Plant-o-Bot Gets Energy From the Plants On Its Body Distinguishing The Necessity Of A Green Environment

The Plant-o-Bot robot concept aims to motivate mankind to maintain a green environment with an excellent idea of keeping a robot alive by gaining energy from the plants that are living on its body. The robot contains an energy meter on its chest that remains green according to the health of the plants and becomes red when the plant is dead or running through an unhealthy condition. Moreover, the robot features arms with 3 useful planting tools, cultivator, scissor and watering equipment, through which it can take care of the plants. This concept is holding an ultimate message with a hope that people will realize the importance of a green environment and act accordingly, just like Plant-o-Bot.






Designer : Bharoto Yekti

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Brutally Honest Dude says: April 8, 2010
TheFuture says: April 8, 2010

@BrutallyHonestDude : we don't see any plagiarism here, Bharoto design is a conceptual robot. This robot is powered by the plants that are living in its body. The one in your link is simply a sculpture.

Andrew says: April 21, 2010

Great idea!

Kevin says: June 10, 2010

A robot that gets energy from plants? It would be hard for the robot as it would have to break down something and turn it into energy. I'd say the robot should be designed to run in a healthy environment. This environment would include a lot of sunshine and oxygen. It doesn't need to run off the plants. It can still be a robot that helps the environment and run off the environment. Maybe a robot that can identify an unhealthy environment and look sad?

ikaika says: September 22, 2015

maybe a terminator of polution

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