“Freewill Urban” : A Collapsible, Personal Commuting Vehicle Used to Assists Daily Short Distance Travel

Check out this innovative transportation concept known as Freewill Urban – Intercity Commuting vehicle designed by Jinn Wong. This vehicle is a personal commuting assistant which helps in daily travel for the journey between the train station and the user's destination. This vehicle consists of three-wheels with a long handle designed to pull the vehicle in an indoor environment. Freewill Urban is powered by two individual motors in the hub area of the two front wheels. Each motor controls eac...
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Environmentaly Friendly BMW Hydrogen Salt Flat Racer Concept

This design is nothing less than a rocket with four wheels, ready to accelerate. BMW has come up with a hydrogen powered design which is racer based on the basis of reuse. This concept car was presented in 2008 LA Auto Show Design Challenge Competition. Ordinary materials like barbeque lids and old oil barrels are used as the components of Hydrogen Salt Flat Racer. BMW has tried its best to bring forward an environment friendly racer car. The wheels are gel-nylon for obligatory flex that allows ...
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Happy Bicycle Transforms Your Suitcase Into A Bicycle

Check out this two-in-one concept designed by Believe. It is a folding bicycle which can also be used as a complete suitcase. Yes, this bike can be folded down into a suitcase within 10 seconds whenever you want it. This bike weighs 8 to 9 KG only. You can take it along with you easily while traveling because now you do not need to carry your luggage. Once you come out of airport, just transform your suitcase in a dork bike and simply ride home. This concept has already been brought into reality...
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Hanger Skype Phone by Eno Setiawan

Check out this cool futuristic concept of hanger phone proposal for Skype. This phone is made up of materials like Aluminium plate, polycarbonate and polyurethane etc. You just need to pick it up to make a call and once you are done just hang it up to end the call. The phone can also be used while it is connected to the computer. The dock keeps receiving the Bluetooth connection from the phone and transfers it to the computer. There is a battery indicator for showing 'full', 'low' or 'need to ch...
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Moonstream : Ultimate Luxury Space Lounge

Moonstream is all about exploring the Moon in an adventurous way. NASA Moonstream concept is a proposal designed by Anthony Sims, a student of Art Center College of Design. This is a heavily vehicle inspired by nature like the defensive shell of a tortoise. The wheels have the capability to move slowly like an insect and are completely adjustable for height and track. From inside, the vehicle is styled to offer a comfortable living space with latest communication technologies. NASA Moonstream co...
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“Human Pump” : Using Kinetic Energy to Power the Water Pumps System

Are you aware that even your foot can be helpful in providing power to water pumps? The concept of "Human Pump" designed by an innovative designer named Gunwook Nam uses kinetic energy created by human foot traffic to power the system of water pumps. Different pumps are interlaced into an architectural construction which is used for main walking routes by people. When people walk, the structure would store the energy and further uses this energy to pump water to the surface. This concept promote...
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“Mo” : Redefined Notebook PC

If you are very particular about the design of your book, then this product is surely for you. "Mo" is the redefined notebook PC designed for customizing each and every cover to fit the style of the owner. You just need to touch the screen in order to read or make any kind of changes in your book. This product allows for adaptation to users specific needs and interests as well as offering a convenient way to organize files. The customize cover allows the user to show his/her identity and can bui...
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Eden Motoryacht Design by Daniel Hahn

Here comes something amazing and stylish for your honeymoon. The Eden is a luxury motoryacht concept by Daniel Hahn who is a professional designer from Germany. Eden is a 21 meter fast Motor Yacht intended to evoke desirability, freedom and personal space. This Yacht is made up of two primary materials including lightweight carbon fiber and wood. It offers a sleek, Fish-shaped and proportioned look with its overall shape as slippery as possible. This concept will soon come into reality for use. ...
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Lavender Cell Phone Concept Looks Like A Luxury Perfume Bottle

Here comes the new Lavender cell phone design as the symbol of beauty and stylishness. The design offers a clean look and simplicity because the front of the device is accompanied only by the speaker and the home button. The back side of Lavender phone looks like a perfume bottle with specification labels and feminine design concept. There are a variety of accessories incorporated with this innovative device such as USB connector with magic latch system and perfume dispenser with refillable faci...
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Relay, An Electric Urban Delivery Vehicle Concept

Relay is an urban delivery vehicle designed by Tristan Hipps for maximum transport efficiency. It is a zero emission vehicle which is driven by an electric engine. The vehicle is fully covered from all sides and is provided by one main 48 volt battery and one spare 24 volt battery in case the main battery runs out of power. Relay offers a maximum speed of 40mph with clean and bright environment. Though, Relay has all the qualities of a vehicle that promises green future but with the speed of 40p...
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Venturi Volage Electric Roadster for 2012

This can be one of the most incredible cars you might have seen recently. Venturi Volage is a fully electric roadster that boasts 295 horsepower and 171 pound-feet of torque. Volage is indeed a head-turner with plenty of unbelievable features such as Active Wheel Technology that empowers each wheel with a significant amount of additional control over the vehicle. This concept is planned for 2012 but because of the impressive looks who doesn't want to be the driver and master of this unleashed ma...
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Rediscovery : A New WhiteHouse Design with an Airship as The Mobile Part

White House is now being rediscovered and a one of submission for "WHITEHOUSEREDUX" competition. Check out this "Rediscovery" concept which is an eco friendly helium powered zeppelin. There is an accommodation and workspace for the President and his staff members. Modern communication technologies have been used by keeping in mind the local urgencies that can be provided. The main aim of "Rediscovery" is to make a worldwide exchange of new regenerative technologies possible. This docking station...
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“Kure”, A Unique Dining Table Concept To Save Some Space

"Kure" (also known as 'sphere' in Turkish) is a futuristic concept table designed in the shape of a flower for your family dinning room. This table is shaped as a sphere when closed and once you open, it can occupy any corner of the house. A light source is fitted in the centre of the table which offers a blue light to the base of the table. This full-fledged dinning table accommodates six dinning chairs which can also be used for some other purpose. Kure is surely a space cushion more favorable...
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Canal+ Box by Yves Behar

Canal+ is an integrated Set Top Box and complete UI experience which has been designed by Yves Behar. The designer always wanted to create something useful and innovative for people therefore he has come up with this new interactive experience. This system provides information, personal preferences and communication in a simple way. It also displays the temperature, weather, time or the alarm for your favorite TV show. Canal+ is designed in a box form which can be used vertically as well as hori...
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EPOS Lite Cash Register Concept Design is Inspired by Apple MacBook Air and iPhone

This sleek design is inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. It is world's lightest digital cash register known as The EPOS-lite. This amazing device is used for use in hospitality stores and is a combination of compact cash register and built-in menu. It helps in saving your time and business reprinting new menu data. There is built-in food and drink menu with payment options. Not only this, it comes with wireless charging via table it is kept upon. EPOS-lite will not take much of your sp...
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