HondaJet Offers You The Highest Speed and Best Fuel Efficiency In Its Class

Honda always believes in the power of dreams. For the past sixty years, they’ve been channelled the power of dreams toward a main goal, which is advancing human mobility. Now, it’s time for them to expand beyond the bounds of land and sea. HondaJ...
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Blow Windmaker Fan by Luc van Hoeckel

Blow is a unique analog fan inspired by an old cucu clock. This windmaker works by lifting up the weight of the wooden fan, it will start blowing the wind without any electricity. Just under 5 minutes, your room is completely refreshed. This is an in...
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Lenovo Ideapad U1 Hybrid PC Offers You Freedom To Choose The Device for Any Activity

IdeaPad U1 from Lenove is one of innovative hybrid PCs available on the market. It features unique design of detachable screen that provides users with two PCs in one device. Each PC has its own processor and operating system that works together and ...
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Cruiser Series for Ultimate Cruising Experience

Cruiser Series from Phil Pauley offers you the ultimate luxury private travel as well as commercial travel. The cruiser range is available in 4 different options to accommodate individual choice. One can choose to enjoy Yacht Cruiser, Sub Cruiser, Fl...
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Sprig Lamp by Victor Vetterlein

Sprig lamp design was inspired by the fresh growth of plants. Get one for a pendant light, get multiple and combine them, you’ll get a chandelier. Combining this lamp is possible thanks to its accessory package that contains threaded sleeves, a cli...
Posted in » Green, Interior Design, Lights

FILE IT Can Keep Your Shoes Organized In A Handy And Stylish Way

If keeping messy shoes organized in a crowded and shared apartment is the only concern, there might be a lot of alternatives, but doing it in style and innovation would make FILE IT shoe organizer concept unique and appreciable. Filing folders are...
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Predictable Magic : Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business

A good product designer focuses on designing unique and innovative products. A great product designer focuses on designing innovative breakthrough products that resonate with consumers emotionally. Predictable Magic will introduce you to Psycho-Aesth...
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Paradigm 180 Yacht by Pama Architetti Design

Visual appeal is not the only thing that this yacht can offer. Paradigm 180 yacht has been designed with harmony in form, balance into the soaring structure as well as amazing integration of outdoor and indoor spaces. Pama Design decided to create le...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Yacht and Boat

Casio TRYX Impresses With a Distinctive, Variable Frame Design Which Knows No Bounds

Moving out from the conventional design of any cameras available on the market, recently Casio has revealed a new Casio TRYX which has nice sleek look body. The creative design of Casio TRYX comes from the super thin (.59-inches thick), variable fram...
Posted in » Gadgets

Freedom360 Forklift Truck Features Triple Rotation Function

FREEDOM360 forklift truck has been designed with triple rotation function in order to improve work efficiency. Unlike traditional forklifts, FREEDOM360 can rotate its chassis, cab, and front fork horizontally. This feature dramatically improves work ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Robotic, Transportation

Little Mermaid Inflatable Water Toy For Wheelchair-Bound Children

Limited legs movement should not stop children to have fun playing in water. Cute Little Mermaid is an inflatable water toy that has been designed for wheelchair-bound children who can’t use their legs freely. Children can move this toy forward by ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Games and Toys

Taxi Green Mumbai Provides Green Solution For The Inner City

In the center of Mumbai, India, gas-driven Rickshaws are prohibited because of their noise and their pollution. By combining an electric drivetrain, which is supposed to be funded by the government, with a network of solar filling stations, Taxi Gree...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Transportation

TaylorMade R11 Golf Driver Marks The Next Revolution in Golf Club Adjustability

TaylorMade has introduce the most innovative golf driver R11 that marks the next revolution in Golf Club Adjustability. R11 was created by incorporating TaylorMade’s 3 essential technologies: Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP), Flight Control Technology (...
Posted in » Sports

The Beast Hybrid Electric Bike by M55

The Beast offers you cool and futuristic design as well as exceptional performance. This hybrid bike is constructed from high tech frame materials, components, motor power, and battery capacity that have over the industry standard. So you can be sure...
Posted in » Motorcycles

Xscape Futuristic Transportation Solution With Flexibility And Style

This is a super powerful vacuum cleaner with a heavy duty cleaning capability that can keep the future busy streets of 2030 neat and clean. Ok I was kidding… This small try of making some fun I dedicate to those readers who already got confused ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car

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