Aqualis Mooring Concept by Andrew Bedov

Aqualis is a concept mooring, an innovative replacement of the 15 moorings located in the center of Moscow. The closed spatial scheme has movement of passengers and inside, there are open spaces for relax, zones with countless sofas, café and a library, and the left part contains an open viewing platform. The décor of the entire structure has been enhanced with the horizontal and vertical beams that divides the inside platform space. The smoothly designed interior as well as the entrance of t...
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Ku! Phone Concept with Ability to Form Switches, Buttons, and Wipers Over The Surface

Nowadays, touchscreens are drastically being used by mobile phone manufacturers but among many others, missing of tactility problem is taking place most often. Ku Phone is a revolutionary touchscreen phone concept that can overcome this problematic approach by passing a temperate electric current for different material sizes both linear and three-dimensional ones. This handset is designed to form switches, buttons, wipers, etc over the surface of the mobile for any particular application. Moreov...
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Beautiful and Elegant Vera Kettle by Bugatti

VERA is an electronically controlled concept kettle design which brings together technological knowledge and elegance for your relaxing moments. This device is able to achieve required temperature and ensure an optimal and uniform heating for the making of each hot beverage. The touch buttons along with the display screen is embedded in the handle and 360o on the base laying capability ensures easy operating. The combination of implementing latest technological developments and the stylish conic...
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Rolly Cook : Portable Oven Concept

Medical researches have shown that burnt food is always harmful for human body and are linked with the expansion of cancer cells. So, in order to keep your food unburned, you need to swirl it regularly which reduces the possibility of your food getting burned. Rolly Cook is a portable oven concept that can efficiently do this for you allowing more convenience and extra time to use for other purpose. This handy tool reduces the risk of burning your food in an innovative and well-designed way. It ...
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Freescale Modular Netbook Based on ARM Technology

Portable workbooks with various features and brands are ever-increasingly popping up everyday and designers are still looking to introduce more functional gadgets. Smartbook is a concept design by Freescale who has specially made six prototypes with a wide range of features. These modular mini-notebooks are based on ARM processors and emphasize on enhanced super-long battery life in order to fit in different usage patterns. These compact smartbooks, with brilliant look, durable made and great fu...
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TW Transporter Single Seater Magnetic Field Powered Vehicle Concept

TW Transporter is a single seater magnetic field powered concept vehicle that has been crafted by fascinating the future transportation means. This two wheeler vehicle includes an on-board electricity powered mechanism and an electric engine that can generate a magnetic filed to run the large wheels. The rims of the wheel are suspended over superconducting fluids where the shifting magnetic field creates the required motion to propel the car. Thus, the motion and power generation is nearly noise...
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Panthera Leo Concept Electric Mower from Husqvarna

Husqvarna Panthera Leo is a concept mower specially designed to get you rid of mowing associated inconveniences such as providing electricity, hectic pushing, dust, etc. The mower is powered with rechargeable batteries that last two hours on full charge. The LCD display and sensors are some other highlighted features of this mower that can inform you what height and speed you should mow at. Moreover, this mower will inform you if you are going to ride too vertically or about to strike an object....
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Reebok Vector O Bat Features 3 Holes Above The Grip to Increase Swing Speed

Vector O Bat is a pure aerodynamics concept that incorporates innovative Rev-O-lution Bat Technology yet so simple technique for stunning functionality. Key features of this bat include handle durability, less drag, bat performance and extraordinary vibration reduction. The O-bat has been comprehensively tested and proven its less drag, more distance and faster speed features and has engineered aiming those players who use power and speed to drive the ball. The entire swing pattern of this bat p...
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SouldBulb Combines Lighting and Sound to Tickle Your Sense

There are various lighting and/or sound products available on the market, but most of them are very direct and serves a particular task efficiently. SoundBulb is an outcome of a competitive product market research across a wide range of exciting lighting/sound products. This concept utilizes both lighting and sound into one product and the final design features a bulb like shaped speakers that can be enhance the décor of your household as well as increase the functionality. The combination brin...
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Autonomous Living Unit : Futuristic Chair by Eduardo McIntosh

Autonomous Living Unit has been demonstrated last April for the first time in the Future Cities exhibition occurred in New York City which is a concept chair with a unique look that integrates all the functions that a home may have into a single chair. This concept is outlined by imagining the furniture that could be fitted in derelict buildings to provide the fundamental needs of human being. This project symbolizes the current housing crisis due to the tendency of people to live on their own a...
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Infinitas Yacht Design was Inspired by the Symbol of Infinity

Infinitas is a 300 foot yacht concept inspired from the symbol of infinity which has been comprehensively expressed theoretically within the elevation of the yacht. This closed loop eternity symbol is featuring two major elements, the carving out stern and the mid section elliptical shaped deck constructs. The seamlessly flow of the yacht’s superstructure within itself is the outcome of the central structural spine that holds the loop together. The realignment of infinitas’ traditional funct...
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Jenny : The Mother’s Baby Care Bed by Thiago Antonelli

Having a premature child is always a difficult experience, especially for those parents who are going over the intimidating and technical environment of NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Jenny is a specially designed infant care bed aiming to redesign the role of the parents when they are inside the NICU. This product will allow the mother to stay closer to the child physically and creates a peaceful division between the environment of the unit and her child. It is being anticipated that the...
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Sound Seed Speakers with Bird Nest Shaped Body

Cordless home electronics products are always preferable with all range of users but when it comes about choosing speakers, it’s quite hard to find one with cordless facility because of the huge power requirement. Sound Seed is a uniquely designed bird nest shaped speakers with a combination of black and white slick body that can be hanged from the wall or wrapped around any object. These stylish hanging speakers from your ceiling include the cable as a necessary part of the design which will ...
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TERRENA : Next Generation Concept Vehicle by Marcos Madia

TERRENA is a next generation concept vehicle aimed to go through several terrains of America. The exclusive tire mechanism of this car adapts the wheel's dimensions to the various types of roads, allowing the user to drive the car safely in various conditions. To ensure better functionality, this vehicle is designed in a larger wheel diameter and reduced width along with an enhanced car height. The integrated sensors are able to provide signals about a road condition and if they found a good roa...
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Squidolin Features a Beautiful Contemporary Violin Design

Squidolin is a specially designed violin that will let you learn to play by following a series of simple techniques, yet it performs as a regular violin when it is connected with an amplifier. The beautiful contemporary design and a Maple wood finished comfortable bow have made it a great piece. The designer has considered few constrains when designing the violin, such as, a half violin and half music player that would break down the notes of a tune and show how to play it. A ball using as a ...
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