RoBoHoN Robot Smartphone for Everyone!

Sharp, a Japanese electronics company has launched its latest cute concept, RoBoHoN. It looks like robot but actually a smartphone. Yes, the unique form represents a phone in human shape where you can hold it up next to your ear just like any other phone, awkward … yeah, that’s for sure. This phone can play different roles for different people, for babies, it’s a robotic toy, for younger generation, it’s a companion to hear music, make a call, take photos video conference with family and...
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Spangle Speaker by Park Chan-Ju

Submitted by Park Chan-Ju, Spangle Speaker features triangle shape similar to Boombotix mini speaker, except that Spangle has hollow body. Spangle is triangle shape speaker. I got inspiration from triangle instrument. As if the triangle makes a sound when its body is hit by the bar, the speaker is switched on making a sound when the mobile phone touches Spangle. Because it has the same interaction as the triangle, it provides analogue and fun user experience. Designer : Park Chan-Ju ...
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Swiss Advance SSA30353 Pocket Knife Tool Features Sleek and Slim Design

Swiss Advance SSA30353 Pocket Knife Tool is a sleek multi-tool pocket knife that you should carry on your outdoor adventure. The ultra compact and slim body won’t take much space, you can simply keep it in your pocket. Each set consists of several different tools such as knife blade, awl, fork, square, bottle opener, fish scaler, nail drawer, hexagon wrench (4x), cm-scale, bradawl and sewing, and wire stripper. This modern interpretation of Swiss Army Knife is a perfect tool for campers or any...
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Futuristic Toyota FCV Plus Concept Car Uses Compressed Hydrogen as Its Power Source

Toyota has debuted several concept cars during Tokyo Motor Show 2015, one of them got our attention due to its futuristic design. Toyota FCV Plus is a futuristic concept car created with future hydrogen-based society in mind, compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than electricity, it can be generated from wide range of raw materials. Hydrogen is a promising future energy source, keeping this in mind, Toyota envisions a sustainable society where hydrogen energy is in widespread use thro...
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Droponic Features Hydroponic Technology to Grow Your Plants

Droponic allows you to plant your own greens regardless the space available in your home, apartment, or condo. You can grow fresh greens smart way and effortless, thanks to its compact size, you can place the pot in the kitchen countertop, by the window, balcony, or on the dining table. It features hydroponic technology, a method of growing plants in water without soil. The roots are suspended in water, therefore, the plants can uptake its vital nutrients with ease. Paired with a smartphone app,...
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Tangibowls : A Set of Tableware Based on Asian Dining Culture for Visually Impaired People

It’s not easy for visually impaired people to do daily tasks, even having a meal can be a Herculean task. Tangibowls have been designed to help them enjoying their meal a bit better. Tangibowls is a set of tableware based on Asian dining culture, it’s been designed based on the design team’s experience that followed visually impaired people dining conditions as well as gained insight from firsthand suggestions. This tableware consists of a tray and 5 bowls, one for rice, one for soup, and ...
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GinzVelo Hybrid Bicycle Offers New Way to Cruise Around The City

Peter Ginzburg designed and developed GinzVelo to change how we travel in cities and suburbs. It’s a combination of pedal and electric power, giving you ultimate bike driving experience, yep, he claims that this bike moves as fast as a car. At first sight, the unusual shape might make you wonder, this vehicle has been designed to be safe, efficient, and healthy, even though it looks like a spaceship, basically it’s an advanced bicycle. Powered by human, assisted by electricity, this bike int...
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Aiding Cup : A Pre-package Kit Containing Medicine and Clean Water

There are still hundreds of millions people don’t have access to clean and save water. This condition makes people vulnerable against diseases. Aiding Cup is an innovative project aiming to help these people to fight sickness, it’s a pre-package kit containing medicine and clean water where patient can safely consume to fight their disease. Open the package, it would expand into a cup shape for easy drinking. This project aims to be a useful package in different types of emergencies, made fr...
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Kokomo Island : Private Floating Habitat by Migaloo Submarines

Kokomo Ailand is a private floating habitat supported by semi-submersible platforms. If you are filthy rich, you probably can be the owner of this luxury penthouse that stands 80m above sea level, it has jungle deck with palm tress, vertical gardens, beach deck completed with entertainment pool and barbecue area, garden deck with al-fresco outdoor dining, spa deck, gorgeous waterfalls, beach gym, underwater dining saloon. Of course they don’t forget to also build heli deck as well as shark fee...
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Solar-powered Desert Retreat for Wealthy UAE Residents

Solar-powered Desert Retreat would emerge as a luxury desert eco-retreat. United Arab Emirates is one of richest countries with luxury private jets, supercars, and superyachts, now, these wealthy UAE residents would be able to enjoy luxury yet sustainable trend. This eco desert retreats would emerge amongst new generation of Emiratis. Baharash Architecture were tasked to design a luxury desert eco-retreat for one of Emirate’s highest profile individuals. This building will be located in Liw...
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New Life Pendant Lights by Natalia Rumyantseva

New Life, a conceptual pendant lights by Natalia Rumyantseva. This creative design won Design and Design International Award in Paris, France 2015. Inspired by the beauty of organic forms and structures, these lights boasts fluid design to display not only functional purpose of the object but also to create special mood and atmosphere in any room. The organic and expression form can affect individual’s psychology, these lights would enhance your mood. Designer : Natalia Rumyantseva ...
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Darwin Tank : Specially Designed Aquarium for Jellyfish by The Darwin Sect

Jellyfish are always fascinating, Darwin Tank tries to capture that magic in a specially designed aquarium. Jellyfish are poor swimmers, therefore, you need special aquarium with special filter that doesn’t harm the jellyfish. Darwin Tank allows you to sit back and enjoy fluid, hypnotic movements of jellyfish where shadows cast on the walls and ceiling, creating magical atmosphere in any room. The tank features curved dome that functions as a magnifying glass, perfectly rounded with fluid line...
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DeepFlight Dragon Persoal Electric Submarine Gives You The Freedom to Explore The Deep Blue Sea

Hover and fly underwater with DeepFlight Dragon Personal Electric Submarine. The company claims that this vehicle would be the easiest submarine to pilot, taking you underwater to the next level for awesome experience, explore the deep blue sea, the freedom is yours. Just like all DeepFlight crafts, Dragon submarine has fixed positive buoyancy where it will always float back to the surface naturally. This means no drop weight, no variable ballast system, simply safe underwater exploration. Dr...
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Smarter – Smart Display USB Adapter by inDare Design Lab

Smarter allows you to see the battery level of your mobile device at a glance, it’s a smart display USB adapter with new features. This little device can identify battery level and calculate required time for full charge, this information then displayed on the screen when charging. In order to provide better view, it features artful curve design for better angle and experience. Plug this on wall-mounted socket, the unique curve design can function as a support for the phone, nice, isn’t it? ...
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e-Raw Electric Bike Features Elastic Wooden Seat with Steel Frame

e-Raw Electric Bike features gorgeous floating wood laminated seat, bringing harmony between mechanics and electronics. Instead of dealing with complex combustion engine, this bike has been designed with ridiculously simple and compact motor, including flexible shaped battery package. More people now ride bicycle and they slowly have influenced city infrastructures, Martin Hulin saw this as an opportunity to develop a modern, fully electric bike that features raw materials such as metal and wood...
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