SpeedOneSeat Concept Car for Urban Areas

Designed as a side project, SpeedOneSeat is a single-seater concept transportation to cruise urban environment. The SpeedOneSeat was a side project of the 3rd semester of my Transportation Interior Design study in Reutlingen, Germany. It is a small ...
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Leo Leather Beige Wooden Watch Features Brushed Leather Band

Do you prefer to wear conventional, round watch? Perhaps Leo Leather Beige Wooden Watch can be a great choice for you. The watch face is housed in wooden frame, made from 100% natural wood, completely free of toxic chemicals. We really love that nice...
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Lift – Minimalist Wall Hook To Utilize Unused Wall Space

IPPINKA has designed Lift, a minimalist wall hook to make your life a bit organized. This functional hook can be used to hang everyday objects from shirt, scarf, ladder, and even heavier item such as your bike. Installing this little hook on the wall...
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DS Luxe Autre Concept Car Was Inspired by The Beauty of Female Body

The DS Luxe Autre is a visualization of a look into the future of how far Avant-Garde styling and the utilization of autonomous travel can push the boundaries for what a halo Car for the brand could look like. Taking on the likes of rolls Royce and B...
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Table Pong Project Brings Atari Retro Game to Physical World

Table Pong project has been designed as a homage to the first video game ever, this is the cool physical version of the game. Designed by Daniel Perdomo, this table is the real life of pong game derived backwards from software to drive hardware, brin...
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Ribbon R43XC Boat Is Designed to Serve Your Multiple Purposes at Sea

Ribbon Yachts company has sent us their latest boat design, Ribbon R43XC. It’s a compact fast supply vessel, designed to serve your multiple purposes from fishing, transporting, diving, or just cruising experience. Made in Netherlands, this boat fe...
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XGT Concept Roadster by Sebastian Gomez

XGT concept roadster is a project of Sebastian Gomez, beautifully rendered with attention to details. It’s a personal project, a concept car for super GT class, a sports car that features elegance. You can read his explanations below: It started a...
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Re-Cover: Sustainable Skyscraper Enclosure to Produce Eco-Friendly Energy in Sustainable Cycle

Due to Industrial Revolution, modern cities have suffered from extreme changes. There are many artificial environment and cities that humans are comforted with, but it’s not natural, it can jeopardize the balance and harmony of the environment. Re-...
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Vanmoof Smartbike Comes with Anti-Theft Parts and Tracking Feature

VanMoof SmartBike, the company claims that this project is the smartest thing on wheels, it’s not your ordinary bike. Thieves won’t be able to steal your bike, VanMoof guarantees it. Can you find which company that believes in its product would b...
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SeeNote ePaper Sticky Note with Touchscreen Functionality

Sticky note is very handy to remind us to do certain tasks, there are still lots of people who prefer to use sticky note instead of phone reminder due to its easy placement. SeeNote takes this archaic method to the next level by combining high techno...
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Whaletone Royal Digital Piano Will Win Your Heart as Modern Music Instrument

Featuring exquisite form, Whaletone has introduced Whaletone Royal digital piano, it’s the largest model dedicated for real connoisseurs of unrestricted and bold solutions. Royal is not only gorgeous, its modern shape would win your heart as modern...
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LED Emergency Lamp Design by Ajith Soman

A multi purpose LED Emergency lamp, the portable design of this lamp allows you to carry it anywhere and install it according to your requirements. Simply hold the handle at the back side and go, no need for extra emergency or torch lamp. This multif...
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Vintage : Dining Pool Table by FusionTables

Vintage is a set of entertainment table, the latest collection from FusionTables. You can transform this dining table into a pool table in just seconds, we really love the blend between reclaimed wood timbers with a post-industrial metal frame, so un...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Games and Toys, Interior Design

Futuristic Peugeot L500 R HYbrid Concept Car Could Be The Future of Motor Sport

One hundred years ago, Dario Resta won the mythical Indianapolis 500 race with Peugeot L45, with average speed of 135 km/h. Now, Peugeot introduces Peugeot L500 R Hybrid concept car as futuristic interpretation of the Indy spirit to pay tribute to th...
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Infinity Kitchen: Transparent Kitchen Installation by MVRDV

How to improve our culinary experience? MVRDV designed Infinity Kitchen, a fully transparent kitchen to answer that question. This project is a part of a satellite event for the Venice Biennale. Infinity Kitchen allows you to clearly see what’s ...
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