Wanna-Reach Shelf System for Personal Home Use of Paraplegic People

Wanna Reach is an adjustable shelf system concept which is specially designed for the personal home use of paraplegic people. This innovative system comprises a remote control that is used to vertically move all the shelves of the system independently, thus allowing the user to reach as well as use them. This unit hangs on the wall for effortless access and thus provides more floor space to use for other purposes. To make the product durable and long lasting, the designer has used wood and alumi...
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Exocar for Future Personal Transportation : Run, Walk, Roll, or Just Drive

Exocar is a concept transportation unit that enhances the user's capability to travel through his or her environment in a more flexible and natural way as opposed to traditional means of transport. Whether you want to run, walk, roll or drive, this transportation unit will let you to move the mode you want to move. The vehicle has four wheels and, can fit and adapt the body of the rider easily in an effective way. When the user decides to drive it vertically, it will stand on its rear wheels and...
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Audi Bosendorfer Grand Piano for Audi’s 100th Anniversary

As a form of 100 years celebration of Audi, they have allowed their German designers to create any kind of amazing stuff aside from cars and Bösendorfer Piano is the outcome of such an extraordinary effort. Audi designed this magnificent piano with sleek curves and Batman-black cowl, which resulting an alluring appearance that can attract all range of people. However, the basic structure of a traditional piano has been kept intact, but still the design is quite unique and appealing. The main go...
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VineGuard : Futuristic Concept Robot for Agriculture

VineGuard is a concept agriculture robot for near future designed to be used as an innovative working animal. The inspiration of this project came from the fully functional insects that needed to be eliminated. This concept insect killer machine works autonomously, leaving the user to relax from fretting about their work to be done. In special cases, this vehicle will provide the information to the owner automatically. It includes heavy duty batteries that provide hours of working by using a sin...
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Cell Reading Bookshelves Design Was Inspired by The Cell

Cell Reading Bookshelves concept was inspired by the cell and was derived from the vital need of a place where an individual can read without any kind of disturbance. In order to make a dedicated place that offers the calm environment as well as comprehensive privacy, this design comprises two major parts. First one is an innovative book shelf where the user can keep books of almost any size. Second part is a big vacuole shaped reading room where the user can grovel or lie on the cushion while e...
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Chiseled Faucet and U-Turn Faucet from Sofian Tallal

The Chiseled Faucet, one of a kind faucet, it will be a very excellent design in your bathroom or faucet, the concept is like that of a molded piece of chrome. It’s wide based, rear mounted as well as extended neck handle is providing a very efficient profile that reinforce stealth sharp edge as well as flat feature. This chiseled faucet had been created for a desirable usage of ergonomics and to fit the standard of sinks, with its components like filters, connectors, cartridge). There can als...
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Foozi : Friendly Infusion System for Your Child

Foozi is a friendly infusion system for your child that acts as a customizable “medical friend”, featuring the ability to personalize the experience of a child being in the hospital while maintaining safety and easy using to create a healthy connection with the parents and the medical staff. It is a comprehensive solution for the child’s need of mobility to his or her parents. There is also a particular place in this system to store the toys and other staffs of the child. Foozi features an...
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Devil Bike Concept Motorcycle with V-Twin Engine

The "Devil Bike" concept bike is offering all the features along with visor that may require to call a bike with that name. Using v-twin engine, this metallic black bike definitely fits the personality of the young generation with a passion for speed and style. The design is unique from both the front and rear view. Unlike any other conventional bike, this bike comprises a top mounted petrol tank, while a lower and uncommon seating arrangement. When it comes about lightening, this bike has only ...
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Waste Basket Bin Design by Front

The waste basket bin is a recycling solution with intelligence, innovation, individuality and great functionality. This bin is designed in a way that it can take as much waste as you give by automatically changing its size and shape when required. The shell of the bin is coated with white powder and made of flexible steel plate. Top part of the bin is designed with spun steel plate and is also coated with white powder to make it durable and protective. Inner surface of this bin is crafted with b...
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ATV 4WD Concept Vehicle by Marcos Ignacio Madia

The ATV concept comprises several innovative features that change the typical configuration of this kind of vehicles. The unique design of this vehicle’s bodywork has been done in a ways that provides more space to charge. The main goal of designing this vehicle is to generate a new type of all-terrain vehicle that can work with a wide range of users for a variety of purposes. Keeping this idea in mind, the designers have crafted this sport type vehicle that can perform as a full functional AT...
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BeltBuckle Design with Sliding Condom Holder

When you are preparing for a date, one of the most important things you carry is condoms. Obviously, neither any of you can afford to forget taking it with you, nor would like to carry this stuff in a way that can be easily spotted. This custom  designed beltbuckle is a handy belt buckle with sliding condom holder that will serve both the purposes in an effective way. You can pick a belt of your preference and attach any of these belt buckles of two available finishes, shiny silver and dark bla...
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Electropositive Three Wheeler Concept Vehicle as Urban Transportation

This Electropositive three wheeler concept vehicle was derived from the need of a personal electric vehicle for urban transportation. It features a brushless electric motor in every wheel which acts as a generator also when braking. The body panels of this superb vehicle are made of photovoltaic transparent polycarbonate and carbon fiber "exoskeleton". Normally, this is a single-seater vehicle but the luggage compartment behind the driver can easily accommodate a passenger if needed. When it's t...
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Carbon Chessboard by Dominik Scheurer & Partner

This innovative carbon chessboard is the world’s first carbon built chessboard specially designed by formula F1 designer Dominik Scheurer and his partner. The board is made of high quality steel feet, sterling silver, 24 carat gold and other carbon fiber materials. The exclusiveness of this unique design has achieved by the combination of high quality materials that are normally used in aerospace or motorsport objects. The dimension of the chessboard is 520mm X 520mm X 50mm which is made of 10...
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R.A.P.P.A : Rapid Area Petro and Pursuit Avant-Guard a.k.a. Future Highway Patrol Vehicle

R.A.P.P.A (Rapid Area Petrol & Pursuit Avant-Guard) is a concept highway patrol vehicle that is specially designed for the future petrol police. It features an amazing gesture control mechanism that has made it possible to turn the vehicle by leaning the driver to the required direction. To accommodate this movement, the rear part would swivel, while the front would stay put. The front lights and the front glass of the cockpit include the police lights that stick out like the front ram bar. ...
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WITness Watch Design by Hay Heun

During ancient times, people used to read time with there bare eyes by observing the position of the sun. Later on, through various developments, we are now using time devices to read the time change, but still our eyes are the key witness of the changing times. WITness is a concept timepiece that was built to demonstrate the unavoidable relationship between the eyes and the time. This device can be powered up by pressing the side buttons for 2 seconds and it will go back in standby mode automat...
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