Eko : Ecological and Economical Traffic Light Concept

Eko is the ecological and economical new design of traffic light. A highly useable concept, it will not only assist in preserving our environment in reducing the pollution, it promotes safe driving too. Eko traffic light tells drivers how long the light will change from red to green. This traffic light design will give a lots of advantages and the major benefits are : lesser pollution and lesser consumption of fuel (drivers can turn off their car while waiting for the green light). (more...
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Bubble Clox Is Not Your Traditional Flat Clock

Have you thought of the time clock based upon the revolving of the earth around the sun? The sundials had been introduced to many people years ago, thus, the traditional clocks, which was flat, 2 dimensional became boring to lots of people already. Bubble Clox is a new timepiece that will change the way you look at clocks. The Bubble Clox has 4" dm round and spherical metal with hour, second and minute clock hands that are wrapped elegantly at the clock’s body, thus, bend the space and time. ...
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Black Mouse Sensor Works Like A Joystick

At first glance it look like a spaceship. Would you believe that this is a mouse? Well, Black Mouse Sensor Technology got this type of appearance. It will surely be a hit to teens and those professionals because aside from sensor technology, it moves with your wrists. There is an ease on usage as well as reliability, very convenient as well as fast scroll on documents with no clicks needed on scroll bar. The design ergonomically are created for your right as well as left hands, it fits wide rang...
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Amatoya : A New Class of Vehicle To The Field of Fire Appliance Design

A new class of vehicle to the field of fire appliance design that is capable of reconnaissance as well as suppression will be introduced by Amatoya. As indicated by research, there is a need to develop an advanced and highly specialized light tanker which must function primarily as a reconnaissance vehicle while providing unparalleled vehicle and crew safety/survivability. It also need to maintain superior off road capabilities and possess appropriate fire suppression technology for the purpose ...
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Antares Wheeled Loading Shovel Vehicle by Mike Turner

The ANTARES design might currently be considered avant-garde for a construction vehicle, however within the next 10-15 years, proposals such as these may be thought conventional. The cab has a large panoramic glass area – to aid operator visibility. (air conditioning is increasingly commonplace for these machines, as they typically work in dusty quarry environments. Solar gain could be managed effectively through the use of photovoltaic glazing) Beneath the glass, a heavyweight ROPS str...
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Stylish and Eco Friendly Pangolin Backpack from Cyclus

The innovative and handy Pangolin Backpack, getting inspired by the nature, has been designed like the Pangolin, a bristly anteater creature with razor sharp scales and claws. The material that has been used to make this backpack is simple and easy to get old truck tires. Just like the creature, the backpack has multi-layered construction that step by step folds and unfolds during operation. This construction allows more storage comparing its outer appearance which has made it a good gadget espe...
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Honda Helix Adapts and Reacts To Specific Environments And Traffic Patterns

The Honda Helix concept with advanced adaptive polymers can change its shape, color and even material properties when required. The three distinct conformations of Helix are A, B and Z. The car is short and wide when it is in “A” status for lighter and intertwining road system cities where the vehicle can run fast. “B” is low and long Helix for sprawling cities where long distances are allowed for high speed voyage. For congested cities, the tall and thin “Z” model comes in where occ...
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Urban Concept Vehicle with Water Purification System for The Year 2030

The Urban Concept Vehicle has been designed to purify water, and then deliver them to the targeted people, aiming the future scenario of the third world. This concept vehicle will be a good substitute of massive relocation due to global warming caused requirement of new water infrastructure. Moreover, the quick development of biofuel industry is taking over the agricultural space, resulting more inaccessible condition for food supply, particularly to economically challenged families. This urban ...
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Voltra Electric Motorcycle by Dan Anderson

Voltra electric motorcycle is the result of a broad research of the history of motorcycling, technology as well as culture and society, the manufacturing, as well as materials. Voltra’s main target goal will be to give an alternative tech which was appealed as necessary to the success, and greener fuel to its fashion conscious as well as conservative target market. This is electricity operated that conveys by a product semantic through visual sense on exhilaration and excitement not recently a...
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Futuristic Nissan V2G Concept Vehicle with V2G Electric Engine

The Nissan V2G concept vehicle has been designed to adopt with the electrified and ultra-efficient network of the nation’s highways called the ‘GRID’ for the year 2030. This car comprises a dynamic, low cost and quality construction V2G electric engine that is being expected to be the best selling vehicle of that time. The creative young minds of LA’s legendary automotive culture are highly potential considering its simple and user-friendly EV architecture. The organic shape along with g...
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Samsung Young Design Award 2009 Finalists

Samsung has organized young design award for the third time this year aiming to find out the creativity of young Italian design students focusing on sustainable and functional digital household solutions to improve the living quality of the future civilization. Following are the 9 finalist projects that was exhibited in the award ceremony held at Triennial in Milan. PAD is a digital pet family that improves the consumption of energy by monitoring the status of the environment. The main con...
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All Terrain Sport Coupe by Batyr Ospanov

The All Terrain sport coupe is a two seater, electrically powered vehicle with two driving modes helping the driver to run it on both smooth and rough surfaces. The first mode which is “Road Mode” keeps the car in a shape of a normal vehicle and allows it to travel along the traffic. When the user switches it to Off-Road mode the vehicle becomes higher and wider since the wheels come out and the chassis becomes higher to allow the car travel through rough terrains such as steppes and deserts...
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Redesigned Lamborghini Countach EV as Tribute to Marcello Gandini

The design of the Lamborghini Countach EV, a 3D concept electric car, has been inspired by the fascinating Countach by Marcello Gandini which is an unforgettable piece for every Lamborghini fans. This redesigned car features more clean curves without changing the standard appearance such as doors, wings, front lights, etc. The sleek and cutting-edge design of the car has been polished with unique headlights and great color combination of the body and the glasses. Aside from the outstanding desig...
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Functional and Futuristic Folding Bag

When it comes about a bag, a user will always opt for one that is compact, yet can store a considerable amount of everyday objects. The folding bag has been specially designed for mass users, not just only in a shape of the armadillo, but also with the functionality that the animal has through its foldable leathery armor shell. To make it a rare piece, aluminum polypropylene composite has been used to make the folding bag with a stylish shiny finish. Designer : LIJMBACH, LEEUW & VORMGEV...
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Cobalto and Zafiro : Futuristic Devices That Are Inspired by Sci-Fi Movies

Cobalto and Zafiro are two futuristic concept devices that have been designed by getting inspired from Sci-Fi movies like “Minority Report”. Cobalto, the glass screen of this mobile phone concept has been envisioned to be able to produce 3D objects in the air which is really exciting. The device features deformable metal which will allow the user to function either on traditional number buttons or a dial like iPod. (more…)...
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