Eos Triton : The Automatic Individual Car Of The Future

This futuristic car with the form of a shell is the proposal of the designer Priyanka Martin to personal transportation for the year 2025. The Eos Triton is an individual transportation unit inspired by a shell, so it can protect its passenger while ...
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The Interaction Between Humans And Design Or Engineering Software Is Brought To A New Level Using The Tool

The Tool is a brand new way to interact with nowadays complex design and engineering software. It provides an intuitive and completely customizable interface to connect the user with the 3-dimensional environment they work within. The Tool uses a sys...
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Mercedes Arrow Is A Lightweight Two-Seater Vehicle Gives You The Feeling Of Sliding With A Bobsleigh

Mercedes Arrow has been designed to draw a comparison with other recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, jetskis or personalized aircraft. This stunning vehicle gives its passengers the ride of their life. The bobsleigh shaped body, the lightweigh...
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Tree Planting Robot Is Designed To Help Reforestation Reach An Environmnentally Friendly Plant Process

The eco-friendly tree planting robot as its creator named it, is a four legged planting robot. This robot is equipped with a planting arm and a planting head. The legs of the robot reduce the pressure applied on the forest floor and allow the machine...
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The UV Blower Brings A Healthy Solution To Dry Your Shoes And Gets Rid Of The Persistant Odor

People nowadays don't have the time to spare on their daily hygiene as they used to. Now everyone is more concerned about their job and carrier and how to earn more money. Even if you were a great business man, and you'd buy your clothes from luxurio...
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Volkswagen Terrafine Is A Vehicle Designed To Run On Any Terrain Without The “Bad Boy” Feeling

Niklas Palm found his inspiration in the design of Chris Craft's boats and the American east coast. He created a vehicle that allows the driver to run on any terrain without leaving marks, as a traditional off-road vehicle would do. The traditional o...
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This Exquisite Table Lamp Does Not Only Bring Light Into Your House But It Also Acts As A Floor Standing Clock

The beautiful and simple shape of this lamp created by Daniel Love, will bring peace into your home. It relaxes the eyes with its upside down L-shape and two color tones. The lamp uses two fluorescent tubes, one white and one red. Here's where it get...
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Z-Cart Is A Shopping Cart With A Bit Of A Boost That Can Not Only Carry What You Shop, It Can Carry You Too

Have you ever been tired when coming home from shopping? Have you ever cursed in the shopping mall because you didn't have enough room in your cart for everything you wanted to buy? Cry no more, the Z-Cart enables you to shop easy, calm and bring a s...
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TokyoFlash Galaxy Watch Review

Before I found Galaxy Watch on the web of TokyoFlash, I didn’t felt the need of a new watch and I was so impressed with the appearance, functionalities and uniqueness that couldn’t resist to have one. Starting from the web, the layout itself i...
Posted in » Fashion, Product Reviews, Watches

You Can Rely On Smart Pillow For The Development Of Your Child’s Early Age Intelligence

Everyone knows how hard is to keep infants and young children busy with traditional learning tools that most of the times are boring, risky and inefficient. Smart pillow concept aims to provide a device to the infants that functions as a computer, fe...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Gadgets

Pioneer Pro 1400 – Flt Provides Portable And Professional Level Dj Performance

Because of the bulk size and high price of the DJ equipments, the only way you can enjoy a DJ night is to visit a club or a friend’s house that has such a huge arrangement. Pioneer PRO 1400 – FLT is a mobile DJ set that has been specially designe...
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Automotive And Yacht Industry Combined Gave Birth To The Sentori 50L: A Coupe-Character Yacht

The Sentori 50L has been imagined and created by "Motion Code Blue" Design Studio. The yacht is part of the brand Sentori Yachts. This brand is highly automotive inspired, they combine emotion with functionality and smart living spaces. It breaks up ...
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Magicboard Introduces An Innovative Way Of Communicating With Various Devices

Universal remotes obviously have reduced the user’s pain of arranging different remotes for different brand or different types of consumer electronic products. MagicBoard concept features similar functionalities to control PCs, laptops, netbooks an...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Sea Creatures And Zaha Hadid Architecture Became Inspiration For A Futuristic Vehicle That Splits In Two

Core2sia is the name of this unique futuristic concept imagined by Hossein Ghahramani. The word "Core2sia" refers to the Italian word "cortesia" which translated means politeness, courteousness, courtliness. The number 2 inserted in the name reminds ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Serendip Is The New Multimedia Research Device That Was Created For The Qualitative Enquiry Of Adolescents

The mysterious shape, the interesting features and the ability to carry it around make the Serendip the ultimate gadget for adolescents. The combination of an intriguing negative space with a play of reflections and shadows evokes curios behaviour. ...
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