Vestalife Headphones-Icon of Performance and Enhanced Lifestyle

Vestalife headphone collection, with their innovative appearance and functional qualities, are positively proving the company’s super performance of designing, developing and manufacturing inspiring audio and lifestyle products. With the changeable headband, the Pi headphone can easily become an inseparable part of your daily lifestyle. The soft, flexible and fabric-covered headband insert, not only gives optimal personalization to the users, but also offers distinct and clear sound by tightly...
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Riding Aerok Bicycle? Or Swimming on It?

The innovative Aerok Bicycle concept is inspired by the formula 1 and introduces an extraordinary style of riding the bike by laying down in a swimming position on the chest and cycling the legs to speed up. When it comes about turning, the rider will have to move his arms front and back which will give them better controlling. The aerodynamic outer body of the bike is called the shell, made of sturdy carbon fiber, which not only enhances the visor of the bike, but also helps it to run faster by...
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MARLIN Yacht by Demetrius Tanase : A Bridge between Nature and Mankind

The eco-friendly MARLIN concept yacht concept is a combination of several design concepts and ground-breaking elements that offer maximum luxury and performance. The shape of the specious deck allows the crew to move conveniently and the ergonomically designed cockpit seats include additional space under the folding seats for the driver’s legs. Moreover, the bow deck offers additional comfort and recreation to the boarders by acting as a chaise-lounge. MARLIN contains two innovative inflata...
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The Giant 3 Tier Futuristic Enso Yacht

The 140 feet Enso Yacht concept was inspired by the Zen Buddhism and other eastern philosophies and has been designed to offer the sea enthusiasts a great and eco-friendly sailing alternative. The yacht features three parts, two long structure that contains the movable controlling sails and open space to hang around, and the center area that remains off the sea and contains living and entertain zone. The lounge area features a retractable glass roof that will enhance the boarder’s sunbathing e...
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2 Degrees Can Store Two Fragrances in One Bottle

During its first appearance, the user may get confused about which side is the top where the dispenser is placed to spray the fragrance. The innovative packaging of the 2 Degrees perfume has been designed in a way that can contain two types of fragrances inside one container, allowing the user to be different during day and at night. The bottle is split into two parts by dividing it diagonally, each holding different scent with individual dispenser, one each on the top and bottom side. Open the ...
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Cipher Can Tell You What You Are Going to Drink

Cipher is an innovative drinking glass concept that can reveal the name of its inside content on particular side of the glass when a liquid is poured into it. Though the concept has a complex appearance, it works on a very simple principle. The colored shapes, that seems to be randomly scattered all over the glass surface, have actually been posited in a systematic way which can be revealed when some colored liquid such as orange juice, coffee, milk or coke is poured into it. The exact textual s...
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Apga Will Empower the Police Force with Next Generation Wayfinding and Communication

With stable organic shape and effective touch screen, Apga, the advanced wayfinding and communication solution can provide the future police force a perfect strong hold and easy to use operating when reaching to an emergency site quickly and establishing online communication unlike traditional and inefficient radio and transmitter systems. Each of these tools keeps every officer online and remains connected with other police officers and headquarters. The headquarter can organize all the officer...
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The Perfect Chocolate Mate Choc Fridge

Undoubtedly, it has been happened with you many times that you thrown away your chocolate because of its weird odor that have been transmitted from other foods when you kept it inside your refrigerator. The purpose of Choc Fridge, which is based on innovative peltier refrigeration technology, is to offer a place where you can keep your chocolates with its actual taste and freshness. To minimize power consumption, the interior features a temperature of only 20 degrees and contains a LCD on its ou...
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KOMPIS Can Take You There Where You Want To Go

Kompis is a combination of a GPS unit and a compass that shows the direction of the required place on a circle bar around the top screen display. With this gadget, you can reach your destination without the need of a map and the distance between you and your target can be measured with its changing light, blue- far from the place and red – close to it. Setting up a new place to be found can be done via connecting it to a computer and using the particular software or moving and holding the side...
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Bird Gun Lantern Lights in Two Ways

The streamlined design of Bird Gun lantern provides brighter light with its two way filament than any other conventional lantern aside from being compact, rugged, waterproof and easy to carry by providing smart grip on its traditional wood made body. Moreover, it features two rings on its body where you can tie a string of your favorite color and hang the lantern around your neck or place it on a hanger when you are enjoying a camping. The power button is situation at the lower end of the body a...
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Bluetooth Headset ‘Drop’ Combines Connectivity with Style

Drop is a concept Bluetooth headset specially designed for women to make it more stylish than just using an efficient and convenient Bluetooth headset. The functional shape of the headset and use of silicon ear clip allows the device to remain fixed on the ear, resulting uninterrupted connectivity without the fear of losing it. As the appearance of the device is not less fashionable than a stylish jewelry, it can easily suit with both casual and most distinguished outfit and can be used at any p...
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Stylish Personal Mobility Solution PE Walker

The Potential Energy Walker concept has been designed as a complete personal mobility solution for those who require assistance when walking. By using innovative materials and different manufacturing processes, this concept provides a positive experience to the users, keeping them mobile and independent. The extraordinary fold down design of the product enables user to store it even in the boot of a car and the adjustable height feature makes it suitable for all range of people. The intelligent ...
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The One Laptop per Child Machine XO-3 for only $75

XO-3 is a stunning touchscreen tablet device that has been scheduled to release on 2010 for the One Laptop Per Child project by Yves Behar. This innovative $75 tablet features an all plastic, extremely durable and semi-flexible body that eliminates the possibility of being cracked upon impact like the traditional glass screens. Like previous XO, the screen of XO-3 can also be optimized in both reflective and transmissive modes depending on indoor and outdoor lighting situations. To make it serve...
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Flip Through Pages with Innovative E-Book Reader Concept LIBRARY

E-book reading devices are not a great achievement nowadays, but how many of them can really give you the feeling of reading a traditional book? The innovative LIBRARY e-book reader concept effectively meets the issue with its mechanical rollers along with lively page flipping animation on the screen that gives readers the feel of flipping through pages with their thumbs. The multi-touch display allows the readers to underline the book’s content with their fingers and can make bookmarks with s...
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Enjoy Healthy Air with Aura Organic Air Filtration

Unlike traditional air filters, the Aura Organic Air Filtration doesn’t contain any fans, pumps, filters or requires electricity; rather, this innovative air filter uses sunlight and plants only to remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the air. Plants have the aptitude to filter chemicals like volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air. Aura utilizes this ability and uses not only the leaves of the plant for this filtration process, but also the roots...
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