Somfy Alarm System with Walkie Talkie

Somfy alarm system allows you to identify a breakdown or malfunction in the house easily. This alarm system is for people who believe in more advanced and useful technologies for security purpose. There are 3 walkie talkies incorporated with Somfy in order to turn a simple alarm system into an intercom for the house. This stylish project is equipped with all important devices required to protect your house from any kind of malfunction. Now you can safely go out with your family because Somfy is ...
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Rosaline, Elegant and Smaller Vacuum Food Saver Design

Until now, people preserve the following type of food in refrigerator in a vinyl bag; however, the freshness of the food did not last long even if its kept under freezing temperature. As a solution to this, some company introduced vacuum food keeper. These machine were worked well in an American home environment. Nevertheless, this product was wasting a lot of vinyl bag, and the bulkiness were not suitable for both European and Asian home environment. Due to its size and functionality, the produ...
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Eve, 3 Passengers Electic Vehicle Concept

You must have seen cars changing colors but check out EVE which is a unique concept that imbibes the feature of reflecting lights as per the mood with a very classy quality. Boasting of a very perceptive interface that senses the driver's mood, the car has the ability to change the color of its panels. The panels are made up of a mix of polymers and other materials that react to the flow of the electricity created by the friction of tires. It is an eco-friendly car concept for 3 passengers that ...
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Cluster Housing Design to Handle Extreme Temperature Problems

This Sydney based EnterArchitecture is designed to overcome the problem of extreme temperatures. This concept is characterized by leaning roof shapes made up of highly transportable lightweight resources such as bent metal profiles and formed plywood panels. It is known as a cluster of comfort because of its easy assembly, thermal comfort and a strong design. There are variable openings in the panels and they can be customized as per the user's requirements. The concept is designed in a very uni...
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Energya : Stylish and High Performance Three-Wheeled Vehicle

New trend of three wheeled vehicles has come again because they are designed as a light and high performance vehicle. Higgins-Aubé Inc is a Canadian company who is very proud to create the "Energya", a three-wheeled vehicle. Energya is like an open wheels race car with distinctive and cutting edge aggressive features. The engine is powered by a motorcycle engine having a six-speed sequential manual transmission. Its innovative half doors are very helpful to access to the cockpit while offering ...
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Natural Air Cleaner to Ensure An Excellent Air Quality

Are you tired of looking at the dead walls in your house? Do you want to see your walls beginning to come alive with greenery? Check out these "Vertical Living Walls" designed to contribute to the need of energy and freshness in today's world. Different types of plants can be used on this wall such as Edera, Ficus, Vaudosie and Nephrolepsis etc. There is a LED light for relaxing environment and water vaporizers are used on four sides. With the help of retractable wheels, the vertical living wal...
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Ferrari v4 : A Motorcycle Concept Inspired By Ferrari

Ferrari V4 is a motorcycle inspired by the brand Ferrari would be definitely something different from all other two-wheelers in the market and it will probably look like this one in the image. The concept behind the design is definitely unique and involves the principles of aerodynamics and latest technology to empower the motorcycle with high speed and improved performance level. The black color teamed with vibrant yellow or dark red is the trademark of Ferrari and these are the colors used in ...
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Kawaii : Three Wheels Minimalist and Stylish Vehicle Concept

When it comes to talk about three wheelers, we feel that this concept is so unsuccessful in the marketplace because they do not make much sense. Usually three-wheeled motorized vehicles are light weight, stable and great fuel economy concepts. Check out this new concept of a personal three wheels vehicle known as Kawaii. With a seating of two people, this car looks a bit modern as compared to other three wheeled designs. It seems Kawaii cannot be used for long drives but as it can be opened from...
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Dupli Casa Villa with Awesome Surroundings

Those who are looking for ultimate luxury gateway can hook up with this unique masterpiece. This delightful villa was completed in 2006-07 and surely going to offer you serenity atmosphere and wide range of luxurious accommodation. The footprint of this house was originally built on the site in 1984. The surroundings are awesome and gracefully extended into luxury swimming pool. You are going to come across lush interiors with mind blowing furniture pieces in this clean and spacious villa. Trave...
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Peapod, Emission Free Electric Vehicle for 2009

A Chrysler LLC company named as GEM has introduced the Peapod, a neighbourhod electric vehicle. It is a gas and emission free electric vehicle which is scheduled for the year 2009. Peapod is a battery vehicle that offers iPod integration and hands free use of your iPhone. Another innovative aspect included in this car is ergonomic mesh seating. You will get a top speed of 25 miles per hour and a range of up to 30 miles per charge with Peapod. The vehicle can be recharged anytime within 6 to 8 ho...
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“A” Luxury Giga Yacht by Phillipe Starck

Check out this 'Yacht A', a Giga Yacht that looks like a battle cruiser or a spaceship. It is approximately 387 feet long with 3 pools, one master suite, six guest suites and 42 rooms for staff members. The giant structure of this ship is just mind blowing. Have a close look at the side gate of Yacht A, which seems like large enough to hold a dozen torpedo boats. To give an estimate of the price, let me tell you that the fuel tank used in this Yacht is so big that it costs $1.4 million to fill u...
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Altran “Just” Futuristic and Eco Friendly Car Concept

This concept car named as "Just" is designed by Altran group and they have tried to generate innovations in the field of automotive. It is a wide car with exotic looks and amazing curves. Just is extremely spacious from inside for a family of four members and would be surely suitable for long drives. Vehicle is designed in a way to adapt and personalize their vehicle to the extreme while integrating environmental and regulatory requirements. Altran have made the best use of multi positioning gro...
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eBoard : Gestural Balance Board for Fitness

This eBoard is definitely going to help you out in your fitness activities. It is a gestural balance board made on the basis of centered approach. This board is a haptic device for gestural control and focused on balance and coordination training for users. eBoard is a box shaped device with cover smart camera, LCD display and many other advanced technologies to keep you fit and healthy. It is definitely going to cost little more than usual boards but due to its amazing features and technologies...
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“O” Personal Computer Project is Trying to Reduce The Amount of CO2

Do you know the amount of CO2 that your computer generates during its production? Check out this new and unique "O Project" for sustainable computers, designed by Luis Luna. This project is encouraged by the oxygen and the whole cycle of photosynthesis. It decreases a tiny amount of CO2 generated by your computer and can be used lifelong until they become completely waste. This stylish CPU is designed by keeping mind the Green Life Style by having a decorative piece to remove the plentiful visua...
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Moonlight Globe Lights for Your Pool

Moonlights are manufactured by Germany's award winning "Moonlight - Globe Lights" for offering luxury seen at the finest resorts all over the world. These are not normal round shaped bulbs but these are a new line of contemporary light fixtures made up of shatterproof polyethylene. These lights are globe shaped and are available in different shapes and sizes from 15 to 30 inches. You can use them for home interiors with assorted changeable colors as well as for outdoor such as a floating model f...
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