The Great Aesthetics And Functional Eco-Friendly Features Of HXO Makes It An Efficient Futuristic Car

When imagining a futuristic car, I am sure most of you visualize something like HXO. This super efficient car has been designed with unique appearance and attractive elements that can impress all range of users at their first look. Considering the po...
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Ripple Enables Hearing Impaired People To Feel And Enjoy Music

When a hearing impaired person says I have ‘felt’ Elton John’s ‘Sacrifice’ and I really loved it, don’t assume the person gone crazy since he or she owns a Ripple for sure. This speaker uses the vibration of music to stimulate the particu...
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Zero-Emissions Personal Vehicle Can Be Used On The Road And In The Office

This one-seater's name is Mooovie and probably the designer, Han Jing, gave it this name due to it's great functionality and designed it for the people who are always on the move and for those who think driving is everything. Driving is and will be t...
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The Innovative Parking System Of Solar Coco Can Save A Lot Of Our Future Space

Space efficiency, fuel expense minimization, eco-friendly features, all these are common attributes of any futuristic cars or transportation systems designs. But how many of such cars have you seen that can be parked in such an extraordinary traffic ...
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Shrink Furniture Is An Ultimate Solution Of The Modern Interior Space Constrain In Urban Houses

What could be the most efficient solution of organizing your house with all necessary furniture when you are living in a small place? Buying relatively smaller one that can barely meet your requirements? Or pretending that you don’t need them when ...
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USBLink : The Hermaphrodite USB Dongle

USBLink symbolizes human relationships in a very graphic and direct way. The "male" end acts as a pendrive and the "female" end acts as USB port. The male end has also a rotating cap to protect it and once it's in the opened position it resembles the...
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Urban Formation Is An Urban City Plan That Provides Calm, Green And Recreational Opportunities

The concern about keeping the future environment suitable for mankind, industrial designers always tend to blend green and nature with the futuristic architectures. Urban formation concept, an effort to humanize and programmatically decelerate the co...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts

JB Speaker System Features Great Appearance To Enhance The Décor Of Your Tabletop

Your expensive and powerful desktop speakers may produce huge sound that can cover a mini stadium, but how many times do you listen music with even half of the available volume? Just to obtain the possession pride, you are compromising with the aesth...
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Battery Shaped Battericine Pill Container Can Tell You When You Have To Refill It

You opened up your pill container at night when its time for a dose and suddenly you realize you consumed the last one yesterday night and planned but forgot to bring more for further doses. It would never happen if you were using Battericine pill co...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

Megayacht Features Unique Opportunity For The Passengers To Explore The Boat

From general understanding, Yacht refers a recreational water transportation with lots of fun activities and many alternatives to relax and entertain. But it seems like the designer of the Megayacht concept, a Naval Architecture student in Southampto...
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QuadUrban Makes Our Lives Easy In Today’s Urban Jungle

This is something that you would definitely want to ride on your way to work, school, gym or just for fun. It is agile and comfortable, being based on a medium-sized quad, meaning you can slalom your way through traffic jams or just use the space bet...
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Vespeo Espresso Machine Features Iconic Representation Of Vespa Scooter

How many types of espresso machines have you seen? 10?... 20? How many types of them do you think might still exist on the market? 100?... 200? Whatever the number is, doesn’t matter who is the manufacturer, Vespeo espresso machine can beat them al...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Ephemeral Roof Exchange Provides Ultimate Facilities For Hong Kong Boundary Crossing

Ephemeral roof exchange not only creates functional crossing the boundary of Hong Kong and Zhuhai, but also the iconic design and great aesthetics of the concept makes it a symbol of the intermediary relation between sky and land. The three-point acc...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Green

AIR Provides Universal Drying Ability To Make Life Easier During Rainy Season

I have read in a science fiction novel about a spectacle with wipers that can keep the vision of the users uninterrupted in rain by wiping rain waters. When checking out the AIR concept, it came into my mind that nothing could be more appropriate cou...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Metis Can Enhance The Functionality Of An Amputee By Replacing A Damaged Hand

The long deserted issue, the human body, has come across the industrial designer’s path, resulting the innovative and functional METIS concept that has been designed to redefine the future of human. Being connected with the human nervous system, th...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

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