Lambo Yacht by Mauro Lecchi Design Was Inspired by Lamborghini Sports Cars

Mauro Lecchi’s design of Lambo style yacht concept earned huge reputation with its impressive performance and stylish aesthetics. The design of this exclusive yacht takes inspiration from Lamborghini sports cars. Fenice Milano, the same team who wo...
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HTC Slim by Sylvain Gerber

Sylvain Gerber, an industrial designer, tried to design a slim smart phone for HTC. The sleek design gives this phone an elegant touch and futuristic look. It’s been designed with magnesium case and back plate in carbon fiber for quality and luxury...
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Survival Hiking Device To Lower The Risk of Injury When Hiker Falls Down

Hiking is becoming a famous out door activity for many people these days. As with any outdoor activity, individuals need to be aware of the potential dangers they might encounter during the process. During hiking, there are high chances of people fal...
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Kinetia LMX Racing Car Features Gull Wing Doors and Curvaceous Body

As a result of a challenge taken against a senior who argued that a curved car cannot be made in solid works, the Kinetia LMX has been designed. The designer, who was very much inspired by the photos of Le-Mans race, made up his mind to design a slig...
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Pure Biodegradable Respirator Protects You From Air Pollution

Everyone knows living in a country with high levels of air pollution is not good for our health. We usually use just handkerchief or sleeve to cover our nose/face to filter the air until it feels save to breathe again. Pure is a biodegradable respira...
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OPTImetric : Eye Diagnostic Tool For Eye Care Personnel in The Developing World

Berty Bhuruth has designed OPTImetric, a diagnostic tool meant for eye care personnel. This tool was designed keeping in mind the number of people suffering from limited vision. This easy to operate device can be of good use to serve communities by t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

Munivo Gives Walking Direction For Visually Impaired People Through Their Hand

Oftentimes we would have seen a blind people crossing the street with just a stick in his hand. Although it lets them identify any obstacle in their way, they need to calculate their own steps and give directions to the stick. To put an end to such q...
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Headbanger Headphones For Outdoor Extreme Sports and Street Dancers

For those who love listening to music while working, it can be pretty difficult to have the ear bud in place oftentimes. To clear off the trouble, Benjamin Lotte, an industrial designer has come up with an excellent piece of headphone, the Headbanger...
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ARKCANARY II iPhone Speaker by ArkWhat

The yet to be released product that awaits future customer support to go into production is the Arkcanary II iPhone Speaker. Resembling the design of a gramophone, this acoustic speaker is primarily designed for the iPhone 4. The designer is aiming a...
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Sticks In The Air Cellphone Comprises Two Stick Like Phones To Be Used At Once

Few days ago, a competition was organized in my city named “Fastest Finger” which was a game of typing a 500 character SMS at least possible time. Since there was no specified cell phone model for the competition, I am pretty sure I would have wi...
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Hotpot BBQ : BBQ and Herb Garden in One

If gardening were your favorite leisure pursuit, then you would look for growing herbs and different varieties of plants both indoor and outdoor. You must have used an assortment of terracotta pots; however, have your heard of a pot that conceals a B...
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Modwells Ensures Innovative And Accurate Physical And Mental Healthcare

Modwells, an innovative healthcare system concept eliminates the traditional go-workout-and-forget theory of wellness. This is a consumer-focused complete platform for improving both the physical and mental health state of users by getting integrated...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

Flip Photo Frame Gives Energy Education By Enabling Keeping A Balanced Room Heating

The photo disappearing idea may seem copied from the movie “Back to the Future” but it certainly can produce some effective environmental awareness among people. The Flip Photo Frame has been designed as an Energy Education among families who are...
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Revolutionary Nuance Composite Syringe by RKS Design

RKS together with Discus Dental has been innovative in reinventing many facets of the dental industry. With the latest release called Nuance, a product that makes creating aesthetic restorations rather simple by combining filler particles that mimics...
Posted in » Life Science and Medical

Ekrano Yacht : Hydrogen Powered Flying Yacht In 2025

If this yacht was real, it would have drawn the attention of many. It is a hydrogen-powered transportation, called Ekrano Yacht. This futuristic concept, created by designer Jaron Dickson is just a glance of a flying yacht headed for 2025. As we alwa...
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