Portable Search Engine Concept with GPS for Travelers

Seek is a portable search engine or you can say it’s a guiding device by Jukka Roitto. This portable search engine is a helpful guide for people stuck in an unknown city. The device is meant to help novice and experienced looking for local theaters, restaurants, clubs etc. The device puts into use of the GPS system and the beauty of the product is that it can be personalized while also be strapped to the wrist. Also, it has touch screen based functions with other functions like a portable music player to keep you entertained. So if you are in a new town, no sweats just seek the guidance of Seek and you will see the whole city as if you knew it forever!

seek portable internet device

seek portable internet device

Designer : Jukka Roitto, Miska Väisänen & Jordan Siegler

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Jack says: August 22, 2008

So where's the search engine part about it? You didn't mention WiFi or anything like that. Essentially, it's a GPS with music player, right? Still, very cool, very sleek. But would you imagine yourself wearing one in public? It's too big to masquerade as a normal bracelet and it's too tech looking to be counted as fashion. I think it's cool but still needs work.

electronic gadgets says: August 24, 2008

Great concept, but if they want to make money from this originally they should go to the US Army. This would be a great asset to soldiers in the field.

Jukka says: August 24, 2008

There is more information in Coroflot on my profile where you can find the poster. http://www.coroflot.com/public/individual_file.as

This Consept is just part of our course about User Interfaces. And there is much to make a difference. And like you said that this device looks too big. I think that it looks too big only in the picture, we did also made rapid prototyping model, and it looks smaller and even better. We have also thought technical aspect of this device, and one idea was use to WiFi or just Wlan to provide information to the device. One idea is that local tourism info can have some kind transmitter to send information.

Rick says: January 5, 2009

Is that a holographic pull out interface? Seems like something more 2020ish to me. But I hope you can make the technology available to us before then, it’s a great idea.

brog11 says: April 18, 2012

is this using hologram to project digital map and GPS for navigate?

Farzana says: October 5, 2016

Dear jukka I wud like to have this for me. How u help me getting this.

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