The Light Phone : Simple Credit Card Sized Phone with 20 Days of Battery Life

The Light Phone is a credit card sized cell phone, designed to be used as little as possible. Yes, you read that right, as little as possible. Smartphone does make our life easier in many ways, however, it also makes us miss out on the world around us. The goal of this project is to help people live more consciously with a discreet, credit card sized phone. The company promises 20 days of battery life, it comes with seamless app integration that allows you to forward calls from your existing ...
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Aroc Racing Sledge with Tiltable-Body and Waisted Runners

Initially, the idea here was to design a traditional sports gear with a new touch while keeping a lot of attention to the emotional components when doing sports. Racing sledge was chosen since sledging seemed to have a lot of potential of creating thrilling experiences. The result is Aroc Racing Sledge. This sledge features tiltable-body and waisted runners, thus, allowing you to make carved and slided turns on the slope. The overall design makes it convenient to use because your feet can alw...
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X-Drone Quadcopter Concept Development by Avi Cohen

Newest and coolest toys that hit our market in recent years are Quadcopter drones, there are many different models and types to suit your needs. Avi Cohen has submitted his X-Drone Quadcopter concept to Tuvie, a special toy that express his vision of an ultimate drone should look and function. There are four independent rotors that sit on the end of each molded landing foot. These rotors allow for more stable drone when taking off, flight, and landing. X-Drone boasts futuristic appearance and fu...
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Time Capsule Concept Watch by Vladimer Kobakhidze

Time Capsule concept watch is ongoing project created by an industrial designer, Vladimer Kobakhidze. It is an interaction between time and space gathered in Time Capsule, where time flows continuously. This unique piece is made out of two capsules combined with aluminum lightweight body. Inspired by aeronautics the tourbillon movement gives not just esthetic look but also the technological and mechanical features. The concept represents combination of elegance and modern forms. This exceptio...
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KAZbrella Inside Out Umbrella Won’t Drip On The Floor

Wow, look, someone actually makes inside out umbrella design into production. The first time we saw an inside out umbrella was from Ilmo Ahn’s submission, perhaps KAZbrella was inspired by that project as well. We think the name is self explanatory, it’s a reverse folding umbrella that allows you to enjoy drip free umbrella. KAZbrella opens inside out, just like a flower, it leaves the wet side of the canopy contained inside when closed, it won’t wet the floor. The design allows you to ...
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Rising Shell : Decorative Wooden Fruit Bowl by Robert van Embricqs

The newest addition to the Rising line has arrived: the Rising Shell. This decorative fruit bowl adds an exciting, new dimension to the Rising Furniture line, taking it to the next level. While a wonderful piece on its own, the Rising Shell can be incorporated within the Rising Table. But either alone or with its companion piece, the Shell opens and rises like a budding flower and can be seamlessly put away until it is needed again. Constructed with laminated bamboo beams that guarantee firmness...
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ROZO Outdoor Garden Lighting by Patrick Weingartner

The RoZo outdoor lighting by Patrick Weingartner is a lamp with LED, with tilting and swiveling of foot. This smart light is programmable using your smartphone, it features Bluetooth (up to 10m) and WiFi connection (up to 100m). You can program each light individually or a set of light: the time to turn on, duration, and the time to turn off. Everything can be set from afar without having you to be next to the light. It uses stainless steel, enameled galvanized stainless steel, and copper, the s...
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Rollable Ladder for Small Space Apartment

As someone who lives in small apartment, this Rollable Ladder would fit inside my small storage room. This project is a concept ladder inspired by cycle chain structure, the locking mechanism allows it to roll just like a chain unlike conventional ladders. The auto lock would keep the ladder stable and steady both when in upright position or rolled. It doesn’t require much space in your apartment. Designer : Chacko T Kalacherry (more…)...
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Leano Portable Chair Works on Any Surface

Everywhere you go, you can relax on this light, comfortable chair. Leano portable chair offers you with simple, lightweight, and comfortable chair. Take it anywhere with you, it weighs less than an iPad Air and smaller than ukulele. You might think those sticks are fragile, but check out the video, the construction holds your position regardless how much you fidget around or weigh, they also work on any surface, there’s no need to stick Leano into the ground to use it. The wooden frame is m...
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Luxurious Hunton XRS52 Powerboat with Max Speed from 45 to 65 Knots

Hunton XRS52 powerboat took almost a decade in the making, it wants to cover everything you want from legendary boat builder. The continuation of body lines create exciting and luxurious boat styled in collaboration with dynamic superyacht designers Eidsgaard. This model defines the future of Hunton and next generation of luxury powerboats. It demonstrates best of British design and engineering, this powerboat offers its owner blend of artistic creativity, technology, craftsmanship, and exciteme...
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Titanium Mini Q : A Compact Key Organizer and Locking Knife In One

A key organizer and locking knife in one, this is what Titanium Mini Q offers you. Featuring a mini size, this tool can be easily placed inside your jeans pocket, purse, bag, or even wallet. It took about a year to design and make several prototype revisions, the design team has perfected the ultimate key holder and knife in one compact, durable package. You’ll be amazed by detailed engineering process all the way down to tiniest measurements to make sure not only a compact rugged product but ...
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Esfera City Center Residential Project by Zaha Hadid Architects

Esfera City Center residential project is located in Huajuco Canyon, this project would provide new homes for Monterrey’s fast growing population. The client’s brief originally was to build 12 homogenous residential towers but Zaha Hadid Architects has proposed better and amazing alternative community-oriented design that features a low-rise yet high-density residential building of 981 apartments with accommodation around 3 sides of the rectangular site. Each side has been shaped to get the ...
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Floating Seahorse Offers You Amazing Underwater Retreat

The Floating Seahorse has been officially launched by Kleindienst Group in March at the Dubai International Boat Show. It’s a unique concept of habitable boat and only 42 units have been launched in Dubai. This magnificent boat has received many praises from media, clients, and investors, from Saudi Arabia to Norway, well, we truly believe that, just take a look at the boat, it’s truly unique underwater product. This boat offers you a marine style retreat, it features 3 space levels: unde...
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Lollypop Pencil Sharpener – Wooden Multi-Size Pencil Sharpener

A pencil sharpener can also be beautiful, designed by Hakan Gürsu, this little office device gets a makeover. Just like its name suggests, this Lollypop Pencil Sharpener concept was inspired by the iconic shape of Lollypop. When you place a pencil inside, it looks like the handle while the circular, colorful sharpener represents the candy. This modern wooden pen sharpener features 8 holes for pencils with different diameters or cross section, it consists of 3 main parts : the top and the bot...
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FLINT Cigarette Lighter by Sumedh Vartak

Inspired by the lifestyle of a mechanic, Sumedh Vartak has designed FLINT, a rugged and stylish cigarette lighter. The design represents the strong identity of a mechanic with unique mechanism to light it up, it makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. The body design was inspired a chuck key for easy grip, just like a knurled ring tool that mechanics use. There’s a little transparent area where you can check fuel lighter level, giving you a hint when it’s time to refill. There’s an...
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