Range Rover Diamond Is A Design Study for Possible Future Range Rover Series

Range Rover Diamond Concept is a personal project from Manole Romulus, through some researches, he wanted to continue the same philosophy that is carried by all car generations of this auto manufacturer. You can read Manole’s explanations about this project below.

By analyzing the four generations, one can notice the continuous philosophy behind the construction of these vehicles. Through the graphical analysis for this purpose, one can observe the main elements this design is based on. The edges I have marked with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, the angle of inclination for A and D pillars (to facilitate observation, for the first generation I marked the last pillar also with D), the consoles marked with Cf and Cs, as well as in the area of wheel passages decompose the main elements and the way they have maintained continuity.

Designer : Manole Romulus

Range Rover Diamond Concept Car by Manole Romulus

Range Rover Diamond Concept Car by Manole Romulus

The concept I have presented considers this design analysis and describes a model for the foreseeable future placed within the current Range Rover series. It is designed for difficult areas with a high risk of impact and deforming of vehicle sides. The class of the vehicle is maintained, but the inferior register is made of geometrical sides with mat faces that are resistant to scratches. From the composition point of view, the vehicle follows the British house recipe. I have presented the image taking into account the design analysis made for the four Range Rover generations. The recipe contains a general volume in the Range Rover family classical proportions, the marking of the wheel passages, a first horizontal register, visible line for separation from the second horizontal register and the windowpane surface. This also represents a register itself through the glass line it builds.

Range Rover Diamond Concept Car by Manole Romulus

Range Rover Diamond Concept Car by Manole Romulus

Range Rover Diamond Concept Car by Manole Romulus

A, B, C and D pillars are covered for this purpose with a shiny black material. The roof, the last visual component of the volume, is chromatically limited from the glass line by the British green in this case.

General description :
Wheelbase : 3000 mm
Length : 5010 mm
Width : 2150 mm
Height : 1860 mm

3 electric engines / one electric engine in each back wheel and the third engine, the most powerful is placed in front. The fuel cells are located in the floor, between the two axles of wheels. The hydrogen tank is placed in front, between the engine compartment and the cab and is protected by an additional structure against front collisions. The flat floor of the cab is used for seven seats: two in front, three in the middle and two at the rear. If we using five seats, the back of the car is for the trunk

Range Rover Diamond Concept Car by Manole Romulus

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stephen russell says: February 12, 2016

Id drive this, nice, make into Hybrid or EV

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