Queens Museum of Art Conceptual Design by Elliot White

The new conceptual design by Elliot White, a New York based architecture student as improvisations over the Queens Museum of Art has some interesting facets to it. The said building will be constructed using the lattice structure and after covering the layer with concrete, a plastic bag will be placed as a support for hardening the concrete during construction. The design will be raised off the ground, which creates an area for public space underneath the design wherein there is flexibility so t...
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Sony Ericsson Premiere 3 Walkman Phone by KDDI

The cell phone market over the years has turned out to be a segment with the least shelf life, thereby a constant process for manufacturers to come up with new models. Today cell phone is not just an instrument to make and receive calls but far beyond that. The new walkman phone Premiere 3 by KDDI for Sony Ericsson, slated for spring release is a powerhouse so to say. It features a 3" VGA screen, auto focus camera, and a memory of 2GB and weighing a meager 113gms, and quite compact in size. The ...
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Virtuo : A Digital Art Toolset That Helps Art Novices Develop Their Artistic Side

Many of the concepts that are being designed are done to ease out our daily lives. One such innovation is the 'Virtuo', designed by Yana Klimava. This design can be said to be a boon for all those wannabe painters as this virtual device helps one hone their panting skills. The device consists of brushes, color pad and screen on which one draws with the help of brushes provided. And since it is all virtual colors that we are talking about, it doesn't mean that one has to soil their hands or cloth...
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Mozphone Offers Oled BlackBerry Concept Phone

It is the constant endeavor of mobile makers to provide the best of the services to their users, which is why the innovation by all designers is aimed at getting the max out of their handsets. The new Mozphone concept: OLED Blackberry which is nothing but a combination of Balckberry 7139 and an optimus keyboard. It is quite significant whereby the combination opens up a lot of communication channels. The phones usually have limited ability for receiving and providing information through the 3" d...
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Modern Design of Fire Extinguisher by Peter Arnell

One of the best innovations that have been done by human is the fire extinguisher, which of course has over the years saved millions of accidents and lives alike. The only drawback that one sees with this is that design wise it looks more like a storage container and many a times is hidden from public view. The new fire extinguisher design by HomeHero designed by Peter Arnel has simply upped the overall design of the fire extinguisher. With sheer size of 16inches it can be kept anywhere in the r...
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City Car Concept to Address Parking Space Issue in The Future

These days, cities are getting clogged like anything because more and more cars are being added every day. It is putting pressure not just on environment but on road and parking space as well. It's a nightmare for anyone with an SUV to find a big enough parking space in a mall or in business complexes. This new City Concept by Matt Bradbury seems to have addressed this issue and while doing so has not compromised on comfort or convenience factors. It's an all out winner as it is easy to maneuver...
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Plastic Compact Dishrack from SimpleHuman

This new compact dish rack has been designed in so that it fits the sink counter perfectly. The designers while designing this device have kept in mind the fact that it not only looks smart but also is compact enough to fit into the smallest of space provided. The design lets the pivoting spout to drain water directly into sink, thereby ensuring cleanliness and no water being on the dish rack or the plates. The plastic walls are also easy to clean thereby it helps in hiding the clutter of drying...
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CompostAll as An Alternative to Garbage Disposing System by Frog Design

This garbage disposing system is surely an appropriate alternative to the regular home sink in garbage which ensures that the food waste is composted rather than be sent down the drain. The device has been named as CompostAll, is placed under the sink and thereby it is a pretty convenient, discreet and odor free location for storing waste food with an alert light which indicates when the container is full and it also has easy carry and disposing of waste contents to the bigger container outside....
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Boat Design by Andrew Bedov

Automobile designers today are thinking beyond the available designs and technologies. The same is not just confined to the cars or bikes, but also to other means of transport like boats. This new concept boat by industrial designer Andrew Bedov, promises to be an eye catcher and designed with traffic stopping looks. The speed boat by its looks seems to be on the move even when it is standing on the shore. The length of a boat exceeds 30 meters with 30 knots as its maximum speed. The two tiered ...
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Beautiful Glass Pencil Sharpener Design by Mac Funamizu

In this crowded market place every designer is designing equipments so that his design should stand out. On these lines, comes this chic looking glass sharper, which not just sharpens the pencil nicely but looks good too! Shaped like a globe, this is of two parts, the top portion which has the sharper while the container below that stores the pencil crumbs with space left between stand and the bottom half. One can see this as a nice fun toy, for the kids who love to see their pencil being sharpe...
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Aventos Vehicle Concept for Mega Cities

Today all the concepts that's been designed has environment as one of the focal points hence new technologies are innovated keeping in mind the future sustainability like electric motors with renewable energy etc. It is this desire that keeps pushing the manufacturers and automotive designers have been researching and designing newer and better cars. The new 'Aventos' concept is something that's been designed on these lines. It is a utility vehicle which has been designed for both small and medi...
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Tri3 : Three Tier Trashcan by Constance Guisset and Cid Gregory

This trashcan designed by Constance Guisset and Cid Gregory's seems to take the age old adage that to save space go upward! This trashcan has three separate containers for disposing different types of trash. It is a perfect companion for those who like to keep the recyclable trash separate. The trashcan is accessed by the three foot pedals each with opening in a different manner for easy accessibility like the middle unit opens horizontally sliding out or the top container's lid or the last unit...
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Fold Bergmonch Bike into A Backpack, Perfect for Camping or Hiking !

The Bergmonch bike is a unique device that is a compilation of innovation and utility. On the hills you can use this as an easy to carry backpack wherein in the valleys it is a multi-purpose vehicle that aids you to roam around here and there without an obstruction. It features a great color combination in black and orange. The wheels are having orange enhancements in black background match very well with the backpack portion. Two black handles provide the user with a firm and comfortable grip. ...
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Futuristic Car Design with Transforming Multifunctional Wheels

Transforming Multifunctional Wheels is an innovative device that is created with sheer caution and brilliant conceptualization. This wheel is used in the most powerful motor cycles on United States. The wheel contains around 24 spokes and all of them are made from carbon fiber. They are elastic and strong enough to make the wheel even more efficient. The stark red color on the outer surface makes it more attractive and unique. The design of the wheel feature serrated portions which is unique ind...
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Stratos Evo Car Concept by Niels Grubak Iversen

By the looks of it, the new car designs by Denmark based Industrial designer Niels Grubak Iversen, can be said to be taken straight out of any super hero movies. This beauty named as Stratos Evo when on the road will ensure one thing : the traffic will stop! As other drivers on the roads will just admire and drool over it. Stratos is a study of form over the 1970 Bertone Lancia Stratos Concept (also known as the Stratos Zero), the designer really like the original car and wanted to study the ext...
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