Sanya Skypump : An Eco-Friendly Infrastructure to Support Electric Vehicles

The Sanya Skypump helps in consuming clean, renewable energy created directly on-site. Urban Green Energy’s well-designed 4 kW turbine is used. Sanya Skypump offers an excellent addition to the ever-growing infrastructure required to support the electric vehicles flowing on the market. Sanya Skypump has an advanced casing and an elegant design which can be easily assembled and installed within few hours. The base is the major part of Sanya Skypump since it’s the region where the electronic components are hidden for safety purpose. It features a touch screen display that guides user through different charging options, notification, and all other required displays.

Designer : Urban Green Energy

Sanya Skypump by Urban Green Energy

Sanya Skypump by Urban Green Energy

The concern for vertical axis wind turbines as well and bearing failure is eliminated by the application of Dual Axis Technology (DAT), developed by Urban Green Energy. Turbines appreciably outperform the competition by scattering both horizontal and vertical forces all along the axis length thereby increasing the durability and power production. This reduces the vibration and resistance.

Sanya Skypump has been designed for quick and easy assembly. It’s not a rocket science, user can assembly the turbine in approximately 2 hours, to slip-joint towers and an elegant enclosure for all its electronic components.

Sanya Skypump by Urban Green Energy

Sanya Skypump by Urban Green Energy

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Stephen Russell says: August 31, 2011

Have dual use:
1. Power EVs
2. charge natteries
3. provide Power when NOT being used to charge EVs etc alone
Make about 2K for LA CA alone.
& 4K for Hawaii.
Love this.
For colleges, Ind parks, schools, malls, offices, Civic Centers. museums, parks.

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