Sake Bomb Stylish Cup Holder by Alexander Purcell

Sake Bomb is an innovative and stylish cup holder that delivers the experience of more than enjoying a beverage and sharing the fun with buddies in a more intuitive manner. The name came from the American modernization of drinking a shot of sake into a beer pint and this ceramic container avoids the traditional shape of a cup holder. Having a shape somewhere between a Japanese blowfish and a WWII mine, it includes four tiny cups placed outside and is insulated naturally to keep the sake hot. Aside from great functionality, this cup set will boost the d├ęcor of any tabletop.

orange sakebomb

orange sakebomb

orange sakebomb

Designer : Alexander Purcell

One thought on “Sake Bomb Stylish Cup Holder by Alexander Purcell

  1. cool but i can see someone not knowing what it is and picking it up and tilting it – cups fall off and crash on floor. must only be used by the host which is good.

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