The One Laptop per Child Machine XO-3 for only $75

XO-3 is a stunning touchscreen tablet device that has been scheduled to release on 2010 for the One Laptop Per Child project by Yves Behar. This innovative $75 tablet features an all plastic, extremely durable and semi-flexible body that eliminates the possibility of being cracked upon impact like the traditional glass screens. Like previous XO, the screen of XO-3 can also be optimized in both reflective and transmissive modes depending on indoor and outdoor lighting situations. To make it serve...
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Flip Through Pages with Innovative E-Book Reader Concept LIBRARY

E-book reading devices are not a great achievement nowadays, but how many of them can really give you the feeling of reading a traditional book? The innovative LIBRARY e-book reader concept effectively meets the issue with its mechanical rollers along with lively page flipping animation on the screen that gives readers the feel of flipping through pages with their thumbs. The multi-touch display allows the readers to underline the book’s content with their fingers and can make bookmarks with s...
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Enjoy Healthy Air with Aura Organic Air Filtration

Unlike traditional air filters, the Aura Organic Air Filtration doesn’t contain any fans, pumps, filters or requires electricity; rather, this innovative air filter uses sunlight and plants only to remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the air. Plants have the aptitude to filter chemicals like volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air. Aura utilizes this ability and uses not only the leaves of the plant for this filtration process, but also the roots...
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Infographic Coins-Impression of Future Coins

It’s true that traditional round shaped coins have many functional advantages for which we still stick with it. But think of something different than you have seen all your life as coins that can be much more handy and easy to spot. Japanese industrial designer Mac Funamizu has envisioned Infographic coins, a set of coins that can easily be remembered by those who are not much familiar with them. The coins have been designed keeping the pie chart in mind, so a person who knows how to read pie ...
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Happy New Year 2010 !

"New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual." -- Mark Twain ...
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SENTORI 84 Concept Yacht Defines Luxury with Creativity and Individuality

Inspired by mid-engine sports cars, the 84 feet open motor yacht concept SENTORI 84 features a large stern section and a bow-oriented greenhouse, aiming to enhance the living spaces with a formal innovative approach. The concept attains a moving sculpture appearance through its convex and concave surfaces, optically combined with the hull and the greenhouse. The sliding doors along with the foldable comings of the midship salon lounge offers the boarders stunning views of the surrounding sea, wh...
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One Person Future Transportation Cassette Vehicle

The cassette vehicle concept is a compact, lightweight and simple futuristic transportation solution that can quickly and efficiently transport a person to his or her destination. The concept is consisting of two parts, the electric vehicle itself and the monorail like carrier, which is actually acting as a hub of the vehicles. While, these carriers are a place where the vehicles can get charged, they can be transported too through air suction technique from one center to another. The transporta...
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Yongsan IDB Masterplan, the Dream Hub for Seoul, Korea

Foster and Partners have designed the Yongsan IDB Masterplan, a dream hub to transform the Seoul, Korea from a huge railway goods yard into an extraordinary metropolitan center. The design spot has been envisioned to be easily accessible via three architectural arcs, an icon derived from the Taoist idea of ying and yang. The key point of the design is the landmark tower collection which is made of three spiraling towers known as the ‘helixia’, designed to give the project a new focus and con...
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Wearable X Torsion Cell Phone Concept

The X Torsion cell phone concept has been especially designed for extreme sport athletes that is very much purposeful and at the same time, stylish as well. This concept phone contains two parts, A TPE elastomer cover, available in different colors and can be washed after use, that stretches to fit almost any size of forearm, and another one is the keyboard and display, that is also joined with TPE, allowing free flexion of the cell. The innovation of this design allows flexibility to the athlet...
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SENTORI 50 Concept Yacht Offers High-End Luxury

The 15.3m long SENTORI 50 concept yacht features a flybridge, three decks and strongly automotive inspired main lines of the hull, offering an elegant appearance to achieve a dynamic and sophisticated characteristic. The coupe-like appearance of the yacht has given by the distinctive a-pillar starting from the foredeck to the whole greenhouse. The large windows of the greenhouse and the owner’s cabin offers magnificent sea view and ensure plenty of light all over the room. The flybridge end ho...
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Innovative and Adaptive OPENbike Transportation System

The OPENbike system is combined with a user friendly, lightweight bicycle and effective technologies used in telecommunications, public-transport, positioning, car-sharing and logistics to create a unique and innovative bike-sharing system. The bike has been designed to comfortably suit riders of all body sizes with adjustable saddle and handlebar. The unique design of the bike has given it a clear brand identity which will help it to be easy recognizable. Produced with strong and recycled mater...
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2Oct2031 Futuristic Watch Concept Designed for Luxury

The 2Oct2031 watch concept has been designed for future to provide the future users ultimate luxury with great functionality. The integrated diamond like face of the watch contains two dial plates, one in center and another at the bottom left angle, which is supposed to be used and customized by the users. While the black diamond aspects symbolize luxury, the superbly designed durable belt provides comprehensive safety for the watch as well as comfort for the users. (more…)...
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Safe and Innovative Water Filtering System Pop Bottle

Pop bottle is a handy water filtering system that has been designed for active users in different environments where the water quality cannot be considered as safe. This dynamite shaped water bottle has the ability to collapse and expand as required. When the user wants the bottle to be filled half, the bottom half can be pushed into the top half. To make it a full bottle, pull the knob downwards that will expand the lower half which will give it a parabolic shape full bottle. To enjoy the liqui...
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Merry Christmas Everyone !

Although it's been said many times, Many ways: "Merry Christmas to you !" ...
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Smart and Innovative Dispensing with Share Trash

Being inspired by the ‘Share’ button that countless websites are using now to offer a handy way to promote their content to rest of the world, the Share Trash also contains a share banner on its foot pedal. This ‘Share’ marked foot pedal has been innovatively designed to make the lid open when someone steps over it, making it easier to toss the trash inside. The unique part of the design is, it contains a live LED counter that shows the record of how many steps have already the foot peda...
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