Internet Geek ? Chumby is For You

For you internet geek, chumby is your best friend. This little guy might seems tiny, but when you get your hand on him, you might don't want to let him go. Surf the internet anywhere with chumby, this traveller gadget can help you check your email, d...
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Pet Waste Disposal System

Pet Waste Disposal System by Joe Dougherty. The system was designed to be a self-sustaining product that utilizes rain water for cleaning (and septic system), along with solar energy for charging. (more…)...
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Rotate Your Wood-Burning Stoves

With this wood-burning stoves, you can install it anywhere you want. Max Blank produces wood-burning stoves that can rotate 360 degrees for you to enjoy no matter where you sit. This type of stoves can be placed in the center of your living room, giv...
Posted in » Fireplaces, Furniture, Interior Design, Stoves

Use eWallet to Shop in The Future

Mukai Shen just designed an eWallet that might be used in the future. Integrated with WIFI and RFID to connect to people and objects. The clamshell style concept is to give you the ability to window shop, you can also customize the color and fit. eWa...
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Inspired by Quicksilver – Quicksilver Sport Phone Concept

Fred de GARILHE tried to create a 2 in1 phone: sms position when closed, easy to use as a pager, "pebble" form to imitate surf and beach spirit... special materials as neoprene texture to create a fusion with Quiksilver apparel collections. When the ...
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Cellphone Concept : What You See Is What You Get

The purpose of this concept is to explore innovative products for the near future. Nowadays, more people use cellphones to substitute for cameras and music players. The cellphone becomes a digital Swiss army knife in the new era. Because of the light...
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Portable Cooler for Your Bottle

This portable cooler used for cooling the drink bottle inside the wrapping cloths. The cloths have the tie zip to the bottle neck. This tie zip is functionally keeping the cool air trapped inside. When you want to drink your drinks, you don't need to...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Food and Drink, Gadgets

Folding Urinal from Mister Miser

Need some space in your bathroom ? You can consider this folding urinal from mister miser. The installation of this folding urinal is not limited to bathrooms, you can also install this in variety of places, mister miser design this folding urinal to...
Posted in » Bathroom, Interior Design

Traveling with Your Bike ? Use Suitcase Bike

Story behind this suitcase bike from the designer Gosha Galitsky : Being a big bicycle enthusiast, it always bothered me to see how little cooperation exists between public transport and bicycles. It seems to be a perfect solution for commuting- an a...
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Nissan Pivo 2: 360-Degree Swiveler Electric Nissan Concept

It's the new version of Nissa Pivo concept, first shown in 2005, the electric-powered, 360-degree swiveler. Now it's the Pivo 2. Just the same as the first Pivo, its cabin rotates, eliminating the need for a reverse gear, though its in-wheel motors c...
Posted in » Cars, Nissan

Modern Urban Folding Bike

Genius is a modern urban folding bike, ideal for commuters who need to travel short distances of 10 to 20 minutes between underground stations, the workplace and the home. It still rolls when folded and can therefore be comfortably used even in large...
Posted in » Bike, Folding Bike

BMW HP2 Megamoto Motorcycle

The BMW HP2 Megamoto is the second model in the new HP (High Performance) line and here, too, brand values have been consistently implemented. Driving performance and dynamics have been increased and the motorcycle design reduced to its essential ele...
Posted in » Motorcycles

Futuristic Aptera Electric Three Wheeler, Pre-order Now

Ok, now close your mouth, I know that this vehicle looks amazing, in fact you can pre-order them for only $500. Aptera, the company is going to produce this vehicle for real, so this is not just concept/design that only God knows when to be available...
Posted in » Cars, Futuristic Car

Insulin Pump to Get Your Sugar Level Information

Jiri Bukvald has designed the insulin pump as an original and suitable product with clear function, simple and perfect shaping. For a diabetic is vital to know his or her sugar level in blood (sugar blood). Therefore Bukvald designed large OLED displ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Show Time Using Ex-Time

The new style about show time,"Ex-time" directly shows the current time as well as second, minute, hour elapsing at different plane. If you touch the change button, it automatically goes into "show date" interface in which day, month, year show as th...
Posted in » Clock, Fashion, Gadgets

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