Philly Pods Will Give Comfortable Seating And Unique Aesthetics To Philadelphia Street

When future civilization is expected to be facilitated with ultra-modern appliances, effective transportation solutions and eco-friendly high raised buildings, Philly pods have been designed to give Philadelphia streets a unique appearance and the inhabitants a great place to seat. This monolithic seat can be arranged in a variety of patterns to meet up different needs and number of the users. To make the seating unique and comfortable, it features springy-ness which gives an extraordinary feel to the users when seating or standing up on it. Moreover, these seats can be lightened during evening through rims of translucent Corian that complements the overall appeal of the streets. Also, a shade can be incorporated over the seat during daytime to provide some protection from the burning sun.

Designer : Arman Chowdhury, Leed Ap and Ms Arch Upenn

philly pods

philly pods

philly pods

philly pods

philly pods

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00matu00 says: August 16, 2010

Interesting Photoshop on the last two pics. Could do with a shadow on the floor in the future, it will help to stop the rendered product look like its floating.

stephen russell says: August 18, 2010

Must for all Cities worldwide.

ajj says: September 16, 2010

The floating is what I noticed too! With little tweaking it could look good. And better picture quality in the last picture…

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