The Watree Will Collect The Rain Water and Used During The Summer

The new rain water harvesting and sports stadium storage design by Australian designer Chris Buerckner can be said to be innovative product in all respects. He has named it as Watree which looks like an umbrella placed upside down also acts as a shade in the rain. The rain water gets accumulated and is stored in it tank underground as these can be placed on areas away from the playing surface, the water stored can be used to sustain the stadium during the summer months through series of undergro...
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Saeco Xsmall, An Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines by DesignWorksUSA

The latest coffee maker design from the house of Saeco seems to be a winner, right from the word "go". It is in continuation with the last revamping that was done for the entire line of coffee machines along with the design arm of the BMW group. It has been dubbed as Saeco Xsmall, and is the smallest of its model. Overall the product has design elements of its previous products i.e. Primea, Talea & Odea. The interface of the product is quite user friendly, with a centralized knob. Also the c...
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STC Wireless Router Vase from STC

The new wireless internet router designed by Saudi Arabia based telecom company STC is a device that can be said to follow the latest ground rule for all conceptual designs – multi tasking. The router apart from being used for its normal purpose can also be used as a flower vase to adorn your table! This can be a perfect product that can reduce the gap of lifestyle and technology. On the back of the vase, are the slots wherein requisite connections like LAN, phone etc can be plugged into. Addi...
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Butler 500 Cordles DECT Phone and Butler 920 Skype Phone

The new concept phones from the house of Goodmorning Technology for Topcom is an easy to use instrument. The two models featured in this series are the Butler 500 cordless DECT phone & Butler 920 skype phone, can be put both horizontally and vertically into the charger. The overall design is quite simple with straight lines, and the back of the phone has the screen offering information like time and messages. With touch sensitive keys, easy look & feel and other user friendly options, it...
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Imagine! Grow-With-Me Personal Playground

Developers use much of the available land for building homes and creating concrete jungles, resulting in little or no space for developing public parks for children. The new conceptual playground is designed for those kids who do not have access to public parks which allows them to imagine while playing. Also it comes in various designs as per the development of the child. Once the child grows out of one stage, parents can buy the next stage playground for kids. It is also environmentally friend...
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“The Argo”, Conceptual Boat Design Has Won Bio 21 Quality Concept Award

The new touring boat designed for touring the waters of Ljunljanica River in Slovenia is surely a designer masterpiece. The boat named as "The Argo" can be termed as an eye candy as design wise it's a beauty and is equivalent to what a convertible is to cars. The boat has primarily been designed to capture the picturesque locales of the surrounding areas of Ljunljanica River and being opened without any boundaries as it represents openness. Also the lack of boundaries depicts the closeness it ca...
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Aerotel with Hanging Gardens Above Water by Alexander Asadov

The new concept "Aerotel" by Russian Architect Alexander Asadov, is something that can be realized anywhere in the world be it reservoirs or oceans. This 200m wide design also includes hanging gardens above water, and within the structure hotel and café, restaurants etc. The hotel can be accessed via bank side or the airstrips on the deck. One of the advantages as per the architect is that the construction cost is significantly lesser as compared to gravel works and also the ecological value as...
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“Transparency Watch”, Click and Share !

The new camera cum watch design is surely a perfect example of getting the best together. The watch though is priced on a higher side, it does have some very useful functions. The "Transparency Watch" can be connected to computer and a distribution list can be selected. Once a picture is taken using the camera attached to the watch, one can just click again and share the picture with the distribution list thus sharing the same in real time. So all one needs to do is select the people to whom the...
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Cognac Louis XIII Contemporary Design by Christophe Pillet

Seems like it's time for designers to look back in time for getting inspiring themselves as done by Christophe Pillet. He has designed a contemporary set which comprises of a bottle, two glasses, and a tray which is accompanying Remy Martin's top of the line cognac Louis XIII. As per the Remy Martin, it is a perfect tribute to the heritage and class of the quality of cognac that Louis XIII signifies. The design of the bottle also signifies the richness and heritage that was significant during t...
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Kitchen Scale Design with Sensory Mil Weight

As they say good things come in small packages, the new kitchen scale design seems to have taken this adage. This cute little masterpiece is something which can be said to be a necessity that all modern kitchens should have. As mentioned, design wise it's small and compact thus does not take much of a space, also it can measure in both grams and calories and does the necessary exchange. Also it can tell time as well, it perfectly goes with the overall idea of giving maximum output using minimum ...
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I’m So Lazy Carpet Bench and Hide Chair

A comfortable and portable area for sitting is ideally a haven away from the turmoil of the busy, even hectic lives many of us live today. It is an amazing place to enjoy the relaxation and contentment that happens when you gather round to have meal with your friends and family. This carpet-bench & chair is designed by a Japanese designer named Yuki Abe. This unique furniture is flexible, lightweight and best piece for relaxation. The most significant factor about having a meal is to be enjo...
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Luxury Sentori 58R Yacht Design is Inspired by Automotive Design

The new stylish yacht is simply a designer marvel as the design seems to have been inspired by sports car. The exterior design is aerodynamically strong as it is in all the sports cars, so one can say that it's the designer among yacht. But it seems that the designers won't leave any stone unturned as even the interior seems to be quite inspired to give that luxury feeling. The interiors are quite apt for contemporary living while the same has been added with a number of innovative gadgets which...
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Armarac : First Zero-Footprint and Compact Enclosure for Computer

Now your networking equipments are absolutely safe and secure in this complete wall mounted server room. Armarac is the world's first zero-footprint and compact enclosure for computer and its networking equipments. There is an optional keyboard/LCD/mouse built inside this lockable compartment. Armarac includes an advanced design that resists fire, earthquake or any other hazardous damage and it is available with the highest level of structural security against theft. Bolted to a wall, the tough ...
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Marguerite Bike Parking Rack for Urban Environment

The new Marguerite bike parking is surely a practical solution for the urban living. Designed by Italian designer Yoann Henry Yvon Lopez, the stand has rows of bike holders which are shaped as petals coming out of a centerpiece. The petals act as holders which are placed on the spokes of the bike thus making it immobile. The advantage that one has with this device is that it occupies less space while giving maximum result. These can be placed anywhere in the city without worrying about space. Th...
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Bajca is A Cool Emoticon Keypad and Also Cute Personal Jewelry to Wear

Emotions play a very significant role in communication. You make different faces for different types of emotions. Here comes a new keypad with 16 touch buttons that communicate 16 different emotions. This "Bajca" project is really amazing like a teenage-game. These buttons can also be used to create emotional jewelry for wearing or gifting or exchanging. The need for such a project has always been there because everyone loves to exchange feelings or tell stories about lives. You can anytime chan...
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