Me Modern Food Containers Combine Dutch and Colombian Cultures In The Design

MOAK Studio teamed up with Emma van Eijkeren to design “Me”, a set of modern food containers. Eijkeren is the founder of EMMA’s ontwerpen, she’s been known for her simplicity and playful products, those characteristics can also be seen on “...
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F-451 Fire Rescue Robot by John Harris

Futuristic F-451 Fire Rescue Robot would help firefighters to save lives. It is designed to combat major fires in locations that too dangerous for human firefighters to handle. This futuristic robot features a high-pressure water cannon and precision...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Protection, Robotic

Orbit Concept Watch : A Universal Tactile Watch with Compass

Orbit concept watch is a specially designed watch for visually impaired people. It’s world’s most inclusive, universal watch that communicates time to everyone, whether you are affected by sight loss or not. The unique feature of this watch lies ...
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Clapton Concept Speaker Handcrafted from Burma Teakwood

Clapton is the result where hand craftmanship blends beautifully with technology, it features exotic, rustic character that would capture everyone's attention. Handcrafted from Burma Teakwood, this unit offers hi-fi stereo system to fill any space wi...
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Bristol Bullet: A New Concept Mode from Bristol Cars

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Bristol Cars has unveiled their new concept Bristol car, it's the first model since 2003, called Bristol Bullet. This new model is a reference to Bristol Car's rich and strong heritage, designed with modern touch as...
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Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair: Collapsible Camping Chair with Tripod Base

Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair offers you a big chair yet in a compact package. It’s a collapsible chair with 13-inch seat height, making it easy to get it and out. You don’t have to search for a log or a rock to sit on while camping, just fold out this...
Posted in » Outdoors, Travel

Waterlovt Houseboat: Modern and Luxury Houseboat Built By a World Class Boat Builder

Adding some adventure in your life by waking up each morning to an extraordinary view with Waterlovt houseboat. You can expect the sense of freedom with luxurious surroundings, just relax and enjoy the moment. Living inside this houseboat would be a ...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Yacht and Boat

Trash Interceptor Prevents Sewer System Clog

Garbage can accumulate in urban sewer systems, it takes a lot of efforts to clean it, a special cleaning crew is required to open the fences and manually clear solid waste. Trash Interceptor has been designed to make the task easier and less time-con...
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Connect Life Jacket Designed Specially for A Parent and A Baby

Connect Life Jacket has been designed to protect both a mother and her baby. It’s mothers’ instinct to always want to protect their baby in a disaster. During boat accidents, everyone usually get their own life jacket, this can be difficult for a...
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Armano Concept Supercar by Lee Rosario

The Armanno is a future design concept low profile supercar boasting hybrid engine technologies and ultra lightweight carbon fiber design. It’s a design proposal for the one and only, Ferrari. High aerodynamic and low center of gravity allows for e...
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Wallace Modular Shelving System Adapts Well to Different Rooms

Installing Wallace Modular Shelving system in every room in your house means that you can adjust it to suit your need, anytime. Some people say that installing a wall shelf or storage can be more hassle than it’s actually worth, well, not this one....
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design

Olympic Gymnastic Arena Renovation To Preserve Historical Landmark While Creating New Typology of Public Cultural Performance Facility

Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, Korea would get a make over. H-Architecture will team up with Haeahn Architecture to renovate the iconic 1988 Olympic Gymnastics Arena, they has won a nation wide competition for their design proposal organized by K...
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ION Audio Archive LP Digital Conversion Turntable Converts Your Vinyl Records to Digital Music Files

Find your old vinyl records, ION Audio Archive LP Digital Conversion Turntable will transform them into digital files. It’s all-in-one playback system that comes with built-in stereo speakers, you can connect it to your computer using USB connector...
Posted in » Gadgets

Brushmaster Grass Trimmer Combines Vacuum Cleaner and Grass Trimmer in One

Brushmaster Grass Trimmer is a concept product that combines the best of a vacuum cleaner and a grass trimmer. This design is the result of an effort to create a clarity and easy to understand portable, storable, and manoeuvrable product. This projec...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Outdoors

Give Me Five Streetlights : Slap Those Little Hands to Give Those Lamp Posts Electricity

We must say Give Me Five Streetlight is a smart and green design. It’s a concept lamp post with small rotatable hands that encourage passers-by to slap them as in “give me five” to generate electricity. By slapping those cute small hands, this ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Outdoors

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