Codename Colossus Mk.I Cyclops – Electronic Walking Tank Model

Inspired by his childhood dream of making a large walking tank model, Michael Sng, a TED speaker and former STIKFAS toy designer. This project is called Codename Colossus, Mk.I Cyclops is the first of the series, made of more than 400 3D printed part...
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RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Inox Foosball Table To Complete Your Man Cave

RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Inox Foosball Table is a nice addition to your man cave. Even when you don’t have a man cave, having this table would still make you one of popular houses on the block. This is a modern and fun foosball table that features ind...
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Grain Audio Over Ear Headphones Feature Solid Wood as Its Earcups

Grain Audio Over Ear Headphones feature solid wood for the earcups. It’s a great gadget for green conscious people who love modern design, it highlights the natural beauty as well as natural sounds. These over-ear headphones have been designed and ...
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Liftware Level Starter Kit Features Stabilizing and Leveling Handle for People with Hand Tremor

People who are suffering from conditions like cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, or post-stroke deficits would have difficulty in controlling their arms and hands. Liftware Level has been designed to allow them to eat with...
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SMACH Z Handheld PC : Play Your PC Games On-The-Go

Need something more than your smartphone games? SMACH Z is the next generation of handheld PC, it is powerful enough to play any AAA game natively. Since tablets and smartphones have taken over handhelds, SMACH Team aims to a handheld console that pl...
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Battery Powered Undersea Aquahoverer Submersible Is Very Easy to Control

Claimed to be the easiest submersible to operate in the world, Undersea Aquahoverer allows its passengers to hover in-place without the need for adjusting ballast or managing drop weights. It’s a 2-person submarine that can be controlled with no mo...
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Funny Concept Car Proposal for KIA by Giorgi Tedoradze

Submitted by Giorgi Tedoradze, Funny Concept Car is a design proposal for Kia. Just like its name suggests, it does feature compact, funny body shape. It’s an all electric car aims to reduce traffic congestion as well as air pollution. You can read...
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Durable and Affordable Dromida Ominus Ready-to-Fly Drone to Practice Your Drone Pilot Skills

New to drones? Well, you can try to fly one with Dromida Ominus Ready-to-Fly Drone. It’s an easy to fly drone so whatever your skill level you are now, whether you are a pro or a beginner, controlling this drone would be piece of cake. There are 4 ...
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Tetra Slide Lighter : No More Empty Lighter

Empty lighter? That’s not going to be a problem with Tetra Slide Lighter. You can light rolled smokes without a flame with this fuel-free lighter, it uses the heated-coil mechanism, just like car lighters. Featuring compact body and rechargeable ba...
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BRUMM Wooden Car Toy Allows You to Build Different Car Models

One car to rule them all, Brumm is not just a wooden car toy, it is all the cars you can imagine. It has one base and 7 pieces, giving you endless possibilities to build the car that you imagine, especially children with amazing imagination. Designed...
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Craftsman 18-Ounce Flex Claw Hammer Features An Adjustable Pry Bar

Pull out an old nail easy with Craftsman 18-Ounce Flex Claw Hammer, or whenever you need to hang a picture frame, this hammer would help you out. This hammer has been designed to deliver versatility and power at the palm of your hand. Featuring combo...
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Aquapaw : Pet Bathing Tool for Better Control of Water Flow As Well As Your Dog

Most dogs hate water, that’s why most of the time, bathing your dog can be really messy. Aquapaw aims to help you to do the task easier, it’s a combination of water sprayer and bath scrubber in one functional bathing tool. Wash your dog slowly...
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DroneGun Tactical Drone Jammer Shoots Down Drone The Smart Way

Do you hate Drones? Worry that the government sends them to spy you? Well, here’s DroneGun to keep you safe. This device works highly effective as drone countermeasure, it works great against a wide range of drone models. It doesn’t actually shoo...
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Ortega MK.1C Three-Seater Personal Submarine Redefines A New Way of Underwater Travel

Ortega MK.1C is a three-seater personal submarine, luxurious yet accessible maritime commodity. Enjoy traveling underwater, thanks to Ortega Submersibles, the company has redefined a new way of underwater travel using highly advanced naval technology...
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Rumpl Puffe : Portable Battery Powered Heated Blanket That Recharges Your Devices

Outdoor adventure would be even more enjoyable with Rumpl Puffe. This project is about a portable battery-powered heated blanket, it provides you with warmth in just seconds while you can also charge your mobile devices. The material is carefully sel...
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