Beautiful Color-Changing Calender, Poster and Wallpaper

Color-changing products are not limited to books for children. This time, you can see color changing on much more interesting things, like wallpapers, posters, or calenders. Beautiful and interactive design within your every touch.? Watch how those w...
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Conserving Water, Use Peak Bathtub

Water is very important in today's world, we do waste water more than we should and we do not aware of it. This year Bathroom Innovation Award in Australia finalist came up with a convention bath. But the smart thing about this bath is the design tha...
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Overhead Projector Desk to Help Disabled Teachers

It's quite difficult for disabled teachers to move freely when using overhead projector. That's why Reinier Halbertsma and Sarah Hay came up with this overhead projector desk design. This was inspired by a disabled Professor who generously field-test...
Posted in » Furniture, Life Science and Medical

Flow – Wind Solar Energy System

Wang Yigang has designed flow, a wind solar energy system. This solar and wind energy collection system uses arciform photovoltaic cells to enable a better collection of sun light. At the same time, the shell, which is composed of six photovoltaic ce...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Furniture, Home And Kitchen, Interior Design

Beautiful Accent Light from In-Fusions

Really, you don?t have to be a tree hugger to appreciate the LED Accent Lighting from in-fusions. These innovative eco-friendly lamps are designed to consume only 3W of power with an average life of 18000 hrs. Group a bunch of them together or use th...
Posted in » Fashion, Furniture, Interior Design, Lights

Apple “Spice” PC Concept from Fred de Garilhe

The main idea was to create a personal computer that doesn't look like a plastic box, and could really put a design touch on a desk. To arrive to Spice PC, Fred decided to use an infra-red system for the keyboard, that will appear like a magic item o...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Personal Computers

Autonoma, Solar Lighting

Autonoma, This solar public lighting pole is totally autonomous and presents the advantage to be placed in any isolated area where electricity is not available. Built with power LEDs which offer lighting performance and energy saving it also can b...
Posted in » Gadgets, Lights

Project Science – In Home Electric Meter

Power Conscience is designed to give us up to the minute statistic of your energy usage to calculates your current electric bill. Most of us don't really know how much energy we use even we have meters outside, we still don't really know exactly. Del...
Posted in » Gadgets

IC – Amusing Interactive Platform to Improve Kids? Cognition Process

Based on research, kids? observation is a psychological behavior. It takes long to change their cognitive habit and get used to new ones. This project aims to build an amusing interactive platform with electronic technology, which is easy for kids to...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Gadgets

Honda Robotic Walking Rehab

During the design of ASIMO, this technologies can be used to assist user to walk with electric motors. It is an interesting idea, because a lot of people will definitely can feel the advantage of this robotic walking rehab. Honda did not mention ...
Posted in » Domestic Aid, Gadgets

Luv Walking Aids

LUV is a walking frame designed to assist in the mobility of the elderly. The universal design approach aims to create products that enhance our physical environment, are easily accessible, and allow comfort for users. The general approach is to c...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Life Science and Medical

Bring Your Helicopter Anywhere with You !

Ever imagine to have a helicopter and bring it anywhere with you ? Russia has developed a Ka-56 "Wasp" helicopter which fully functional and can be used to carry one passenger. You can fold the helicopter and put it in a tube that also can be carried...
Posted in » Transportation

Mobile Phone with Projector

Do you think it's going to come true ? Well the answer is yes, it's getting closer day by day. Projection mobile phones are no longer just a dream, it's only a matter of time before you can see it on the market. Stefano Casanova designed a concept mo...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts

Merry Christmas 2007 Guys ! is wishing you a Merry Christmas 2007, have fun and keep visiting our website for new technology, new gadgets, new designs, and new concepts for the future !...
Posted in » Holiday

CI Desk – Multifunctional Desk from CIO

A multi-functional home office on wheels, in its handy size and elegant shape, adapting to the flexible working habits of the individual at home or in the office. Through a 180-degree turn of its top, it unfolds into a small workstation for laptop us...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture

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