Squidolin Features a Beautiful Contemporary Violin Design

Squidolin is a specially designed violin that will let you learn to play by following a series of simple techniques, yet it performs as a regular violin when it is connected with an amplifier. The beautiful contemporary design and a Maple wood finished comfortable bow have made it a great piece. The designer has considered few constrains when designing the violin, such as, a half violin and half music player that would break down the notes of a tune and show how to play it. A ball using as a ...
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Caravan Design That is Inspired by Airstreams and 50s Style

This innovative caravan was designed aiming creating something exceptional from the plain boring white boxes around and to recapture some individuality yet have the minimum resemblances to identify it as a caravan to potential buyers. The design is inspired by 50s style and highlighted by whitewall tires, wheel covers, the sleek airstream shape, aluminum band and shady windows. The modern and sophisticated interior features a separate bedroom located above the living area operated by electronic ...
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Water Building Resort Design Was Inspired by The Form of a Drop of a Water

The water building resort has been conceptually and architecturally designed in the shape of a water drop and intends to be the world's first building that can convert air into water by using solar energy. The technique is nothing but a combination of technology and nature. A photovoltaic glass made southerly facing facade will harness the required solar energy and let light to pass through. Conversely, the northern façade includes a latticed ventilation design and utilizes Teex Micron equipmen...
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Zweistil Bike Design with Two Riding Options

Zweistil is a bicycle prototype developed by Stefan Wallmann, a renowned German industrial designer, with the shape changing ability. This innovative bicycle will provide the rider with two riding options. First one is a compact shape for traveling around the city when you have to be more alert and aware of the busy traffic around you. The second option is for long distance rides when the rider can lay back with leisure and enjoy the views. The transformation process is simple. While driving, ju...
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Trik.E : 3-Wheeled Single Seater Vehicle by Eric Stoddard

Trik.E is a 3-wheeled human/electric powered concept vehicle that will offer all-season riding by protecting the rider from various weather conditions. This single seater features an innovative lean-steering mechanism that provides nimble but secured handling. The designer has not envisioned this vehicle as a bicycle, but as a great alternative of car for round the town transportation that can go everywhere a bicycle can go. The bike is easy to park and requires no license or insurance which mea...
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CarNurse Concept : Car for Medical Attention in Public Beach

CarNurse is a concept vehicle aimed to provide medical support for wounded at public beaches. The vehicle includes enough open space to facilitate the wounded and also can carry the friends or relatives of the patient to handle the situation more efficiently. The design envisioned enough room for 3 lifeguards, 4 people and a stretcher for the wounded. If the wounded requires more specialized medical care, this vehicle can perform both on land and in water for quicker transportation. The car has ...
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Portable Iron Design with Two Heating Plates

Portable Iron is featuring rail mechanism that allows the user to transform the smart box easily into an iron. However, this iron can not be used for massive number of cloths, but this will prove very much helpful and effective when you are on a trip. This iron includes two heating plates placed one on another with a spring between them. This two plate design will allow easier ironing of the collars by simply putting it between them and gently toasting it. This iron can be operated on standard e...
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Bushbunker : Australian Bushfire Safety Bunkers

Bushfires are being considered as one of the most dangerous natural disasters and keeping the terrible Australian Black Saturday bushfires during the last February in mind a concept survival option has been developed named Bushbunker. This concept is an architecturally designed safety bunker that is able to protect you when required. This concept bunker is comprehensively designed to endure people during the severe environmental situations that a massive bushfire may produce. This bunker contain...
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Quno : Future Mobility Concept For The Modularized Residential Environment

Quno is a solution concept for future residential as well as transportation purpose aimed to save the labor cost and diminish construction related wastes. Since this design is for increasing the efficiency of future community, this concept includes Q-houses which offer easy mobility and inevitably harmonized living environment. QUNO, the future transportation vehicle, will be merged with the Q-houses that can share space, electric devices and energy. These compact vehicles, with sleek and unique...
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You Can Hang Natch Media Player on Your Bag

Portable media players have taken a vital part of recent civilization’s everyday life and the problem that arises most often about these gadgets is ensuring safety holding while getting maximum convenience. Natch media player is an innovative creation that will develop new style for users to carry the device in a more secured way. This device can be hooked or hanged on a bag or a belt loop using the hanger structure to get a safer and stronger feeling than any other available products in the m...
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E-Book Reader Design by Massimo Marrazzo

The widespread of e-books or electronic books have forced the gadget designers to produce some handy devices that may overcome the hassles and inconveniences associated with reading in a monotonous computer screen. Therefore, e-book readers, one of the most useful creations of recent world, have been introduced by several manufacturers with many different functional features, so that the reader can feel like reading a paper book. Most of the e-book readers feature portability of handhelds along ...
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Echo Night Stand Storage for Your Room

Echo is an innovative nightstand design that appears to challenge gravity by balancing on its one side only. LG Hi-Macs have been used to give the product a smooth graceful curve shape and provided a suitable color palette for any environment. This nightstand offers both public and private storage facility. The open area can be used to store latest magazines, your preferred books and other necessary documents while the upper area can be used as a more private storage. Echo can be installed on th...
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HST II Truck by Kioko Muthui

[Update] HST II is a concept long-distance road haulage envisioned to transport high volume containerized and palletized cargo units with a proposed overall 29 meters of length and 65 tonnes of maximum gross combination weight. If you still remember our post about HST, than you can see that HST II is a better version from the previous HST Truck. This vehicle can be operated with a comprehensive yet straightforward computer just like a modern passenger car. The large 2.90 meters long cab provide ...
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G9 Mobile Phone by Ichiro Iwasaki

G9 is the latest mobile by iida with the feature of being the first mobile that can be used anywhere all over the world which is not only a superior quality tool, but also is easy to use. G9 includes a true sense of uniqueness with various useful features and a gorgeous shape that educes style for all range of users. This ultimate sliding phone features exchangeable stainless steel frame with three different finish, slanted keys and exquisite palm fit shape. The phone is equipped with a large, m...
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Roca Zero Gravity by Oliver Pecharroman

Roca Zero Gravity is a futuristic and innovative way of experiencing the space traveling that are intended to be available for all in near future. This completely new experiences will raise the attraction of reliving these moments by making a desirable relaxing atmosphere. The main goal of this concept is to transmit the feelings of the space and instantly make you overlook about the outside chaos by putting you in a pure serenity condition into the ambience of your own bathroom. The unique and ...
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