Top 15 Red Dot Winning Product Designs

Red Dot has announced the winners of the 2010 design competition and here we are featuring the best 15 product designs among 43 winners which have been picked considering the functionalities and overall usability. Each of the winning designs comprise...
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Collapsible Bicycle by Kevin Scott

It's not often that I could see such a revolutionary design yet it is not just a concept. This bike design from Kevin Scott is a bendable bicycle that you can literally wrap around a lamp post or a pole. It certainly will stop thieves from targeting ...
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Little Helper Can Offer Big Help When Running A Thread Through The Needle

When I was a kid, I always tend not to come in front of my grandmother or used to run away as soon as I saw her coming to me with a needle and a spool of thread. The scenario hasn’t been changed a lot as of now and I can tell that without any doubt...
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Mercedes C-ROC Is An Amphibious Vehicle For Future Transportation Both In Water And Land

If of you have seen a crocodile running into the water from the land, you might find the functionality of Mercedes C-ROC concept car similar to that. This amphibious vehicle concept has been designed to become the perfect urban wheels for the future ...
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Writing In Bas-Relief Enables User Creating The Most Appealing Write-Ups

Wow nice work! You must have given huge effort to create the double-line texts which has really made the write-up extraordinary. In reply of your excitement, your friend says nothing but holding a cleaver smile on his proud face. Self-created, cus...
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Sleepy Alarm Clock Offers Playful And Interactive Experience Of Waking Up

Few days back, I came closer to a mob of curious people who I guess have also gathered hearing the loud voice recurrently telling “Penguins that never falls down”, where a street seller was displaying a range of toy penguins with round weighted b...
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Arcque Is An Ingineous Way To Dispose Of Old Mobile Phones Which Also Acts As A Unique Fashion Accessory

If you have an old mobile phone that you care so much about and you chose not to throw it away, but to keep it as it is, a designer from Ireland, Sadhbh Doherty has found a solution to your problem. He created Arcque. An ingenious way to dispose of u...
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Neo-X Offers Stylish And Convenient X-Ray For Children Without Making Them Frightened

Screaming and crying, saying ‘NO’ thousands of times when children are doing an X-Ray is quite usual since even though there are no use of a needle or scissor, children are still frightened to enter the X-Ray room due to the giant imaging machine...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

Krassi Dimitrov’s Y10 Yacht Takes Audi Racing Division On A Trip To The Open Seas

The impressive design lines, the racing look, the fact that it is an Audi inspired yacht, make the Y10 a must on anyones shopping list. Krassi Dimitrov, the man behind the Y10, gave the Audi Racing Division a new track to test their skills: the open ...
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Peregrinate Is A Chauffeur Driven Vehicle That Takes The Unique Hotel Experience On The Road

The luxurious hotel experience is for some of us a once in a life time opportunity, but for the one's who deal with it everyday of their lives, this could become sort of boring at some point. That's why, Gabriel Tam, designed an incredible alternativ...
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A Unique Way To Combine The Sea And Its Vessels With Contemporary European Architecture Into Something More Than A Shipyard

Motion Code: Blue is an industrial design studio which emphasis on yacht design. Now they have extended their areas of operation to another design discipline: they offer architectural concepts and their development until the implementation planning. ...
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AudioSense XM Enables Hearing Impaired People To Enjoy Comprehensive Music

Being a hearing impaired would never come across enjoying the beats and rhythms of Sakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ with AudioSense XM headphone, an innovative idea of not only enabling people with less hearing power enjoying music, also helps preventing t...
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This New 70 Feet Yacht Is The Perfect Vessel For The Party Animal In You

If you like your party to be big and loud, this is the perfect place to hold one. Having a yacht as a party place, gives you the opportunity to party non-stop, without having the police on your doorstep and everyone "making like a banana and split" p...
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Eos Triton : The Automatic Individual Car Of The Future

This futuristic car with the form of a shell is the proposal of the designer Priyanka Martin to personal transportation for the year 2025. The Eos Triton is an individual transportation unit inspired by a shell, so it can protect its passenger while ...
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The Interaction Between Humans And Design Or Engineering Software Is Brought To A New Level Using The Tool

The Tool is a brand new way to interact with nowadays complex design and engineering software. It provides an intuitive and completely customizable interface to connect the user with the 3-dimensional environment they work within. The Tool uses a sys...
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