WM2 : A Watch with Integrated CellPhone from Van Der Led

The concept Van der Led WM2 is a watch with integrated cell phone which if in production can actually be worn and carried around. It is a quad band GSM watch with color screen display and also has additional features such as stereo Bluetooth and almost 5 hours of talk time. And to store those songs, you have 1 GB storage space. At $471 a piece, it sure is one gadget that will leave a hole in your pocket (more…)...
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MIT Water Walls

Now this is what I call a very cool wall, water walls, designed by MIT and was unveiled on Thursday at the opening of the Zaragoza World Expo in Spain. This is the first kind of Digital Water Pavilion that creates spaces and dynamically adjust to people and conditions. The idea of this water pavilion is based on the challenge of how to make fluid reconfigurable architecture, and MIT is trying to answer that question with its water walls. Source : MIT via Core77...
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Electric Dauphin is Designed to Run Almost Noiselessly For As Far As 300 Kilometers

Electric Dauphin is a pure electric vehicle. The best part is that one can charge it at home as one does to a cellular phone. For full charge a little over six hours is needed and can run almost 300 km in one charge. The vehicle was created as a smart vehicle which is cost efficient and environment friendly. It is designed in a manner that the electric motors are housed just inside the rear wheels of the vehicle. Touching a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour the vehicle is built with composite...
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Las Vegas City Center, Largest Environmentally Sustainable Urban Communities

City Center, a green development project coming up in Las Vegas, is the largest privately financed development in North America. It's an $8 billion venture between MGM MIRAGE and Dubai World, the first building is scheduled to be opened at the end of 2009. On completion of the entire City Center project, it includes a resort casino, two non-gaming resort hotels, and almost 500,000 square foot retail and entertainment space and also will feature a $40 million public fine art program. (mor...
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Kohler Crevasse Prep Sink by Anne Kitzmiller

For all the people who find it a hassle to do rinsing, and disposing garbage, designer Anne Kitzmiller has come up with Crevasse Prep Sink. The sink has been developed in collaboration with Kohler kitchen design and engineering group, it controls rinsing functions and garbage disposal synchronization. It uses a unique technique to develop a safe interface which can be activated by human touch, thus eliminating any chance of activation by accident by a pot or a pan. A constant blue glow indicates...
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Futuristic Jet House by Jerome Olivet

Jerome Olivet has developed his latest creation, a futuristic house, very futuristic: Jet House. Jet House is conceptualized to meet the ocean and the horizon. It's the latest development in individual architecture. The location is with remarkable panorama, with the design being a mixture of welfare and power. It looks like a cocoon with all lines converging towards the terrace. The color comes with immaculate walls which are contrasting with the ground mirror reflecting the sky. (more&h...
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EyeMove PC Concept with Multi-Function Wireless Controller

The EyeMove PC is probably a great news for computer geeks. EyeMove PC is a new approach to home entertainment and computer user interfaces. This PC concept has small oval-shaped with built in projection lens controlled by a multi-function wireless controller. Place it vertical on a wall, horizontal on a stand, on your desk and project your programs, movies, games anywhere you like. With the wireless controller you can forget the old mouse, your keyboard, joystick , you have it all in one with a...
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Lilypads : Futuristic Floating Ecopolis

Lilypad the ecotectural marvelhas been built by Vincent Callebaut and it could serve to be a luxurious future retreat for almost 50,000 inhabitants who seek refuge from rising waters due to global warming. This floating structure is an optical wonder, and it's a dramatic display of the most modern green innovations. Callebaut has named it as the "Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees" and he hopes that the same will make the transition from design to reality by the turn of the century. His desi...
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360 Takes Skateboarding to A New Level

360 is a revolutionary design that works on the movements of the body to give the ride and feel of various kinds of surface. Out here it's the user's mind and human imagination that is taken as the base and one can feel the drive be it roads or grasslands. All one needs to do is fit their feet into the inner part of the wheel and one gets into the natural riding position. The sensations experienced are very much similar to snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding. Designer : Francesco Sommaca...
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TwoTwo, 2 Seater Electric Car That Transforms into 4 Seater at The Press of A Button

German designer Ramin Ansari has designed a car that seemed to be picked direct from a Sci Fi comic book. Two Two is what they call and is an electric car which can be transformed from a 2 –seater to a 4 –seater at the press of a button! While the 2 seater length is 2.5 meters, and the 4 seater is almost 3.1 meters long. It is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries which are coupled with 4 wheel hub engines. Delivers a power output of 100kW, allowing a range of 250 kms in a full charge. To recharg...
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Parasolar, Green Technology for Public Seating Area

Parasolar is a revolutionary new green gadget which seems to change the way people view the public seating and thus setting a high standard pertaining to the green future gadgets which shall be subjected to public use. It uses solar energy thus making it a sustainable product and environmentally friendly. Many interactive & educational elements are also incorporated into this design, like, the OLED visual display projecting information to the masses which relates to sustainability issues. Th...
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BMW Gina Light Car Concept

Car manufacturers have always been interested to explore how the vehicles of the future would be like, but the key remains as to how prepared are we to face the challenge of presenting newer options. We know that BMW always introduces jaw-dropping car concept such as the last post in this blog BMW M1 Homage, but even in our wildest dream we don't expect to see BMW latest car concept would be made of cloth. BMW Group Design has come up with GINA or Geometry and Functions in "N" Adaptations. BMW G...
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Aquatic Vehicle Concept by Diego Gonzalez King

"Take Breath Away", a popular chart busting number from the 1986 block buster. That's the first song that comes to mind when one sees this beauty. At the onset, this concept aqua vehicle seems like what the race cars are to the car enthusiasts. This vehicle sure will be king of the water sports. Though much is not said by the manufacturers, but with the pictures that's been released one can for sure say that it sure will give the driver the best of both worlds i.e. high speed with best safety fe...
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Flaik Armband for Ski Adventurers

The Flaik armband seems to be a promising device for all you ski adventurers. The device has been named this year's Australian International Design Award. At the ski slopes, the device records jump airtime using GPS system which is embedded in the armband. Apart from that, the device also keeps a tab on measuring the speed, distance, and altitude and not just automatically uploaded to the Flaik servers. Users can access this data any time via web-enabled device; this surely does push up your bra...
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Discovery Bike with Detachable Front Light

Taiwan based designer Eric So has come with a Discovery bike, which was featured in the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition. The bike of course looks sleek and at the first look seems more like an exercise bike but it sure is one that is mobile. The frame design is based in a smooth diamond shaped structure, which has been incorporated innovatively in a detachable front light which also acts as a flashlight. The design enhances the functionality of the accessory maintaining its visual ...
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