Sharky Tea Infuser Won 3rd Prize at The Beyond Silver Competition

This new tea infuser seems to be inspired from the jaws trilogy given the resultant is concerned. This device called Sharky, extracts the properties from a soluble ingredient like the tea leaves, herbs or fruit. The same keeps dissolving till it is completely saturated in the liquid, though when in operation it reminds one of the deadly sharks as the solvent is dissolving. This process also makes it quite an impressive show as one looks on the tea leaves to get dissolved, and with the red color ...
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Hyper : Hydro Pulse Rescuer Which Detect Abnormality in Heartbeat

We live in a technologically advanced era where every day we find new inventions or designs meant to ensure longer lives for, we humans. On these lines comes Hyper, which is a lifesaver system designed to detect abnormality in heartbeat arising due to swimming within the given scope area. It is designed to come to rescue, if it detects any such situation via hydroelectric energy, thereby minimizing the chances of loss of life. That's not all, the other skills that this device has is that it is a...
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OCE (One Common Energy) Electric Car Concept

This new car concept which was a participant at the Michellin challenge design 2009 is one that is modern in functions yet contemporary in design. The car runs on the new energy system known as OCE or One Common Energy wherein the complete system runs on the same type of smart battery. The system consists of a battery, CPU with customized interface for user communication and function which in itself can replace the need for the regular battery, engine and other control systems found in today's c...
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P.S.i Summer Blow Up by BSC Architecture

This new architectural concept has been designed by BSC Architecture, a New York based studio. The concept was a finalist at the MoMA/P.S.1 Young architecture program competition. It addresses the issue of today's time of renewed excitement about precision, efficiency and utilizing the summer resources thereby reducing the wastage applicable at the end of summer. The best part is that it can be set up anywhere and the basic shape is that of the cloud which can be the best source of shade on a s...
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Futuristic Gadget Designs by Massimo Marrazzo

The electronics market today is more and more concentrating in designing products that are not just good to look at but also possess other features like, being light weight, thin, wire less, water proof and also shock resistant. This technology is termed as nano-technology which surely puts the old adage that good things come in small packages, hence this technology which is still in its nascent stage as there is still research happening and more features being added and developed, it will be go...
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The Brunch Collection : a Series of Consumer Products That Celebrate The Mundane

The new line of series called The Brunch can be said to be a beautiful concept altogether. It signifies a complete range of kitchen items that has been introduced under this brand. To start with the product concept has been inspired from the daily mundane activities or one can say that the inspiration for this series is Life itself. The overall function is top class, and the functionality given to each product also depicts the kind of depth the designers have gone into like the Bread Slicer is b...
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Taiyou Solar-Powered Lift System for Sightseeing in Any Mountainous Area with Lots of Sun

The new prototype by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius can be termed to be revolutionary in terms of both design and concept. The concept vehicle can be said to be a replacement for the tried and tested mountain gondola for transporting between the mountains. For the starters this open faced sun-powered pod comes out to be a strong contender with good strong safety harnesses to support the device. This two-seater wonder has a sliding floor and it slides on the two wires hence it is more stable in high w...
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Second Solar Spaceship Design for Kids

The Second Solar Spaceship, designed by Different Futures, placed in the German city of Boblingen is the most elaborate children's toy. The spaceship as the name suggest is the replica of any regular spaceship minus the ability to fly. This three level toy is interactive spaceship also has a 3-D cinema, a laboratory and even an alien breeding ground! The concept has jet engines and the circular docking pods are used for connecting to orbiting stations. This toy is a nice means of educating the k...
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I.D Pet : Combination of A Dog Collar and A USB Drive

Many times one of the most common complaints that the pet owners have is their pets being lost. The innovative pet holder by South Korean Industrial designer Ji-Hoon Chung can be said to be a tool that is a very helpful for all the pet owners. The device though looks like any ordinary pet holder but on closer examination one can see that it's more than just that. Tucked away in this normal pet collar is the USB pen drive on which the user can feed in the data about his contact details which will...
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Ectaco iTRAVL is A Great Travel Companion and More (Product Review)

Since the last century, traveling a lot of countries on a single trip, which was very well known as Grand Tour, has lost the popularity among mass people. One of the main reasons is the reduced travel budgets and getting the most out from any trip makes a good financial sense now. But another issue that really matters when traveling in the countries you may want to visit is having the required language skill to communicate freely with the inhabitants. [Buy It Here] (more…)...
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KTM CX Racing Vehicle Concept Brings Moto-X Spirit To The Water

The KTM CX concept symbolizes the sheer advancement of technology which has been successfully employed to create this racing vehicle. This piece of locomotive device sports a junk but stylish looks. The body frame features a classic combination of shining black and icy silver. These two colors are teamed with hint of bright orange that enhances the overall look noticeably. The theory of surface tension is deployed in this vehicle so that it can provide uninterrupted motion even on the water surf...
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Pendulous Sustainable Public Mobility by Kevin Lee

The aim of the concept of pendulous is to provide comfort and ease to the people who use public transport in their day to day life. People of the age group of eighteen years to that of thirty is the principal target of this concept of transport because they constitute the most part of the society who use public transport. This concept not only provides a sense of ease and freedom to the users to the public vehicles but it gives an idea of making the traveling environment friendly also. The very ...
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Speak To Me (STM) Bracelet Cell Phone by Nicolas Nicolaou

This new device is an electronic wrist watch and a mobile phone at the same time. It works on the both touch screen and voice recognition technology and the phone may be activated or deactivated via the green or red line given in the device. It also has a built in scrolling function that allows the user to move between various functions that is available on the device. It also has a built in camera which enables the users to click pictures and be able to send the same in real time. Well must sa...
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ScanU Pocket Scanner Design with Dual Side Scanning

The new pocket scanner by the name ScanU is a device that surely is slated to make scanning easy for all of us. The device is made up of 3 units: the central bigger unit hosts the roll out screen and display complete with corresponding control units, another unit is the rechargeable battery with a USB interface and the third being a storage unit also with USB interface. The OLED screen gives the required illumination for scanning and also to capture the data to be scanned. The device is dual sid...
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Soma MP3 Player Concept with Fluid Shape by Andrew Kim

Still remember about Lavender Phone? Andrew Kim has designed another cool gadget, called Soma. The Soma MP3 player is a revolutionary product if one looks at the design aspect. As the designer says that the shape is something new as it breaks the conventional square design with an unconventional geometric design element. The device is named as 'Soma' which means touch. The design not just gives the device an elegant and dynamic look but also feels good to hold. The surface design flows into one ...
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