Limited Edition Vipp Yellow Cab Collections

Vipp Yellow Cab is the newest member of the elegant Vipp universe that will give your kitchen and bathroom a different look than ever. The 2009 Limited Edition of Vipp has been named as Yellow Cab by getting inspired from the lively streets of New York with the clear impression of over 13,000 yellow cabs. Outside Denmark, Vipp is launching their first showroom at New York which marks a new episode in the around 70 year long Vipp history. The chic and alluring spring color of Vipp’s Yellow Cab ...
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Renault Megane Coupe Concept with Sliding Doors That Reach Upwards

Renault is a leading car manufacturing company of France and is known for their unique and futuristic designs. Their latest car, Megane Coupe is really a masterpiece. The design of the car is compatible with aerodynamics. It's a four-sitter car with sliding doors that reach upwards. The interior of the car is equipped with digital simulation technology. The gear system is semiautomatic and it also has adjustable steering wheel mounted on paddle shift. The suspension is superb with adjustable dam...
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NV Bed by Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid with Hollandia International has come up with top class NV bed with adjustable sleep system. The product is designed with rounded shape, showy style and amazing high luster gloss bi-color. Apart from its shiny and solid look, this bed enhances the storage capacity at the foot and headboard. NV bed offers a perfect blend of form and functionality along with the support of iPod. Karim Rashid has not left anything to provide modern and lavish home décor. You are going to get ...
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Relax with I-Sopod from Floatworks

I-Sopod is the purest manner of sensory relaxation with the whole new aspect of floating experience. This is a wonderful floating tank that was designed and built by highly professional designers and engineers of Floatworks with their collective resources of experience and knowledge. The aesthetical design provides best harmony, balance and comfort with revolutionary filtration system operates at 1 micron. All pipe works has been done with marine grade stainless steel and the fiber construction ...
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Bonfire : Fire Place Design for Travelers

Today, all the devices are being designed keeping in mind its utility and usage. The designers are designing the products that are more durable and value for money. This fire place design by Yu-ri Lee, "Bonfire" design is nothing but a fire producing sticks. All one needs to do is press the buttons in and the heat is available. This is a nice device for all those who are adventurous like the mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The device has a gas attached to the sticks which ensures tha...
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Elegance Transparent Fragility Bluetooh Device

With the advancement of the recent mobile technology, we have encountered some superb useful gadgets with various handy features. Among them, Bluetooth device is being considered the most popular tool for its wireless feature. With simple and exceptional design, the Transparent Fragility is a supreme quality Bluetooth device that is being operated by a one touch key. This device comprises a minimum of details, smooth lines and bionic design that has made it an unavoidable stuff. According to IIs...
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Motorola Nest by Kelly Bremer

Motorola Nest is a mobile phone design by Kelly Bremer that is unique and equipped with multiple features. It’s a phone through which you can stay in touch with your loved ones as it has a built in application which is specially designed for people who wants to stay in touch with their family members always. It acts like a virtual scrapbook for the user through which the user can always interact with the people in his network. The user first of all has to create a group of people. Then he/she...
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Fipa is A Luxury Platinum Cigarette Holder for Women

Fipa luxury platinum cigarette holder is a brand new smoking concept specially designed for women with tasted tobacco in individual units. The main starting point of this business development plan was figuring out a design solution that would give a feel like a woman’s smoking device. This understanding led the founder to develop Fipa as a luxury icon for women. The inspiration came from the women in the golden era from 1940s to 1960s, when using a cigarette holder was a common issue to mainta...
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Sunbeam Tiger : Lightweight 2 Seat Electric Car Design

Ryan Skelley conceived the concept of The Sunbeam Tiger during his Transportation Design course on Coventry University. It is an electric drivetrain with a pack of lithium-titanate battery which takes fewer times to charge than a lithium-ion battery. A fully charged battery can last around 4 hours along with the discretionary 3-phase charger which have made the maximum range of this car around 800 miles. Skelley has shown theoretically that the car can go 0-60 mph within 2.3 seconds and the top ...
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Code [e] : Luxury Eco-Friendly Catamaran

Code [e] is an aesthetic, high-performance, state of the art luxury catamaran designed to cruise in symbiosis with the environment. Despite the economic crises, the project had a lot of success during the last Düsseldorf Boat Show as more and more people are concerned about environmental issues. (more…)...
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Podi Lato Bicycle is Made From Aluminium and Recycled Materials

Podi Lato bicycle has been created with a bicycle concept that can meet the requirements of all range of people. The concept includes a two wheeler basic bicycle and an additional part that can be attached with this bike to meet the special requirements of an individual. This part can be used as a baby seat, double seat ideal for twins, mini container when shopping, an added seat for handicapped and many more. Finally, the two rear wheels and a broader seat are specially designed for people who ...
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Solar Pot Can Charge Your Battery Under The Sun

With environment friendly issues being the prime concern for all designers so is this new charging device. This new battery charging device or Solar Pot makes use of solar energy to charge itself. All one has to do is to place the discharged cell inside the stem of this charging device and then the place the charging device in the sun. The device then takes up the solar energy and thereby charges the battery. This device helps in recycling the dry cells the natural way, which otherwise is one of...
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Shape-Shifting Car Concept from Rinspeed

The main attraction of the Geneva Motor Show would be the iPhone controlled, wild shape-shifting electric concept car by the Swiss auto tuner Rinspeed. This car can change its shape according to the number of passengers with a simple touch to an iPhone application. The streamlined one-seater rear end is able to form space for two more people if requirement arises. By maximizing aerodynamics, the adjustable rear end preserves energy. According to Frank Rinderknecht, the founder of the company, th...
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On-Orbit Coffee Cup Design to Use in Spacecraft

Try the on-orbit coffee cup that can show how Pettit’s innovative design can change a simple coffee mug into an exceptional piece. This inventive coffee cup concept came to Donald Pettit’s mind, who is an astronaut, during the mission STS-126. Instead of using a straw to drink his morning coffee inside a heated aluminum bag, Donald created a cup that could hold liquid in zero gravitation. Travis Baldwin tried to offer his service as a designer to assist him in developing his idea into a real...
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The Best Bra Dryer Design I’ve Ever Seen so Far …

Bra Dryer is an exceptional appliance which aims to provide the best and most convenient way to dry bras without damaging the fabric, padding and wiring. It has been noticed that drying bras on its original female breasts shape is the only way to keep its original features intact and this is why Bra Dryer is wrought like a female chest. A very mild infrared heat source evaporates the moisture and a silent fan removes them from the bra fabric. You can adjust the device according to your desired s...
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