Stikbox : iPhone Case with Built-In Expandable Selfie Stick

There was a time when selfie stick is considered as useless invention as people feel weird to take pictures of themselves. But nowadays, people seem to carry this special stick in their bag/pocket everywhere, ready to take selfie whenever, wherever they want. People are more open to the idea of being noticed or getting attention, selfie has been considered as the standard social norms. How about a...
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Rinspeed Drone Equipped Etos Autonomous Concept Car With Retractable Steering Wheel

Σtos a.k.a Etos is futuristic concept car from Rinspeed that demonstrates future possibilities of self-driving car. When you are in this car, you are on the road with your personal autopilot and drone. It is predicted that digital world would provide major and above all the disruptive innovations in automotive engineering. Rinspeed approaches the topic of “self-driving cars” from the perspect...
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Kanban Side Table Was Inspired by Hong Kong’s Historic Industrial Buildings

Kanban Side Table has been designed as private collection by Andrea Ponti, an Italian designer currently based in Hongkong. It’s a concrete and steel side table that pushes the boundaries of form and aesthetic, past and present. It aims to capture Hong Kong in a product by embracing the spirit of cosmopolitan metropolis at the crossroads between East and West. The concept table was drawn from es...
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Bolt Tent – Mobile Lightning Protective Shelter

Bolt Tent is a special project aims to increase the safety of people caught out in the open during a thunderstorm. A few thousand people get struck by lightning every year. About 96 % of those killed and injured are people out in the open. The majority of them are people participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Many accidents in the mountains can be ascribed to the panic bro...
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Korbiyor Futuristic Driverless Electric Hearse Celebrates The Life of Your Deceased Loved One

It looks like Charles Bombardier believes that in the future, coffin can be carried by an autonomous vehicle. Korbiyor is a futuristic driverless electric hearse mounted mecanum wheels (wheels that can move the vehicle into any direction), it features refrigerated transparent coffin that can be raised or lowered in the vehicle, also multimedia projector, and a surround sound system. This projec...
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Bobbing Forrest : Miniature Trees Floating on Water by Jorge Bakker

Bobbing Forrest is an innovative green project for Rotterdam. Designed by Jorge Bakker, this project aims to raise the question about relationship between city dweller and nature. Bakker himself is known for his sculpture and installations that have an architectural impact, just like these miniature trees floating on water. Jeroen Everaert, Anne van der Zwaag (art historian and cultural entreprene...
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Vozz RS 1.0 Helmet Is A Full Face Helmet with Rear Access for Better Safety

Started in 2005 when John Vozzo was working on the garage on a sky diving helmet, then his brother’s friend Mark Bryant walked in. This was the moment where Mark saw a solution of his problem he’d been having within the horse racing industry, a rear hinged helmet that click together for closing instead of pull on and pull off. This could solve the problem where helmets come off under impact an...
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SkyDeck : New In-flight Entertainment That Allows Passengers to Enjoy Aircraft’s External Environment While in Flight

Winspeed Technologies introduces a revolutionary in-flight entertainment product, SkyDeck. It’s an innovative system designed specifically to provide passengers with jaw-dropping view of the aircraft’s external environment while in flight, it takes passengers to a safe, semi-external location. This can be a new exciting experiential in-flight entertainment for VIP aircraft owners or airline in...
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Light Ball : A Conceptual Light and Air Purifier for Firemen

In the event of fire, darkness and smoke are the biggest reasons why firemen encounter difficulty when they need to rescue survivors, especially after the fire is extinguished. Light Ball is a conceptual device designed for firemen that emits light and absorbs smoke. Carrying this portable light would help firemen to rescue lives in more effective way as you know, fumes produce poisonous gas and t...
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BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept Is A Smart, Fully Connected Car

Automotive industry is getting more and more interesting, every company aims to bring fully connected car with gesture controlled cockpit. BMW presents you with I Vision Future Interaction, it’s a concept car that offers a glimpse of future networked cockpit and futuristic user interface. This futuristic BMW car features high-resolution display where the content adjusts to match the situation, y...
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Smart Board by Ljiljana Reljic and Snezana Cvetkovic

Inspired by children playing with hand-made recycled materials, Ljiljana Reljic and Snezana Cvetkovic came up with the idea to create Smart Board. The product is handmade by recycling different kinds of packaging, creating an eco board with a didactic tool for fun and way for children to acquire knowledge and skills with ecological terminology. This project aims to create a stimulating environment...
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Withings Thermo : Hygienic Smart Thermometer for The Whole Family

Withings has developed Star Trek style thermometer. Thermo features 16 infrared sensors, it is able to find hottest spot and offers a highly accurate temperature reading in less than 3 seconds. Unlike traditional thermometers where you have to choose between comfort and accuracy, Thermo is a game changer. It helps you monitor the health of your whole family, thanks to patented HotSpot Sensor techn...
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Williams FW38 Concept F1 Car by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

Williams FW38 Concept F1 Car is a design study of future F1 car after rule changes in 2017. These new changes are meant to make the car even faster, more challenging to drive, and more passing. Olcay Tuncay Karabulut submitted his idea of redesigned F1 car, Williams FW38 features a 1850mm wide front wing, which is 200mm wider than the version currently used, and a rear wing that is 950mm wide and ...
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LG SMARTTHINQ HUB Connects All Your Smart Appliances to Create Two Way Communication

LG takes your smart home to the next level with SmartThinQ Hub, it connects all your smart appliances so that you can easily communicate with them. This hub is the newest addition to LG IoT ecosystem, it works as a gateway to smart sensors and connected appliances, it also has ability to display reminders from personal calendars and stream music from its built-in speaker. SmartThinQ also features ...
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AEQUOREA 3D Printed Oceanscraper – Futuristic Underwater Urbanization

Introducing Aequorea, 3D-printed oceanscraper from the seventh continent’s garbage. Designed by Vincent Callebaut, this futuristic structure is an underwater farm that draws its name from a light-emitting jellyfish characterized by its tentacles. These tentacles help it to swim and ensure its stability while producing its own energy. Printed in 3D from algoplast, a composite material made fro...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Green

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