Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder That Contains Essential Everyday Tools

Survival tools in a super slim card holder container, this is what Jackfish all about. At just 8.5mm thick, Jackfish is full of handy equipment that you might need when you traveling, working, or exploring. It consists of different tools that you might need such as taking notes with a pen, lightening a fire, tightening a screw, or purifying water. This unit has been designed for people who appreci...
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Austrian Loop Is A Unique Connected Chair Where 2 Seats Facing in Opposite Directions

Ian Stell, an American designer, has designed a unique, expandable bench in a form of connected chairs, Austrian Loop. It is constructed out of 800 pieces of maple wood with 200 brass pivots that make it possible to expand in and out. This project is based on the conversation chairs that emerged in France in the 18th to 19th centuries where 2 seats facing in opposite directions, creating a comfort...
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Nitro Drum Kit : 8-piece Electric Drumset with 3 Cymbals with Affordable Price

Nitro Drum Kit offers an affordable electric drumset, it’s a perfect musical instrument to use for practice as well as live performance. Comparing to conventional drums, this drumset won’t take much space but you still can play a wide variety percussions sounds. Nitro Drum Kit from Alesis is an 8-piece electronic drumset with 3 cymbals, it delivers responsive play backed up by professional fea...
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Small Cargo-Delivering Robot for Local Delivery

Small Cargo-Delivering Robot has been designed to make our life easier, it’s an intelligent and autonomous machine that can be used to deliver your packages or perform services. These cargo robots could revolutionize local delivery, each of these friendly robots can travel the sidewalks, carrying your groceries, packages, or any other small items safely to the destination. Starship Technologies ...
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Tetris House by Universe Architecture

Tetris is a widely popular electronic game where you need to correctly align geometric blocks, it was an instant hit among gamers, children, and even grownups. Universe Architecture wanted to bring iconic Tetris shapes to live in the form of prefab homes. Tetris House is actually ready for worldwide distribution and just like the game, each module has been designed to be able to link together, you...
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The YardStash III : Portable, Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage with Full Top and Bottom Zippers

YardStash III is the third version of a top selling outdoor storage YardStash. Just like GazeBox, this product provides you with a platform to protect your bike, except this one is more practical in our opinion. Unlike GazeBox that uses polycarbonate structure, YardStash III is made out of industrial grade, vinyl tarpaulin roof with UPF 50+ protection, it is stronger than polyester body. It’s a ...
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COSMOS: Timeless, Magnetic, Wooden Toys by Huzi Design

Cosmis is the latest project from Huzi Design after previous successful projects (dram car, mixed animals, and infinity pillow), this company brings you a set of magnetic wooden blocks for explorers of all ages. These simple wooden toys can inspire exploration and creative play, the kind of toy that brings meaning and quality where kids and grownups can play along together. Snap, explore, and crea...
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Cascaqua 3D Printed Home Aquaponics System by Avoq

Download Cascaqua and create your own home aquaponics system, this is a cool 3D printed mini-aquaponics system for small living space to promote sustainable technology and healthy living. It features a closed loop ecologically balanced system by combining cultivation of plants without soil and cultivation of fish (hydroponics and aquaculture). This ecological system works together where plants car...
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McLaren MP4-X Conceptual Vision for Future of Motorsport Technology

McLaren MP4-X is a future vision of McLaren’s motorsport technology. McLaren’s Formula 1 race strategists think many laps ahead when planning a grand prix pit stop, including the engineers that build high-performance road cars for next generation of drivers, and technologists and designers in McLaren Applied Technologies have assigned ways to improve healthcare, transport, and many other areas...
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OLYMPUS AIR A01 Interchangeable Lens Camera Works with Your Smartphone

Pair your smartphone to OLYMPUS AIR A01 Interchangeable Lens Camera, it gives you intuitive controls for mobile photography, such as: shooting, image editing, uploading to social networking services. It seems that Olympus wants to join the popularity of posting photos to social networking services, it is undeniable that the frequency of capturing photos have dramatically increased since we can sha...
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Pulse Virtual Reality Music Controller with Advanced 3D Sensor

Some people are able to play multiple music instruments, but it would be hard to carry all of them all the time. Titan Reality introduces you to Pulse, it’s a virtual reality musical instrument platform of the future that makes it possible for you to discover and play any musical instruments with a simple app and cloud library. Nowadays, we can enjoy mobile access to our favorite music and ga...
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Skypak La Barrique Trolley Features Old Oak Barrel Covering

Skypak La Barrique Edition is a special designed trolley made with old wine barrel. An old oak barrel protects wine so that it could take its time to mellow for several years. After this barrel has done its job, it can also be a perfect object for another assignment, which is a nice covering for modern wine trolleys or coolers. These barrels are robust and due to their rolling system, they are pre...
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Uno Portable Desk System by Davide Modanese

UNO, a portable station was born out of the intention to design a movable support, essential and elegant in shapes but efficient and effective in its functions. It aims to become the ambassador of the beauty of visual and tactile language of wood material. The adjustable height makes it exploitable in different contexts, thanks to the modules of which it is composed, rigid but articulated through ...
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Amazon Prime Air Drone Could Be Our Future Delivery System

It looks like future has come early, Amazon Prime Air Drone is future delivery system that could be implemented by most merchants in not so distant future. It looks like science fiction but it’s real, this drone is designed to safely deliver packages to customers in less than 30 minutes, it operates beyond the line of sight to distances of 10 miles. This unmanned aerial vehicles would definitely...
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Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill Features Foldable Design for Easy Transport

Grilling is a part of outdoor adventures, that’s why high portability is an essential feature when searching for your outdoor gear, just like Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill. Take it along with you for roadtrips, camping, tailgating, picnic, and more, its unique folding design makes it sleek and compact to transport as well as to store. Regardless its folding design, this grill is actually la...
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