Revolute : Futuristic Single Person Electric Vehicle by Harsha Vardhan

Living in big city, I get stuck in traffic jam most of all the time. So when I see motorcycles break up the traffic jam, I wish I was the one on that bike. Harsha Vardhan, an Indian industrial designer might hear my wish. He designed “Revolute”, a futuristic single person electric vehicle, well actually this vehicle was designed to enter INTERIOR MOTIVESDESIGN AWARDS for “Conceptual Exterior Category”. This transportation was designed to bridge the gap between a car and a motorcycle, it’s definitely smaller than a car. Revolute features 2 postures: dynamic and static. While in use, the vehicle uses dynamic mode, static mode while parked. The response is triggered by the on-board computing facility behind the seat that activates the swivel arms enabling the change.

Designer : Harsha Vardhan

Revolute Futuristic Vehicle

Revolute Futuristic Vehicle

Revolute Futuristic Vehicle

Revolute Futuristic Vehicle

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#1 tuvie fan says: August 24, 2010

Great idea. Wish it looked more stylish or sporty.

Sloane says: September 24, 2010

This is the nicest car I've seen in my entire life.

Nick says: October 31, 2010

I want one

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