nDoo Medical Communication Device Can Destroy Various Harmful Virus

nDoo is a great creation which aims to enhance the medical treatment methods greatly with the help of nanotechnology. There are two airfoils in this device which are joined together to flow easily. This light weight tiny device resembles the shape of a butterfly to some extent. It can destroy the various harmful cells like virus, bacteria and other marking cells. The device is efficient enough top share information with the global data bank. The 3dimensional hologram is one thing that the user s...
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Yellow Motorcycle by Igarashi Design

This Yellow Motorcycle prototype that has been introduced is quite revolutionary of talks about the overall concept. The aim of the project was to develop a concept wherein the same is controlled by high performance motorcycle robots. With the bikes being driven by high power electric motor with a built in battery pack thus ensuring that the space available is utilized quite optimally. The balance of the vehicle is actively controlled by swinging the boom by the hydraulic actuators. Since the ve...
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Easily Store This Foldable Beetle Cycle Helmet in Your Backpack

The new helmet concept designed by French designer Paul Loury is surely quite innovative going by the purpose and design. The foldable helmet named Beetle Cycle, addresses the issue of urban cyclist carrying around the helmet after riding through the city, one can easily store this in the backpack. The helmet has been designed by the designer after studying quite a good range of folding solutions and the shell structures of helmet and thereby developing this comb and given the mechanical flexibi...
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Megaphone for Your Mobile Music Experience

Contemporary lifestyle is deeply affected by mobility. People travel a lot, because of their work, for personal interests, or simply to enjoy themselves. Strict boundaries between workspace, home, social spaces, and entertainment venues no longer exist. Developed for the Nokia Nseries Design Award competition, Megaphone is your next mobile music experience: just a seat for trade events or a music amplifier for Nokia mobile phones. (more…)...
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Manta Bay Cruiser Was Designed With Great Concideration Of The Enviroment

This new boat design will sure be cynosure of all eyes while also gaining brownie points as an eco friendly concept. The Manta Bay Cruiser as it is called is a concept that has put to use the best of technology for its construction with a sole aim of looking good but in an Eco-friendly manner. The plastic components are all organic i.e hi-tech bio plastic while the wood being drift wood. Also the metals and glass used are of recycled material making it a thoroughly environment friendly automobil...
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Modern Happy Chaise Lounge for A Couple to Relax

The new lounge furniture design by Dima Loginoff can be termed as modern and practical as it is designed for a couple to relax and unwind. It can be said to be a take on classic love seat with space being provided to give each partner to be together while maintaining their own privacy as well. Even though each alcove is designed to seat one person but if the partners want to cuddle in the same seat, there will still be good enough room to accommodate. Made with plastic and chrome plated steel b...
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Wear This Future Mobile Music Concept On Your Wrist

Mobile phone today is more than just simple phone as its usage is far beyond just receiving and making phone calls. Mac Funamizu introduced us to this new gadget which is a mobile phone concept which can be said to have been picked straight out of the Bond movies! One can wear this gadget around their wrist as a watch, though it is transparent. However the look can be customized with the change of color pattern or placing any picture on the background. A foldable gadget, thereby one can mould th...
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Transition Light Sport Aircraft with Foldable Wings

The Transition sport aircraft design from Terrafugia promises to take away a lot of hassles faced by modern day pilots. The aircraft named The Transition is a design that provides the convenience of being able to fold the wings while driving on any of the surface road. So, from the confines of the cockpit, one can easily stow away the wings while the aircraft is on the road and deploy the same for the flight is all done on a click of a button thus, giving solution to the issues faced by pilots l...
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“ThisWay” Bicycle with Semi-Enclosed Design

The new bicycle design by Torkel Dohmers has recently won the 'commuter bike for masses' design competition. The bicycle named "ThisWay" has been designed keeping in mind the safety and security of the rider from all sorts of situation. Care has been taken by designer to ensure that the rider is safe from weather as the concept has covered top thereby giving the concept an automobile like feel. Also the material used is light weight with the front and rear lights being operated by solar cell pla...
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Airbub : Protection from Air Pollution in Mega Cities

This innovative concept designed by French designer Phil Perez along with his German counterpart Jens Roeper have come up with a perfect environment friendly solution for the common man. The design termed as Airbub, is an open air system for people in mega cities. It focuses on the needs of the people for protection against air pollution in the emerging markets. This design enables people to breathe naturally and be able to communicate with each other while breathing clean filtered air however t...
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X30 Next Generation WheelChair

The X30 wheelchair has been designed keeping in mind the strain that the physically challenged have to undergo in situation where there is no help in hand. Designed by Danish designer Ulrik Svenningsen, the design helps in reducing the strain in hands, and shoulder which some times leads to injuries to them and also puts the device for long term use and improves comfort and mobility. Also these wheelchairs are strong, long lasting and easier to maneuver while going up the inclined surfaces and r...
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Sanctuary Concept is A Solution to Future Natural Catastrophes

This new sanctuary concept has been derived from the earthquake that struck Indian Ocean in 2004 which was responsible for death of more than 400 Swedish nationals. Being inspired by this tragedy, Industri Standard design firm has come up with sanctuary which can be termed to be a solution for the future national calamities. This compact and lightweight shelter has been developed by Dupont Tyvek, the shelter is moisture repelling, water and chemical resistant while also being recyclable as it is...
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Sharky Tea Infuser Won 3rd Prize at The Beyond Silver Competition

This new tea infuser seems to be inspired from the jaws trilogy given the resultant is concerned. This device called Sharky, extracts the properties from a soluble ingredient like the tea leaves, herbs or fruit. The same keeps dissolving till it is completely saturated in the liquid, though when in operation it reminds one of the deadly sharks as the solvent is dissolving. This process also makes it quite an impressive show as one looks on the tea leaves to get dissolved, and with the red color ...
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Hyper : Hydro Pulse Rescuer Which Detect Abnormality in Heartbeat

We live in a technologically advanced era where every day we find new inventions or designs meant to ensure longer lives for, we humans. On these lines comes Hyper, which is a lifesaver system designed to detect abnormality in heartbeat arising due to swimming within the given scope area. It is designed to come to rescue, if it detects any such situation via hydroelectric energy, thereby minimizing the chances of loss of life. That's not all, the other skills that this device has is that it is a...
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OCE (One Common Energy) Electric Car Concept

This new car concept which was a participant at the Michellin challenge design 2009 is one that is modern in functions yet contemporary in design. The car runs on the new energy system known as OCE or One Common Energy wherein the complete system runs on the same type of smart battery. The system consists of a battery, CPU with customized interface for user communication and function which in itself can replace the need for the regular battery, engine and other control systems found in today's c...
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