Universal Military Service Corp (UMSC) Enables Expanding Mankind To New Worlds Beyond Our Own

Intelligence units of a combat squad play a vital role by sneaking around within the rival territory to gain information and pass them to the main battle force so that they can have an estimated scenario of the unseen spots and act accordingly. Thoug...
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Turn Your Laptop Case as A Laptop Adapter Instantly

My main problem when using laptop to work is the battery life. Carrying the laptop adapter may be bulky but it's necessary. To eliminate the need of carrying bulky adapter, two Korean industrial designer has design new "Laptop Adapter" that also func...
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Bike Design by Marina Gatellli

The Zaha Hadid's works with bold shapes, a minimum of structural elements, fragmentation, and fluid lines, has inspired this bike's design. The designer chooses to use carbon and Kevlar as the materials to reduce the impact of rigidity, provide great...
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Wanderest Ergonomic Seat Can Be Attached To A Lamp Post As A Resting Point

The easy way for elderly to keep healthy and mobile is to do a short walk. Although a short walk can be considered as light exercise, the elderly need to break their walk into manageable distances, take some rest for small intervals, enjoy the surrou...
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Braille Budy Helps Visually Impaired People Learning How To Read and Write Braille

One of the issues when dealing with visually impaired is the drop in Braille Literacy. I'm sure we are all agree that voice synthesizers in computers and cellphones with aided technology for the blind are really helpful, but it also replaces the need...
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Let Your Pet Recharge Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier

Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier was designed to complete the task about creating a hybrid energy humidifier when Yuan Gu was a junior student of Beihang University, China. Two important elements in this project were eco friendly and energy saving. This c...
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Supernova Is Your Robot Assistant At Home

I'm really interested in anything that related to clean my dirty laundry the easy way. Supernova robot might be the answer to my prayers. This robot assistant will identify all your problems using smart lasers. It will clean, wash, and laundry all ob...
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Redesigned Sigg Bottle by Isaac Teece

To answer the challenge of one of 2nd year projects at Northumbria University, Isaac Teece, a British Industrial Designer, chose to redesign the Sigg Bottle. The task was to add value to an existing classic product. The designer chose to redesign 'Si...
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Poosh : Portable Toilet With Automatic Sanitary System

Do you know that half of the world's people are still experiencing a medieval level of sanitation? They do not have access to a decent toilet, in fact, many of them have to do their business on the bare ground. POOSH is a bucket mounted toilet soluti...
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Ripple Effect Tea Table by Studio Hanna&Seo

Studio Hanna&Seo designed ripple table as Jeonghwa Seo, a korean industrial designer, as his IM masters graduation project of Design Academy Eindhoven. They tried to translate the eastern culture mentality into a unique tea table design which off...
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Tri Gym : A Cycle Trainer For Weight Loss Groups

To avoid obesity, you can do exercise to stay fit. Yes, exercise works, you just have to give it a try. Obesity has become a huge problem not only in US, but also in UK. Andrew Cefferty tried to design a gym equipment that brings communal aspect to t...
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LG Eagle Phone Contains Duel Touch-Screen Display And A Look Like A Flying Eagle

Who else would like to have a flying eagle like cell phone with ultimate style and functionality? Eugene Kim has designed this great concept phone with duel screen just like that of Nintendo DS, however, those of LG Eagle Phone are superbly touch sen...
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MultiAT Is A Multi Functional Arthritis Tool That Helps User To Do A Range Of Daily Tasks

People suffering from arthritis always face limitations or difficulties gripping or carrying things around during their everyday tasks and MultiAT, an innovative multi-functional arthritis tool concept, has been designed aiming to offer them func...
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Future Mouse From SwiftPoint

As a mobile person, usually I have to use my laptop anytime, anywhere. SwiftPoint Mouse could be the perfect companion for my laptop. This mouse has tiny size, perfect for small spaces, especially when I have to use my laptop on my lap for checking e...
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Digital Voice Recorder Enables Capturing Loud, Clear And Distinct Sound

During the last quarterly meeting of my office, I used the voice recorder of my cellphone to capture the speech of our managing director so that I can review his instructions later. But alas, hope I would have a Digital Voice Recorder, so that I neve...
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