Radio Valerie with No Switches or Buttons !

The design of Radio Valerie concept was aimed to make a very effortless and logical product that can ensure effective operation as well as unique décor. It’s really hard to realize that this product is a radio by seeing it since there are no switches or buttons on the surface. All you will get is an antenna stick and a rotating speaker which actually works as a volume controller. The antenna is being used to tune the frequency by moving it left to right and vice versa. The speaker placed on the top and also serves the purpose of increasing or decreasing the volume by rotating.

radio valerie

radio valerie

radio valerie

radio valerie

Designer : Valentin Vodev

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huon gendall says: July 1, 2009

sick bru how can i ook myslf up wit one… Plunkton?

huon bru says: July 1, 2009

this is the most awesome thing i've ever seen!

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