Pure Water Bottle by Timothy Whitehead Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria And Viruses

Apparently traveling to Zambia gave Timothy Whitehead a new idea how to solve the issues of creating safe drinking water in short of time. Sterilizing or purifying water using chlorine and iodine tablets take around 30 minutes to finish, yet still leave terrible taste. So, Timothy started to create a new simpler and faster way to purify water using new technology. This was where Pure Water Bottle born. Timothy said that this portable water bottle could be used to purify and sterilized water anywhere in the world in under 2 minutes. Using a wind-up ultra violet light to sterilize the water, this process won’t leave any distortion to the water taste. This amazing creation has been awarded a James Dyson Award in the UK.

Designer : Timothy Whitehead via [BBC]

Pure UV Sterilisation Water Bottle

Pure UV Sterilisation Water Bottle

How it works?
You need to fill the outer chamber with water from any lake, stream or dirty puddle, in short words all those disgusting dirty water. The inner chamber is plunged through the outer chamber and the water is filtered through a custom designed filter, down to 4 micron in particle size. After the water is clear, it is sterilized for ninety seconds using a wind-up ultra violet bulb. The whole process only takes around 2 minutes and it is safe to drink.

Pure UV Sterilisation Water Bottle

Pure UV Sterilisation Water Bottle

Pure UV Sterilisation Water Bottle

Pure UV Sterilisation Water Bottle

Pure UV Sterilisation Water Bottle

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Francis Jacquerye says: August 6, 2010

Yes, we rich Westerners always like to come up with sophisticated solutions to solve the Third World's problems. Kudos to the young designer for this clever idea. Being able to purifiy water in a matter of minutes is quite an achievement. As always, the problems will remain: cost, supply and repair/maintenance.

Sometimes all it takes is a "stupid" idea. In poor countries with high sun exposure, suffices to use the cheap plastic bottels that we trash every day in rich countries: http://www.sodis.ch

mckinnnley says: August 6, 2010

but can it run crysis?

syalieza says: February 2, 2011

great!but it is safe to drink?how about if the water are poisonous??

shweta singh says: March 31, 2016

Great invention I will get one for emergencies, very helpful post thanks for sharing !

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