Transparent IceCard MP4 Player

This mp4 player uses transparent super sensitive solar panels to get its power source. IceCard MP4 player has the same size but only slightly thicker than your credit card; it fits your wallet perfectly. Since using super sensitive solar panels, this...
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Ark Project : Futuristic and Modern Noah’s Ark by Remistudio

Ark project can be said the modern and futuristic Noah’s Ark. It’s been designed to answer the main concerns in our time: precautions against extreme environmental conditions and protection of natural environment from human activities. This float...
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ViLIGHT Watch Design Was Inspired By The Eye

This is a modern watch design inspired by the eye. ViLIGHT is a concept watch based on vision and light. There are three semi-transparent rotating discs that represent the hours, minutes and seconds. In a bright environment, natural light can pass th...
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ANT Table : Modern Coffee Table by Oliver Nikolic

In recent times, the demand for interior furniture is at its peak. This makes designers use their creativity and come up with a new design every now and then. The latest talk of the town is regarding the new invention, "ANT table". As the name sugges...
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Blocks House To Improve The Underprivileged Living of Slums and Villages

The life of deprived people from slums is really pathetic, especially during bad weather conditions. Worn out houses that can be destroyed in seconds due to climatic changes is their way of life these days. Keeping in mind all these factors, the entr...
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The Streets Of Monaco Mega Yacht Can Reset The Approach Of Luxury Cruising

According to my opinion, one reason of designing such a huge yacht was to taking out floating cities from ancient myths. What can I say more? The massive structure and inclusion of seemingly everything has really made it easier to be placed the theme...
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MBOLIC Vehicle Features Modular Design To Accommodate The Owner Needs

MBOLIC has been designed to target young and single people in China, where more than 60% of the population living in small cities and rural areas. They don’t need a full-size sedan or SUV for everyday use; they prefer a small and compact vehicle su...
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Luxury iPad Gresso Combines Latest Apple Technologies and Unique Design of Gresso

Gresso has always been very much creative in designing products that have design edge over anyone. Having following the same creativity in design, Gresso has come up with new IPad version that is framed in African Blackwood along with nice Apple logo...
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Stress Buster Transforms Your Kicking, Punching, and Squeezing Into Energy

Hard day at work can cause you eager to beat something/someone after you get back home. That’s why, in my opinion “Stress Buster” lamp series is an innovative design. This product is based on the law of conservation energy: “Energy can neithe...
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Bisynk Sink Reminds Us To Appreciate Our Easy Access to Safe and Clean Water

Living in a country where we have abundant water resources can sometimes make us forget to appreciate it. In other part of the world, human survival is threatened by the shortage of water. Some people in Africa have to walk 4 miles or more in order t...
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TokyoFlash Kisai Console Watch

Tokyo Flash has unveiled Kisai Console as their latest concept to reality watch. Voted by fans, Kisai Console, originally called Bright Time, has been developed based on feedback and now it’s available for you to buy for $200. Using only high quali...
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Kaohsiung Port Terminal Amplifies The Flow of Pedestrian Traffic

Kaohsiung Port Terminal is the result from an experiment of dynamic 3-dimensional urbanism that amplifies the flow of pedestrian traffic. It’s been designed with an elevated and activated boardwalk that runs continuously along the water. Beneath th...
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HondaJet Offers You The Highest Speed and Best Fuel Efficiency In Its Class

Honda always believes in the power of dreams. For the past sixty years, they’ve been channelled the power of dreams toward a main goal, which is advancing human mobility. Now, it’s time for them to expand beyond the bounds of land and sea. HondaJ...
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Blow Windmaker Fan by Luc van Hoeckel

Blow is a unique analog fan inspired by an old cucu clock. This windmaker works by lifting up the weight of the wooden fan, it will start blowing the wind without any electricity. Just under 5 minutes, your room is completely refreshed. This is an in...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Lenovo Ideapad U1 Hybrid PC Offers You Freedom To Choose The Device for Any Activity

IdeaPad U1 from Lenove is one of innovative hybrid PCs available on the market. It features unique design of detachable screen that provides users with two PCs in one device. Each PC has its own processor and operating system that works together and ...
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