Battery Shaped Battericine Pill Container Can Tell You When You Have To Refill It

You opened up your pill container at night when its time for a dose and suddenly you realize you consumed the last one yesterday night and planned but forgot to bring more for further doses. It would never happen if you were using Battericine pill container with a unique battery shape that can keep you updated about the number of pills inside. Construction of the concept is very simple, the top an...
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Megayacht Features Unique Opportunity For The Passengers To Explore The Boat

From general understanding, Yacht refers a recreational water transportation with lots of fun activities and many alternatives to relax and entertain. But it seems like the designer of the Megayacht concept, a Naval Architecture student in Southampton England, has overlooked the ideology completely and designed a boat that neither is a warboat nor features enough recreational opportunities that ca...
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QuadUrban Makes Our Lives Easy In Today’s Urban Jungle

This is something that you would definitely want to ride on your way to work, school, gym or just for fun. It is agile and comfortable, being based on a medium-sized quad, meaning you can slalom your way through traffic jams or just use the space between cars as your own lane. It has a small gasoline engine with low emissions, making it Eco-Friendly and for those of you who think the side walk is ...
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Vespeo Espresso Machine Features Iconic Representation Of Vespa Scooter

How many types of espresso machines have you seen? 10?... 20? How many types of them do you think might still exist on the market? 100?... 200? Whatever the number is, doesn’t matter who is the manufacturer, Vespeo espresso machine can beat them all by blending the iconic style of Vespa with modernity, tradition and Italian flair. Materials, surface finish and color combination was carefully sel...
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Ephemeral Roof Exchange Provides Ultimate Facilities For Hong Kong Boundary Crossing

Ephemeral roof exchange not only creates functional crossing the boundary of Hong Kong and Zhuhai, but also the iconic design and great aesthetics of the concept makes it a symbol of the intermediary relation between sky and land. The three-point access system provides an entry diversion through stunning landscape to be experienced by the visitors when arriving into and departing from the airport....
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Green

AIR Provides Universal Drying Ability To Make Life Easier During Rainy Season

I have read in a science fiction novel about a spectacle with wipers that can keep the vision of the users uninterrupted in rain by wiping rain waters. When checking out the AIR concept, it came into my mind that nothing could be more appropriate couple with that spectacle than AIR. This concept can be used to dry several products like cloths, shoes, umbrellas, accessories, seeds, berries, and man...
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Metis Can Enhance The Functionality Of An Amputee By Replacing A Damaged Hand

The long deserted issue, the human body, has come across the industrial designer’s path, resulting the innovative and functional METIS concept that has been designed to redefine the future of human. Being connected with the human nervous system, this prosthesis concept can provide an amputee his access to the existing virtual dimensions around us by giving back his limb. Moreover, only if you ca...
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Cell Two-Seater Futuristic Vehicle Provides Ultimate Convenience In Busy City Commuting

If you compare the number of taking your car out alone and with your family, the higher number of driving solely will surely make you realize that you are reducing your car’s efficiency with extra weight and occupying a lot of the street’s space with your four or more seated vehicle. To establish this fact, consider the survey result conducted in UK. The result shows that 60% of car rides only...
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Float Solar Powered Motor Boat Provides Enjoyable Marine Picnic Alternative

Marine picnic on the lake of Zurich in Switzerland is always a favorite event among all range of people. But how often do you think of a motor boat in the lake that is equipped with grill, table and small refrigerator, all getting power from the sun only? Float is a solar powered boat that runs two motors empowered by solar energy and is able to run 7-10 km/h while carrying up to six people at a t...
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Hungry Batteries Can Tell You When It Needs To Be Charged

You have two sets of rechargeable batteries from the same brand. Early morning when you were going out, you picked up one set of batteries thinking that this one was the fully charged set that you kept for later use. But alas, at the moment you want to use your battery on your gadget, you realize the set you left at home was the charged one. If you were using hungry batteries, this would have neve...
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Users Can Change The Shape Of Crystal Light According To Their Mood To Create The Desired Room Environment

Can your lighting fixtures change shape and appearance as you want? The answer certainly is a big NO until Crystal Light was introduced with a molecular structured form that features the ability to be assembled as per your mood. This fascinating concept incorporates color-changing LEDs inside diamond sparkling crystals that produce illuminating reflection, creating the room environment more soothi...
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Virtual Frame Ultimate Gaming Console Blends Virtual Reality With Portability

Have you ever thought why people are going to the virtual reality gaming centers and play wearing hectic goggles and widgets while there are so many portable gaming platforms available such as Nintendo gameboy, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and others with great convenience? The answer definitely is the excitement of the blend of reality with virtual world even though portability is missing. "Virtual Fram...
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METUS Project Gives The Freedom Of Choosing Short Or Long Distance Commuting Mode With Different Functionalities

It would be great if your vehicle could change itself to adopt the surrounding driving environment, isn’t it? I mean, when you are driving in a busy city road, you are driving a TATA NANO, and when you are driving long-distance, your car is as functional as a CRV. To meet up this vision, METUS project has been designed with two different driving modes. The first one is the long-distance intercit...
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Vuvuzela Pen Incorporates Fifa 2010 World Cup That Can Serve As An Ideal Corporate Gift

The race has begun. No, not on the race track, it’s the souvenir manufacturers who are giving their maximum effort to produce more alluring gift items than others keeping FIFA 2010 world cup in consideration. Vuvuzela Pen is inspired by a local South African instrument named Vuvuzela and has been designed to become an ideal corporate gift. Thousands of football fans around South Africa play this...
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flOw Interactive Wireless Speakers Can Read Your Mood And Play Music Accordingly

What can be better if your iPod can identify your mood and automatically start playing music accordingly? Yes it’s possible, all you have to do is to dock your iPod on flOw, a set of specially designed interactive wireless speakers that can give you the freedom of sharing music as your preference anytime, anywhere. flOw can react to every movement of the user, making it possible to set the user...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

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