POETREE Funeral Urn by Margaux Ruyant

POETREE funeral urn is the physical manifestation of emotional stages of grief. It evolves over time as a companion through the stages of mourning. The ashes of our loved one will be placed in the urn and then covered with soil. We can take the urn home and plant a tree in it.

Designer : Margaux Ruyant of DSK ISD International School of Design [INDIA]

POETREE Funeral Urn by Margaux Ruyant

POETREE Funeral Urn by Margaux Ruyant

When the tree is big enough, it’s time for you to plant the urn in a park or a garden. Since the urn is made of biodegradable material and ceramic, in the end, the only things left would be the tree and the ceramic on top, just like a gravestone. Carrie Russel, a Senior Design Manager at Proctor and Gamble said that POETREE funeral urn concept is a simple and elegant physical manifestation of where emotional intelligence meet not only a poetic idea, but powerful one that touches the soul of the human condition. We couldn’t agree more….

POETREE Funeral Urn by Margaux Ruyant

POETREE Funeral Urn by Margaux Ruyant

POETREE Funeral Urn by Margaux Ruyant

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sket says: October 3, 2011

Not a bad concept at all.

intel 4004 says: October 3, 2011

Great concept!
So when you go to graveyard, you won't feel bad for them instead you feel happy because of the trees.

a.brown says: October 4, 2011

It is a great idea but the design is flawed in that it fails make any accommodation for the growth of the trunk.Once the trunk reaches the fixed diameter of the urn it will die prematurely.

11Raven says: October 6, 2011

it's a very good concept, and to prevent that problem plant a tree that won't exceed the fixed diameter.
it a very simple fix

lee says: November 14, 2013

why isnt this available? I've searched the entire web and could not locate this for sale. :^(

dylan says: October 14, 2014

Where can I buy one

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