Yamaha O±O : Electrically Power Assisted Bicycle by Jose Gonzalez

Yamaha O±O or O Plus Minus O is a conceptual electric powered assisted bike born out of the project of “AH A MAY”. It’s a special Yamaha project that made two design divisions of two Yamahas exchanged their design fields. For this project, a musical instrument designer has come up with an e-bike that re-charges itself. When the battery power is out, a rider can place the bike on a recharging stand and pedal it to re-charge the battery. This battery power can be used not only for the bike ...
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Trefecta DRT Electric Dirt Bike Wants to Create A New Game Instead of Changing It

Trefecta released a new category of vehicle: Trefecta DRT Electric Dirt Bike. This company aims to create a new game instead of changing it by focusing on innovation, setting new standard for the norm, a vision of future vehicle. Using advanced engineering and intelligent design, they have developed unique bike that combines design, power, and function, resulting a multi purposed vehicle that gives you thrill riding experience. Trefecta guarantees you perfection, a vehicle that is complete in...
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SpeetBox Modular Stove By Philippe Starck for Speeta

SPEETA, a French company, has teamed up with Philippe Starck to design its collection of customizable, eco-friendly heating furniture, SpeetBox. It’s a modular stove with innovative energy solution, it is 100% renewable and compatible with RT2012 regulation and Low-Energy building requirements. The modular stove is neither too big or too small, it’s just perfect. You can place it anywhere in the house, it will be discreet with elegance. This electronically controlled fire is easy to handl...
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Ruler Compass by Min Keun Kwon

When you want to draw a perfect circle with compass drawing tool, we need the help from ruler as well. Min Keun Kwon, a Korean industrial designer, wants to design a better tool that allows us to draw a measured circle without a ruler. Ruler Compass is a conceptual tool that you can use to draw any size of circle without manually measuring the size with a rule every single time. Move one of Ruler compass’ legs, the gradation will revolve to show the radius. The gear connected with the leg w...
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Honda Has Unveiled 2015 IndyCar Series Aero Kits

Honda has released 2015 IndyCar Series Aero Kits which will be used in 2015 Verison IndyCar Series. Produced by Honda Performance Development, these aero kits come with almost 200 individual pieces that can be fitted onto existing Honda powered Dallara Indy car chassis. It’s a project where the manufacturer aims to add already amazing list of accomplishments in American open-wheel racing. All parts have carefully designed and developed to make sure Honda’s six IndyCar Series teams are comple...
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Keys Modular Keyboard for Mobile Musicians

Keys is a modular MIDI keyboard designed for anyone and configurable for a professional. It’s an all-in-one keyboard for mobile musician, you can easily learn your favorite song in just minutes through its LED lit keys, make cool music without experience. Simply plug this device into computer and launch the app, yes, that’s easy. Each of the key (24 keys) is equipped with LED light that illuminates 192 different colors, the weighted keys allow you to modify the sound output based on press...
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Toilet Paper Roll Redesign by Sheng-Hung Lee and Josipa Dodig

Even simple thing can be upgraded for better functionality, take a look at this project: Toilet Paper Roll Redesign. It’s a project submitted by Sheng-Hung Lee to Tuvie, it aims to prevent the bottom of tissue touches any surface. You can read the explanation from the designer below. People use toilet paper for a variety of reasons e.g. wiping up spills, removing makeup, bathroom hygiene and cleaning chores. But people are prone to put toilet paper on table or put kitchen paper towel near s...
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MB&F Melchior Robot Clock With A Little Touch of Human-Like Personality

Available in limited to 99 pieces, MB&F Melchior Robot Clock is presented under the theme “A creative adult is a child who survived”. It’s a beautiful piece of clock created with L’Epée 1839, a specialized high-end clock manufacturer. Melchior is not just a clock, it’s a kinetic robot that will take you back to your childhood dreams through its 480-component mechanical table clock. This awesome high-end table clock features steel and brass armour, unique glint eyes, animated br...
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INKO iPad Cover and Keyboard Made Out Of Leather

INKO is an iPad cover and keyboard made out of leather. Beautiful indeed, the embossed keypad comes with conductive ink tattooed directly in the thickness of the leather, thanks to tattooer Jéremy Lorenzato. This beautiful artwork was born out of the desire to incorporate printed circuit board into the depth of leather material that support the electrical connections. Instead of using manual tattoo, the process was replaced by a system called Tatoué. The masterminds behind this system are Pier...
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Yamaha Fujin “God of The Wind” Marimba for 2 Performers

As part of “AH A MAY” project, Yamaha has exchanged design fields of their 2 design divisions. Now, imagine when a motorcycle designer is tasked to design a musical instrument. The result is Fujin “God of The Wind” Marimba, it’s a conceptual music instrument designed for 2 performers where they can combine and multiply their energy. Since there are no constraints related to production or commercialization, the designer has come up with really unique and creative design. The seating of ...
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Paul Smith Re-Decorated the Iconic Land Rover Defender

Paul Smith has the chance to re-decorate one of the world’s most recognizable cars, the version of 4x4 Land Rover Defender. Utilizing a palette of 27 individual colors, Paul Smith has magically created vibrant and unique version of Defender that represents these cars impeccable service history with the Army, Navy, and Airforce. All these colors can be tied to the connection of Defender to British countryside, it’s been a symbol and ambassador for the past sixty years. The combination of d...
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Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom Watch Is Made Out of Entirely Carbon Fiber

Do you love black? Well, checkout Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom Watch, it’s totally black, totally matt, so sleek. It’s made out of entirely carbon fiber, the case is equipped with microscopic toothed micro-belt transmission (the size is no wider than 0.07mm) that has linear weight and moves on a rail. The case is made from CMC (Carbon Matrix Composite) as well as 7 bridges of its movement. Tag Heuer uses a specific technique to create them in directed carbon, it means that the carbon fibers ...
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Asus Chromebit Transforms Any Display into A Computer

For less than $100, you can turn any display into a full working computer with Asus Chromebit. It’s a small dongle that plugs into any HDMI port and transforms the display into a computer with Chrome OS. This idea could be the start of our future computer, since many companies have started to launch products with similar concept such as Intel Compute Stick with Windows 8.1 OS or Android TV Dongle. This time, Google decided to join the market with Chromebit. Powered by Rockchip RK3288 proces...
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Illume ArcLighter – Gorgeous Flameless, Electronic Candle Lighter That You Don’t Need to Hide

Illume ArcLighter is a flameless, e-lighter powered by patent pending ArcLighter Technology that replaces our traditional flame with super high-intensity electric arc. It’s a handy device that you should keep in your house, it instantly lights candles, fireplaces, paper, and many more. Let’s just say Illume ArcLighter is a revolutionary design of candle lighter, these designers started by reinventing everything they know about candle lighters today. The modern design makes this lighter lo...
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CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop : 8 in 1 Portable Workshop

Every woodworker should own CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop, it’s a portable power tool set that can be set up to be your portable workshop when you need it. Each set consists of a circular saw, table saw, power drill, a jigsaw, hammer drill, and an LED light where all of them are powered by a rechargeable 18-volt battery that you can plug into any of the tools. This power tool set can be used to perform simple wood working tasks such as fixing a chair/table, remodeling your bathroom, or some easy wo...
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