The SV1 Futuristic Car Provides Fun and Stylish Urban Commuting

The three wheeled SV1 concept car aims to provide excellent urban commuting with fun and playful style, and incorporates various environmental factors and social impacts. This two-seater, compact car has been designed to be driven by the single real wheel and the steering function is controlled via the front wheels. Aside from reducing weight, this three wheel layout ensures efficient stability and power. The polycarbonate made panels of SV1 aids to the environment, also, it help in absorbing li...
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Forms Reflects the Change of the Future World

The Forms is a futuristic car concept that incorporates the change of future world into its shape to make it sustainable from different aspects. This single seater car features a sleek metallic surface with glossy finish on an extraordinarily designed body that will generate strong appeal on the users. The traditional front side of the car drastically conflicts the unique conic rear portion that covers the rear wheel too, giving it a look like heat sinks. The car has a close to the ground height...
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Prix ARS Electronica Presents ARS Electronica International Competition for CyberArts 2010

Prix ARS Electronica is serving as an interdisciplinary platform for designers since 1987 and like every year, they have launched the ARS Electonica international competition for cyberarts 2010 with a view to honor innovative and uniquely promising ideas and to support their further development process. This year, they are seeking projects that focus on improved ways of using three key important areas of mankind’s future: mobility, energy and access. This competition surely will contribute wit...
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Tamtam Flash Features an Innovative and Intuitive Way of Navigation

The Tamtam flash is an innovative concept that has been designed to function like a local to aid tourists finding a place and typical things of the place that they would like to see. The Tamtam looks like a compact and pocketable traditional flash light that projects navigation information of the desired way of the user to make them feel secured in an unknown foreign environment by generating an immediate and intuitive way of path finding. Moreover, it features a zoom-able and scrollable digital...
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iCup Provides a Cup of Hot Drink Anytime, Anywhere

iCup is an innovative concept specially designed for Apple that can heat up any drink inside the cup by connecting it with the user’s notebook, as well as any device that supports USB connection, via a USB cable anywhere. The key goal of the project is to ease life with more manageable features that ensure uninterrupted working opportunity, doesn’t matter the user goes to the park, library or working in the office. The featured Apple logo of the cup is actually a heat indicator that shows th...
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The Bluetrain Car-Envisioned to Rule the Future Streets with Ultimate Luxury

The Speed 12 Bluetrain Special concept car has been designed to become an ultimate street luxury in near future by utilizing an art of craftsmanship. This amazing car with a unique appearance features a combination of hand shaped aluminum and machine stamped sheetmetal in order to make it an inseparable part of the future luxury car collection. The ergonomically shaped cutting-edge body with glossy finish, the car contains innovatively placed and stylishly shaped illuminating headlight and brigh...
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The EBIQ Electric Bike Can Charge Personal Electric Gadgets

The key purpose of the EBIQ Electric Bike concept is to complement the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 unlike traditional cars or motorcycles and offering a battery powered bicycle to ensure convenient short distance commuting in city/metro areas. To make it even more functional, the bike enables the rider to charge their laptop, cellphone and other personal electric gadgets. Moreover, the built-in screen at the steering can provide direct access to the user’s laptop to gain necessar...
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Bentley Aero Ace-A Dream of Cold Blooded Sports Drivers

The Bentley aero ace is a revolutionary aerodynamic concept that has been developed to become a part of the future Bentley design aesthetic, as well as reducing energy consumption. The design was inspired to signify the raw aggression of a sporting vehicle, while paying close attention to the aerodynamic properties of each element of the vehicle. The adjustable aerofoil / spoiler feature double wishbone suspension to maximize the efficiency. The electric motor cooling system features air intake ...
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The Concept Vehicle Ensures Perfect Personal Urban Commuting

Though the concept vehicle designed by Nicholas Holland looks like a bike, it actually is a two-wheeler vehicle that features the front wheel as the key driving component and utilizes an intense magnetic field produced by the giant loop passing through the front wheel. With the forward and backward movement, the field spins the wheel and also rotates the axis when steering. By using the magnetic field, this vehicle reduces the friction and makes it tremendously energy efficient. The compact and ...
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Styling Bicycle Focuses of Fashionable Cycling on The Road

The styling concept bicycle has been designed mainly focusing on aesthetics that may eliminate the prestigious complexity among the users, which is one of the key reasons of disappearing bicycles from the current roads. The designer has drastically changed the appearance of a conventional bicycle, making it real sporty, which will surely encourage mass users to ride with pride on the styling bicycle. The unique color combination of the bicycle gives the rider a fresh feeling and most of the part...
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Futuristic Aircruise Offers Ultimate Traveling Luxury

The Aircruise is a huge, vertical airship concept that can introduce air traveling to a new era with ultimate style and luxury. The main goal of the project was to give people the realization that traveling is not just getting from one place to another via its appealing and more reflective operation. Empowered by natural energy, this concept has been envisioned to fill with 330,000 cubic meters of hydrogen gas and dock on more than 265 meters high stands. The slower pace of traveling on Aircruis...
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Hearing Aid That Never Compromises With Style

The main idea of the Hearing Aid concept is to eliminate the effort of people to hide their earpieces, not to let other people know about their handicap. This innovative concept has been designed so stylishly that users can feel the confidence of wearing a piece of fashionable jewelry with it. The main target users of the hearing aid are the medium level hearing disable people. Aside from incorporating the brand new TriMic system, this compact and lightweight gadget gives a near to perfect posit...
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Taste Your Food Before It Is Cooked with Next Generation Cookbook Teaser

The Teaser is an innovative cookbook concept that has been designed to reduce food waste by allowing the user to taste a recipe before it is cooked. This ultra-portable digital device features a touchscreen display and a printing system that dispense edible flavor strip. The integrated ink-jet print technology features 18 flavored cartridges and dissolving strips that can easily provide the taste of a desired dish by mixing the ingredients. After connecting the touchscreen LCD with the device, b...
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eVouse Revolutionary Mouse Ensures Easier Computing with Pen Sensor Excellence

The eVouse is a revolutionary wireless laptop mouse concept that features excellent outlook and two different functions to make computing easier. Aside from using it as a traditional mouse, this ‘V’ shaped mouse can be used as a pen sensor for particular design works like designing an industrial entity. The tactile action buttons and scroll offers convenient using and illuminates green light with every action movement which demonstrates it’s ‘in use’ status. The pen sensor is placed at...
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KUMOI Electric Motorcycle is perfect for Short-Distance Personal Commute

The KUMOI motorcycle concept is purely based on electric energy and has been ergonomically designed to provide a perfect short-distance personal commuting alternative. This motorcycle has a simple and smart look and provides a convenient riding position to the driver, allowing better control over the bike. The carbon fiber polymer made frame along with aluminum alloy made shell offers durability and speed of the bike can be controlled via foot translational motion of the pedals. The steel made w...
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