Flip Remote Offers Stylish All-in-One Solution To Control Different Appliances

The flip remote is an all-in-one remote concept that has been developed to eliminate the hassle of users to maintain several remotes for different appliances by integrating them all in a slick and stylish gadget. This remote will remind users about the tabbed computer windows where different tabs contains different settings to perform particular tasks. The device comprises different surfaces for controlling different products with a name tab to make it easy to find controls for a product. For ex...
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Futuristic Vehicles EN-V by General Motors Can Make Urban Commuting More Efficient

General Motors have unveiled three futuristic concept vehicles under its EN-V series with a great combination of innovative and stylish outlook and various handy urban mobility features. These EN-Vs or Electric Networked Vehicles have been developed with the help of Segway, a balancing-on-two-wheels expert, with different shapes and style, the bubbly blue Jiao, blocky black Miao and streaky red Xiao, each features ultimate flexibilities of the electric drivetrain. These concepts have been design...
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Ciclotte Offers Efficient Exercise While Complementing a Luxury Interior

The design of Ciclotte exercise bicycle has been developed to meet the huge demand of modern life that keeps the functional and aesthetical aspects in the same dimension. This ergonomic innovation comprises fine engineering that can complement to the luxury interior and essential fitness world. It features carbon handlebar and adjustable and comfortable saddle that allows the users an easy and immediate choice from 12 exercise programs. The solid base makes it remain tight to its original locati...
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Le Whif Coffee : Need A Cup of Coffee? Just Breathe It!

Earlier, Le Whif produced a biodegradable and organic chocolate wrapped in an attractive, small tube that was available in three different flavors, raspberry chocolate, pure chocolate and mint chocolate, featuring less than one calorie only. Now, they have introduced Le Whif coffee with the same principle of previous chocolates, a breathable coffee powder without any calorie and containing the same amount of caffeine of a very light espresso. Moreover, the handy and stylish design of the tubular...
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Apple Teapot Offers Handy Features With Great Aesthetics

The apple teapot concept can turn an ordinary tabletop into a modern and functional one with great apple like appearance and various handy features. When laying on the table, the teapot will seem like an apple that can be approached to the consumers with a simple, clean and easy to use manner. This innovative teapot eliminates the inconvenience of passing the teapot from one hand to another when it’s full of hot tea by featuring a round base on which the pot can be rolled over to the required ...
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Exterior Trash Can Ensures A Clean Environment With Functional Features And Aesthetics

The main inspiration of the exterior trash can concept was to generate awareness of clean environment among people by featuring excellent functionalities and great aesthetics. The organic form of the product has been derived from nature and human architecture, aiming to improve the existing trash can principles. This innovative trash can has been crafted from Kerrock, a high gloss material that not only gives the can a stylish look, but also acts resistant to external influences like various wea...
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Flowerpot EYE Allows You To See the Root System Of A Plant

The EYE is an innovative flowerpot concept that can control the humidity and other conditions of soil, light level and an ambience temperature for a healthy environment for the plant and complement to any interior with its great visual representation. Moreover, the flowerpot enables the root system of the plant to be seen through an intuitive display, making it possible to see the inner development of a plant. This concept can be used for educational purposes to know a plant better by unveiling ...
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OV’L Features An Innovative Visualization Of Time Reading

OV’L is an innovative visualizing idea to show time in a wall mounted clock that gives an artistic presentation of time unlike traditional wall clocks. Aside from showing time, different parts of the cloak represent different display to show day, month and year. When reading the clock, users will have to go outwards from the center, the first four circles show year, month, day and the weekday, while the outer big circles represents hours, minutes and seconds. Initially, the process may seem co...
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PUPPO Chair Comprises Many Innovative Features with Great Aesthetics

Puppo is an innovative chair concept that has been designed for smaller interiors; targeting young customers who love keep their living areas neat. This chair will be very much handy in the student’s room that will save plenty of spaces for their dorms, while still enjoying the convenience of several pieces of furniture as and when required. With few simple steps, the chair can be converted into a tiny table or footrest. Moreover, it can be transformed into a storage box where users can keep t...
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Aqua Assistance Offers Efficient Water Rescue Functionalities Even in Icy Lakes

The aqua assistance concept eliminates the existing lack of technology in water rescue equipments by featuring various handy features. Being shorter than the conventional one, this boat offers easy maneuverability and helps rescue attempts by featuring excessive, over-sized handles. These handles along with the rubberized top surface enables the user to stay on the sled. Unlike usual motorboats, this concept requires less or no maintenance and can be used with same efficiency in icy lakes, which...
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Vertical Confluence Features the Rhythm of Historical Urban Structure of Paris

The Vertical Confluence is an innovative skyscraper that has been designed to integrate the historical urban fabric of Paris with the existing urban landscape through its massive and unique appearance, and great usability. The structure is situated at the confluence of la Marne and la Seine, one of the major points of the Parisian topography. The building has been designed as the Chinese culture center in Paris, where three public programs have been proposed according to its different attribute ...
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Neilpryde Off-Road Vehicle Gives Ultimate Driving Experience on Rough Surfaces

The Neilpryde off-road vehicle concept is inspired to provide a unique type of driving experience to the occupants by incorporating design elements from the renowned brand Neilpryde, an expert manufacturer of kite surfing, wind surfing and water sport elements. When turning or driving over hills, the cabin swings and leans to synchronize with the movement and the roller-coaster like seating arrangement aids the riders to stick to the seat safely. Also, to enhance the driving experience, the vehi...
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Solar Rucksack Generates Thermal Energy from Sun To Keep Users Warm

The solar rucksack is an innovative backpack concept that has been designed to keep the bodily warmth of users in icy conditions, especially for those who love to climb on mountains peaks or treks or works in polar states. The outer surface of the backpack features solar panels that collect solar energy from the sun and converts it to thermal energy. To distribute the generated heat evenly to the user’s body, a circular patch has been utilized on the clothing that remains attached with the bac...
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Kanibot Surveillance Robot Can Go Anywhere With Its Spider Like Design

Kanibot is an innovative robot concept that has been designed to work as a surveillance robot with various handy functionalities. This spider like design of the robot features six mechanical legs with the ability to perform all-way movement, giving the robot the opportunity to go on almost any surfaces. The main body features a powerful camera to capture photos and videos, motion sensor to detect suspicious elements and a tiny antenna to send and receive signals and data to the base station. The...
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Firefly Gives Unique and Stylish Dining Experience with Innovative Solar Charging Ability

The Firefly concept table is inspired to give ultimate usability at cafes, restaurants and even homes with an inbuilt lamp, eliminating the need of candles, which charges with the sunlight during daytime and aids to save a lot of electricity, while giving an uncommon dining environment to the users. The lamp is placed inside the middle radius of the table during daytime and when night comes, the lamp pops out with a simple press on the top and begins to glow the entire table top. The lamp bottom...
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