RimLock Bike is Designed to Lock Itself

The RimLock bike acts as a lock itself and is designed to make a better life for a bike messenger, making it easier and quicker to lock and immobilize the bike. The inspiration of this bike came from the bike messenger or delivery person who tend to leave their bike unlocked because of the complexity and time required associated with this issue. The user just puts the key inside the bike’s hub and twists the rim to make it not rollable. Both the rear and front wheel have this locking ability a...
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MercuryHouseOne : Solar Powered Mobile Lounge Gallery

Mobile phones, mobile homes, mobile office or mobile hedges, all these terms are already known to most of us. Mercury House One is an innovative concept of a mobile lounge, which is surely unique and useful in the modern mobile era. The house is actually a potable pod-shaped lounge and as per the designers, it will be first launched this September at the Venice Biennale. Whether you put it into the nature or in the heart of a busy city, this curvaceous capsule can offer you a unique experience b...
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Touch Color Helps Blind People to Draw

The Touch Color concept has been specially designed to make blind people able to draw and admire colorful digital pictures. This innovative device comprises a Rainbow Picker in a form of a scroll wheel, which contains Braille dots that allows blind people to select a color from 24 available. After selecting a color, this device differentiates the colors by generating varied temperatures through LED bulbs. Then the user can paint on a thermal art board by using their fingers and the thermal-color...
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Viu : 3 Wheel Electric Concept Car for 2 Persons

Viu is a futuristic concept car that has been designed with a living feel and has given the sensation about not only its aesthetic like a motorbike, but comprehensive safety of a 4 wheeled car. This lighter and smaller vehicle comprises more aerodynamics to make it more efficient and environmentally friendly with its 2 electric engines that never emit anything bad at all. The sporty and technologic outlook enables wheels, suspension or rear suspension to be seen in action from the driving positi...
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Ferreti 560 Yacht (r)evolution with Two MAN V8-900 Engines

The Ferretti 560 is the latest and final model of Ferretti Yachts, waiting to be unveiled on the International de la Plaisance 2009 festival in Cannes, which took around two years to get into its current redesigned shape of the flying bridge of its previous versions. In this connection, Ferretti Yachts has signed a long-term partnership again with Studio Zuccon International to realize the ambition of the F560. Studio Zuccon was mainly responsible for lightning and space guiding principles, addi...
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Ibex Speedboat by Peter Carrasquillo

Ibex is a concept speedboat that allows the user to determine the attributes of the wake with adjustable trim planes sited at the base of the tower. The user can adjust the planes from the driver’s seat to increase the water displacement which will lead to a more defined wake. Or to have smooth driving, user can adjust the planes for decreased drag, enhanced fuel efficiency and quality ride while not disrupting other boaters. The tower, below dash consoles and lower swim deck area is featured ...
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Futuristic Landstorm Concept Vehicle for The Year 2058

Landstorm concept is a vehicle that is designed for future, when airborne vehicles will not be much effective to reach a particular area because of frequent natural disasters which is the result of future global warming. This vehicle has been designed as an all terrain vehicle that is equipped with a collection of hidden gadgets or compartments and the ability to interchange the pods located on its back. There is a variety of Pods that can be enclosed with the vehicle before it is sent to a part...
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Shade : A Lamp Shade That Act as The Lamp Itself

SHADE is a lamp shade that has been designed in an innovative way to act as the lamp itself. It brings a new lifestyle to an iconic form with a tuxedo-like formal appearance. The shade incorporates 28 bulbs fitted on its edge along with stainless steel button head cap that screwed with the silver studs and cuff links. This brilliant lamp shade is a low voltage fixture that uses aircraft aluminum body in order to conduct electricity to the highly efficient 12V/10W, high color rendering and long l...
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Shocker Chopper Bike from Team Tentakulus

Shocker Chopper is a motorcycle shaped bicycle that has been designed by the creative minds from Team Tentakulus which will give you a better impression like riding a bike without thinking of the expense on gas. The main difference of this straightforward bicycle from other conventional bicycles is the bulky, bike type tires. Riding the bicycle is a fun experience but the rider should be careful when driving since there was no indication about the brakes so far. This pure, plain and simple two w...
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Haptic Reader Helps Blind People Reading Non-Braille Books

Haptic Reader is a concept device that features an innovative way of helping blind people on reading non-Braille books. This device incorporates a flat glass surface that converts the letters of a page into Braille characters and projects them on the flat surface of this device when the user places it on a book. Moreover, this device also helps those people who don’t know reading Braille characters through the embedded speaker. The device can scan the text and convert it into voice which is pl...
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Transport Efficient for 2020 : Combination of City Loader and AirLines

Transport Efficient 2020 is a concept vehicle that offers two different modes for driving as per requirement. First one is City Loader, a stylish and compact vehicle that can be employed for short distance city use to effectively drive through busy traffic. This vehicle is powered by electric engines and gear hub drive and the energy is stored in metal air hybrid batteries that can charge via plug and ride. On the other hand, the AirLiner mode offers long distance transportation and comprises se...
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Mini Eco System Phyto Purification Bathroom

Phyto-purification bathroom is a concept bathroom that features the phyto-purification natural filtering principle, becoming a mini eco-system that can recycle and regenerate the waste water. This purification system includes an organic system that purifies the used water from the washbasin and the shower before re-using. This system will reduce the waste of water as well as let the users save a considerable amount of bills that they are paying for excessive use of water. The phyto-purification ...
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Universal Phone Is Especially Designed for Blind People

Usual mobile phones contain a small dot on the 5 key that allows the user to press the other keys even without looking on the keypad. Thus, even blind people can write text messages with conventional mobile phones. But what will they do when it comes to reading a text message? The Universal Phone concept is specially designed for blind people, but sighted people can also use it even efficiently. The keypad contains thousands of micro pins that are lowered and raised according to different modes....
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The Egg : Unfold Your Kitchen Like A Flower

The Egg is a concept kitchen that will offer necessary functionalities so that anyone can become an expert chef. With simple, clean and natural shape, the Egg concept provides both aesthetic and functional significance for future houses and users. The kitchen is consists of three wings, vapor washing wing provides cool water rapid jet that sprayed automatically when hands are detected, induction wing features low energy, no heat and high-end cooking, and preparation wing is an interactive panel ...
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LineCraft TR : A Futuristic Aircraft Specializes In High Speed, Mid Altitude Flight

LineCraft TR is a single seater concept aircraft that comprises a collection of “Ludicrous Speed” engines, generating massive amount of 'g's. The engine contains eight miniatures and two large speed brakes to control the roll and yaw of the aircraft. LineCraft was designed for racing short to medium distances on the sky or over desert areas. This aircraft is specialized in high speed and mid altitude flight. The giant air brakes are required to control the aircraft because of the compact siz...
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