Want to Turn Your Notebook Into A Desktop ?

Turn your notebook into desktop. Yes, it might be possible somewhere in the future, thanks to Yong-Seong Kim concept, this kind of thing might can be done. The whole idea of notebook docks was interesting 10+ years ago when we had to be frugal with our I/O ports and live with subpar LCD screens.


Z.Car Project : City Car Concept by Zaha Hadid

Futuristic city car. Art dealer Kenny Schachter commissioned Zaha Hadid to create an original concept car. That resulting in Z.Car Project which you can see it at the Guggenheim Museum in New York soon.


Toggle Switch Plate Offers Cool Steampunk/Industrial Style Switch Cover

Decorate your house in Victorian spirit with this cool steampunk style Toggle Switch Plate. Yes, it’s a plate attachment, it means that this mechanical light switches can transform any ordinary switch to a vintage switch with a cool lever. Designed by Lance Nybye Jr., this plate is crafted from decorative plywood, joints that are finished with […]

Tuvie's Staff Picks

WT4000 Wearable Computer for Workers

Wearable computer WT4000. WT4000 consists of 3 devices : computer terminal, a barcode scan ring, and a hygienic arm-mount holder, this mobile computer can help warehouse workers to work efficiently to fulfill orders.


Waterless Urinal From Kohler Avoid Splashing

Waterless bathroom. Designed by Nicholas Paterson, Kohler offers the opportunity to save water and reduce sewage and maintenance costs while also providing outstanding performance and stylish design to users.


Audi A2 in 2009 : More Space and Fuel-Efficient Cars, Watch Out BMW and Mercedes !

BMW and Mercedes would have to struggle for lower emissions and higher fuel efficiency. With European CAFE regulations, measured in tailpipe CO2 emissions rather than fuel economy, also getting much tighter, Germany’s luxury automakers, too, are feeling the heat from global warming. Even Audi which can average out its CO2 figures across the entire VW […]