Portable Iron Design with Two Heating Plates

Portable Iron is featuring rail mechanism that allows the user to transform the smart box easily into an iron. However, this iron can not be used for massive number of cloths, but this will prove very much helpful and effective when you are on a trip. This iron includes two heating plates placed one on another with a spring between them. This two plate design will allow easier ironing of the collars by simply putting it between them and gently toasting it. This iron can be operated on standard electrical power when you need full heating power. Additionally, it works also on battery when you are roaming.

portable iron

portable iron

portable iron

portable iron

Designer : Apostol Tnokovski

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satish says: August 5, 2009

best design and beautiful idea

Rompopompom says: July 29, 2014

How big is it actually? Scale reference?

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