X Sting Wish Fire Extinguisher with Sci-Fi Style by Adam Scott

Adam Scott has come with a sci-fi styled X Sting Wish Commercial Fire Extinguisher concept that is designed in three distinct versions namely CO2, Powder and H2O and can be used on a variety of fire types such as paper fires and electrical fires etc. There is an additional LED that serves to light your path once the dual trigger is activated. The best thing about this commercial product is that it can be easily used and extinguished. Once looking at this product, you would say it looks like a Ho...
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Top Ten Futuristic Dashboard from Paris Motor Show 2008

Get ready to change the interior of your car by choosing one of these new forms of car dashboards. These are 10 best dashboards of Paris Motor Show 2008. You can have a feel of 'Need for Speed' with these stylish and unique dashboards which are made up of new material and new forms to offer new ways for drivers and passengers to interact with the vehicle. Some of these designs include F1-style steering wheel, fancy propeller air vents, LED displays and Flat screen TV etc. You will be surely exci...
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AQ Hayon Bathtub by Jamie Hayon

There truthfully cannot be anything more striking to look at, decadent to use, and spiteful to own than an AQ Hayon bathtub. Your bathroom no longer required to be only a place where you spend a rushed few minutes every morning getting ready for your work. Instead, now you have a beautiful bathroom with AQ Hayon bathtub that can prove to be your personal haven and a complete stress buster. This bathtub has sleek black and white lines that are irresistible. It is practically a must have for luxur...
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Honda V4 Motorcycle Concept with Hubless Wheels

It's amazing now seeing the jaw dropping designs and concepts that Honda brings forward. Honda V4 concept has come up with a deadly sports bike that proposes a new bike design direction for the brand. This model is designed to indicate the beginning of a new era. The bike has V4 engine and it is clearly shown in the design. The hubless wheels are fixed with all-enveloping cowls which most likely assist in reducing drag. This stylish and futuristic sports bike concept was exposed at the 2008 Inte...
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Ovetto Recycling Bin by Gianluca Soldi

Ovetto Recycling Bin is presented at London Design Festival by an Italian architect and designer Gianluca Soldi. This colorful and beautiful piece of architect is made up of recycled polypropylene offering 3 different containers to make recycling easy and much more organized. This concept is named after an Italian Word Ovetto which means "Egg" and therefore the shape of this recycling bin is also based on the natural shape of egg. The bin comes with appliqué stickers for easy recognition of th...
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Garmin GPSMap 640 Product Review

How does it feel when you are new to a place and cannot find a destination easily? This is definitely an embarrassing situation and the GPS systems were invented to solve these sorts of problems. GPS or Global Positioning systems are used to map the location of the vehicles and it also directs the vehicles to find the correct locations. It uses the signals sent by the satellites revolving around the earth in specific orbit and the inbuilt GPS receiver catches the signal and transforms it into un...
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Cellogan : Futuristic Car with Eight-Shaped Body

There are so many car models available in the market today. Therefore, everyone looks for a faster and safer car which is also compatible with nature. Cellogan futuristic car concept promises incredible safety and very high speed with low friction and central controlling. Cellogan is going to offer velocity and safety with environment-friendly pleasure. There are three caterpillar rubber track wheels which are 360 Degree flexible. This car also features rechargeable benefit even when the car is ...
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Elmo Live Doll Review

Amazingly a small wooly creature got all the applause on Sesame Street, the real-to-be cartoon, which was quite famous in US and all over Europe. What made this cartoon creature or hairy toy reap all the clapping? His child-like voice had a magical power to be a magnet for kids and children found his conversations to be quite realistic. On a Halloween day no one wanted to imitate or doll up like the conventional cartoon characters. In its place they tried to be a reminiscent of this red toy o...
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Somfy Alarm System with Walkie Talkie

Somfy alarm system allows you to identify a breakdown or malfunction in the house easily. This alarm system is for people who believe in more advanced and useful technologies for security purpose. There are 3 walkie talkies incorporated with Somfy in order to turn a simple alarm system into an intercom for the house. This stylish project is equipped with all important devices required to protect your house from any kind of malfunction. Now you can safely go out with your family because Somfy is ...
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Rosaline, Elegant and Smaller Vacuum Food Saver Design

Until now, people preserve the following type of food in refrigerator in a vinyl bag; however, the freshness of the food did not last long even if its kept under freezing temperature. As a solution to this, some company introduced vacuum food keeper. These machine were worked well in an American home environment. Nevertheless, this product was wasting a lot of vinyl bag, and the bulkiness were not suitable for both European and Asian home environment. Due to its size and functionality, the produ...
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Eve, 3 Passengers Electic Vehicle Concept

You must have seen cars changing colors but check out EVE which is a unique concept that imbibes the feature of reflecting lights as per the mood with a very classy quality. Boasting of a very perceptive interface that senses the driver's mood, the car has the ability to change the color of its panels. The panels are made up of a mix of polymers and other materials that react to the flow of the electricity created by the friction of tires. It is an eco-friendly car concept for 3 passengers that ...
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Cluster Housing Design to Handle Extreme Temperature Problems

This Sydney based EnterArchitecture is designed to overcome the problem of extreme temperatures. This concept is characterized by leaning roof shapes made up of highly transportable lightweight resources such as bent metal profiles and formed plywood panels. It is known as a cluster of comfort because of its easy assembly, thermal comfort and a strong design. There are variable openings in the panels and they can be customized as per the user's requirements. The concept is designed in a very uni...
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Energya : Stylish and High Performance Three-Wheeled Vehicle

New trend of three wheeled vehicles has come again because they are designed as a light and high performance vehicle. Higgins-Aubé Inc is a Canadian company who is very proud to create the "Energya", a three-wheeled vehicle. Energya is like an open wheels race car with distinctive and cutting edge aggressive features. The engine is powered by a motorcycle engine having a six-speed sequential manual transmission. Its innovative half doors are very helpful to access to the cockpit while offering ...
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Natural Air Cleaner to Ensure An Excellent Air Quality

Are you tired of looking at the dead walls in your house? Do you want to see your walls beginning to come alive with greenery? Check out these "Vertical Living Walls" designed to contribute to the need of energy and freshness in today's world. Different types of plants can be used on this wall such as Edera, Ficus, Vaudosie and Nephrolepsis etc. There is a LED light for relaxing environment and water vaporizers are used on four sides. With the help of retractable wheels, the vertical living wal...
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Ferrari v4 : A Motorcycle Concept Inspired By Ferrari

Ferrari V4 is a motorcycle inspired by the brand Ferrari would be definitely something different from all other two-wheelers in the market and it will probably look like this one in the image. The concept behind the design is definitely unique and involves the principles of aerodynamics and latest technology to empower the motorcycle with high speed and improved performance level. The black color teamed with vibrant yellow or dark red is the trademark of Ferrari and these are the colors used in ...
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