RKS Laundry Pod : Do Small Load Quickly

Laundry POD can perfectly simplify your life by quickly cleaning a small load while no energy gets wasted. Hand washables and delicates can have some terrific attentions with the gentle spinning action that washes, rinses and extracts water to lessen drying times. This product is very much eco-conscious since it is made from recycled objects. You can re-use gray water for flushing, watering plants, etc and can use the POD anywhere; as a result, trips to dry cleaner and Laundromat can be reduced. The Laundry POD is a combination of eco-conscious style and innovation to save water, energy and the solution that require for a quick and easy way to diminutive loads.

Designer : RKS Design Team [Buy It Here]

rks laundry pod

rks laundry pod

rks laundry pod

rks laundry pod

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Sarah says: March 12, 2009

omg i soooo need one of those for the morning when im like oh crap my fav shirt is dirty :P

Tom says: March 21, 2009

are these available for purchase? this is something i can see fitting into the budget.

twilightbabe101 says: April 7, 2009

The Laundry Pod is so cool!!!!!!! I think it would look really good in my bathroom!!!!!!!!!
It would make the laundry go by so much faster if i could do my own laundry!!! Luv ya for makin it!!!! I can’t wait till it comes out so hurry up!!!! :-D

P.S. Thank’s again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heide says: May 5, 2009

OMG please, I need a LAUNDRY POD A.S.A.P.,LOL really, where can I buy one?wash and spin dry!…come on make em already!

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