Do You Know That T02 is A Slide Cell Phone ?

Usually, the slide-phones are designed in a way that they look closed when you see them first and when they open up, users can see a step as well as the sliding surface on the backside of the upper portion. TO2 is a marvelously designed sliding phone that looks like a slide-phone when it is closed and when it is open, the step or the sliding surfaces can't be seen on its backside, giving an impression that it’s meant to be open. TO2 is designed in a black piano finish that gives it a classy lo...
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Embossing Braille Printer by Danni Luo

The Embossing Braille Printer concept is focused on making things easier for blind people. Most of the time, blind people recognize items through touch, smell and test. But difficulties arise when they encounter similar shapes items, while taking smell or testing everything is risky. The Embossing Braille Printer is designed to help blind people to identify similar characteristics items through using special embossed labels. The blind will input short information through a recorder with voice-re...
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First INtelligent Extinguisher (FINE) Robot

FINE is an intelligent fire extinguisher designed to effectively fight against a domestic fire. It can be easily used as a traditional fire extinguisher by an individual. Also, it can alert the fire fighters if a fire takes place when nobody is at home and starts putting out the fire automatically until the fire fighters involves with the situation. This compact product contains an infrared thermometer to sense flames, a rolling base, a container of powder and collision sensors to evade obstacle...
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ShakEnergy : Shake to Recharge This Battery

ShakEnergy battery is a different type of concept battery that can be recharged by a manual operation without the need of using any kind of components. This AA sized nickel metal hydrate battery is charged through shaking it. It also can be charged through an electrical battery charger. The ShakEnergy concept battery has five components inside, rechargeable Ni-mH battery, shaft, coiled bobbin, permanent magnet and rubber shock-absorber. The capacity of the battery is about half of the usual AA s...
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Triclo : Innovative Tricycle Concept for Urban Environment

The Triclo is an innovative tricycle concept, featuring the functionality of a paddling tricycle, while offering the outlook of a futuristic transportation means. This vehicle is designed to make room for one person only and comprises paddles with a convenient sitting arrangement. The Triclo has a steering wheel instead of conventional tricycle handles and an innovative and unique rear wheel setup. It features a shade over the driver that will let the driver protected from the sun and mild rain....
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Lenee Microwave Washing Machine Concept with Compact Design and Unique Shape

Technology is always trying to introduce innovative products with people's everyday life to make it even better and smoother. Lenee is a useful microwave washing machine concept that can repair organic textile made cloths by themselves, just like the human skin. This washing machine design uses microwave to wash, repair and even change the color and texture of the clothes all operated via a push button. The compact design and unique shape of this washing machine is much unlike to the conventiona...
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CubeTots : Educational Cubes Game for Children

CubeTots is a simple game that can teach children shape matching color identification, character development, alphabet and number reconviction, and sensory skills through vibrations, lights and counting. The shapes can be stack up in any way as the children want and they will get only ten seconds to stack them up numerically or alphabetically, before the toy will start vibrating and the whole stake fall down. This is only one phase of the game; there are many other alternatives of playing the ga...
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Xylophone Pitcher from Mac Funamizu

The Pitcher concept water container features a pitcher, which can produce particular pitch of sound when it is hit that enables the users to determine if the pot is empty or not without opening the lid. The handle of this container is made of metal that works as a tuning bar. When there is no water inside the pitcher, it produces the same tone of the tuning bar when the ball hits on both the body and the handle of the pitcher. On the other hand, when the pitcher is full of water, it generates a ...
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Breathing Partition for Natural Touch in Office Environment

The Breathing Partition concept provides a sense of comfort with its natural office partitions, helping to generate an enjoyable and creative office environment. The unused space of the upper portion of these partitions contains flower pots to give the room a natural touch. Moreover, plants help creating a pleasant and livelier office environment by humidification and air purification. This partition system are available in both single and double unit and can be used in a particular office which...
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HARP : Musical Instrument for Urban Parks

Harmony and Acoustic Research Project or HARP is a weather-proof communal musical instrument specially designed for urban parks. Primary goal of this project was to harness the power of music as a universal language which is the most effective way to unite people. This circular innovative musical instrument has a 10 feet circle which encourages the act of interaction and creates a sense of closeness. Installation of this instrument was divided into 4 different quadrants, each with individual sou...
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Le Petit Prince Intelligent Robot for Expanding Population in Mars

Le Petit Prince or Little Prince is a robotic greenhouse concept that is specially designed to help the future exploration and expanding population in the Mars. This intelligent robot can carry and take well care of a plant inside its glass container, which is functionally mounted on its four-legged pod. The robot is designed to learn the optimal process of searching for nutrients in order to keep the plant in a good condition. Moreover, it can send reports of its movements and developments to i...
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Maptor is A Gadget That Combines Map and Projector

When you are navigating through a paper map, the most annoying and inconvenient issue you might have noticed is to unfolding and refolding it. Moreover, it is also difficult to pinpoint your exact location on a paper map. Maptor is a compact and stylish concept device that will resolve these problems in an innovative way. You can download a map on this device and it will let you project the map onto any flat surface such as wall, ground or even on your hand. Moreover, this device includes a GPS ...
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CPLEGIA : Conceptual Cerebral Palsy Walking Unit for Children

The CPLEGIA is a concept cerebral palsy walking unit that is specially designed to develop the walking skills of physically immature children of over 5 years old. This fully automatic walking unit has three different states. First one is an arrangement where kids can use their feet-to-ground power while sitting on the adjustable seat. Second state is for advanced walking practice, where the seat is straightened up so that the kids can walk standing with back support. Third and the final state is...
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Orio Is Not Just An Ordinary MP3 Player

ORIO is an innovative device that eliminates the necessity of musical instruments in order to create some personal music by an individual user. Basically, this device acts as a high quality MP3 player, but it can radically change itself to a useful gadget that can satisfy a user’s urge of creating some musical notes or singing a song. The user will be able to listen to the music it plays by opening the ORIO and sing along, with the help of the lyrics displayed in the screen. If you want to rec...
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Teleport Fridge : Futuristic Fridge Which Teleport Your Food

Teleporting is one of the most envisioned science fiction that we are encountering these days and Dulyawat Wongnawa has designed the Teleport Fridge concept to be a part of it. This concept fridge can teleport food from one place to another, which eliminates the time and distance a user has to travel to purchase fresh groceries from a store or a farm. This Teleport Fridge has used the touchscreen technology to build the interface for the teleportation method which is effective and user friendly....
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