Predictable Magic : Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business

A good product designer focuses on designing unique and innovative products. A great product designer focuses on designing innovative breakthrough products that resonate with consumers emotionally. Predictable Magic will introduce you to Psycho-Aesthetics concept that teaches you how to create systematically deep emotional connections between consumers and brands. Everyone can learn from this book, design students to design professionals. Predictable Magic is very easy to comprehend and provides you with the knowledge you need in order to become a better industrial designer and a business owner. Just like the book’s slogan: “Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business”. For limited time, Kindle owners can download Predictable Magic digital copy for free from Jan 11-15, 2011.

Author : Deepa Prahalad and Ravi Sawhney [Get it from Amazon]

Predictable Magic

Predictable Magic

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