Let’s Make Delicious Espresso with Handpresso

It's an age of convenience with all designs being made keeping in mind the fact that the user should be able to use it with ease. In comes the "handpresso" or the new espresso machine which will let you have the espresso coffee at just touch of a button. Now one need not look for a restaurant for having a cup of coffee in fact you can carry it anywhere you want to. The device makes one cup full of coffee in one go and thus one can have a hot brewing coffee whenever one needs the same! From : ...
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BRB Evolution Folding Car Concept

This car concept is called BRB Evolution, because it has the ability of this car to fold up to 50% of its original size. Daniel Bailey, the designer, figured the two of the main problems of the future in big cities would be the pollution and over population, he wanted to design a car which powered by electricity and a hydrogen fuel cell to deal with the pollution issue, while the fold-able concept is to help with the limited available parking space. This potentially doubles the amount of parking...
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Proxima Concept : A Merge Between A Car and A Motorbike

Close in heels of the super cars comes what can be called as the Proxima. One can say it to be a vehicle that bridges car and bike. It can be termed to be future perfect solution for urban mobility. The optimum riding position is given by the 2 tandem seats and both the driver and the passenger are comfortable enough. The styling is aerodynamic and aggressive right to the steely frame and chrome alloys. The manure ability is interesting as the front wheels have been kept apart while the rear whe...
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Zyliss “Smart Touch” Salad Spinner and Lock-n-Lift Can Opener from RKS Design

The "Smart Touch" salad spinner has been awarded an IDEA Bronze award 2008. This salad spinner combines eye-catching design and new drive mechanism which ensures that just one press of the "Smart Touch" lever sets the basket spinning at optimal speed to dry greens quickly and efficiently. One-button engages a disc brake that brings the basket to quick, sure stop. Antoher product designed by RKS which also won IDEA award is the Zyliss Lock-n-Lift Can Opener, this one won IDEA Silver award 2008...
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Care-O-Bot Can Take Good Care of You

With rising spending power and better lifestyle, the need for providing care services is on the rise. To cater to these care needs Fraunhofer IPA has developed the mobile robot assistant to take care of humans. It is designed to take care of day to day needs for everyone. The first Care-o-bot was developed in 1998 with its ability to move around safely in the human environment. The subsequent developments have given it the ability to manipulate regular household tasks. Thus the future seems set ...
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Just Throw and Click with Flee Digital Camera

The new camera designed by Hakan Bogazpinar, is one gadget that surely seems to be taken straight out of the bond flicks. It makes use of all latest technologies and provides the best solution for the task at hand. Named as "Flee", it's a design solution or a set of a digital camera and a Bluetooth receiver for the mobile phones. The device is supposed to be thrown in the air, and then it starts taking photos of surrounding area and sends the same to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. And the best ...
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Feel The Private Rain with Huge Shower Head from Fornara Maulini

To get the feel of being drenched in rain you don't have to wait for monsoon showers always, if the new shower head by Fornara Maulini is any indicator. Named as Ecco Sharade, this humongous shower heads promises to give you the feel of a rain right in your shower rooms. These shower heads are liberally sized quite similar to having a cloud right on the top of your head pouring down water for you. These come in various shapes and sizes like triangular, square, rectangular and round. Each of thes...
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Swirling Crosswind Mazda Kazamai SUV Car Concept

The new Mazda Kazamai is sure a cynosure to the eyes. The vehicle will be unveiled at the 2008 Moscow Motor show. It's an SUV concept with the nature inspired styling cues. The literal meaning of Kazamai in Japanese is 'swirling crosswinds' which seems to have continued in the design with door panels having subtle lines which look like the lines created in the sand. The front and rear lights seem an extension of this inspiration. The glass roof is an extension of the windscreen and looks very st...
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Energy Efficient Oriens Glider Won The Lucky Strike Designer Competition

Roland Cernat's Oriens Glider is one stunning energy efficient glider while also being environment friendly. The design won the Lucky Strike Designer Competition for being innovative in re-envisioning the life-cycle of the airplane. The glider is constructed entirely out of recyclable materials. The design is sleek as it is translucent shell finished with glossy organic contours and runs on clean energy. The wings are made of photovoltaic cells which provide an emission free flight, it has an el...
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Let’s Go Camping with G-Tent

Now bring the G-Tent in your lives with the new design and colorful tent, experience the feeling of comfortable outdoor camping. With semi transparent materials, G Tent can give you the real feeling of sleeping under the stars. Excellent ventilation and access are great features of this tent, those are some reasons why this G-Tent is the Design Wales Industrial Design Winner 2008 in Association with Gelert. (more…)...
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French Luxury Concept Phone from MobiFrance

To commemorate the French Independence Day, MobiFrance has come out with a concept phone which is a perfect tribute to one of the best fought independence in the history. To begin with the design it speaks for itself as the phone has been designed on Eiffel Tower, the best known landmark in France. It has been named FL (French Luxury) which is a touch screen phone and has a 7.2 mega pixels camera. Also it stands like a tower and has speakers on sides. It can be used for all the multimedia functi...
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Peugeot+ Three Wheels Car Concept

With constant increase in the private cars and depleting fossil fuels, it is but obvious that the space on the road is reducing pretty fast. The designers are looking for solutions that work on alternate fuel while occupying lesser space. Designer David Vargas has designed a three wheel design for Peugeot Design, what he calls Peugeot. It's a two-seater vehicle using smaller electric engine as compared to most cars of similar sizes, and the third wheel is added for better stability. The car is ...
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Credit Seal that Records and Seals Promises

As they say a promise is a promise. Children many a times are encouraged to be trust worthy and incorporate the good values in their daily lives. However all of us in our busy lives are not able to fulfill the promises that we make to our children as a result we end up being bad example for them. Addressing these needs 'Se Xin' has come up with what he calls as Credit Seal. It is a game that records and seals the promises that the child and the parent make. The promises are recorded in the devic...
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Unique Workout at Home with Kinesis Personal from Technogym

The motto today is to live well and stay healthy. Many of the gadgets that are being designed are also based on the same theme. Architect Antonio Citterio along with his assistant Toan Nguyen has designed what they call Kinesis Personal, which is fitness cum wellness system which assists the user to rediscover strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. The workout provided by the device gives the right balance to the mind and body thereby enriching the overall experience. In other words the d...
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LifeMap, Big Screen Digital Photo Storage

Time flies by and we don't even know how the years just pass by. There are lots of memories that we keep in store but don't ever get time to put them in a proper order in the form of photographs or videos. The all-new Life map is a touch screen digital photo storing and organization product. No one has the patience to take out time, sit and arrange all the photographs together as it is a very tiresome and dull work. But now with Life map you can keep all your most intimate memories organized in ...
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