Satellite Multifunctional Grater Can Spread Its Wings When Needed

Satellite multifunctional grater is a kitchen product aiming to easing the grating process by making it more fun. It stands out with its ergonomic and hygienic design among other graters that are hard to use and clean kitchenware kind.

Satellite multifunctional grater has 7 alternative stainless steel knives. These knives can be used for mashing and cutting alongside grating. Each knife can be changed easily and dishwasher safe, this is the kind of specification that makes the product considerably hygienic and easy to clean. In addition, with its ergonomic handle and the enclosing shell that holds grater and knives together, Satellite is a product that is compatible with modern kitchen.

Designers : DesignNobis and Dr. Hakan Gürsu

Satellite Multifunctional Grater by DesignNobis

Satellite Multifunctional Grater by DesignNobis

With its compact size, Satellite multifunctional grater uses very little space in your kitchen when it’s closed. However, it fits to any plate, bowl or container that has an opening radius smaller than 30 cm, regardless of their depth. It can hold on to the sides of deep containers, while it also has legs to transform its wings to spread at the right angle in order to use on flat plates or cutting board. Satellite makes it easier to grate directly into the bowl.

The translucent enclosing shell holds the pieces together when the grater is not in use and makes it compact, while contributing to the visual quality of the product. The shell has slots for the three knives that are not on the grater and therefore it keeps the whole product hygienic.

The main body is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), while the translucent enclosing shell is composed of PP (Polypropylene). The knives are stainless steel. TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) is used in handle for making it easier to hold and therefore to grate. Plastic parts are produced by injection molding, while the handle part is manufactured by co-injection.

Satellite Multifunctional Grater by DesignNobis

Satellite Multifunctional Grater by DesignNobis

Satellite Multifunctional Grater by DesignNobis

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