iPiano : Concept Electronic Piano by Heyki Lee

When you are playing a conventional piano, most often you are annoyed of thick score book that requires to turn the pages, resulting interrupt of your good mood. iPiano is a concept piano design with the ability of displaying and storing electronic score. The integrated touchscreen display will allow you to turn electronic pages with simple touch on the screen. The built-in software in the piano helps users to guide their piano practice by reading the scores. Moreover, it supports video display,...
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iCar Futuristic Eco-Friendly Concept Car In The Year 2027

The concept iCar project is designed for urban use, exploring the possible future transportations in the year 2027. This futuristic car is actually designed for more environmentally conscious drivers that offer an uncommon approach of creativity and transport design. The architecture of this car is totally fresh and comprises complete carbon fiber composites, surrounding sensor scan, data driving environmental display or DED and aluminum chassis. The most noticeable thing of this car is the comb...
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Tallinn’s City Hall Design by BIG

Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) has demonstrated an innovative architectural solution for Tallinn's New City Hall, the new administrative building for the city government, situated on near about 35,000 m2 plot close to the Linnahall building. Designing a crucial public building like this requires inputs from users and neighbors; citizens and politicians, and therefore, this concept have been envisioned as capable to adapt any sorts of unexpected demands. This new town hall will provide transparency on...
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Pen Drive with Floral Pattern Design

With the technological advancement in the field of USB memories, several manufacturers are crafting innovative memory sticks with various functionalities and extraordinary design. This is a bracelet shaped concept pen drive that is decorated with a floral model for Polish Mountains. This pen drive will assure the users comprehensive safety against lost or theft issues along with stylish and unique appearance that will be appreciated by all range of people. It features a USB 2.0 interface and is ...
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Futuristic Bugatti 57 Atlantic Concept Car by Bruno Delussu

The designers of Bugatti 57 Atlantic must have envisioned the Aliens to come from outer space, therefore, they designed this futuristic car to offer them something of their level from both design and performance aspects. This concept is somehow away from reality so far but according to the French designer, human mind is free to imagine of anything. Though the close to the ground design of this two-seater car is unique from any point of view, the front end matches a bit with Jaguar, on the other ...
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S-Vision Concept Mobile Phone for Business People

S-Vision is a concept phone, specially designed by concentrating on business peoples, allowing to be carried out their presentations directly on its surface through projection. The extraordinary shape of this design phone holds sheer elegance and an exceptional format. S-Vision features an integrated LED Micro-beamer that helps projecting the presentations. This technology has already been introduced with some products available around but this phone is stimulating its functionality to the max. ...
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Small Nanus Concept Electric Car for Urban City

Nanus might seem like a conceptual project, but this time, it has been designed for real auto market. Nanus is an electrical concept vehicle with sleek and polished silver colored body, specially designed keeping the busy traffic situation of urban areas in mind. The vehicle is light, small and economic, can house two passengers, and have all the characteristics that may require to maximize the city mobility along with stimulating the green technology. The main intention of this concept is to ac...
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Louis Vuitton Tambour Mysterieuse Luxury Watch

Louis Vuitton's Tambour watch collection has enhanced with the adjoin of the Tambour Mysterieuse, a watch made of luxury gold and steel, but still in the immediately recognizable tambour drum outline, this completely mechanical watch deals in the horological magic stuff. Calibre LV115 is another addition in this series which has been developed, created and assembled in the workshop of this brand in Switzerland. This exceptional piece can reserve 8-day power and there is nothing redundant about t...
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SylviaNancy Yacht with Hybrid Fuel-Efficient Electric Power System

The 76m (246ft) long Sylvia Nancy yacht concept is designed to house 12 guests along with the appropriate number of crews and is able to explore interesting locations all over the world with a hybrid fuel-efficient electric power system. This yacht contains three main aft decks with alluring sun lounges and sun decks scattered around, each of them will offer spectacular views. This concept comprises an outdoor bar lounge and a movie screening room to offer versatile entertainment to the passenge...
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Audi Daysailer by Mark Klug

Audi Daysailer concept is the first step of Audi beyond their usual car range, crafted by an Austrian Applied Science Student, Mark Klug. The main goal of designing this product was to create a powerful yacht that contains vibrant features as well as excellent and attractive look that can allure anyone. With this brilliant project, the designer has created a clean and simply readable, but still sporty and expensive image for Audi Daysailer, even as filling the form of the German automakers philo...
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Metromorph Futuristic Concept Car with Balcony Mode Option

To address the ever-growing metropolitan city problems associated with real estate and parking place, many innovative ideas are constantly coming up from various designers and Metromorph is one of the most functional concept cars in this regard. It has been designed with the ability to ride up just like an elevator and turn into a balcony, eliminating the harassment of parking and paying for additional space in the apartment. This vehicle is powered with two in-wheel motors placed in the back of...
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Feutrefon Feltphone Mobile Phone Concept Uses Felt and Leather as Its Body

Feutrefon Feltphone is a concept foldable mobile handset fabricated with leather and felt. The white surface and inner black body of the phone is able to attract the attention of all range of users. When unfolded, the phone becomes flat, without any noticeable joint spot between the upper and lower part. The keypad is designed in an innovative way that gives the impression of touch buttons. The anatomy of the phone includes leather surface, velcro washer, display, electronic module keypad, SIM s...
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Stinger Concept Bike Combines A Scooter and A Motorbike

Stinger is a concept bike which includes nearly every available ecological niche that a traditional bike generally lacks. The main difference between conventional high-emission bicycles and Stinger is, this bike is helping the environment by keeping it pollution-free by using fuel cells. Moreover, renewable resources were used to make the adaptive, versatile and eco-friendly bicycle which would be a true alternative to traditional ones. This bike is very much adaptive and robust just like an ins...
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Dyson Energy Concept Device Produces Energy to Charge Your Mobile Phone

Dyson Energy is a concept device with the shape of a bracelet, specially designed to resolve the everyday problem associated with charging your mobile phones on the go. This surface of this device produces electricity in the ambient air and stores in a Li-Po battery that can be used later to charge your mobile phone. The innovative Seebeck effect allows to keep the temperature difference between the outer surface and the other part that remains in touch with the skin. When its time to recharge a...
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Gluco(M) Wristband Monitors Your Blood Glucose Levels

With the widespread of diabetics among almost all range of people around, medical equipment manufacturers are introducing various products everyday. The Gluco(M) Wristband is a concept medical device that offers three major functions to diabetics: non-invasive and instant glucose reading, storing previous readings history with averages, and an extremely useful insulin chamber with loaded syringe cartridge. This innovative product is featured with ‘Reverse Iontophoresis’ technology and collec...
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