display, a 2 MP CMOS camera, a MEMS microphone, a speaker and also a vibration motor. The Serendip is also able to take photos and video clips. The process of taking photos is amazing, you have to hold it in your hands and pull the largest part backwards. The Serendip really brings out the child in you. The integrated media allow the user to collect data, rendering a unique view of his world. Interaction with this object influences the behavior of the user, hence motivating adolescents to participate in qualitative research.

Designer : Thomas Troch

serendip multimedia research 2

serendip multimedia research 3

serendip multimedia research 4

serendip multimedia research 5


serendip multimedia research 7

serendip multimedia research 8

serendip multimedia research9

serendip multimedia research 1

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