Porsche P’9521 Mobile Phone Won iF Product Design Awards

Beside P’9521 mobile phone, Porsche also won iF product design awards for its P’7340 kitchen and P’6750 watch design. P’9521 is a flip phone with square shape, featuring a fingerprint reader to identify the user and also make secure access to private data. The screen of the phone also can be rotated through 180A a? thus allowing the phone to be used as a digital camera, thanks to double hinge made of aluminum. You can find this phone in the Porsche Design Stores, too bad it is not available for US, Japan or Korea market.

porsche p9521 mobile phone

porsche p9521 mobile phone

porsche p9521 mobile phone

Designer : Porsche Design

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varun says: March 16, 2008

this is a gr8 fon by porsche…..fingrprnt reader in a fon is simlpy awsum……………….u can feel so free while handing over ur fon 2 jst recieve cals

Nina Myers says: April 22, 2008

Here's a complete review with video: http://mobilearsenal.com/review/porsche_p9521_bri

Dialisha says: October 17, 2008

Wish day had its stuff in h-burg

sailesh says: September 25, 2010

though i dont have this phone but it seems like we can use this cell phone with care free,,,n out of limit….

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