Can Silence Alarm Clock Wake Me Up ?

Though it's a necessity in our every day life the alarm clock is an equally important device but the jarring sound that is a part and parcel of the device is something that ensures that you wake up but in the process wakes up others as well! But the new alarm clock designed by Johan Brengesjo seems to be a revolutionary one which aims to solve this problem. The clock does not ring but vibrates thus it's a soft good morning from your slumber. And to stop the same just a simple hand gesture is eno...
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Wacom Cintiq 12WX is Your Digital Sketch Book

For the creative professionals the new Wacom Cintiq 12WX is definitely an essential tool that has been designed just for their daily needs. It is portable, and state of the art digital sketch pad which comes handy when one is not placed permanently at a given place. The sketch pad connects to the laptop while the cordless, battery-free pen allows the user to sketch, paint, draw, or input directly on the display. The integrated stand enables users to work on different angles and even if the user ...
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SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer : A Comfort Motor Home

SylvanSport GO camping and travel trailer will give you the comfort of a motor home while maintaining the simplicity of the tent. It works like a pop up camper which can be fixed anywhere as it occupies less space. Also it is quite light compared to regular trailers thus can be pulled by even small cars. The whole set up takes a few minutes and comes out to be a size of a king size bed, which seems perfect to rest after a long drive. These beds also double up as a table thus making optimum utili...
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T.E.D. – Transportable Emergency Dwelling

The new housing design by U.S. based student Craig Mackiewicz is known as the Transportable Emergency Dwelling. It is simply a house built within the footprint of a shipping container and is a unique solution to low cost housing. Each container can easily accommodate two families with scope for extending the space by pulling the compartments and tents. Also each unit has basic utilities required for a normal family daily needs like kitchen, bathroom, storage space etc.The designer has also kept ...
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B&D Messenger for Users with Visual and Hearing Impairment

The new B&D messenger is a revolutionary device designed for users with visual and hearing impairment, enabling them to communicate easily with the regular cell phone user. The basic working of the device is that it is connected to computer and the internet which translates Braille to text and vice versa thus sensing and receiving SMS to the normal user. While for a visually impaired person, the device comes with two options such as the messages can be delivered in Braille format or the same...
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C2 Ventilator with Humane Design by RKS

The new C2 ventilator designed and manufactured by California based –ID Company named RKS is design wise a revolutionary one. The said device was designed for Hamilton Medical and is based on the findings by Yale school of Medicine. The ventilator has used humane designs to give that human touch as the manufacturers believe it plays a larger role in the overall recovery of the patient. It is a welcome change from the huge white machines that all have been used to seeing which in itself seems v...
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Portable Search Engine Concept with GPS for Travelers

Seek is a portable search engine or you can say it's a guiding device by Jukka Roitto. This portable search engine is a helpful guide for people stuck in an unknown city. The device is meant to help novice and experienced looking for local theaters, restaurants, clubs etc. The device puts into use of the GPS system and the beauty of the product is that it can be personalized while also be strapped to the wrist. Also, it has touch screen based functions with other functions like a portable music ...
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Camping Activity Mobile Vehicle for Travelers

The CAM is Camping Activity Mobile. More than your typical camping vehicle, this heavy duty off-road camping vehicle can take the happy camper anywhere they would like. The wheels are dual mode, with the 5 spokes extending proud of the try to give additional grip when needed and the front and rear bumpers are made of rubber to allow for minor bumps and scrapes without the need to replace them. This new camper design by David Fearnley is surely something for the one who love to travel. At the ...
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Collapsible Bicycle Concept by Blair Hasty

The collapsible bicycle concept designed by Blair Hasty was primarily designed as a vehicle for daily transport usage. Featured in the 2004 International Bicycle Design Competition in Taiwan the concept has the pedals shifted to behind the driver so the overall weight transfers from the lower back to forearms and pelvic bone and the posture while the rider is prostrate while riding the bike. The designer has utilized the space by placing a large bag at the creating thus creating storage space fo...
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Using FreeWind, You Can Control Each Area Temperature Freely

Now you do not need to depend on others for having your choice of temperature at workplace or home because Free Wind is going to solve this problem. It is ceiling mounted air conditioner with customizable air flows. This innovative and very useful product is design by Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee. It is very stylish in appearance and will also serve as a ceiling design in your room. Free Wind is known to be a smartly operated air conditioner comprised of six fans. These six fans control wind zo...
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Urban Trolley Woman’s Hand Bag

Urban hand bag design created by Gilli Kuchik is one invention that all women would love to have. The complete product has been designed so that women can easily move around the city by transforming their handbag into a trolley when needed. Right from the design to the color combination, it has feminine written all over it. Not just that the smooth transformation from bag to vehicle and back also is pretty much straight. The design process focused on creating an iconic look that would embed the ...
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Luxury Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid Architects

You must be confusing this design with a ship standing in the middle of a forest. But in actual it is a Capital Hill Residence, a private house in Barvikha Forest which is nearby Moscow, Russia. This project was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and it is still under construction. It will be shown in the Russia Pavilion on 12th September to 23rd September as part of showcase of work by Russia. Sources say that this project will be completed by 2010. You can imagine if this structure is so beauti...
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Interzone Cell Phone Concept with Air Quality Sensor

The cell phone project 'Interzone' brings forward a new cell phone air quality sensor by Alistair Bramley. This concept aims to offer something that your iPhone does not have i.e. Sensor Planet. A Nokia Research Center has come up with this program on a large scale sensor networks. This project has sensor networks that will combine the physical and practical worlds through new methods of sensing. It will work in combination with a mobile phone to give you details about local air quality. So, get...
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Futuristic Sleek Peugeot Shoo Car Concept with Solar Panel Roof

Car concept with solar panel on the roof is not something new. But Peugeot Shoo car concept is pretty cool and futuristic. The best thing about these concept cars is that designers are focusing on developing eco-friendly and green gadgets with more and more technologies in them. This new car called "Peugeot Shoo" is also contributing something to the word "Green". This car is all about solar glow and is designed in a triangle shape with solar roof that enable it to take energy from sun and later...
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Compact Baby Carrier for Traveling

The new baby compact, designed by Helder L Santos, is sure as cute as the ones for whom it's been designed. As the name suggests it's a small baby carrier and is used to carry children of age group of 0-5 months. However as per the designer, the basic problem was the same, only 5 months of usage. After 5 months the same might not have been of any use. Hence the designer made the same as a compact and shock resistant baby traveling bag in which the parents can carry the daily baby needs once the ...
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