SNS Project Inkwell Spark Concept

IDEO has come up with a revolutionary product that has been designed as a study tool for kids under the age of 12 years. It allows them to read, learn, collaborate and work the product is design is laptop style computing which has a special set of physical characteristics which facilitates the usage for children and allowing schools and parents alike, to support the system. Also it helps students to adjust to any given environment and learn during the same time. This is a very useful tool as stu...
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PhotonSynthesis is A Bonsai Tree with 54 Mini Photovoltaic Leaf Panels

The new bonsai like PhotonSynthesis designed by designer Vivien Muller is a device which seems straight out of designer text books. The device consists of 54 mini photovoltaic leaf panels which are needed for charging various gadgets. The connecting power cords are hidden beneath the tray that holds the overall plant. The so called branches of this tree consist of solar panels which store the electric energy from the sun in the battery which can be produced at the time of recharging the electric...
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Volkswagen Features Caddy Sail Design Concept

The upcoming recreational vehicle show in Dusseldorf, Germany surely has some innovative plans designed by automobile major Volkswagen. The auto major has come up with the Topos Caddy Sail Design Concept, which is a commercial van that has its inspiration drawn from the sailboat as it has its style and functionality to the boot. The concept vehicle has a wooden deck with aluminum rails. The deck can be bended which makes it a convenient to lay and stretch and enjoy sailing; for accessing your ro...
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Garden House with Mini Golf on The Roof

The new garden house designed by ADD+ Arquitectura is a good example of designer houses. The project is designed to be located in the city of Igulada while overlooking the overall landscape. The big glasses all over the house ensure that the house does not have dearth of light and air. The house overall is supported on steel tubes and is quite strong in holding the whole house. Also the interiors are done very aesthetically with wooden flooring taking the overall feel to a new level. In a nutshe...
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Maxdoor Could Be Your Door in The Future

The new front door design by Brazil based design group Nódesign is a beautiful design for a front door. The door is sleek and modern and comes with a remote control. Yup the door can be locked or unlocked at the click of a button similar to what a central locking does to a car. The door also comes with a digital door bell, number lighting i.e. the door displaying the house number. The door also comes with a battery back up of running one week without power supply. So a practical solution for to...
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Natura Levo Wind Turbine

The innovative conceptual product by Laura Sink of The Art Institute of Pittsburg is an interesting one. Natura Levo, is a small, vertical-axis wind turbine whose primary purpose is to catch wind from any direction. The beautifully shaped stationary shape is the center axis for the design, which can be mounted to any existing structure like a telephone pole or even the usual backyard and once mounted the device, is used to catch wind. It's a nice and simple way to make us aware of the need to co...
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KINDERLITE : Disposable Campfire Design

The new camp fire design created by British designer Philip John Luscombe is an interesting concept for all those who love to travel. The concept was a part of the design exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Britain's. The exhibition titled '2050 retrospective exhibition on the years 2008 – 2038', the campfire made out of disposable items. The overall idea of having this innovation is to let the present generation understand the key to survival or for the ones with a wild side to go out and...
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The Muwi : An Innovation Lawn Mower

The grass that is cut is considered to be the useless remainder while cutting grass. The product "Muwi" benefits the third party in numerous ways by the act of cutting grass in order to create fair grass. "Muwi" first acknowledges the entire size of the land and automatically cuts the grass. The cut grass, which is created upon cutting the grass, is stored inside. As the cut grass begins to accumulate inside the machine, "Muwi" constructs and compresses the cut grass into two types of blocks. Th...
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Torch White LED Light Glove

The new conceptual torch light designed by Slovenian designer Tilen Sepic, is something that has been picked straight out of the sci-fi movies. The whole idea of the concept as per the designer is to produce a working light without the hassle of shadows being reflected in the object. The device is supposed to be worn like a glove around the wrist and the light is emitted through the white LED which is a part of the device. The device also includes a battery pack with the light being transferred ...
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Transform Your Cell Phone to A Box to Play

The cell phone market has reached a stage wherein all the manufacturers are vying for their own pace. Today phones are not just phones but something beyond. Like the new phone that is a resultant of KDDI; this concept phone normally can be used as a phone, however the same unfolds to become a music jukebox. It's is as simple as that and when folded looks all set to be a jazzy phone. So the next time if one feels that they are out of options to organize a small private party, just flip out your p...
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Vostok Bathroom Design with USSR Style by Yar Rassadin

Vostok bathroom design from ROCA competition. Anything that comes out of the Yar Rassadin's design idea of bathroom accessories will go back to the pre USSR era. The design overall gives a feeling of nostalgia as the design looks more like the USSR spaceships, which by the designer's own confession is a tribute to their cosmic style. So the user can have a feel of weightlessness in a spaceship inspired bath tub. Interesting! Don't you think so? Still the clean functional design does show up nice...
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LOOP Car Concept with Classy Design

Abhinav Dapke has come up with "Loop", the new concept car that is not just a good design but much beyond. The car has been designed by Bahrain based Indian designer. By this design, Dapke has tried to link both the present and the future. The overall look and feel of the design is very creative and classy and also in the process is environment friendly. LOOP car concept design has silently proclaimed its commitment for going green. (more…)...
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StreamLife Car Concept with Hydrogen Fuel To Reduce Air Pollution

Streamlife is a car concept that is best suited for urban space and environment. It uses hydrogen fuel as substitute fuel which after burning in the engine, leave nothing except water vapor. So, you will be safe from pollution. Its design is quite narrow and is best suited for crowded traffic environment. To minimize the use of plastic, the interior and the body is made up of plant based environmental protection materials. Streamlife is small in size and light in weight, therefore offers a styli...
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Elderly or Physically Challenged People Can Ride This Universal Electric Scooter

The new Universal Electric Scooter designed by Ji-Hoon Hong is primarily for the elderly and physically challenged so that they can use the same without any assistance. While one of the major advantages with this Universal Electric scooter is that unlike other scooters that are built for physically challenged, these come with adjustable seats so one can adjust the height accordingly. This allows easy accessibility, seat positioning, and better comfort. Apart from the same, the designer has also ...
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Mistaken Cut Gives Unique But Related Identities to “Delete” Table

The new table design by Martin Sprouse is surely an interesting one. As per the designer, the same was a result of a mistaken cut which led to deleting certain section of the square tables and thereby creating a unique and different identity. Also the different sections are more elaborated with the usage of two different types of materials. The overall look of the table is compact and classy which can be used both as a writing station or to store documents. So, this table is a very practical pro...
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