Digital Voice Recorder Enables Capturing Loud, Clear And Distinct Sound

During the last quarterly meeting of my office, I used the voice recorder of my cellphone to capture the speech of our managing director so that I can review his instructions later. But alas, hope I would have a Digital Voice Recorder, so that I neve...
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Hybrid Yacht Features Unique Eco-Friendly Features With Sleek And Smart Aesthetics

This must be a yacht design that you’ve never seen something similar before. In fact it is a unique combination of a craft, a natural sailing yacht and a power cruiser with its extraordinarily functional sail system that enables the hybrid yacht co...
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Kazaguruma Wind Force Futuristic Transportation

In order to reduce environmental load, we need to start thinking how to take advantage of natural energy which freely available around us. Take a look at Kazaguruma, a futuristic car that uses wind as its power. These Japanese industrial designers th...
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Kia Electric Pop Concept Car : Compact, Lightweight, and Green

As usual, Kia Motors will unveil its new conceptual future electric car to answer future demands of compact, eco friendly, and futuristic transportation at the Paris Show on September 30th. Kia Electric Pop is an all new electric concept car with inn...
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Fluid Wearable SmartPhone by Dinard da Mata

Fluid reminds me of Nokia Morph. It's a smartphone that uses flexible "OLED" technology. Fluid provides mobility and ease in handling its duties. You can wear Fluid as one of your fashion accessories, this wearable gadget is certainly won't take spac...
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Revolute : Futuristic Single Person Electric Vehicle by Harsha Vardhan

Living in big city, I get stuck in traffic jam most of all the time. So when I see motorcycles break up the traffic jam, I wish I was the one on that bike. Harsha Vardhan, an Indian industrial designer might hear my wish. He designed "Revolute", a fu...
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Let The World Know Your Craze About Comics Through Innovative And Stylish Passionate About Comics

With "Passionate about comics" concept, not only you will be able to give your house an innovative, stylish and brand new appearance, also you will become unbeatable in the competition of collecting comics among your friends. The main idea of designi...
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VeloMini : Light-Weight Folding Electric Bicycle

Velomini is one of the coolest electric folding bikes on the market. This bike uses the latest technology in lightweight folding electric bicycles. It comes with attractive colors, perfect for youngsters. The powerful 180 watt motor helps you driving...
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Espresso On Four Legs Is A Breakthrough For Conventional Coffee Makers

An espresso machine that sits on a tabletop and pours a coffee cup is something we can easily see around. Now, even the espresso machine realized its time to stand up and rejuvenate in the form of Espresso on four legs, an innovative concept espresso...
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CCS 108 Superyacht Can Create Some Difference In Luxury Sea Cruising

Appearance wise, you won’t find any significant difference with conventional yacht designs except the extraordinary axe bow hull design. But CCS 108 superyacht features some unique and mind-blowing characteristics that resembles with modern and sle...
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LIFELINK Offers Comprehensive Communication Alternatives For Extreme Rafting Guides

If an accidental situation takes place when you are rafting on the Colorado river in the most remote and mountainous region, what would be the first thing that would come to your mind for calling emergency support? Of course the guide will do that wi...
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Empower By Me Is A Convenient And Efficient All-In-One Solution For Taking HIV Pills

Even though the antiretroviral drugs to keep HIV in check have been introduced in sub-Saharan Africa around 6 years ago, there are still many rural people who are living with this fatal virus due to lack of convenience of taking the pills. Empower by...
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Coral Soap Features Newer Look Everyday As It Is Being Used

What happens with your soap as you use it? Definitely it gets ugly, loses the smoothness of the edges that usually can be found in most new soaps to make it look alluring to the users. However, now its time to experience something different. Inspi...
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Bumbel Stroller by Ascanio Afan de Rivera

A stroller prototype from Ascanio de Rivera, an industrial designer, who wanted to design a modern stroller which could adapt to different stages of a baby's life. This stroller has modern and innovative design, a new approach to the classic pram. Mo...
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Lumiore: Your Personal Fashion Designer Helps You Create Clothes Daily

Ben Rodgers, the man behind Lumiore, created a device that not only will improve the interior design of your home, by removing the closets, but it will also act as your personal fashion designer in a digital kind of way. The Lumiore is a clothes asse...
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