Smellfree Compost Bin : The Ultra Efficient Odorless Compost Bin Concept

It's every home maker's nightmare of trashing the trash but the new concept design trash can is some thing that should take care of these worries. Named as Ultra Efficient Odorless Compost Bin designed by Industrial designer Joe Brunton ensures that the waste material don't stink inside the bin but the organic waste recycles itself by the use of carbon filter technology which dries up the decomposing waste while preventing the malodorous ammonia to enter kitchen. These filters are replaceable wh...
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DVD Parent-Child Communicator by Tom Korzeniowski

The new DVD parent child communicator designed by Tom Korzeniowski is surely a path breaking innovation. The design which was featured as a part of Carleton University School of Industrial design basically aimed at utilizing and exploring the current DVD technology and uses the same in consumer products. The device consists of two parts which communicate with each other via Bluetooth technology and in all captures the emotions of both the child and the parent during a given activity simultaneous...
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“Wild Fold” Cell Phone Concept Using Samsung Flexible OLED

The new phone concept from Mac Funamizu does take phone designing to the next level. Named as "Wild Fold", the unique thing about this phone is that it can be folded in more ways than one. So whatever your mood or desire be, if you like the sleek, short, long or even flip design, all you need to do is fold the same in the manner you need and voila you have the phone of your choice! And what's more, it also has the touch screen facility, so one need not scramble for buttons to dial. Just use this...
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Rocker Peg Measure for Bartenders

The unique bar measure looks like a unique semi-circular pipe which is makes the job of measuring the shots pretty simple. The tinted green glass is used to manufacture this unique bar measure so that it looks aseptically pleasing to eyes. The tool is designed by Chetan Sorab and his innovation is surely praiseworthy. You can measure the 60 ml as well as 30 ml shots with it. In fact the both ends of the measuring tool are open so that you can pour the drink and then transfer it to the glass. Thi...
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Baguni : The Integration of Laundry Basket and Washing Machine

Are you tired of doing the same old domestic task every day? Then try out "Baguni", a washing machine that integrates a detachable laundry basket cum washing drum. Everyone needs a basket in order to collect laundry then the laundry basket is poured into the washing machine. Now, here comes the role of 'Baguni' as this laundry basket can be easily placed inside the washing machine and it serves as the washing machine drum. Once the washing process is done, the clean laundry can be detached from ...
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GAEAforms Leaf Hammock is Strong Enough for Two People

Simple engineering and innovation can turn simple things into extra-ordinary and useful stuffs. The Leaf hammock is the prominent example of this. The rope cradles are quite common as they are used in gardens and beaches for short time relaxation. But the Leaf Hammock is a much improved version of the rope cradles and it is good enough to be used as a piece of contemporary furniture at home. The hammock is spacious and strong enough to accommodate two people. The parrot green oval frame holds th...
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Minimalist Electrolux Aurora Cooktop

Cooking is one of the most tedious jobs on Earth. But an aesthetically pleasant kitchen can reduce the pain of cooking as you feel like being there for longer while. Aurora from Electrolux has come up with a kitchen top which is ideal equipment for the modern designer kitchens. The classic white kitchen top has smooth rounded edges. The middle part is flat and accommodative enough for the cookware and other stuffs. The appearance of this kitchen top is absolutely minimal and will never show up l...
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Aeolus Airship Travel Vehicle Concept with Aerodynamic Shape

Aeolus is a vehicle which allows people to travel the earth by air. The design concept is a reaction to an increasing desire of ecological correctness and novel experiences in traveling. The vehicle floats in the air, lifted by a large volume of helium and it can stay airborne for a journey of two weeks. With little effort it can be moved over the earth surface independent from any sort of infrastructure. The vehicle is designed for two to four people. Technically it floats like a balloon and is...
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Shake MP3 Player Uses Kinetic Energy to Charge The Battery

Do you know the motion of your body can actually charge an MP3 player? Yes, it is something new and exciting. Shake is a design concept that makes use of kinetic energy in order to charge the battery. A person just needs to shake his/her body for recharging the battery. Just turn on the "Hold" button and start shaking and once the battery is charged, you can turn off the "Hold" button to play and pause the MP3 player. You must have heard of the pocket watch with same concept but giving life to a...
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Organic Speaker is Inspired by Woman’s Body

Speakers of various sizes and shapes are found nowadays which are handy as well as beautiful. This Organic speaker is inspired by Munthe plus Simonsens feminine style.. and a womans body. Very beautiful indeed ! (more…)...
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Sphere : House Design for Emergency Accommodation

This is a type of housing specially designed for emergency accommodation. These are made of fiber glass and plastic that increases the durability and helps them last for a long time. These spheres consist of nineteen tents with an open space in the middle. The inner walls are made up of fine, air-permeable materials. These tents can be occupied by three persons generally though the detachable wall may allow bigger families. The open space permits all the families to gather together that allows t...
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Water Conservation with Indulgence Shower Concept by Pensar Development

All of us love a long hot shower, on the start of the day it energizes you for the day ahead while at the end of the day it relaxes you from all the tiredness, though in the process lot of water is wasted. The new indulgence shower from the house of Pensar promises to provide the same and beyond but by conserving the water. The overall process features a rinse-mist-rinse sequence but it's flexible. The shower first rinses you for a minute after which it moves to the mist cycle for four minutes w...
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K-6 The Next Generation Speed Boat by KEYFRAMEstudio

The next generation speed boat concept is surely a step ahead from what one has been seeing in the overall design. This good looking concept can be termed as the one that brought style to speed boating. The boat which has seating ability to comfortable seat two ala-convertible, so as one cruises along the water with their hairs flowing high, thus connecting oneself with the boat, so much so that it becomes a part of you. The concept is called K6 and in the long run it will be interesting to see ...
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Waterflux by R&Sie(n)

The new art museum scheduled to be finished in 2009 has been inspired by nature and the way nature and its processes function. Designed by Paris based design firm R&Sie (n) architecture, even though on the first look, seems like an ice cavity but in fact it is carved out of wood and other eco friendly materials. Even the construction of this museum has been carefully planned so that the end result gives out an amorphous mix of structure which though looks disorderly but does have an identity...
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Watch The Ironing Process with B-IRON 725 Transparent Iron

The new aesthetically designed iron by Dongseok,Lee and Jihyung,Jung shall ensure that there are minimum creases when you iron. This uniquely transparent iron model named as B-IRON 725, allows the user to keep an eye on the clothes as one uses the same. Its soleplate is made with tempered glass, whose heat resistance is comparatively better than ordinary glass which means that it can easily cope itself to the changing temperatures. The overall design has been added with the geometrical criss-cro...
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