Beetling Airport Seat Design Features Dual Transparent Layers Body

Beetling is an airport traveler seat which is designed to meet the needs for waiting passengers. It has an elegant and transparent design that builds an advertising region that will be in sight of the passengers. The dual transparent layers of the bo...
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XSense Futuristic Personal Vehicle For Future Young People of Tokyo

The XSense Futuristic Personal Vehicle is designed by Shinsuke Aizawa from Japan who is currently studying at Tokyo Communication Art stirring to become an automotive designer. He got an Architecture degree from the Oyama National College. He also ha...
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Plastic Houseware Products by M-Design

These houseware products by M-Design, an Egyptian design and manufacturing company in Cairo, are colorful, fun, and unbreakable. To illustrate the quality of their products, you can see from the picture below how this muscle man is unsuccessfully try...
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Basalto Fireplace Design Was Inspired By Giant’s Causeway

Inspired by an Irish Cliff called Giant’s Causeway, Massimo Battaglia has designed Basalto fireplace. The site of Giant’s Causeway has volcanic origin and is characterized by a vast amount of basalt columns with various polygonal shapes. This bea...
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Zeppelin Ceramic Lamp Design by Vinaccia Integral Design

Zeppelin lamp body is made of entirely ceramic because due of their very nature and production process which are sustainable and ecological material. The raw materials of this ceramic lighting come from the earth itself which together with the water ...
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Bullet Flying Superbike Has Been Designed With Four Short Wings, a Tail Fin, and Compact Jet Engine

The stunning Bullet by Philip Pauley is a motorbike designed with four short wings and has an extraordinary twist. It has the tail fin combined with a compact jet engine at the back. Once the thruster is switched on, the bike will lift itself and its...
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Float : Foldable Solar Catamaran To Spend Time At The Lake

Float is now available within your means to take pleasure in a day away from shore. It is developed for students and the young professionals. It is designed by Jeffrey Greger with his partner, an industrial designer student Timo Bücker, when they we...
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Ecco Solar Powered Futuristic Car Is A Shiny Aluminum Pod For Traveling

Ecco is a concept car, designed primarily for a wacky ultramodern camper for tech-horny hippies. Resembling either a gigantic Brancusi or a sperm, Ecco's silhouette cuts back on wind resistance with its elongated profile making the entire thing soar ...
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Open Water 60m Explorer Yacht by Motion Code Blue

Open Water 60m yacht is a 197 feet/60meters explorer yacht. It has the amenities of luxury yacht and has self sufficient operations in distant sea areas with a reduced ecological track. The exterior is a simple and contemporary structure. It can be u...
Posted in » Yacht and Boat

Ing-Q Electric Futuristic Personal Vehicle For Future Urban Transport

Xiaowu Huang aged 23 is a fourth year student at Wuhan University of Technology, studying in Automotive Support Engineering. Xiaowu Huang is always passionate about doing vehicle-related stuffs and prefers to model his own cars, which are beautiful a...
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Kirei Toilet : Future Toilet Design by Hirotaka Mac Matsui

The product initializes a self washing and sanitizing era of toilet. Like the washing machine and the dish washer Kirei cleans its bowl itself. This maintains the bathroom environment healthy. The structure comprises of a lid, sterilamp, seat, bowl, ...
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Yin Yang Clock Design by Hugo Sigaud Neto and Ricardo Bueno

Hugo Sigaud Neto along with Ricardo Bueno has designed the Yin Yang clock. The main concept is to characterize the time in a unique, analogical and extra-ordinary way. This led the researchers to create new concept in watches. The antique Chinese Yin...
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Guitime Watch For Street Music Performer by Elvis Fung

Guitime watch is definitely an important gadget for street music performer. It’s been designed specifically for musician to provide information related to music especially guitar player. The design of the watch itself already represents a guitar wi...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Music, Watches

(RE) Configured-Assemblage Blends Technology, Economical and Cultural Entities, and A Public Free Space Into An Open Playground

(RE) Configured-Assemblage consists of reconfigured traces of shipping containers and a developmental landmark. It carefully reconnects and revitalize by improving the ease of access to the City of Blvd and Broadway Area. The overall construction con...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Green

Aqos Le Mans Is The Ultimate Power Machine With Great Balance of Body and Soul

Aqos is an ultimate car designed with no limits and great balance of body and soul. It arises out a pursuit for beauty and excellence in car design. I really hope this could be the next Batmobile for Batman. It is a kind of car that cannot be improve...
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