Jik : Gadget Glove That Actively and Passively Records and Archives Everything About Your Day

Every parts of a human body are directly connected to the nerves of brain. Each and every movement of our body is governed by the signal sent by the brain. Using this principle, a very unique gadget has been designed which is named as "Jik - experience recorder". Looking like a hand gloves, this gadget has strong sensors fitted to each of the finger. Through these sensors it can record all his experience. Middle finger is used for data processing, first finger for synesthesia, thumb for sharing,...
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E-Wall Concept : Please Have A Seat on Our Wall !

Now your wall can be a multi purpose product for you. Check out this new concept called "E-Wall" designed by Josselin Zaïgouche. This concept is proposed development sprawl for offices. This wall offers never-ending and amazing opportunities to have a rest, calm down, have a drink and much more. There are multiple blocks integrated within the wall that can be used for different purposes. All the blocks are made of different textures and different densities. E-Wall is surely going to be a benefi...
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Altec Orbit Mp3 Portable Speaker System with Long Battery Life !

As the good things comes in small packages, the new orbit MP3 speaker system is surely a nice way to share with the regular music devices like MP3, CD Player, music enabled phones etc. All one needs to do is to slip it out of the storage space and the broadcast starts. The clarity and the range are immensely amazing which gets a boost by the 360 degree surround sound. It's a good company when one is looking for a break after a hard day's night! Add to this the long battery life all one can say i...
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Palm Lite Design Proposal for Mag-Lite

Emergency light or a torch is very essential equipment that everyone must possess. Those days are gone when heavy and bulky torch were used, now it's time for small and handy torch. This Palm Lite is the latest design emergency torch that is just 5 inches long and provides an intense light with a very long range. It is basically designed for firefighters, police, army etc, but due to its compatibility it can also be used for regular everyday use. It can easily be turned on by the trigger at the ...
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Audi R25 Prototype

The new concept car R25 by Audi is the latest in its lineup of race cars. The features are quite innovative and the same have never been featured in any of the prototypes like high velocity banks and tunnels, a feature that allows the car to race in inverted position which helps it overtake other aerodynamic race cars. The car has been designed to perform in new racing conditions and will sure be a pioneer in revolutionizing the conceptual cars being designed for racing in the days to come. ...
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Solar Sailor with Solar Cells on Top of The Sails

The new Solar Sailor is the new toy designed for the Super Rich which not just boosts the ego but is fuel efficient as well. Designed by Australian design team based it will be a wonderful addition for all the super yachts owned by all those super rich out there. The whole concept works in a way, wherein on top of the sails the solar cells are kept which are programmed to be facing towards the sun and absorbing maximum energy. The energy thus collected is used to power the yacht. The company cla...
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Digitus, Luxury Ring Jewelry That Shows The Time

Here comes a ring jewelry which is stylish and modern, having the potential future in material science. This ring is highly compact and smart because it consists of magnetic and decorative material with advanced technology. There is a display on this ring that shows you the time, your personal calendar data and also acts as a beautiful jewelry. The device grasps 1710 sphere that can be turned into every direction. So, I guess the designer has given its best to make the jewelry useful as well as ...
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Freeroll : Move Free and Effortless

"Freeroll", the rollators design conceptualized by Finnish designer Heikki Juvonen, is surely a helpful mode of transportation for the disabled or injured. The biggest advantage of the rollators is that it is user friendly and easy to use unlike the presently available, wherein the user is forced to have external help. The designer has designed the same making the user a part of the device rather than being away from it. The movement is free and is clearly effortless thus anyone with limited abi...
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Mintpad : Digital Note from Mintpass

Mintpad is a new digital marvel which just adds to the fun of passing notes to the next level. It's a tiny little device and one can just scribble on the screen without the use of key boards and passes the information via Wi-Fi. It makes you feel more connected with both the sender and the receiver getting the information in the hand written form. Priced at $156, Mintpad is available right now only in Korea, it comes loaded with a 4 GB memory with other facilities like media player, web browser ...
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KATA 3N1-20 Backpack for Professional Photographers

The new bag pack design, KATA named 3N1-20 Sling Bag is surely a practical day to day accessory for professional photographers. Coming from the makers of military bags for the Israeli defense services, the bag can be used in various positions as sling and is comfortable to carry along. The design ensures that whole lot of equipments can be carried with least effort and the equipments can be accessed easily as and when required. The bags are designed keeping in mind the fact the user can easily w...
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Smoker Bench Design with Two Pillars for The Ash or Disposing The Cigarette Stubs

The new project named as Smoker bench, is as the name signifies a place where the smokers can smoke and socialize in peace without a hassle. The bench consisting of a two side sitting area with supporting pillars, which double up as containers to flip the ash or disposing the cigarette stubs. The designer has put to use the connecting portion between the two pillars as grass can be grown adding to the visual feel. Also it helps in promoting the clean and green message to all those who spend time...
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Cocorico for Your Chickens by Maxime Evrard

Do you own a hen yard? Are you looking for a change? Check out this unique domestic chicken yard designed by a young designer named Maxime Evrard. This concept is an alternative to farming with advanced facilities for the chickens. The designer has designed it in a way to limit any kind of environmental impact and has also tried to offer new lifestyle for hens in a playful manner. Even the way to feed hens is very modern and stylish. There can be no other interesting way to keep your chickens ha...
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“Bombproof Bins” with LCD Screen Diplaying Informations by RenewSolution

London is going to be cleaner and environment friendly with the help of Bombproof Bins called as "Renew". These bins are designed to absorb heat of explosions, collects trash and recyclable materials in different compartments and there is a weather-proof LCD screen displaying news and travel information. These New Bombproof waste bins will be installed throughout London keeping in mind the city's safety concerns. This is not a cheap or small project because each unit of bombproof bin will cost $...
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Opel Siderium Car Concept with Luxury and Futuristic Interior

This concept car is a combination of lavishness and style. Opel Concept Siderium is the winner of Best Conceptual Interior at Interior Motives Design Awards 2008. The exterior of this car are full of textures and accessories and are marked by soft curves and amazing looks. The designed has focused mainly on interior luxury and versatility because the car includes widely customizable interiors. The seats can be adjusted into a number of desired shapes while the external fabric quickly adjusts its...
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G1 Phone Design for Google by Mike and Maaike

This is a G1 phone designed for Google by two San Francisco designers, Mike and Maaike. This is a unique phone using the Google's open source operating system called as Android. The handset is quite stylish and has a 3.2 inch touch screen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. This phone also incorporates a compass that helps you to navigate Google maps by turning the phone. G1 is produced by Taiwanese manufacturers HTC and is also available on T-mobile. The only advantage or unique thing that this de...
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