Luxury Hoesch Sensamare Bathroom Design

Tired of using that same bathroom everyday? Try out this unique and new line of showers and bathtubs known as the "Sensamare" designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich. This diverse and Italian bathroom design can definitely give you a luxurious feeling. The original Hoesch Everclean Glass has the capacity of reducing the number of limestone and water deposits for an almost waterproof glass. This marvelous design includes reclining shower benches which are very durable and comfortable. The transpa...
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Exercise at Home with Decathlon Fitness Cube

The new cubic fitness by Décathlon is an apparatus which is made for all. The device as the name suggests is designed in the shape of a cube and in all one can do about 30 exercises all of which is inside this compact shaped box. Since it is shaped as a cube, it does not account for much space and one can place it any where in the house. It's an all round exercise machine which has been designed keeping in mind the exercises for all parts of the body. Priced at 149 euros, it's surely not that e...
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Honda FC Future Sports Car with V Flow Fuel Cell Technology

The new FC Sport fuel based car from Honda was recently displayed at the LA Auto Show is one traffic stopper. The designers have taken into their advantage the flexibility which is extended by the fuel cell powertrain as it is placed on the back of the driver. It's a 3-seater with the styling of sports car major McLaren F1 vehicle, where in the driver is in the middle with passenger seats on side and back. The concept car is right now under study and testing to understand the full utility of the...
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LIFT Car Concept : Hang Your Car in The Parking Lots

This is a small city car offering a combination of public and personal transportation. This car has been designed for people who suffer from inadequate parking space in their area. Now the time has to come to day goodbye to parking lots and get ready to say hello to hang outs. This stylish LIFT car concept can adjust itself in the aerial parking without demanding any extra space. Once you are done with your work, you can just drop it down and simply drive home. There is only one street smart sol...
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Step Chair with Beautiful Gradation Colors

The step chair designed by Seton Spadt, a student at the Philedelphia University is definitely an eye catcher. As per him he was inspired by Wilson Art's Laminate wherein the steps represents the transformation happened over the the last century or so. The steps indicate the way the company has progressed to be a market leader as it is today thus sitting on this one gets a feeling of being the king of the world! The color combination used for the steps are some of the best sellers that has come ...
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Artistic Modular Shelving Unit to Enhance Your Living Room

Various designer scaffolding by Maria Yasko if to be described in two words can be said to be 'unusually beautiful'. The designer seems to have been inspired by nature and surroundings, as one can see many of the designs which have graphically designed leaves and branches as extensions of the structures. The material used for design is corian and apart from beautiful design, the beauty of the scaffoldings is also enhanced by smart color choices and amazing color combinations. Perfect companion t...
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Colorful All for One Chair

This chair design has the makings of comfort written all over it. The chair has been designed for kids and the way it is shaped in a manner that the user is comfortably seated as he gets more space for the lower part of the body. The chair is designed in a continuous or running shape which just adds on to the over all looks. Available in attractive colors, it is a perfect working gift for all the kids out there. It can be placed anywhere in the house and is an all purpose device. Designer...
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Hear Your Baby’s Heart Beat with Beforme

The device that has been designed for all the expected mothers out there who would like to touch base with the unborn. The process of being able to give another life is something that has a lot of emotions attached to it and nothing matched the feeling than that of hearing the heartbeat of the child. Understanding this need, comes Beforme is a device that can be said to be a mixture of stethoscope and an mp3 player. The device can be really handy in creating the bond between the mother and child...
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Egg Mobile Phone Design is Great for Youngsters and Elderly People

With the cell phone companies vying up to attract new customers, on these lines comes what the designer call as the egg phone. The instrument is shaped in elliptical shape and looks more like an egg. It is a touch screen device with all the regular features like MP3 player, camera etc which all have been synonymous with all high end phones these days. A USB port is available for charging or transferring data. It is available in attractive colors and will surely grasp the attention of all the you...
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Bloodhound SSC Faster than Magnum Bullet

Don't get confused with it, it's neither a rocket nor a space craft, it is a perfectly designed car that may soon be running on the road of your cities. This unique piece of machine is specifically built to run at the speed of about 1050 m.p.h. Yes even faster than the fired bullet from 0.357 Magnum. It is yet a production model and engineers are working on it for over three years to make it a reality. Its sleek design together with a propeller engine at the back imparts a lightning speed that w...
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The Roddler, Tricycle Stroller for Your Baby

You must have had a stroller, but have you ever seen a product like this Roddler? It is a revolutionized hot rod inspired stroller that can even be converted into a tricycle. Now you need not walk by your feet while taking your baby for a walk, with this new revolutionized product you and your baby can together enjoy the ride with full safety. A shade at the top will keep your baby away from scorching heat of the sun. Its stylish design and elegant colors would impart a sense of enthusiasm while...
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Shoe Polish Design Proposal for Sitil by Fatih Baltas

The new shoe polish design proposal for Sitil, the largest producer of shoe polish in Turkey comes in both cream as well as liquid form. The manufactures have given special care to overall packaging as the bottle for liquid polish is unique design wise. It is shaped as 'S' which apart being visually appealing also makes it easier to hold and it enables easy access to the difficult corners of the shoe. Also the box in which the cream version of the polish comes is also designed in a manner that ...
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Futuristic and Cool Mobile Phone Designs by Mac Funamizu

Many cell phone users like to use phone with new design and impressive looks. This designer has tried to give a fresh new look to the mobile phones in different shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes are incredibly cool and sleek. Each and every mobile phone comes with different mechanisms for inputting data and soft key layouts. If you are searching for an innovative slider design with an impressive feature set then you might get one in these designs. (more…)...
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cityAnt Concept For Car Rental Service

With increase of vehicles on roads, it is but naturally shrinking the parking and the road space available for cars. Add to that the depleting natural resources, auto makers are trying to make concept cars that addresses both the problems. The 2-seater CityAnt seems to be a derivative of this thought as the vehicle runs on electricity. As per the designers it is an amicable solution for short distance rental service which can run on self service model which shall be controlled with membership. L...
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Flight Kitchen by Franco Pelosi

With modular kitchen being the order of the day, this new Flight Kitchen design from Franco Pelosi Design Lab is surly a designing marvel. This smart and easy design, which is also visually appealing, is something that will improve the overall look of your kitchen. Designed to give the user a complete comfort feel wherein everything is at an arm's reach like the placing of plate's shelf just above the dish washer or the drawers to keep kitchen accessories. It also comes equipped with the househo...
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