“Cheers” Mobile Phone Concept is Powered by A Green Alcohol Cell

"Cheers" is an innovative personal mobile phone concept with the shape of a wine bottle. This device is powered by a green Alcohol-Cell which allows saving battery's energy in a more efficient way. There is a cap-shaped quick function switch on the top of the phone that allows accessing the phone's interactive functions easily. This phone concept doesn’t have any physical buttons, rather, when required, the big touchscreen display becomes a full functional qwerty keyboard. With the slim and st...
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Expressionist PLUS Compact Speaker System from Altec Lansing

The Expressionist Plus is a compact speaker system that is able to perform incredibly great with MP3 players and computers providing deep, powerful and rich sound. The main objective of this product is to offer enhanced music experience as well as boost the visor of your home interior. The 2” satellites are precisely engineered in a stylish manner and adjustable characteristics that can deliver distinct full-spectrum pure sound. Besides, the 5.25” desktop subwoofer will fill your place with ...
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3Wheeler Concept Vehicle by Andi Dewanto

3Wheeler is a concept vehicle that was actually designed as a High Speed ULV or Unmanned Land Vehicle. This vehicle was envisioned to replace the range of current vehicles that are being used by the law enforcement force that usually needs high speed chasing for criminals or have to make an immediate presence at a certain point not to let any criminal to make casualties. Usual three wheel vehicles have a front single wheel design, whereas 3Wheeler is designed in an innovative two wheel front con...
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eRdr : Next Generation Media Reader by StudioQ

eRdr is a next generation concept media that will allow to read books, magazines, and newspapers without the use of papers. This handy gadget is able to connect to the internet and will provide the latest news to the readers; even you can save a copy of these magazines or books in the device itself. Aside from that, you will be able to make favorites of your preferred pages, books or even a single column from a magazine. The main objective of this project is to raise the awareness of the global ...
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Orange Solar Tent Concept with Various Unique Features

Orange, the renowned UK mobile company, has unveiled this concept camping tent with various unique features. The solar-powered tent contains photovoltaic fabric to generate solar energy, a rocking heated groundsheet, wireless hub and magnetic induction charging pouch. The innovative ‘glo-cation technology’ of this Orange tent will allow the user to identify their tent by using the powers of a cellphone through SMS or RFID technology. Whenever you will active the feature, the motorcycle helme...
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OMNI Futuristic Sound Speaker Concept Will Enhance Your Music Experience

The unique design of OMNI sound speaker concept will let you always be inside a sound stage, even when you are moving around your living room. With the world renowned brand name ALTEC LANSING, this omni-directional speaker will let you experience the completeness of sound. This heavily constructed futuristic speaker system has less structure vibrations and advanced sound quality. The system incorporates one woofer, one mid-range speaker and tweeter on the top, and all these components are separa...
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Magnet Smart Mobile Phone Concept with A Large Solar Cell Panel

Magnet offers quite unique from both visual and spec aspects. The designer has given comprehensive effort to give the phone an uncommon outlook. This smart mobile phone features a high previous to light OLED display and a large solar cell panel which will recharge the phone all the time. This will allow the device a longer battery life which is the most concerning issue in the recent mobile phone industry. Moreover, the user can change the structure of the Magnet's panel as they want. (m...
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GreenAir : Ecological Air Purifier Concept

GreenAir is an ecological air purifier concept that uses an innovative idea of purifying the indoor environment with living plants. Mostly, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air which is an effect of various factors. Researches have shown that there are many plants that can effectively purify air in a natural way. Implementing those plants, GreenAir is envisioned to absorb contaminants from indoor air through the roots and leaves. This concept includes a fan that helps to pull the pollute...
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Nica Bluetooth Headset Design by Maverick

Nica Bluetooth Headset is a latest creation by Maverick featuring excellent functionality along with exceptional and stunning outlook. This open air design incorporates a breakthrough in acoustics for maximum comfort and secure attachment aside from the classically modern look. Pure round shape of this headset will enhance your look and the thinner dimension will allow easy fit in your pocket. The inner soft pad will gently rest with maximum comfort against your ear, while providing ambient soun...
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A.R.C : Amphibious Rescue Craft

When you look at the A.R.C you will surely get amused with its massiveness. It is the kind of rescue vehicle that can ply on whatever terrain you put it on and effortlessly. The Amphibious Rescue Craft (A.R.C) helps deliver aid in times of natural calamities like floods and cyclone affected areas. All the other vehicles might not be ply during these times but the impact resistant tires of the ARC enable it to reach places with ease. There is less friction and a great output. In such times when t...
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First Commercial Spaceport in The World is Located at New Mexico

Spaceport America is the first commercial spaceport in the world located at New Mexico with hanger and terminal facility aiming to launch individual citizens into space for profit. This taxpayer-funded project worth around $200 million comprises a 10,000-foot runway to fly the airplane with the spacecraft that will break free into 62 miles of space before returning to the base. The flights are designed to last around two hours including 5 minutes of gravity free condition. Seems like science fic...
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8 Towers by Single Speed Design Architects

The 8 Towers concept project is crafted by Single Speed Design architects that feature modern, stylish and highly efficient villas that can be seen on all sides by an evenly abstract audience. Before thinking of that project the design team noticed that the general project site-plan is devised an urban scale display system cleverly for several different architectural experiments. In this circumstance, their project is different from the conventionally deployed property lines where an audience ca...
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Helix : A Pen and A Watch on Your Wrist

Despite of the latest technological advancement in almost every sector of everyday life, people are still using the traditional pens to write down a letter, a note, to sketch and to draw something, etc. The Helix concept is driven by focusing on the key use of a pen and combining it with an innovative and practical functionality. Moreover, to reflect the pen owner’s identity was another point of the design process. Helix means twist-shape form, which is very much elaborated with the design of ...
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Flower Pot That Detects Your Plant Age

How many of you have ever thought about a flower pot that can show the exact age of a plant you are upbringing? This concept flower pot has been designed to count the age of your precious plant in an innovative way. This product is designed in two different colors with almost similar shape that includes a LED counting system. The display will show different ring shaped attribute for months, days and years through which the age of a plant can be counted. It comprises three conical shaped legs tha...
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Stylish Zoomla Folding Bike for Quick Around-Town Transportation

Zoomla is a concept bike designed to ensure better alternative for quick, portable and around-town transportation facility. The single-pivot design of this bike has given it quicker, easier and more intuitive fold than any other bike and the unique L-frame eliminates the usual steering tube. The handle is cleverly integrated on the handlebar to allow Zoomla to be rolled when its time to pack it away. The pedal deck uses a compact inner drive system rather than traditional crank and pedals. You c...
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