Digital Watch Design by Tsahi Barel

This watch might look like an analogue at a glance, but actually this is a digital watch. There are 3 circles to inform user about the time. The big circle in the center displays the seconds. The number inside represents the date of the day. The othe...
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SmartFish Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion System

Engage Keyboard from Smartfish has been designed to prevent repetitive stress injury. Based on their studies, the movements of the user while typing can cause pain and stress when it’s not appropriate. Engage keyboard has been designed with ErgoMot...
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Inculta Bench Offers Clean and Dry Bench All The Time

After rainy day, benches in the park are wet and dirty, it’s impossible to sit on them. Inculta bench has designed to provide dry and clean bench even after rainy day. All you need to do is to pull the squeegee on the other side to wipe clean the s...
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Ziiiro Watch : A Minimalist Watch Without Hands or Markings

This watch is a beautiful art work wrapped around your wrist. Instead of hands of hours and seconds, ZIIIRO watch offers you a swirl pattern of rings to indicate the passing of time. The overall the design is minimalist, there are no additional eleme...
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USPS Will Release Limited Edition Industrial Design History Postage Stamps

These limited editions set of stamps will be released in June this year by United States Postal Service (USPS) to honor 12 of the nation’s most influential industrial designers. Those stamps will include everything from furniture, appliances, to of...
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Ocean Empire LSV Solar Hybrid Superyacht

Ocean Empire Superyacht is really a state of the art Superyacht catamaran. This solar hybrid yacht has been designed with 2 hydroponic farms and fishing facilities to harvest the sea. You really can stay as long as you like on the sea in this yacht w...
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Rapunzel Descending Device by Sin Sun Ho

There are a lot of equipments, which may come to mind, when it comes to the life-saving category. However, I’m sure there would be very few, which can help people trapped on top of a tall building to come down. Rapunzel is a portable descending dev...
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Bluemask : Smog Mask with Bluetooth

Bluemask offers you not only protection but also Bluetooth connection. The unique features of Bluemask mask provide comfort, freedom, and style. It’s been designed with electro static charges that are very effective in trapping fine dusts and parti...
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Interlaced Squares of Yonkaku Watch Design

Are you addicted to unique and stylish gadget? Perhaps Yonkaku watch can satisfy your craving for unique watch. Each square in the display represents 1-9 digits while the four states in it stand for the order in which the digits are read. It’s been...
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Cooking In Office Is Easy With Mono.Kitchen

I’ve never thought of cooking in my office during lunchtime, because it’s too time consuming. Mono.Kitchen is a conceptual kitchen system for office. It’s been designed to provide convenience for cooking in office environment, less time consumi...
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Haven : Rapid Deployment Temporary Shelter System

Haven is an emergency shelter and disaster relief for people who live in disaster or war areas. It is a rapid deployment temporary shelter system that can be flattened and stacked for ease of transportation. Compared to traditional tents, Haven is li...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts

Green Your Campus + Stella-An Innovative Ecological Awareness Generating System

Going green is one of the most concerned issues in today’s world and industrial designer Julien Bergignat envisioned the students as a distinguished part of saving the environment through his innovative combination of Green Your Campus plus Stella ...
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VW Einsplus Interior Design Concept For 2020

How the interior car should be designed? Take a look at VW Einsplus concept. A car is no longer just for driving anymore, it has become a lifestyle. Assuming in the year 2020, our vehicle will be intelligent enough to literally drive themselves in ce...
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Renault Runner : Green Future Taxi System

Renault Runner is a design proposal for our future taxi system. It maximizes the solar energy used for better and green transportation. The roof is constructed from super sensitive solar panels to generate and supply the electricity needed by this ve...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Re:energy Bike Will Recharge Your Gadgets When Needed

People use bicycle nowadays to preserve our environment. We saw this bike design as one of finalist entries from Incheon International Design Award called Re:energy. It is not only a bicycle; it's a generator that can save energy from its wheels rota...
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