Say Time Watch Concept That Displays Sentences

Another innovative idea from Tao Ma, "Say Time Watch" is a concept where a watch can give you warm sentences instead of time. You can create words that describe each specific time, change the color and the type of font the way you like it. You can wr...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

Single Person Cooker (SPC) : Compact Cooker Design

Designed by Alex Bradley, SPC is a smart cooker for people who are living alone and hate to prepare their own meals, they prefer junk food. This compact cooker goal is to encourage people in bedsits and bachelor pads to prepare healthier meals. Combi...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

V13R from Campagna Motors, a Three Wheeled Sports Vehicle

The design goal of Campagna V13R is to remind you of Hotrod era, while at the same time also combine the modern style details. Born V13R, a three wheeled sports vehicle powered by 1250cc Harley-Davison engine, connected to a 5-speed sequential transm...
Posted in » Futuristic Car, Transportation

Samovar Water Heating Container

Russia has traditional tea ceremony which use water heating container (samovar) to keep the tea hot. This design aim was to create an original samovar not based on the traditional prototypes and to demonstrate that an object may look very different, ...
Posted in » Design Competition, Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Lumeneo Smera Car Concept : Combination of Car and Motorcycle

Still in a form of concept, Lumeneo Smera is all electric city car with scooter sized and one seat only, well not actually one seat, but you have to choose to carry a passanger or luggage, you can't have both. The ability to go 93 miles on a single c...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts

World’s Lightest Chessboard

A good news for chess lovers and at the same time travelers too, this is the world's lightest game board, an inventive breakthrough in play on flat surfaces. It allows flat game pieces to stand up on the board with a full 3-D effect. The pieces ca...
Posted in » Games and Toys

Solvit+ Soluble Vitamins and Dispenser Aimed at Children

The idea behind this design is to create a product that promotes a fun and tasty way for kids to get the everyday vitamins their body needs. The product will administer vitamins in the form of a tasty drink, a new innovation encouraging children to t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Home And Kitchen

Zenith Defy Xtreme Watch Collections Waterproof at 1000 meters

A luxury watch from Zenith, defy xtreme watch features a multi-layered see-through structure composed of shock-resistant transparent Hesalite glass, Carbon fiber layer and varnished dial plate. Black titanium case and bracelet with Kevlar inserts, hi...
Posted in » Fashion, Sports, Travel, Watches

Wireless Optimus Mini 3 3.0

Since the Maximus keyboard last year create a real buzz, they have developed Optimus Mini 3 version 2.0, smaller, three-buttoned version of the Maximus keyboard. Following the success of Optimus Mini 3 v 2.0, Art Lebedev is in the process of making t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

P-Per Futuristic Cell Phone with E-Paper Technology

P-Per mobile phone is a combination of advanced, simple, green and unique, designed by Chocolate Agency, this cell phone won Red Dot Design Awards 2007. Exploring many possibilities of sustainable design, P-Per made only from 4 layers, and one of the...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Globus Mobile Office

Smart design of mobile office from Michael van der Kley, Globus is very flexible and multi-functional mobile office, thanks to rotating chair, the pull out and adjustable table (you can put laptop, paper work, etc), and hidden wheels. Work anywhere y...
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design, Office

Green Car : Hydrogen Fuel Morgan Life Car

Another green car for Geneva Motor Show, here's an amazing hydrogen powered car : the Morgan Life Car, stunning design and at the same time environmental friendly. I think 2008 will be filled with new design of green car technology, this Life Car is ...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car

Microsoft LucidTouch Concept : Backside Touchscreen

Touchscreen problem would be your fingers getting in the way of small screen. That is why Microsoft bring the concept of backside touchscreen which allow user to control the device from behind but still being able to see their fingers. Microsoft has ...
Posted in » Gadgets

Porsche P’9521 Mobile Phone Won iF Product Design Awards

Beside P'9521 mobile phone, Porsche also won iF product design awards for its P'7340 kitchen and P'6750 watch design. P'9521 is a flip phone with square shape, featuring a fingerprint reader to identify the user and also make secure access to private...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Porsche Design

Lighting GT : First UK’s Electric Sportscar for 2008

Finally, lighting car company has released the first UK's electric sportscar, the Ligtning GT. The focus point of this sportscar is not the top speed, but rather its electric power that will deliver 700+ HP from its wheel-mounted electric motors char...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car

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