Iiamo Self Heating Baby Bottle by Karim Rashid

Iiamo is a brilliantly designed baby feeding bottle by Karim Rashid, which is the first baby bottle featuring a unique self heating mechanism. Iiamo feeding bottle includes a disposable heating cartridge that is able to heat the milk up to 37 degrees in just four minutes. The main ingredients of this organic cartridge are salt and water, thus you will not have to worry about the hygienic issues for your kids. This useful gadget will provide you easy access to warm milk whether you are on the pla...
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Crescendo Flash Light is Specially Designed for Police or EMT

Crescendo is a flashlight specially designed for Public Services Members such as police or EMT. The ergonomic shape of this flashlight fits every hand sizes with the cut away grip that enables to hold the light securely. On the tail cap, there are two power switches enables two light modes, steady on and blink. On the barrel, there are 3 way color light controller, red for sneaky night vision, green for urgent activities such as color recognition and ultra bright white for general use. Branding ...
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Peugeot Clear by Alan Kravchenko

Small in size just enough for one the Peugeot clear is a classy model that creates a divine beauty and permeates an aroma of excellent design in its features. Suitable for incredible speed it has an electric motor that heightens the electrical systems to work fluidly and almost effortlessly. The hydrogen and oxygen cylinders are well placed to improve the engine function on a car that uses little fuel. Heat in the sleek car is a thing of the past with the tunnel cooling radiators owned by the co...
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Burnham Eco Pavilions by Zaha Hadid and UNStudio

Award-winning architects Ben van Berkel (UNStudio) and Zaha Hadid have recently disclosed their designs for a couple of eco-pavilions that will be on everyone's attention in the celebrations of Burnham Plan Centennial this summer in Chicago. The main goal of both pavilion's design is to realize the importance of imagining a superior future for all. The Curvilinear pavilion designed by Hadid will be developed with stretched fabric over a frame made of aluminum. The tent-like shape has been planne...
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Spherica Camera Concept for High Quality Images by Kohler

Spherica is a Sphera VR-X camera system which contains a patent innovation and functional design solution. You will be able to enjoy high-quality spherical images and videos free from parallax distortion with this patent optics. You will have to hold the camera straight up in order to capture a photo and the detachable display will allow you to view the result by moving the screen around. This digital camera is able to catch not only part of a picture, but the complete surrounding. This camera c...
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EME : Evolutional Mobile Entertainment

The innovative EME designed by genius Shao Wei Huang makes the initiative approach by providing video, gaming and music in a mobile device. The dual screen set of connections can be used in tandem according to the best way to the functions is being used. Smartly the other sleeks out its underneath. It also displays the fundamental functions such as contacts, photos, SMS etc. The second screen let you access secondary data. But if you turn the whole device sideways it turns into a portable gaming...
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FLUID is More Than Just a Tap

With ordinary taps, you may have to bend down your face or use a cup to rinse your mouth which is so inconvenient. Keeping this fact in mind, FLUID has been designed which is being considered as more than just a tap. When you will push down the nose of FLUID, you will be able to wash your hands and pushing up will lead the water upward with greater force. As a result you can easily rinse your face or simply drink some water. As you increase the pressure on the nose both up and down, the pressure...
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Chiron Transportation to Minimize Ecological Damage

To meet logistic purposes, the flexibility of commercial road vehicle is essential. But transportation by road is one of the major reasons of environmental pollution and the planet is paying a high price to increase the economic efficiency. Chiron is a means of transportation designed to minimize the ecological damage which combines the flexibility of road vehicles with the environmental suitability of the railway. This design incorporates the latest 21st century engine that applies an algae-pow...
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Toro Tractor Combines Strength and Elegant Shape of Lamborghini Car

Lamborghini is world renowned because of their high profile cars, but long before these supercars were roaming in the earth, the company was a leading tractor manufacturer. This innovative concept design of a Lamborghini tractor TORO is aimed to combine the today’s stylish Lamborghini cars with their triumphant tractor line to develop a consistent brand image. After plenty of revisions, the final design that has come out is being considered as the coolest tractor in the world. TORO comprises t...
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SOLAQUA : Water Disinfection Unit To Be Used in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

SOLAQUA is a useful device, going to be used as a water disinfection unit in the rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. As per the design, this device will obtain infra-red and ultra-violet rays from the sun and will utilize them to eliminate pathogens of contaminated water. Unrefined water will initially pass through a filter of sari cloth to improve the effectiveness of solar water disinfection. A funnel of five taps fills five different bottles to acquire 10 liters of water. Then these transparen...
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Kyocera EOS Folding Concept Phone by Susan McKinney

The flexible OLED screen of EOS folding phone concept from Kyocera is able to change its shape from a clamshell to close like a clutch-purse or a wallet. Appealing to our humanistic senses, a semi-rigid and soft polymer skin is used surrounding the flexible OLED display. This flexible screen allows greater adaptability of shape and interaction by maintaining a compact shape for simple use and unfolds to access a large widescreen display. The most incredible thing is the EOS charges through a col...
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RM 019 “Celtic Knot” Ladies’ Tourbillon Wristwatch

The Richard Mille RM019 is very hard to spot as a watch with its extremely unique outlook. The dial of this watch never matches with the conventional watches from any viewpoint, which truly is featuring extraordinary utilities extremely helpful especially for women. The other side of this watch has been manufactured by black onyx and the incorporated diamonds have uplifted the elegance of this Celtic Knot. The RM019 utilizes impressive technology for visualizing the time and also features the to...
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Device for Visually Challenged People by Erik Rydell

Visually handicapped people are facing difficulties to perform everyday communications. Sometimes, bad eye sight occurs to many people for reduced self confidence due to not being able to perform independently. This is an innovative concept device that will help visually handicapped people when they are in a mobile situation. This electronic device is combined with a speech synthesis and a digital camera with a shape of a traditional product. The speech synthesis is able to decode texts to vo...
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Freeride Backpack to Keep Your Photography Equipments Safe while Skiing

Freeride Backpack, designed to keep your photography equipments safe and provide support and stability during skiing, is a very useful concept tool for photographers and free-ride skiers. Taking pictures will become easier than ever with the convenience of the backpacks easy to reach camera compartment. This backpack includes three main parts that provides various safety measures for both the equipments and the user. A back protector that can protect the back from getting injured of a skier, a s...
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Snail Personal Desktop Radio by John Lee

At the moment you will have a look on the Snail personal desktop radio, the only thing that will come in your mind is an eyeball. This eyeball shaped desktop radio will surely enhance the functionality and décor of your desktop with its metallic black glossy design. Snail includes a round LED display which is actually a completely serviceable touchscreen for volume control and changing the stations which also displays the particular of the station that is currently playing on. The oval shaped c...
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