Mint Seal : Personal Seal for Individual and Corporate Seal for Legal Entities

The concept Mint Seal has restored the security issues that personal or corporate seals have lost these days. This concept has been designed with a locking case for the seal side and a combination lock at the other end to unlock and print the seal. There is a red dot on the body of the seal which is the level where the secret numerical combination should be aligned. After setting up with the password, turn the knob 180 degrees to come out the seal from the casing. After finishing with printing t...
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Nomad Lightweight and Simple Wheelchair for Your Comfort

The Nomad Wheelchair concept is the outcome of Mark Owen’s continuous effort with his brother Jon and Angela Gidden, a furniture designer of Studio SDA, after he got paralyzed in a motorbike accident. The inconveniences and difficulties he has faced with the traditional wheelchairs became the key turning point of Mark to make an innovative wheelchair that can overcome all those problems successfully. Finally, the lightweight and minimal mobility device reached the production house with the mon...
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TVR Throne Car Concept by Hussien Al Jammazi

Hussien Al Jammazi has envisioned an excellent and unique car concept name TVR Throne that has all the aesthetical aspect to make a person get amazed. The designer has given his maximum effort to make unique components for the car. Starting from the rear view mirrors through headlights to the front hood, everything has something extraordinary to offer to the viewers. This excellent aerodynamic design comprises V8 supercharged aluminum engine that can generate 638 hp of power, well enough to go 0...
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Mantra : Automated Life Saving System to Tackle Beach Safety Issues

Mantra is an automated life saving system concept aiming to tackle the beach safety issues that usually causes drowning casualties such as slow response time, inadequate surveillance, lack of lifeguard safety, and limitation of lifeguards as human. The Mantra concept contains small hairs with embedded electro sensors that detect distress and drowning people and swims up automatically to the spot. The victim them picked up carefully onto the built-in stretcher and it carries him or her on top of ...
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Audi Avatar 3-Seater Electric Supercar for 2032

The Audi Avatar is a 3-seater electric supercar concept specially designed for the drivers of 2032 to enjoy the pleasure of driving that they experienced playing racing games during their childhood days. The appearance of the car is much identical with the science fiction flying cars we used to watch. This futuristic car concept features 4 extremely powerful in-wheel electric motors powered by supercharge-ion batteries. The ultra lightweight aerodynamic body along with the powerful backend, it c...
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Poseidon Yacht With Integrated Solar Panels On The Sail

The Poseidon Yacht concept with its 12m overall length and 3.7m beam was aimed to provide recreation and comfort, which can be unveiled through the unique, Chaise-lounge shaped relaxation spot on the bow. This eco-friendly yacht is empowered with solar energy through the integrated solar panels with Nano-Panels technology on the sail. These thin and flexible Nano panels are integrated in the materials of the sail which can effectively produce enough energy to run the engine of the yacht and its ...
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LEGO Racers Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Review

LEGO is one of the leading premium toy manufacturers with numerous products around and many more waiting to be launched. Their product range is always lovable to all range of kids and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is one of the most playful set with various playing options to offer. This remarkably detailed 1:17 scale model features real looking Lamborghini Gallardo car with opening doors and engine cover which is able to offer sheer fun to your kids solely or with friends. The authenticity h...
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Landscape Bathtub Can Transform Its Shape to Meet Your Needs

The Landscape Bathtub concept was envisioned to meet problem of limited resources of energy and space in near future. This project is designed to transform its shape to meet the requirements for different scenarios. For example, the landscape will be a shower deck during the fast morning, which will transform into a long relaxing bathtub during evening. The landscape is made of transformable thick silicon/rubber including an air pumping mechanism inside. Moreover, the concept offers vibro-massag...
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Blu Wave : Blu Ray Player with Built-In Projector

Blu Wave is an innovative concept device that features a Blu-Ray player along with a built-in projector. The wave shaped compact design of this device allows better space management and comprises a flexible touch screen on the surface which makes a unique and interesting communication between the user and the device. The disk compartment is located on top of the upper surface and the powerful projection has been envisioned to come from the thicker edge of the device. The hallucinating print on t...
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Incheon Main Stadium for 2014 Asian Games

The Stadium concept for 17th Asian Games 2014 in Incheon has been designed to house 70,000 people and a single sided park where another 30,000 people can enjoy their visit. The design of the stadium is based on an uneven configuration with corporate and management facilities on its permanent western side, ensuring both construction and operation efficiencies. The eastern side incorporates modular temporary seating structure which will disappear when the game is finished, and the stadium structur...
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Moshimy Mobile Phone Dock by Michael Young

Moshimy is a set of a mobile phone dock and a handset through which users can charge their mobile phones in a way of celebrating the conversation art. The recharging doc and the olive green plastic made handsets are ideal for use both in home and office. The full size stylish handset enhances the functionality of mobile phones and increases the comfort of everyday living offering 96% radiation protection emitted from mobile phones. The unique aluminum brushed honeycombed appearance of the handse...
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Nissan EPORO Robot Car Mimics The Behavioral Patterns of A School of Fish

The EPORO Robot Car is a concept robot vehicle that can travel alone or in a group in certain patterns and can avoid obstacles without making a collision with each other. Aside from showcasing information technology and cutting-edge electronics, Nissan, the manufacturer of this car, has demonstrated many functional features of this concept that will be helpful for all range of commuters. This concept car with anti-collision abilities can navigate intelligently and instinctively through challengi...
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X-Mini Max II Speakers Review

X-Mini Max II speakers are available in three colors, Black, Red and White. The one I have is red and when I hold it for the first time, it gave me an impression that I am holding a hippopotamus egg. I must appreciate this expertly designed ultra-portable speaker that is precisely engineered to provide superior quality sound with around 12 hours continuous playback battery life. [php snippet=37] (more…)...
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Stow Away Stroller Converts Itself To The Proper Dimensions of Your Carry-On Luggage

Moving around children on a stroller, especially at designated locations like the airport, is always a hectic issue. The Stow Away concept stroller has been designed to simplify such an event by converting itself to the appropriate dimensions of a carry-on luggage. As a result, you can say goodbye to the tiring hours that you used to spend carrying your child around after storing the stroller under the plane. On the back of the stroller, you can find mesh pockets where baby bottles, diapers and ...
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Luxury OpenMe Ring with 3D Scanner Installed to Unlock Security Door

OpenMe is a concept ring that can be personalized for individual users by decorating with a carved glass piece and distinct geometry. Aside from showcasing stunning luxury aesthetics, this crystal ring features another handy function which is, it can open safety locks. The crystal facet has a 3D scanner installed in, which will let you to unlock a security door, just as you see in the action movies. In a nutshell, the OpenMe concept provides an added value to the crystal in handiness and our urb...
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