55m X-Easy Yacht for Fun Life at Sea

Have fun at sea, this is the vision of Pastrovich Studio when they bring you 55m X-Easy Yacht. Every concept design is “X” project, experimental and inspired by aeronautic world of the prototype aircraft, just like this concept yacht. This project aims to simplify life at sea, it brings you essential requirements of what needed to spend a day at sea. This yacht is easy to sail, easy to live, easy to crew, and easy to play. Starting from the start, this yacht has been designed to feature ...
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Rivet One Motorcycle : Steampunk Inspired Motorcycle That Will Blow Your Mind

RIVET One motorcycle features steampunk design with futuristic touch. It’s a project born out of William Shatner and American Wrench corporation, they came together to create a vehicle that hasn’t been done before. Shatner, a 83 year old actor has traveled across U.S. many times in many forms but never on a motorcycle. When a staff of American Wrench met him at an autograph signing, he invited Shatner to work together to build a custom bike just for him. Through the mutual passion for mot...
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LYNK Headphones Concept Study for SkullCandy is Inspired by The Lifestyle of a Skateboarder

Submitted by Abid Shaikh and Divya Chadha, LYNK Headphones are concept study inspired by a skateboarder lifestyle. Skateboarding is not just a sport, it contributes to bring revolution in fashion, language, and music. This concept headphones are the first designed specifically for skateboarders. Designed as wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity, this music device connects to any Bluetooth compatible gadgets such as your smartphones, iPods, or any other music players. The special fea...
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Ardenner Electric Offroader and Snowmobile Revolution

The prototype of the Ardenner electric all-terrain vehicle was introduced at the Interalpin 2015 in Innsbruck, by Mattro, the same manufacturer that developed the Ziesel. This electric tracked vehicle tries to explore new ways for all-terrain vehicles to use versatile applications and a special designed chassis to profit from the use of electric power. The goal of this project was to come up with a new vision for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles by starting from scratch, getting rid of li...
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Beautiful Brændt Fire Pit Is Great for Your Outdoor Gathering

Gathering on the beach with friends and family? Brændt Fire Pit might spice things up, it’s a modern fire pit that you can use as the centerpiece for socializing, grilling, or roasting marshmallow. Designed by Brian Keyes, a senior for industrial design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, this fire pit features circular tripod construction that creates great stability while embracing traditional Danish design style. The round dish is constructed of laser cut sheet steel, welded to co...
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FredPerry Bluetooth Speaker by Hyeon-Cheol Lee

Nowadays, music becomes mobile, speaker becomes a fashion. Submitted by Hyeon-Cheol Lee, FredPerry speaker has been designed to join the crowd. The name is taken from famous tennis player, just like the player, this gadget wants to demonstrate the balance between classic and trendy athletic. This concept Bluetooth speaker was inspired by Fredperry’s traditional brand asset, it would blend beautifully with modern interior décor. The bottom part is completed with rubber sole to prevent accident...
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Explore the Depth of The Ocean with Yellow Submarine

You can explore the depth of the ocean in luxury with Yellow Submarine (VAS 525/60 LE MK2). It’s a mini submarine designed for adventure, this model is all-electric manned submersible especially designed to operate in conjunction with a mother ship for launch and recovery. This tear drop shaped submarine offers superyacht owner a great experience which is usually only available for marine scientists and explorers. Some people prefer space tourism but some prefer to explore the ocean. As you...
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Flames Shoes by Zaha Hadid

So, ever wonder what happens when architects design shoes? United Nude, a footwear brand and a leader in 3D printing, launched a project where 5 worlds leading architects were tasked to explore and design 3D printed ladies high heels, re-inventing the shoes. The result is pretty amazing, we’re not sure if anyone would wear those shoes, perhaps just for collection. Designed by Zaha Hadid, Flames shoes mimic flickering light of fire, the flame like bands come from the point of heel that rise ...
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Yamaha 03GEN : 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x Motorcycles

Yamaha Motor Co. released the third generation of its GEN models: 03GEN. it consists of 2 concept models that express the GEN concept philosophy: 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x. Both of these vehicle designs are based on the twin front wheels Leaning Multi Wheel model TRICITY. From : Yamaha (more…)...
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Tool Pen Mini for Precision Bits Keep You Ready to Fix Your Devices Anytime

We are living in a world where smart gadgets are part of our daily activities, as those devices become smaller and portable, people need smaller sized bits to fix things. Tool Pen Mini is the answer to that challenge, it’s an elegant yet powerful multi-tool for interchanging as well as collecting bits. There are around 21 types of precision bits that you can use with Tool Pen Mini to fix your laptop, glasses, wristwatch, toys, and many other devices. It features “Pop-A-Point” design, ma...
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Yamaha Raijin “God of Thunder” Drums Designed by Motorcycle Designers

From motorcycle to music, this is what happens when motorcycle designers are tasked to design a musical instrument: Yamaha Raijin "God of Thunder" Drums. Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has worked together for the “AH A MAY” project. They decided to switch 2 design divisions between them to design products without limiting their creativities and imaginations. We’ve featured Fujin Marimba before, this is the other cool musical instrument: Raijin Drums. The designer has a vi...
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eS1 Electric Scooter Design Was Inspired by Classic Italian Scooters

After eB1 electric bike, Askoll has tasked Emo Design for the second project for urban mobility. This time, it’s a scooter, eS1 electric scooter to be exact. It’s an easy to driver scooter for urban environment, Askoll goal is to introduce stylish and efficient electrical vehicles that can revolutionize current urban mobility. These vehicles should create value for the firm and push it into the future. eS1 scooter, just like eB1, features democratic but stylish design. It’s been designe...
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ZZZAM Alarm Clock by HyeonCheol Lee

ZZZAM Alarm Clock looks like a square shaped Pokemon ball at first sight, perhaps that's the designer's inspiration. It's a smart alarm clock that tracks and analyzes your sleeping routine, giving you essential data to help you getting more quality sleep. You can read the designer's explanation below. One morning is fresh and energetic. The other morning is weary and painful. Quality of sleep matters in those mornings. If the quality of sleep dominates the morning mood, and this mood lasts for ...
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Pro Pen : A Concept Pen with Protractor

Pro Pen is a design submission from Chacko T Kalacherry, a product designer. It’s a concept pen with integrated protractor in the cap. Half of the cap is rotatable with some degree lines, you can adjust the cap per line if you want to measure anything, the folding clip offers more accuracy on measuring. Made of plastic and aluminum, this concept pen is easy to use and operates smoothly. Designer : Chacko T Kalacherry (more…)...
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Our Top 20 Picks from A’ Design Awards & Competition Winners 2014-2015

A' Design Awards & Competition has released the winning designs, we can promise you this, those designs are awesome! A good design speaks international language, that’s why this prestigious design award attracts thousands of designers worldwide waiting to showcase their best designs. The results of 2014-2015 are 836 winners from 83 countries in 89 different design disciplines. All winners would enjoy great exposure for their works, all award winning designs will be exhibited in Ireland, th...
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