Helio DAB Radio Concept with Gratzel Panels Technology

Helio is an innovative DAB Radio concept from Bold that features eco-friendly solar panels to produce the required energy from sunlight. It comprises functional Grätzel panels that works inside better than outside and their textures are envisioned to be transparent, giving an alluring appearance. Hello gives back radio its traditional captivating ability in the current age of miniaturization for electronic items. Evoking the esthetic of tube amplifiers, Hello showcases cells with complementing...
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iHammock : Let Your iPhone Relax While Getting Charged in Stylish Manner

Usually, phone users keep their phones silent when they are working at office to avoid embarrassing situations like a cell phone screaming out in front of the boss. But when they place their phone on their desk in silent mode, it creates an even louder noise because of vibrating. iHammock is a concept iPhone dock where your phone can relax while getting charged in a stylish and innovative manner. This functional device contains a parasol that acts as a solar power battery charger. Users will ope...
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Innovative Indoor Hydroponic Plant System

The Hydroponic Plant System is an innovative concept that offers the user a comprehensive gardening facility by implementing efficient and functional technology. It is actually two twisting metal tubes starting from the floor to the roof of the room, where plants can be placed in different arrangements, allowing maximum convenience for taking care of them by reaching them all at once easily. Moreover, this innovative plant arrangement will provide better options to accumulate lights for the plan...
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E-Bin Mobile Electronic Recycle Bin for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

e-Bin is a mobile, smart and versatile electronic recycling bin concept designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It features touch screen technology and can be programmed to send and receive useful information on both the user and the provider end. Therefore, a bin can tell a user the exact location of the nearest bin if it is full and notify the recycling company about its state at the same time. Moreover, it can also let the user know if their item would be suitable for reclining or not. T...
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2014 Winter Olypic Stadium and Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia

State Corporation “Olympstory” has unveiled their innovative design for the 2014 Winter Olympic Stadium with every possible surprising attributes. The main stadium design along with the venue overlay plan delivers a great vision of the upcoming winter Olympics and an everlasting sustainable heritage for Sochi. Its getting advantage from both it's mountainous backdrop and coastal location, whilst its wonderful crystalline skin engages with the surrounding areas by day, and gives an iconic vis...
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Hot Cup Design from Vivek Sasindran

Hot Cup is a concept coffee cup along with a beautiful and functional stand that will keep your tea of coffee hot for a longer period of time that will allow you to enjoy your hot tea while working at office or talking in phone. There is a heating mechanism on top of the round flat of the stand that will heat up the coffee cup slightly when placed on it. Also, the bottom of the cup is a conductor, which is able to transfer heat to its content, keeping it hot as long as you keep it there. The cup...
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Volkswagen L1 Concept Car : 1 Liter of Fuel for 100 Kilometers

The Volkswagen L1 is a concept car, designed in a fuel efficient way that can propel around 100 kilometers or 62 miles by using one liter of fuel. Recently the designers have prepared a prototype of this car by combining great aerodynamics, supremely efficient powertrain and lightweight engineering. The powertrain of the VW has been furnished with two-cylinder, turbo-diesel 39-hp engine with a 14-hp electric motor. Besides, the car comprises a stop/start mechanism and a dual-clutch seven-spee...
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Changing Flat Tire is Easy with Turtle Wrench Tool

Changing a flat tire in the middle of the road is not a good experience for anybody, especially when they are forced to do the job with inefficient tools that are supplied by the manufacturer. Turtle Wrench is a concept tool that has been designed to change the paradigm of changing a flat tire easier than ever. The product minimizes the procedures of changing a flat tire by effectively undoing all the 4 studs at once of a wheel instead of doing it individually, through using the motion force of ...
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Zero House : Small Prefabricated House Operates Independently Off-The Grid

Zero House is a fully climate-controlled and innovative home concept that features separately zoned living and sleeping areas with highly efficient air-conditioning and heating system. All storage compartments and furnishings are built-in to exploit the use of space. The elevated covered deck offers perfect rooftop area for excellent outdoor living. The roof, floor and walls are insulated with closed-cell structured foam, and attain a thermal resistant ranking of R-58. Triple-insulated large win...
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Roll.Charge.Light.Protect Wheelchair Glows Brightly During The Night

Wheelchairs would be dangerous for open ride especially when users go out during dark night. "Roll Charge Light Protect" Project demonstrates a concept wheelchair that has lights for other people to notice the wheelchair, offering a remarkable safety system. This lights get power from movements of the wheels, thus, it is a good way to save energy. There are a set of LEDs under the wheel cover that glows brightly during the night. A magnet is helping generating electricity by rotating and the gen...
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Pholeum Transportation Unit with Efficient Next Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The idea of Pholeum transportation unit concept is based on the living cell tissue structure of a plant that can carry organic nutrients to any part of the plant where required. This vehicle has been designed as a personal mobility unit based on an ideal transportation means for mega-cities, which has made riding this eco-friendly car just equivalent to a bike down the street. The minimalist interior features control steering pod, a mimicking game like control where brake and gas paddles embe...
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Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth

The Ceramic speakers is a mind-blowing concept with a pair of delightfully colored ceramic speakers, features high quality sound with its non-conventional 4-inch full-range driver along with the T-class amplifier. The speakers are encased in acoustically deep ceramic and the amplifier is placed inside a cork chamber. This unique pair of speakers can produce only 10 watts output on every channel and is fabricated with most atypical and sustainable materials such as maple plywood, porcelain, cork....
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BI Handheld Shopper Gadget Is A Must Have Device for Shopaholics

The BI Handheld Shopper Gadget is a concept electronic device that is designed to help shoppers with various required information when someone gets confused where to go or how to go in a new place. This electronic personal shopper’s guide is fabricated with interchangeable back cover, gloss black facade and steel detailing to offer complete GPS guide on shopping areas anywhere in a stylish manner. Users can download these guides by using 3G and Wi-Fi technologies at home or outdoor. Moreover, ...
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E-Board Tracker Bike : A Small, Funny, and Eco Friendly Motorbike

The Eboard Tracker concept doesn’t focus on just a transport vehicle, rather the designer has envisioned it as an eco-friendly, small and funny motorbike that can run at up to 30 mph and ensures better twisting around the corner of the street with its compact and light design. This bike contains hand throttle instead of traditional electric pedaling and features light, simple and optical flowing frame. A beam girder from section-I and hydro-formed tubes welded together in order to strengthen t...
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Oxygen of Green : Natural Air Purifier Table for Your Living Room

The traditional air purifiers can keep a good healthy condition for homeowners inside the room, but they are not so good for the environmental balance, especially because of the huge amount of energy they are consuming for their functionality. The Oxygen of Green is an innovative air purifier that has combined stunning industrial design with the calm of nature to ensure fresh air inside your house. This concept implements air plants at the center-section of the house that produces a good amount ...
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