Libellula : Futuristic Flying Car for The Future by Andrew Solesbury

Inspired by video games such as Wipeout, and Sci-Fi programs such as Star Wars, the Libellula (named after the Broad-bodied Chaser Dragon Fly) is a flying racing car for the future. It was designed as a showcase for my Product Design, 3D Modeling, an...
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Aard Is An Efficient And Functional Combination Of A Wind Turbine And Solar Energy Plant

When power would be the most concerned issue for future civilization, designing energy efficient product is not enough; rather, power generating systems that can transform natural energy into usable power is more important. Aard concept combines a wi...
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C.R.A.B. Robot Will Revolutionize Future Police Force With Advance Robotics And AI

While the most favorite superhero RoboCop needed a car to get to the crime spot, C.R.A.B. robot is an all-in-one solution for the safety of future civilization featuring a superb combination of a patrol police officer, armed guard and a patrol police...
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Egochine B : Astonishing One-Seater Imagined And Created For The Self-Centered One

At first glance it looks as if it has been pulled out of a Sci-Fi movie, but the retro-futuristic design lines and the asymmetrical body shape, makes us wonder what was the designer's main idea. The Egochine B is a car for the petrol-head of tomorrow...
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Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless Review

Suffering wrist problems because you spend so much time in front of the computer, maybe a foam pad can help you while you type using the keyboard, but you can't do a lot while you use the mouse and that's because normal mice aren't designed to be use...
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Hangar Provides A Playful Alternative To Store Clothes In The Closet With Style

Wait, don’t anticipate already the toy aircrafts that the kids are playing with can be found at the children section in Wal-Mart. In fact, even though they really look like one, but these are not just toy planes at all, however, the fun is surely a...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid

The Stylish And Ultra Portable MiCoffee Features Innovative Coffee Making

With a shape of a big “C”, it seems like the smart coffee maker is screaming saying Coffeeeeee, which will entice even the king of coffee dislikers to have a full cup of coffee prepared by MiCoffee. This personal brewing station features compact ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

8 Most Handy Robot Designs That Can Make Our Life Easier

Before inventing robots, people were more active. Does that mean robots are meant to be making people idle? Of course not. Robots are machines that follow instruction accurately which in turn boost the productivity and efficiency of its performance. ...
Posted in » Best of The Best, Designs and Concepts

HelloTag Lets Elderly And Handicapped People Shop Conveniently

How many times do you have to assist your grandfather to the shopping mall to help them read the price tags that are usually being written in small characters and are not so easy to understand? You don’t have to do this anymore since HelloTag is al...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Wireless Streaming Music Centre Gives An All-In-One Home Music Playing Solution

Whatever you consider as your all-in-one home music system solution, can it honestly give you the opportunity to enjoy loud and clear sound as well as offer you sheer convenience of use? Answering the same question won’t have required that much tim...
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MusicReader Makes Learning Music Easy Even For The Hearing Impaired People

It’s quite impossible to learn music for general as well as handicapped people without hearing the melody of a certain music note. MusicReader is an innovative educational tool concept with an appearance of conventional gem clip that can create sou...
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Velorian Three Wheeler Transportation Solution Can Be Folded And Carried Easily

Even if you are super pessimistic, you can’t say anything unenthusiastic about the Velorian trike concept except one thing, the lack of automation when folding it. However, nothing in the world is perfect, right? Made of mainly carbon fiber and ...
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Bluetooth Watch Shows Caller ID And Transfers The Call To The Headset With Style

Your fantasy of being ‘Tom Cruise’ and leading various ‘Mission Impossibles’ will become even more engaging and realistic with the innovative Sony-Ericsson Bluetooth watch that has a range of functionalities aside from telling time stylishly....
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Gadgets, Watches

Kikkerland’s Moire Coasters Review

Many of the best ideas, songs and pieces of art of this world were thought while their developers and creators were just gaping and wondering. Many times those moments are accompanied with a drink that helps to find the inspiration. The designer Davi...
Posted in » Home And Kitchen, Product Reviews

Snowflake Speaker Can Produce Distinct Sound And Dock Your iPhone With Style

The enjoyment of people when snowflakes fall from the sky can be beaten by the snowflake on your tabletop for sure, because it can rock you with your favorite music stored in your beloved iPhone. Sylvain has designed the most unusual snowflake tha...
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