Ready To Explore The Antartica with Lotus Ice Vehicle ?

Lotus ice vehicle is a refreshing news after all the concept cars and other means of transport, there is a new one on the block for all you adventure seekers. The new concept Ice Vehicle is the new age vehicle that will help you explore the Antarctica. The vehicle design is pretty cool and is perfect companion to explore the only yet fully unexplored continent. The vehicle has a prop in the back while it has three ski feet to ride on. For the purpose of breaking it has a spiked front foot thus stopping the vehicle instantly. For navigational purposes it has ice radar so all in all it is sure a gizmo loaded mean machine. Let’s explore the Antartica with lotus ice vehicle.

lotus concept ice vehicle

lotus concept ice vehicle

lotus concept ice vehicle

lotus concept ice vehicle

lotus concept ice vehicle

Designer : Zer Customs

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Bob says: November 18, 2008

The Concept Ice Vehicle will be used on the upcoming Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition. To find out more about the CIV or the expedition go to:

stephen russell says: March 8, 2009

Saw concept of this on a 1960s Johnny Quest toon episode set in the Arctic.

They lowered this Lotus type craft onto the icepack.

Be neat anyplace in the snow.

Need 2,4 man cockpit.


Search Rescue



MedEvac: carry, 8, 4 persons on ext pods.

house enclosed cabin rear between cockpit & Main engine drive?



laying cable


Ice Rescue?

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