Peezy Medical Device To Deliver a Mid Stream Urine Sample

Design Week Awards are always awarding a project depending on their abilities and aesthetics. The Peezy, a useful and user-friendly medical device designed by Dr. Vincent Forte, has been announced as the winner of 2009. This funnel-shaped device will be able to diminish the problems involved with female patients when they are asked to provide a mid stream urine sample. Peezy has a fiber sponge at its base, which puffs out after the initial 10ml of urine, so that the mid-stream urine flow can be stored in a standard common container. This concept, after getting implemented, will surely touch many people’s lives and the wisdom of the judges is really appreciable.



Designer : Dr Vincent Forte

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alex says: May 7, 2009

Nice one!

Christina says: May 23, 2009

This is brilliant! Fantastic idea!

timja says: February 6, 2010

Neat, attractive design and a great product. It's on offer at

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