Future Samsung SS700 Digital Camera Concept

Samsung is developling a new concept in digital camera. Take a look at Samsung SS700, designed by Jin Woo Han, it combines the idea of snap and frame at the same time. Simple isn't it ? You don't have to wait any longer to show off your pictures. Thi...
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iRing – iPod Ring Concept

People are crazy about ipod, so this iRing concept I believe could be seen in the future. Using this ring, iPod fans can take control of their music player easier, not just for iPod btw, this ring is mend to control all Apple's Product. Take a look a...
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Sorapot Will Make You Forget About Classic Teapot

Forget about your classic grandma's teapot, say hello to Sorapot. Take a look at this futuristic teapot designed by Joey Roth, New York based industrial designer. Joey chose alcoa aluminum because of its advantages over other materials. Roth definite...
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Want to Turn Your Notebook Into A Desktop ?

Yes, it might be possible somewhere in the future, thanks to Yong-Seong Kim concept, this kind of thing might can be done. The whole idea of notebook docks was interesting 10+ years ago when we had to be frugal with our I/O ports and live with subpar...
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Modern Wood Burning Stove

Very innovative design from Einar Hareide and Anna Oren, the Jotul 373 wood burning stove is purist and functional in its design and opens up new possibilities of how to make use of a stove in a room. What is innovative about the stove is that it can...
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Very Useful Memory Board

Memory Board is designed to bring order into the increasingly hectic bustle of everyday life. It is ideal for use in the kitchen, hall or workplace. The concept consists of six boards (39,5 x 24 cm) made of stainless steel and plastics: a white board...
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Mobile Workspace in The Future

Those who have claustrophobic offices should thank Mathias Schnyder who designed this mobile workspace. It is a great alternative to let people works outdoors. The workstation can be set up on university campus, backyard, or office landscape. With th...
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Renovatio Concept by Confederate Motor Company

I'm a little bit confused with this motor design, where do I sit ? This renovation concept by Confederate Motor Company uses minimal machine, using the fewest pieces, moving parts and systems to accomplish its dynamic mission. The word "Renovation" i...
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Futuristic PC Designs From Top Fashion Designer

The event also received designs from well known designers from various industries: Fashion designer Sang-Bong Lee, Architect Won-Chul Kim, Web designer Eun-Ah Seul, and Auto designer Richard Chung. The designs from Sang-bong Lee and Won-Chul Kim (...
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Z.Car Project : City Car Concept by Zaha Hadid

Art dealer Kenny Schachter commissioned Hadid to create an original concept car. That resulting in Z.Car Project which you can see it at the Guggenheim Museum in New York soon. With 4 meters long, I think Z.Car is still in acceptable scale, and the g...
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Retro Cassette-deck Style Toaster That Fits Your Modern Kitchen

This cassette-deck style toaster designed by Arthur Wu can surely match your modern kitchen. Your toast will pop out every morning just like your mix tape in 1980s technology. I like the top switch and the front cool logo. But I see that the design o...
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WT4000 Wearable Computer for Workers

WT4000 consists of 3 devices : computer terminal, a barcode scan ring, and a hygienic arm-mount holder, this mobile computer can help warehouse workers to work efficiently to fulfill orders. No more fatigue because of oversize barcode scanner. Custom...
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LCD Monitor Mobius 971P by Samsung

Samsung won IDEA Winners 2007 with LCD Monitor that has triple-hinge design. The monitor has three-dimensional, puzzle-like form, give a new meaning of optimal ergonomic. If you think this lcd monitor was created simply to look interesting, then you'...
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Waterless Urinal From Kohler Avoid Splashing

Designed by Nicholas Paterson, Kohler offers the opportunity to save water and reduce sewage and maintenance costs while also providing outstanding performance and stylish design to users. Once the liquid waste has passed through, the less dense seal...
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Boynq Alibi – Alien Picking Webcam ?

The looks of boynq alibi is very cute. It looks like an alien that peeking out of the top of a vase, while actually this is a combination of speaker and webcam. With this futuristic looking gadget, you can clears up some desk space nicely, alibi inte...
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