MiniKitchen Design Is Perfect For Small Living Space

In the future, there’s a possibility that small living space becomes the normal living space. MiniKitchen project has been designed with the thought of providing the needs of people who live in limited house-space. It radically changes the classic ...
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SafetyNet System Provides Sustainable Fishing Practices

Every time fishermen go for fishing, chances are that they return with huge tones of fish from the sea, some of which include endangered species. The primary reason for this problem is the kind of fishing techniques being employed that are not select...
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Bookmark Dictionary For Paper Book Lovers

To all paper book lovers, Bookmark Dictionary is going to be very handy. Some people think that in the end, e-book is going to kill the printed book. Apparently that opinion didn’t stop Raghunath Dhayalan, an industrial designer, to design this inn...
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Solis Solar Powered Vehicle That Contributes Electricity To The City

The challenge of this project was to create a vehicle that we could park easily in a highly populated area. Solis is a solar powered commuter vehicle features semi-transparent solar panels on doors and roofing to generate electric power which is stor...
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City Aquatic Transport (C.A.T) Public Transport System Helps You Avoid Traffic Jams

The main objective of City Aquatic Transport (C.A.T) is to help reducing urban city congestion. Waterways running through cities are usually passing by strategic public areas, with only little infrastructure needed, C.A.T system can fulfill its prima...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Proclavian Safety Equipment for Motorcycle Riders by Martin Harwood

Proclavian has been designed based on much research to find out what’s common injury that motorcycle riders suffer after a crash. According to the designer, the common injury after a motorcycle crash is clavicle (collar bone) injuries. It’s reall...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Motorcycles, Protection

TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue SR2 LCD Watch

Get noticed from people near you with the new Kisai Rogue SR2 LCD watch from TokyoFlash. Unlike other TokyoFlash’s watches where you need to touch a button to illuminate the LED in order to read the time, wearing this watch, the time can be read at...
Posted in » Fashion, Watches

Saab Nespresso Car Concept For Your Multiple Lifestyle

Saab Nespresso was born when Eric Leong, the designer, trying to develop a vehicle based on non automotive brand and use their success as inspiration. Through careful research and product placement, Eric chose Nespresso as his inspiration. Nespresso ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green

PlanetMangrove Speakers by Balint Tamasi

PlanetMangrove speakers feature unique soft curved design that represents its 3-way nature which also plays important role for its acoustics. These speakers only have 2 potentiometers, one for volume adjustment and power, the other one for bass level...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Helix Wind Generating Roadster by Minchul Kim

Helix is a new proposal of electric Roadster that breaks old stigmas of inefficiency and wasted mobility. This vehicle explores a new way to generate energy to power an electric vehicle by using energy re-generatively under braking. Helix is a concep...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts

Bug-E Multipurpose Electric Vehicle Features Innovative Steering Wheel Design

This submission reminds me of Bobby Cobb from Cougar Town who drives around using a golf cart. I think it’s pretty cool. Bug-E is more of an eco friendly electric vehicle than a golf cart, but this vehicle has been designed as multipurpose transpor...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Sports, Transportation

Survival Room Provides A Total Protection Within An Enclosed Capsule

Philip Pauley has designed a survival room that offers complete protection from extraordinary natural or manmade disaster conditions. Each survival room has been designed with 70 seats, wheelchair access, and a limited amount of standing room. Once t...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Protection

Rimino e-Paper Mobile Device Project by Amid Moradganjeh

Trying to redefine mobile experience through human factors research and design thinking, this designer utilizes e-paper mobile device to create a user interface that resembles print posters. Rimino project is based on human experience, guided by both...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Totem Modular Cooking System Coated With EnSol Spray-On Solar Cell Technology

Totem is the perfect solution for anyone who lives in a small space apartment or travelers. It is a multi functional modular food system that enables you to prepare and cook by simply stack and flip the units. Due to its simplistic design, this unit ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Detraform Model 500 Phone Design by Kiwi&Pom

Designed by Kiwi&Pom, Detraform phone offers unusual L shaped design. It’s a cordless DECT phone with subtle interface and a selection of classic colors. Sustainable consumption begins with products that last a lifetime. This cordless phone fea...
Posted in » Home And Kitchen

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