Organic Speaker is Inspired by Woman’s Body

Speakers of various sizes and shapes are found nowadays which are handy as well as beautiful. This Organic speaker is inspired by Munthe plus Simonsens feminine style.. and a womans body. Very beautiful indeed ! (more…)...
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Sphere : House Design for Emergency Accommodation

This is a type of housing specially designed for emergency accommodation. These are made of fiber glass and plastic that increases the durability and helps them last for a long time. These spheres consist of nineteen tents with an open space in the middle. The inner walls are made up of fine, air-permeable materials. These tents can be occupied by three persons generally though the detachable wall may allow bigger families. The open space permits all the families to gather together that allows t...
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Water Conservation with Indulgence Shower Concept by Pensar Development

All of us love a long hot shower, on the start of the day it energizes you for the day ahead while at the end of the day it relaxes you from all the tiredness, though in the process lot of water is wasted. The new indulgence shower from the house of Pensar promises to provide the same and beyond but by conserving the water. The overall process features a rinse-mist-rinse sequence but it's flexible. The shower first rinses you for a minute after which it moves to the mist cycle for four minutes w...
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K-6 The Next Generation Speed Boat by KEYFRAMEstudio

The next generation speed boat concept is surely a step ahead from what one has been seeing in the overall design. This good looking concept can be termed as the one that brought style to speed boating. The boat which has seating ability to comfortable seat two ala-convertible, so as one cruises along the water with their hairs flowing high, thus connecting oneself with the boat, so much so that it becomes a part of you. The concept is called K6 and in the long run it will be interesting to see ...
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Waterflux by R&Sie(n)

The new art museum scheduled to be finished in 2009 has been inspired by nature and the way nature and its processes function. Designed by Paris based design firm R&Sie (n) architecture, even though on the first look, seems like an ice cavity but in fact it is carved out of wood and other eco friendly materials. Even the construction of this museum has been carefully planned so that the end result gives out an amorphous mix of structure which though looks disorderly but does have an identity...
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Watch The Ironing Process with B-IRON 725 Transparent Iron

The new aesthetically designed iron by Dongseok,Lee and Jihyung,Jung shall ensure that there are minimum creases when you iron. This uniquely transparent iron model named as B-IRON 725, allows the user to keep an eye on the clothes as one uses the same. Its soleplate is made with tempered glass, whose heat resistance is comparatively better than ordinary glass which means that it can easily cope itself to the changing temperatures. The overall design has been added with the geometrical criss-cro...
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Serene, An Interactive Therapy and Stress Reliefer Device

In today's stressful times, the new device by San Frisco based Industrial Design Pinpach Piyatiratitivorakul is exactly what the doctor ordered. This interactive therapy and stress reliever designed for home is something that will relieve the users of stress that is inculcated in their day to day life. Serene is a device that can be played in groups or solo, when one has leisure time at hand. The device consists of two parts with the top being a remote control which gives the user the flexibilit...
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Hawk Concept : Single Seater Vehicle with Honda RC51 V-Twin 999cc Engine

The vehicle concept vehicle by Alex Hodge is surely an eye candy. This single-seater vehicle is something that suits today's urban needs. The beauty named 'Hawk' is powered by Honda RC51 V-Twin 999cc engine has a top speed of 233 kilometers per hour and has three 19inch lightweight alloy wheels to support it which are in turn equipped with both rear and front disc brakes so its best of both worlds be it driving in the fast lane or stopping in a hurry. The concept of course ensures that the rider...
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Cute Joebot Can Dance For You !

The next generation WowWee robots series from WowWee Robotics, takes robotics to the next generation. Set to be unveiled in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week, the two playful companions are something that you more than asked for. The first one is Joebot, which is a regular fully loaded interactive friendly neighborhood robot which also has sense of humor up its sleeve. It also responds to key phrases using the sound sensors, so much so that one can make it dance...
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Colim Caravan Concept : A Cool Combination of A Car and A Caravan Camper

The new vehicle design by Christian Susana is a nice combination of car and a caravan camper. Christian has called it Colim (Colors of Life in Motion), which might not win many points on looks department, but still is quite useful given the kind of flexibility it offers. Colim caravan concept provides the advantage of detaching the front part if one does not have a usage for the home part. Design wise it reminds more of geometric shape, which one can say to be a welcome change from the regular d...
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Phoenix Vehicle Design with Central Kinetic Axis to Generate The Power

The new Phoenix concept designed by Sergio Loureiro, a Royal College of Art student in London, is some piece of work. This aerodynamic beauty is a sports car which runs on electricity with the overall concept being of reducing energy consumption. This is achieved as the vehicle adopts the alternate energy regeneration system inspired by technology used in dance floors. Here car has a central kinetic axis which with the movement of the vehicle generates power. The car is a complete beauty not jus...
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Zoybar : Modular Hardware Kit for Custom Instruments

Zoybar is a modular hardware kit for creating custom electric string instruments and effects by its users. The modular parts can be assembled as different instruments that could be mounted with numerous kinds of sound effects and controllers. The result is mashup instruments that enable the player to play and manipulate the sound simultaneously and directly from the instrument. Want to give it a try? Designer : Ziv bar ilan...
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The MinuteMan Vehicle Concept For a Silky Smooth Ride On The Highway

The new motor concept design by J. David Weiss seems to be totally inspired by super hero comic books. The MinuteMan car concept can give one a smooth ride on the highway or maneuvering oneself in the busy city traffic. In doing so it is helped by the small wheel base and the unique functioning wherein each axle has its individual electric motor working in opposite of each other. This activity enables one to shrink their foot space resulting in maximum driving pleasure. So if you got a meeting t...
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Vestalife Firefly and JewelBox iPod Speaker by RKS Design

Vestalife, the award-winning lifestyle electronics company, and world-recognized strategy and industrial design consultancy RKS today announce a new strategic partnership as Vestalife prepares to launch new products at Macworld and CES. "As we were designing Vestalife’s new iPod speaker docks," said Ravi Sawhney, RKS Founder and CEO, "we realized that RKS and Vestalife are kindred spirits. We both appreciate the power of design to create an emotional connection with consumers. We look forward ...
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Prepare Your food Safely with Pebbles Stone Grill Concept

The new concept by Korean designer Natan Kwak named Pebbles is a grill that has been inspired from the traditional stone grill of Korea. It allows to prepare the food safely which in the end is more beneficial to the body and the food is more effectively cooked as the device's body structure is flexible and pebbles also gets adjusted according to the ingredients. Add to that its portable, so one can say that it's convenient as well. It also has flexible heating options unlike the other pebble co...
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