Mangalicanga 2-Seater Velomobile for The Big Cities

Mangalicanga was conceived as a response to future human transportation problems in the big cities. It is a 2-seater velomobile or human powered vehicle with aerodynamic narrower shell that makes it possible to have 2 vehicles in one lane side by sid...
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Turning Power Charger Utilizes Kinetic Energy To Gain Its Power

The world has undergone a lot of technological changes with an array of portable electronic gadgets purchased over the globe. The only drawback of using electronic devices is that of the utility bills. To cope up such a situation, industrial designer...
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Fiberships Casman 700 Is a Sporty and Elegant Boat

Sailing across the sea is something that most people would prefer during their vacation. The amount of joy and pleasure one can expect out of sailing is immense. Sailing in large sized boats has become a thing of the past. In recent times, usage of s...
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Pure Raindrop Mini Harvests Rainwater To Water Your Plants

Pure Raindrop Mini is an ingenious design to harvest rain water and reuse it to water our plants. This is the smaller version of Raindrop and designed specifically for use on balconies or in small gardens. The inspiration for Raindrop design was a dr...
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Kala Segway by Alexandr Pronin

Flowers, the fascinating creations of divinity are known to influence the emotions of mankind in every possible way. In that case, can you imagine a vehicle resembling the shape of a flower? If not, here is it – the all new Kala vehicle. As the nam...
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Electricfoxy Zip Jacket Features Built-In Music Controls

Clothes that allow you to control your tech devices aren’t new though, however, the new jacket by Electricfoxy, the “Zip” takes things a little further. It links music playback functions to stuffs where different zippers are positioned. Althoug...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion

DominO’ Clock by Borean Design

Remember domino clock we talked about from carbon design group. Well, we found another cool domino clock design. DominO’ clock was inspired by the classic domino game. It uses multiple domino blocks that are moved by digital mechanism. The system w...
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Cooking Is Easy With iChef+ Oven Module from Gorenje

With lots of innovative products being featured at Gorenje exclusive built-in appliances, that latest one that earned huge appreciation among the crowd was iChef+ Oven Module. Not only does this oven make cooking simple, but pleasurable as well with...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Chase 2053 Futuristic Car : 3-Wheeled Vehicle Moves On Land and Air

Many expert engineers have been trying hard for years to design a car that runs both on land and on air, believing that it could be a ‘zero pollution’ car. This long term research has led to the discovery of a vehicle named, "Chase 2053". Powered...
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Sentino Cook Top For Visually Impaired People

Cooking can be an easy job for any person, but for people with visual impairments? With lots of technological changes, wide arrays of products are making their entry into the market and one such product to mention is Sentino Cook-top. It's been desig...
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Halcyon Removes Airborne Particles and Bacteria To Minimize The Risk of Cancer for Firefighters

Firefighters are heroes, because their job is to save our lives and fight fires. They protect us during emergency situation. Unfortunately, no one protects them. That’s why I’m glad knowing John Ju has designed Halcyon to protect firefighters. Th...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Protection, Transportation

Unique and Modern KUU Watch Design

The main objective of KUU watch design is to inform the time by using only one needle to mark the minutes and the hours at the same time. The result is beautiful, unique, and easy to read watch. KUU uses 2 circles of equal size within the sphere of t...
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Transparent IceCard MP4 Player

This mp4 player uses transparent super sensitive solar panels to get its power source. IceCard MP4 player has the same size but only slightly thicker than your credit card; it fits your wallet perfectly. Since using super sensitive solar panels, this...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Ark Project : Futuristic and Modern Noah’s Ark by Remistudio

Ark project can be said the modern and futuristic Noah’s Ark. It’s been designed to answer the main concerns in our time: precautions against extreme environmental conditions and protection of natural environment from human activities. This float...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Green

ViLIGHT Watch Design Was Inspired By The Eye

This is a modern watch design inspired by the eye. ViLIGHT is a concept watch based on vision and light. There are three semi-transparent rotating discs that represent the hours, minutes and seconds. In a bright environment, natural light can pass th...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

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