Emotion Headphones With Detachable Camera and Control Unit

Emotion was designed in 2013 as future vision of our futuristic wearable technology in the form of headphones. It’s a project dedicated as Pantech Sky’s Vega mobile’s companion that features built-in color E-ink display and action cam with EEG technology. With that technology, it is possible to control your music through the touchscreen display, it can also measure your heart rate in real time. We really love the idea where user can easily detach the camera unit as well as the control unit...
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Plumb Modular Furniture Features Expandable and Timeless Design

Plumb Modular Furniture gives you a wide variety of choices when constructing your furniture. The modular design increases sustainability in furniture design, these components can be used to built different furniture to suit your needs and situations. You can easily expand your shelves or modify a chair into children’s highchair in an instant. This project aims to expand the meaning of flexibility in furniture design to more than just vertical or horizontal grid modular structures. This mod...
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O Six Hundred Kayak : Old Kayak Design with Futuristic Materials

O Six Hundred Kayak brings back 4,000 year old design with futuristic materials. You’ll find the result is awesome kayak, beautiful, tough, and light. This kayak comes in 30 parts where you can easily build it with your bare hands. The basic Inuit design hasn’t changed much since Bronze age, why? Because it works, that’s why. Now, the O Six Hundred Kayak team has improved it with modern materials where everything fits together and you don’t even need Allen key to construct it. Each pi...
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Nebia Showerhead Produces Millions of Water Droplets to Cover More Surface Area with Less Water

Save on your water bill without sacrificing your shower experience, say hello to Nebia Showerhead. This product offers you better shower experience thanks to H2MICRO technology that atomizes water into millions of droplets. The result is a showerhead that covers 10 times more surface area than a regular shower, it means more water comes in contact to rejuvenate your body leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated. The special designed nozzles atomize water under extreme pressure, those million...
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Maxwell EP0 Ultra Lightweight Electric Bicycle Looks Like a Conventional Bike

Maxwell EP0 ultra lightweight electric bicycle that looks just like your ordinary bike. It doesn’t feature fancy futuristic design, Maxwell EP0 prefers to boast minimalist design that looks good and at the same time, feels great. This lightweight e-bike allows you to become 3 times as powerful and twice as fast without sacrificing the feel and look of a conventional bike. You can get extra power when riding your bike, get to your destination faster. The company claims that this bike is ligh...
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iSkin On-Body Touch Sensors Sets New Meaning as Wearable Technology

Stretch it, wrap it, just do whatever you want to iSkin, it is flexible enough to follow your body curves. iSkin is a stretchable on-body touch sensors for mobile computing purpose, it’s ultra thin and made of biocompatible materials. The high flexibility allows you to use iSkin on your arm, wrist, finger, or even ear, it is possible to produce different shapes and sizes to suit the intended location. By integrating capacitive and resistive touch sensing, the sensor can detect touch input with...
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Solenica Lucy Smart Adaptive Mirror Follows The Sun and Reflects The Light Anywhere You Want

Lucy is a product from Solenica based on Diva Tommei’s experience during her days at Cambridge University. She needed something to treat her own Seasonal Affective Disorder, at that moment she realized that there’s still large part of world’s population that experiences health issues due to the lack of sunlight in their homes. By creating a smart mirror, Tommei believes she can help solve the problem. Lucy is a smart adaptive mirror that follows the sun to reflect the light on the same spo...
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Transwheel Futuristic Delivery Robot In Urban Environment

After Amazon unveiled their futuristic plan to use drones to deliver packages, Kobi Shikar also unveils his personal vision about delivery robot. Transwheel is a concept futuristic robot designed as part of Shikar’s final project at Shenkar College High School education and design. It’s a autonomous robotic wheel with self-balancing system and electric arms to carry the load, each robot is equipped with a GPS-driven communication device that allows it to work individually or as part of a gro...
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Lens for Beme Enhances Our Experience in Video Sharing

Lens For BEME is project to develop a little device that enhances Beme’s function of video sharing. Just in case you haven’t heard of Beme, it’s a new social networking platform that allows you to disconnect from your mobile devices while still share videos within your social circle or other users around the world. Beme is pretty simple to operate, it encourages you to lose your self awareness, posting videos just the way you are, no fake poses, just the real you. The app allows you to re...
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BMW Shooting Break Concept Car for The Year of 2025

BMW ‘Shooting Brake’ Concept Car for the year 2025 is a graduation project of EB Fang. It’s a design study to develop a wagon transportation that features spacious interior yet with a dynamic appearance. This is a group of people who have independent aesthetic consciousness. They have a certain understanding of the art, and care about the details and the quality of their lives. They are optimistic by nature. They enjoy their lives and they are willing to share happiness with their family....
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Ferrari Franchi 50m Sloop Features Modern Design with Innovative Reserve Bow

This new Ferrari & Franchi 50-meter Sloop presents an innovative reverse bow and a modern design with extensive outside areas for owner and guests entertainment. This performance yacht combines the potential to explore the world in style and in comfort, with the possibility to sail in annual regattas thanks to the efficient sail plan and the innovative reverse bow that slices through the waves: the result is a smoother ride than traditional designs, and in diminished stress on the vessel and...
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Grill Alert Bluetooth Connected Thermometer Alerts You When Your Grill Reaches Appropriate Temperature

Elliot Cohen has submitted his latest project that will hit the market soon, Grill Alert Connected Bluetooth Thermometer. This little device is an app controlled thermometer that sends current temperatures of your food directly to your Bluetooth ready device up to 150-feet away. Similar to iGrill Thermometer, this little device would inform you about ideal temp for cooking your food whether it’s chicken, fish, turkey, pork, lamb, or steak, allowing you to set your own temps as needed. When ...
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Messner Mountain Museum Corones by Zaha Hadid Architects

Located 2,275m above sea level and surrounded by alpine peaks of the Zillertal, Ortler, and Dolomites, Messner Mountain Museum Corones offers breathtaking view. It stands at the center South Tyrol’s most popular ski resort, if you’ve been there, you know how amazing that place is. Zaha Hadid was commissioned to design a magnificent Museum that represents the traditions, history, and discipline of mountaineering. It would be the sixth and final Messner Mountain Museum. Hadid says that the ...
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Eagle Eye Concept Jet for Hawkeye’s Missions

Futuristic Eagle Eye Concept Jet is a unique sci-fi jet dedicated to law enforcement in the Marvel Comics Universe. Designed by Scott Zhang, this futuristic jet was inspired by Marvel Universe and Hawkeye's skill to finish the task, uphold justice, and protect people. You can read the storyboard from Scott below. The S.H.I.E.L.D. specially made an attack aircraft “hidden arrow” for Hawkeye’s operation against Ironman and the others from Hawkeye and Black Widow. An all-weather vehicle i...
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HP+ Electronic Learning Band for Kids Teach Them About Healthy Eating Habits

Nowadays, due to parents busy schedule, they often forget to teach their children about healthy food habits. HP+ is a concept electronic band designed for kids to educate them about health eating habit through an interactive gaming experience. It’s seen very often that kid is getting scolded for not washing his hands? Or not eating his food? Or for playing games? Is this the real way to educate your kids about healthy eating habits? Childhood is more about playing games and also exploring, le...
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