Bumbel Stroller by Ascanio Afan de Rivera

A stroller prototype from Ascanio de Rivera, an industrial designer, who wanted to design a modern stroller which could adapt to different stages of a baby's life. This stroller has modern and innovative design, a new approach to the classic pram. Mo...
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Lumiore: Your Personal Fashion Designer Helps You Create Clothes Daily

Ben Rodgers, the man behind Lumiore, created a device that not only will improve the interior design of your home, by removing the closets, but it will also act as your personal fashion designer in a digital kind of way. The Lumiore is a clothes asse...
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Velo Handcycle For People With Leg Immobility

If you're having leg immobility, it's still not a reason to ride a bicycle. Well, a hand cycle to be exact. Velo Handcycle by Gerardo Galves is designed for people with leg immobility, instead of using their feet, they can use their hands. This handc...
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WildWave Vehicle Is Not Your Regular SUV

Explore any landscapes easily with WildWave, not so ordinary SUV. This car is designed for an exhibition called "From Dream to Reality". The first idea behind this futuristic vehicle was created by Iman Maghsoudi, an Iranian designer, which then mode...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car

Philly Pods Will Give Comfortable Seating And Unique Aesthetics To Philadelphia Street

When future civilization is expected to be facilitated with ultra-modern appliances, effective transportation solutions and eco-friendly high raised buildings, Philly pods have been designed to give Philadelphia streets a unique appearance and the in...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Outdoors

Redesign Creative ZEN Stone MP3 Player

This industrial designer tried to redesign the Creative ZEN Stone MP3 Player as her internship project in Creative Technology Ltd Singapore. She came up with 2 designs: Water Creative Zen Stone and Grasp Creative Zen Stone. Water was inspired by the ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

System For Effectively Combating Oil Slick Ensures Fast And Efficient Functionalities

If you search for oil spill damages on google, you will certainly get anxious knowing the horrible harm it is doing to our environment. The situation gets worse when the oil spill occurs due to explosion on oil fields situated in sea surfaces where r...
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Re : Time Of The Sky by Ryohei Yoshiyuki

Beautiful zen like watch design from Japanese designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki. I love the blue soothing color, Ryohei said that his watch design created a small window on one's arm. You need to push a button on the side of this watch to read the time. The ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

Face by Notion Fights The Visible Signs of Aging

Notion and BMR Slendertone team tried to build Face as their new approach in beauty. The main idea is to create a device that works as cosmetic healer instead of concealing. A gadget that can give you the effect of a facelift, how does that sound? It...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Life Science and Medical

Digital Reflex Camera by Yaniv Berg

As part of "Business Class" course, Yaniv designed a new form of professional camera called Digital Reflex Camera (DSLR). It has totally different shape from current cameras that you know. As project during his 3rd year as an industrial design studen...
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Bulbo Light Bag by Nicole Osella

Have you ever been in a situation when you need to look and dig for something in your bag in the dark? You can use your mobile phone for light, but that means you can only use one hand to dig while the other holds the mobile phone. Bulbo, a ribbon wi...
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Sunflower Street Lighting Features Efficient, Cost-Effective And Eco-Friendly City Lighting

What happens when there is no power supply in the street light, in worse case, what if the light is broken? Unless you have a bionic eye or using a night vision goggles, walking through a congested road during dark nights would be a horrible experien...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Outdoors

The Unique And Stylish Fractal.MGX Coffee Table Creates A Bond Between Users And Nature

Plants inside a house always complement to the interior decoration and the room environment, but when it’s about Fractal.MGX, it also adds handy functionalities. This unique and stylish coffee table is designed considering the fractal growth patter...
Posted in » Furniture

A.N.T. : Aid Necessities Transporter To Enhance The Abilities To Reach More People Faster

Natural Disasters happens everyday because of global climate crisis and this phenomenon affects all parts of the world. This is the reason there's a need for quick and effective aid response for those victims in the suffering areas. A.N.T. stands for...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

LongReach : Portable Buoyancy Deployment System

Water accident happens all the time. Unfortunately even thought with great rescue systems we have at the moment, sometimes, they are unable to reach the victim in a timely fashion. For this reason, Samuel Adeloju, an industrial designer, designed "Lo...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Protection

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