Rotation City Bike : Rotate and Fold Your Bike !

Designer Yirong Yang has brought forward a truly interesting bicycle design at International Bicycle Design Challenge. 'Rotation' is a city rotating and folding bike concept design which seems to be a combination of unicycle and bicycle. You can make a choice as to what you wish to ride and consequently you can fiddle with the axis to give preferred shape. Although unicycle is for adventurers and will be a challenge for a normal human being to ride still riders admire it for its unique design. B...
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Luxury Champagne Cruise Collection by Veuve Clicquot and RIVA

Veuve Clicquot and RIVA have come up with Champagne cruise collection that would make you bath in Champagne. RIVA is a luxurious speedboat company and Veuve Clicquot has designed two different accessories for Riva boats. Their first collection costs around $80,000 and it includes 4 bottles of La Grande Dame 98, 2 magnums, 6 Champagne flutes and 6 water tumblers, plates, table mats and cutlery. Their second edition is composed of a bottle of La Grande dame 98 and 2 Champagne flutes at $425. The d...
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“Xylophone Bin”, Musical Bin Concept

"Xylophone Bin" is an amazing creation by Dominic Wilcox designed for Danish Company Vipp's charity auction event held in New York. It is not an ordinary bin but it plays music. Xylophone bin is made up of oak and steel. When you press the pedal, the lid opens and it releases a ball that travels down a spiral set of xylophone steps around the bin. Whenever that ball touches a step, a note is played and while going down, the note gets lower. It is hard to see such a musical concept and that too f...
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The Matching Tree : Space-Efficient Furniture System

Inspired by the design of a tree, this Matching Tree or Tree House is very useful concept for a librarian. It is shelving unit with a ladder built in to the bookcase in order to have all the books within one's reach. One can easily adjust or extend ladder from floor to ceiling to reach to the higher shelves. This design submission came from Kuan-Sheng Wu, take a look at the V-shape of this concept, it assists to balance the weight of the bookcase and also protects it falling during an earthquake...
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Te Wero Bridge Competition Winner

Te Wero Bridge in Auckland, New Zealand is an International Design Competition Winner. It is not an ordinary bridge but this NZ$50 million bridge will link the city's CBD with industrial area of Auckland. It is intended for public transport, cycle, pedestrian use. Te Wero is a twin leaf bascule aluminum bridge with a vertical tower of 60m. It will have an opening span of 40 meters to enable large boats to access Harbor. The deck is divided into two longitudinal components, south leaf and north l...
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Extremis Gargantua Multi-Functional Garden Table

Here comes something useful and creative for your garden furniture. Gargantua is a multi-functional garden table that can accommodate 8 people at one time. There are 4 benches that can be deranged and replaced by a wheelchair or a highchair. You can install its benches according to your height. If all the benches are in the highest position, this table can accommodate 12 people but you would require some extra chairs for this. This multi-functional table can be used for family gatherings, small ...
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Public Transport Concept by Jake Eadie

If you have the urge to travel and site see in Prato, Italy then here comes this driverless vehicle. This public transport has 6 wheels, electric power source and drive computer. Its speed range is very slow ranging from 5 to 15 km/h. Around 6 people can sit comfortably and 4 to 5 people can stand while traveling. The view would be amazing while traveling because there are glasses on all four sides of this vehicle. The overall concept and design is great but I doubt how far it would fulfill futu...
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Steamer Concept by Roland Cernat

Who does not want to eat healthy and fresh food? Now there is no need to waste time on cooking because this "Steamer" designed by Roland Cernat will prepare your meal within minutes. It is a healthy preparation method for rice, vegetables, meat, fish and spaghetti etc. The best part is that the amount of water used is very low as compared to boiling. The goal of Roland Cernat focuses on a beautiful quote, "Save Water and Prepare Healthy". For all those health conscious people, this concept is pe...
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Shooter, Very Cool Gun-Type Fire Extinguisher Concept

Have you ever imagined to put the fire off in a cool way? Well, this fire extinguisher design is submitted by Eun Jung Kim might answer your question. Shooter is new gun-type fire extinguisher concept. The design addresses some of the many problems of existing fire extinguishers. A person does not need to approach a fire too closely in order to extinguish it. First shoot the laser pointer in the direction of the fire, then shoot the fire-extinguishing bullet into the fire. Be very careful with...
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Minimalist Bahia and Yu Furniture Design from Sequoia Studio

Sequoia Studio has released 2 new furniture designs : Bahia and Yu. Bahia, designed by Nicolas Melan, is a sunbath for outdoor use. Its structure is made of white Corian®, as the supporting foot which is filled with concrete. Bahia’s cushions have loose and washable covers made of Dralon®, filled with latex foam and available in different colors and original graphics. Yu, designed by Pascal Bardel, is an outdoor/indoor chair. Its structure is made of cast in one piece white polyethylene. Its...
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Bike Design with an iPod Dock

Here comes something cool for all bike riders. Check out this bike design for Polygon which is a combination of standard bike and music player. Today, everyone prefers music while driving, at the gym, at work, on the street or even in library. Music has become the lifestyle of today's generation and therefore, this bike is designed with the rhythm of today's lifestyle. There is a music player attached with the adjustable steering and it can turn the energy of the bike into power and automaticall...
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The Rim, A Unique and Distinctive Timepiece

As they say there is time for everything, a time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to throw, a time to keep… well keeping time has been one fad that man has always been trying to do. The invention of clocks is the resultant of that. The new clock design by Jansen Lye is sure an innovative one. All it has is needles, one long and one short. There is no number, nothing, and the time is determined by the position of the needles. The clock looks cool and is completely adaptable to any given environ...
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“The Wall”, The World’s First Underground Stadium

The new design concept by the architecture firm MZ & Partners is termed as "The Wall". The design is still in draft stage. The idea is to build a lawn and stand in the basement of the stadium. With a capacity to seat 11000, the idea will be a reality in 2010 and has an advantage of having fresh air beneath the feet thus adding to the overall speed of the game as players are fresh through out the game. Also due to the cashing on the ground the overall acoustics is improved as well. So this i...
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Can Am Spyder Roadster Three Wheels Vehicle

The Can-AM SPYDER roadster combines the open-air benefits of a motorcycle with many of the convenience features of a traditional roadster to define a new paradigm for an on-road power sport vehicle. The unique Y-architecture with three wheels (two in the front, one in the rear) provides stability at rest and in motion, balancing performance needs with safety concerns. The Vehicle Stability System, which includes ABS, traction control and stability control, comes as standard on each vehicle. This...
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WX-1 Luxury Watch Concept from De Witt

If you are confusing this design with an ordinary watch then you are absolutely wrong because this watch costs more than your house. Yes, you heard it right. WX-1 concept watches are designed at price 400,000 Euros. This concept watch is fashionable, traditionally shaped and surely a luxurious one. Dewitt provides a USB powered watch winder for the WX-1. This watch shows a true creation of manual labor in its most refined form. It is no less than a combination of engineering and art that this co...
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