Cypress Umbrella Features Independent Suspension System Against Strong Winds

Cypress Umbrella looks just like an ordinary umbrella, but don’t skip this page yet, you’ll be amazed once you know about its innovative suspension system. This project offers you world’s first fully telescopic umbrella with interchangeable canvas. The idea started as an ambition to develop smallest and portable everyday umbrella while retaining its strength. Unfortunately, after countless weeks of testing and trying to design a smaller umbrella, the design team realized all small umbrella...
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Terzani Orten’zia Small Rechargeable LED Table Lamp Creates Cool Light Bouquet Effect in Any Room

Creating a magical atmosphere can be done with Terzani Orten'zia Small Rechargeable LED Table Lamp. Designed by Bruno Rainaldi, this rechargeable table lamp makes a bold statement with its tightly clustered, sculpted metal flowers, creating cool light bouquet effect wherever it lands. Don’t underestimate its small body, we can guarantee you it’ll get people’s attention wherever you place it. You can feel the solid weight due to its hand-soldered metal material, perfectly designed with deli...
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Lumber Lamp by Hongtao Zhou

Artist and designer Hongtao Zhou has created Lumber Lamp (named Energy Wood) by band-sawing one piece of Ash lumber and steam-bending the strips to contain space and light. These strips transform the lumber into a dynamic sculptural mechanism, a lumber that delivers lights as well as visual forms. He also uses the same concept and band saw method to create large scale tree-shaped sculptures from lumber and bamboo for gallery spaces. The fiber reaches out from square-shaped lumber to express thei...
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Ocean Algae Harvester for Better Marine Life

Some algae are harmless but some of them can contain toxins or other noxious chemicals. However, when there’s a rapid increase in the population of algae, it might cause problems to the existing ecosystems. Algae Sea Harvester is a conceptual machine that addresses this environmental problem. By removing the abundance population of algae, nutrients and toxins in the water are reduced, thus the spread of anoxic sediments can be prevented, resulting better reproduction of fish. This condition wo...
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Ember Mug : Smart Coffee Mug Where You Can Keep Your Coffee at A Consistent Temperature

Ember might look like an ordinary coffee mug, but once you get to know it, you’ll realize you’d want to use this mug to drink your coffee every morning day. It’s world’s most advanced coffee mug, it has the ability to keep your coffee at a consistent temperature for more enjoyable drinking experience. Ember Tech company uses patented heating and phase change cooling technology to bring you a smart mug for unforgettable drinking experience. Rather than pouring too hot-to-drink coffee into...
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Dronegg : First Aid System for Rescue Operation at Sea

In recent years, we’ve seen hundreds of people trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, especially refugees to escape from brutal wars and migrants who seek for better life in another country. The rising numbers of death toll at EU's sea borders can no longer be ignored. Dronegg is a special project aims to provide innovative solution to protect these people from mass drowning when their boat capsized. It’s a first-aid system that uses drones to operate with real-time monitoring and interventi...
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3D Printed Modular Habitat on Mars – Living on Other Planets Might Be Possible in The Future

Living on Mars might not be just a wishful thinking, NASA and America Makes have teamed up to launch 3D Printed Habitat Challenge where participants are tasked to design 3D printed habitat for deep space exploration. One of the finalists is Foster + Partners, this company has come up with 3D Printed Modular Habitat where the design outlines plans for a settlement on Mars. It is constructed by an array of pre-programmed, semi-autonomous robots prior to eventual arrival of the astronauts. The desi...
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New Instamatic Concept Proposal – The Next Chapter for Kodak

In the 60’s, Instamatic was Kodak’s most successful and popular models , introducing a generation to low cost photography for amateurs. Thanks to easy-load film cartridge made these camera models very inexpensive to produce. Daniel Kim, a product designer, aims to bring back Kodak’s current stagnant image to its glorious days, this brand needs an innovative solution to win back its consumers. This new Instamatic is a design concept proposal for Kodak to bring the brand forward with its ret...
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AeroTwist Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Flexible Form

Gorgeous AeroTwist would be a perfect companion for your lazy afternoon. It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker with a twist, we mean, literally a twist. Stylish, lightweight, and multifunction, these are characteristics you ‘d find on AeroTwist, especially designed by Kateryna Sokolova for Jarre Technologies and won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2015. This speaker is not only detachable but also transformable, thanks to the rotary mechanism, this speaker offers flexible form that can easi...
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SeaXplorer Yacht Takes You to Extreme Destinations Without Compromising Your Superyacht Lifestyle

Discover the new world like never before with SeaXplorer yacht. If you’ve been dreaming about discovering new destinations, this yacht is world’s first purpose-built, Polar Code compliant expedition yacht. It is equipped with true global advanced technology for extreme polar to remote tropical areas. DAMEN launched range of expedition yachts from 65 to 100-meter, debuted at Monaco Yacht Show on 23 September, offering you a new way to encounter exotic cultures, spectacular wildlife, and aweso...
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XTEND Portable Bathtub With Carbon Fiber Frame

Do you know that there’s a great effect when bathing in a bathtub? It makes you feel relax after a long day at work. Unfortunately, you might not be able to enjoy as often as you want when you travel a lot. XTEND brings you hope, it redefines the standard concept of a bathtub. Made of high quality materials with innovative manufacturing process, this project combines design, functionality, and comfort to bring you an enjoyable bathing time in your own bathtub wherever you are. It’s a foldabl...
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UNICEF Kid Power Band by Ammunition

Assigned by UNICEF to design a special device to keep children active, Ammunition has come up with UNICEF Kid Power Band. It’s a simple, wearable technology that features fun design to appeal to tech savvy kids who want to wear something that complements their gadgets as well as their personal style. This band has been designed to ensure that a 7-year old can understand and setup while still cool enough for teenager to wear and use on daily basis. The material is soft and durable, making it co...
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Stylish Gi FlyBike Folding Electric Bike for Urban Commuting

With many designers show off their smart, compact bike, urban commuting seems like going to be much more fun. Gi FlyBike has been launched on a crowdfunding campaign, it’s a full size, folding e-bike for urban area. The main goal of this project is to transform urban commuting all over the world by challenging every aspect of traditional bike design. Aside being lightweight and easy to use, this bike can be integrated with your mobile phone. It features one-second and one-motion fold featur...
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Toyota Kirobo Mini Robot Wants To Become Your Smart Companion

Toyota introduces Kirobo Mini Robot, perhaps this little guy can be an ambassador to introduce you to the fun of working with technology. This compact-sized communication partner features the same heart that won the robot astronaut Kirobo legions of fans, while the form is slightly different from that ultimate companion automobile, Kirobo Mini has been designed and developed to become your best pal everywhere, you can communicate with your robot in a meaningful way. This project aims to allow th...
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RoBoHoN Robot Smartphone for Everyone!

Sharp, a Japanese electronics company has launched its latest cute concept, RoBoHoN. It looks like robot but actually a smartphone. Yes, the unique form represents a phone in human shape where you can hold it up next to your ear just like any other phone, awkward … yeah, that’s for sure. This phone can play different roles for different people, for babies, it’s a robotic toy, for younger generation, it’s a companion to hear music, make a call, take photos video conference with family and...
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