The Winners Of 3rd Annual Design The Future Competition By LG Mobile Phone

John F. Kennedy has said it very well, “Victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan”. Winners are always being appreciated and surely my visitors would like to know about the winners of LG 3rd annual design the future competition. T...
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Audi Compact And Efficient Futuristic Car Gives True Sensation Of A Racing Car To The Rider

Beware of selecting the smallest car for efficient transportation in congested and busy future roads since there is a possibility of owning a tiny, boring car that has been designed to be a smart traffic cutter only. Victor Uribe has envisioned the A...
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KinetiCompost Makes Eco-Friendly Compost Faster and Easier Than Ever

The only reason farmers are reluctant to use natural composts is the lengthy process, even though they are far less expensive than chemical fertilizers and are eco-friendly too. KinetiCompost gives the solution of creating nutrient-rich compost in a ...
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Speedway Is An Efficient Traffic System That Incorporates And Takes Out The Most From The Compact Electric Car

To ensure smooth commuting for the future, designing a compact and electric powered car is not enough. Available and next generation electric cars lack the ability for long range drives. But without this ability most car owners won´t switch from oil...
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The Next Generation ICU Beds

This nextgen bed for the intesive-care unit in hospitals is designed to solve many problems of the current beds, easing the job of hospital staff and improving the lives of the patients during their stay. It's created to free the room from cables by ...
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CARV : Future Mountain Rescue Vehicle That No Rescue Team Should Be Without

This is a very interesting concept, that no rescue team should exist without. The designer, Matt Hardman, designed the CARV to be both useful in summer and winter scenarios. The vehicle is inspired from existing snowmobile design, the steel banded ru...
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Rascal Is A Dog Robot That Can Lead Even A Deep Wild Rescue Mission

I’ve observed that because of some weird reason I don’t know, robotic engineers always tend to design a dog robot emphasizing on making it as cute as possible that can play with kids or pass balls to another only and misses the major point of a d...
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Vitals Monitoring System Helps Medical Staff Remotely Monitor Patients Vital Signs

The designer, Dan Bishop, found a solution for crowded hospitals with lack of medical staff. The Vital Monitoring System allows the medical staff to remotely view the vital signs of the patient under their care without having to be in the same locati...
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SUAM Provides Audible Message About The Surroundings To Visually Impaired People And Let Them Interact

Unless you are the main character of the movie “Black”, your visual limitation would never be able to stop you going out to the malls or travel through train and doing other things just like normal people with SUAM, an innovative support system f...
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Easy To Use Strap-On Blood Pressure Monitor For The Blind And Visually Impaired Has Braille Display

This blood pressure monitor helps the blind and visually impaired to make health checks independently. The monitor has an integrated measurement system that measures accurately the blood pressure and after this, different bumps raise on the surface. ...
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Bottle Opener-Lighter Features Dual Functionality With Smart And Innovative Appearance

When you are lighting a cigarette with the bottle opener – lighter, even the dumbest person among those who have noticed it can tell that aside from being just a stylish lighter, this tool has other function as well. In fact the designer’s intent...
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Humet : A Device That Can Save Your Life

If you or any member of your family has cardiac complications, you know the constant concerns about your health. This device, so small as a cellphone, is designed to monitor your vital signs constantly, and not only that, it logs them and evaluates t...
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The Sun Is A Handy Electronic Device That Blends Technology With Nature

In our country, we call ‘Broiler Chicken’ to criticize those kids who get fat being inside the home before and after school, having an even fatter lens over the nose playing games only in PCs and other modern gaming platforms. These kids are up t...
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The Compact, Lightweight And Stylish Eggy Is As Nutritious For The Environment As Eggs Are For Us

To be honest, an egg shaped car doesn’t seem much extraordinary to me since I’ve seen such designs before. But Eggy design would be first one where the narrower part of the egg was envisioned as the rear part of the car. To make the car nutritiou...
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Communication Cube Is A Combination Of Different Handy Functionalities

Technology is making things easier for us by reducing the number of tools we use everyday and combining them into smaller, smarter and easier to use units. Take Communication Cube as an example. It would be really a blessing of technology if instead ...
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