exii Hackberry Offers You a 3D Printed Bionic Hand

HACKberry is an open sourced 3D printed bionic hand where everyone all over the world is welcome to develop this prototype. The name itself came from Hackberries, a species of trees that is included in the elm family, it has the ability to grow many branches. This name represents the vision behind this project, it is to grow branches of joy that reach out to as many users as they can and allow their ideas and effort to bear fruit (berries). The main goal here is to develop an artificial arm t...
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Tiny Collar Fan to Keep Your Head Cool in Hot Weather

Summer days can be really difficult for people who hate hot weather. Chacko T Kalacherry, an industrial designer, has submitted a cute tiny collar fan concept that you can clip on your collar or neck chain. This tiny fan would keep you cool and out of sweat, well, as long as the battery last. It is equipped with temperature sensors that allow the fan to work both on auto or manual mode. This concept fan targets common people who sweats a lot when doing their jobs. Designer : Chacko T Kalacher...
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Smart for Kids : An Autonomous Vehicle for Kids by Ryan Olsson

With the rise of autonomous self driving vehicles, individual transportation can be utilized by not only adults but children. These children will have unique demands for the cars that they use. Automatic crash avoidance, interactive display panels and unique seating arrangements will allow tomorrows youth to readily adopt this new individual transportation system. Having the keys to your very own car at a young age will teach kids responsibility and provide them with a feeling of individuality i...
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SG.Entrada-59 : Futuristic Space Station by Shwetank Pandey

In 2050, when science has grown exponentially and people of earth have come to know about space and time more than ever before, a space station is specially designed to accommodate 2000 people and 100 space vehicles and team of scientists and researchers are sent to explore the universe. The team requires finding the proof of life in other galaxies and also looking for the possible interaction with the aliens. SG.Entrada-59 features: Power plant - Supplies power to the Station Tower ...
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Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. Assisted Opening Liner Lock Folding Knife

Need a tough and cool looking folding knife? Well, perhaps Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. Assisted Opening Liner Lock Folding Knife can answer your challenge. This 3.3-inch AUS-8 high carbon stainless steel blade works very well when you need something sharp to open a can or a package. The weight is pretty solid, not too light or too heavy, it also works great as folding assisted opener just like a karambit. The black aluminum handle comes with a safety lock, it makes 4.5-inch length in total with th...
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Pulssy Maxxi Wireless Speaker Looks Like a Penguin Offers You a 360-degree Immersive Sound Experience

Submitted by Jerome Olivet, Pulssy Maxxi Wireless Speaker is said to be world’s first organic wireless speaker that offers you superior music experience. This project is created with a mission to give you a powerful and stylish wireless speakers that make you feel the emotion when you hear the music from your favorite artists, everywhere. At first sight, the black and white version looks like a penguin, its organic body design provides you with a 360-degree immersive sound experience. This uni...
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ZaDno Teacup : Simple Cup to Steep Your Tea

Tea lovers would love to know that many designers have done great jobs in order to enhance your tea drinking experience, from Imbue to Tea-Time. This time, Snežana Jeremić has designed ZaDno Teacup, a special cup that you can use to make a cup of tea mess-free. The images below are pretty explanatory, you can unscrew the bottom part where you can place tea leaves, lock it again, and pour over hot water to steep those tea leaves, the special designed filter would prevent any leaves or buds to f...
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Screwless, Super-elastic Concept Glasses by Neethu Mathew

“Screws are the bane of an optician’s life.” - (Optician, 2013) This statement of frustration is not only shared by opticians, but among glasses users themselves. Whether it is a slight knock, bump or even an unfortunate event of someone accidentally sitting on your glasses, can cause frame misalignment. Furthermore screws are known to work themselves loose due to the constant opening and closing of the glasses frame. Many find the reassembly of these tiny screws into the frame to be a...
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Autouber Autonomous Car Project Learns About Its Passengers to Create Perfect Environment for Them

AutoUber is our concept for the future of self-driving cars. It's a new type of taxi experience – one that’s more personalized, proactive, sustainable, and safe. The AutoUber taps into the greatest resource of our modern age: information. By pairing with a user's login and learning their preferences, the autonomous car of the future is in many ways more personalized for its passengers than a hard-coded car off the lot. Designer : dxLabDesign (more…)...
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New Proposed Mandaluyong E-Trike System Design

Mandaluyong e-Trike System Design was a group project for System Design class. Instead of focusing just on re-designing the e-Trike in Mandaluyong city, this group of industrial designers also wanted to fix the system. According to them, there are many flaws with existing system, starting from picking up passengers which can be done anywhere on the road without specific spots which can be dangerous for passengers to these e-Trikes availability on weekends. The new proposed system offers more ...
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Sbyke : Bike, Scooter, and Skateboard Into One Personal Transportation

Sbyke is a unique vehicle that combines a bike, scooter, and a skateboard into revolutionary personal transportation. It takes the best features of all those items, giving you a unique experience. Controlling this ride won’t be a problem thanks to its patented rearsteer technology, the control is in your hand, from handlebars, handbrake, to the adjustable rear steer system. All those replaceable parts allow you to custom craft your Sbyke to match your lifestyle. For those who ride bikes to los...
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Urban Eyewear Fits All Face Shapes

Has fashion gone too far? You’ll be the judge, but we really admire the attempt to redesign eyeglasses by XYZ Integrated Architecture. These eye glasses definitely feature unlikely shape in order to fit all face shapes. Would you wear one? Surprisingly, eyeglasses are one of those artifacts which have hardly been influenced by modern urban lifestyle. They are still highly dependent upon a person's face shape; they are functional and symmetrical. Boring. They have never reflected the hectic rh...
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Artificial Snow Cave Rope Shelter by Margot Krasojevic

Artificial Snow Cave Rope Shelter is a design submission from Margot Krasojevic. It looks like a futuristic shelter that would protects you against freezing weather, perfect for mountain climbers looking to find a place to rest. You can read Margot’s complete explanations below. The hut offers a snowdrift frame made from weighted carbon fibre mesh, this contoured landscape mimics the surrounding vertiginous precipices and landscapes, the carbon fiber snowscape creates an artificial snow cav...
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Mobiado Professional 3 VG Collection for Your Adventure Time

Mobiado has submitted its latest cell phone design: Mobiado Professional 3 VG Collection. Inspired by adventure time when you travel around and the destination is not the focus but more of experience of going. This phone is an ideal companion when you start your voyage, a self-discovery process that not only show us about the world but how we can fit within it. The frame of the phone is carved from solid aluminum and finished with anodized coating to fit even most demanding journey. The large sa...
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BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Was Inspired by Timeless Classic BMW Coupe from 1970s

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage is a concept car designed as a tribute to the iconic, timeless classic BMW coupe from 1970s. Hommage cars from BMW not only demonstrate how proud they are of their heritage but also represent the importance the past can be to determine the future. Adrian van Hooydonk, the Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, explains that BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage represents the engineering achievement exemplified by its lightweight construction and modern materials, this concept car brings out ...
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