Water Powered Alarm Clock

“Time is Gold “as the saying says. We should get the most out of it and should enjoy every moment of it. We have found water powered alarm clock for you. Just fill in the water battery compartment with water, and you will never use the conventional battery ever again. It functions just like the traditional clocks. It has a timer, day, date and temperature functions, and it has a large round digital display. This earth friendly alarm clock is best for corporate promotional gifts. Wonder when ...
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Solar Rickshaw from SolarCab

Have you ever heard about a solar powered rickshaw? If not then you must check out this 'SolarCab'. It gives a modern look to the normal rickshaw running on roads and also boosts a humble rickshaw driver with its powered pedaling style. If you are staying in a city where motor rickshaws are very common, you must try out this solar powered rickshaw to keep things a bit greener. The time is very near when you will see widespread use of this rickshaw in the near future. SolarCab will definitely bri...
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Rapid Accident Information Device with Wide Range First Aid Procedures

Research has shown that the major factor contributing to the chances of any one surviving an accident is the response/the time taken to provide first aid to the victim. Many times help can't arrive on time as the victim might be an adventure sportsman and in uninhabitable environment. Hence, to solve this problem, Mark Little has designed this system to provide emergency information as it contains a huge database covering a wide range of first aid procedures. It consists of built in speakers and...
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Planet 3 Tow-Able Office

You are preparing for an important presentation at your home and you just want to check on the last yeas figures, and suddenly realize that the file consisting of the required data is in your office table. Now you wish you could carry your whole office with you. Well if the design developed by Planet 3, a Mumbai based design, firm all your worries should be taken care of. This complete workstation, with all the files and required technology can be folded into one tow-able package in short you ta...
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Fashionable GPS Bracelet

While packing bags for that holiday, the camera does occupy considerable part of the luggage. Not any more! With GPS MAPSHOTS a modern marvel with which one can capture pictures just at the touch of a button. This gadget is GPS system, a digital camera and a post card all combined into one. It combines the best of both satellite and computer technologies to keep you up-to-date and also on the other side acts as a guide with that GPS being on. The best part being it can be wrapped around your wri...
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User Friendly Pebble MP3 Player

With innovation being the key with respect to designs, Smith Newman has come up with the Pebble MP3 player. The basic concept of the player is, being user friendly and inspired by the greenery. He has blended the dark glass aesthetics and the natural embracing form. The headphones wrapped around the surface and the inner surface is convex with a center dip which looks more like a water droplet, where the user can shuffle the songs as in an iPod. The back is sandblasted aluminum and the center c...
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Eclipse Intuit Cell Phone Concept with Solar Panel

Eclipse intuit concept phone is an exploration into the future of mobile phones. Looking at the possibilities of more intuitive interfaces where users and the device are more effectively in-sync with each other. In addition, exploring green alternatives in powering at the phone moving away from conventional battery powered methods. Intuit features dual interactive interfaces to cater for different applications. The UI adjust itself depending on the usage mode-whether phone, camera or internet...
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Sleek Speed Racing Bike Concept

The speed racing bike concept is inspired by the alien characters in "Alien." This motorbike is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible and based on a Kawasaki ninjas stats (height, wheel base etc...), Daniel Bailey, the designer, tried to make the bike rugged while maintaining a certain level of sleekness. The bike is designed to be a speed racing bike in the not too distant future, at least aesthetically! Designer : Daniel Bailey...
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Extraordinary Dice House from Sybarite

Sybarite, a British Architecture Firm has designed an extraordinary architectural concept of Dice House. It is a zero carbon home emphasizing the outline of the Dice. This Dice house has been provided with maximum opening from all sides so that you can have a view of its surroundings. There is a large thermoplastic pillow shaped 'Umbrella' that can be seen as a cap of the three floors bound together in one balanced whole. The excellent multiple dwelling scheme of Dice house makes it a truly stan...
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Cosmic Bathroom Collection : All Handles and Controls are Hidden

A clean and sleek look for bathroom is everyone's priority. If you want to upgrade your bathroom with smooth, liner and neat look, then Zen like Bathroom collection from Cosmic can be the right choice. It is amazing to glance at a sharp minimalist bathroom with all hidden functions such as no handles, no controls, and no unnecessary things to clutter the look. Now you do not require tap water because water comes out of a hole embedded in the side wall. A glass panel is fixed in the wall for show...
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“Sunny Day” Bike with Solar Panel

Sunny Day is designed for daily urban commuting which is a 10 to 30 minutes ride, it is a pedal-powered with full time electrical power assistant, the battery could be charged either by plug or solar energy. The solar panel is mounted in the front of the bicycle, so whenever there is a sunshine, you can charge the battery. Sunny Day bike integrates the solar panel and the bike with aerodynamically shaped, to make it fashionable bike. Sunny Day bike is light, clean, and foldable. (more&he...
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SmartTravel – Future Automatic Public Transport System

Jaxon Douglas has designed SmartTravel, a futuristic transport system which can transport 12 people while taking minimum road space possible. This automatic transport has provision for four people to stand and wheelchair for the disabled. It is powered by battery, wherein the same is energized through ground by wireless energy system. Overall it ensures optimum utilization of space in the interiors, while still being spacious and classy. Thus there is a new twist age old notion of economy vs co...
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WM2 : A Watch with Integrated CellPhone from Van Der Led

The concept Van der Led WM2 is a watch with integrated cell phone which if in production can actually be worn and carried around. It is a quad band GSM watch with color screen display and also has additional features such as stereo Bluetooth and almost 5 hours of talk time. And to store those songs, you have 1 GB storage space. At $471 a piece, it sure is one gadget that will leave a hole in your pocket (more…)...
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MIT Water Walls

Now this is what I call a very cool wall, water walls, designed by MIT and was unveiled on Thursday at the opening of the Zaragoza World Expo in Spain. This is the first kind of Digital Water Pavilion that creates spaces and dynamically adjust to people and conditions. The idea of this water pavilion is based on the challenge of how to make fluid reconfigurable architecture, and MIT is trying to answer that question with its water walls. Source : MIT via Core77...
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Electric Dauphin is Designed to Run Almost Noiselessly For As Far As 300 Kilometers

Electric Dauphin is a pure electric vehicle. The best part is that one can charge it at home as one does to a cellular phone. For full charge a little over six hours is needed and can run almost 300 km in one charge. The vehicle was created as a smart vehicle which is cost efficient and environment friendly. It is designed in a manner that the electric motors are housed just inside the rear wheels of the vehicle. Touching a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour the vehicle is built with composite...
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