Black Widow 4×4 Quad For Adventurers

Black Widow 4WD is specifically designed for mountain lovers and adventurers. This vehicle was inspired by nature and the need getting the feel of nature. The designer says that this concept is a fusion between organic forms of nature and robust desi...
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DongSeo University Industrial Design Exhibition (Part 1)

This post is the first part of DongSeo University 12th Graduation Exhibition of the talented students who major in Industrial Design of the Department of Design. You'll find creative and brilliant designs in this post. We'd like to say thank you to S...
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Compass by Mathieu Azema

Compass is an innovative device designed for public spaces to guide people to a closest secure location in an emergency situation. This device uses luminous descriptive direction towards the exit of evacuation. The second function is its audible func...
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Heart MP3 Player Will Remind You That Your Health Is In Your Hands

While jogging, my best companion is my mp3 player. I'm sure most of you feel the same. Heart mp3 player has been designed to become your partner when you do sports, exercises, or any physical activities. It will entertain you with music and inform yo...
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iMove Electric Car Gives The Touch Of Apple Into Future Transportation

iPod. iPhone.. iPad… What else do you expect from Apple in future? Thinking of another high-tech handheld gadget? Why don’t think something beyond your imagination, iMove? iMove is an electric car concept that has been specifically designed to...
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The Nogg : Modern Hand Crafted Chicken Coop

A chicken coop can also be beautiful. Look at The Nogg here. This modern chicken coop has been designed in the shape of an egg. It’s been designed to encourage domestic farming in the backyard of your home or your garden. This beautiful chicken coo...
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Skylifter Can Move Nearly Anything To Anywhere

In the future, we can literally move a building from one place to another. SkyLifter a buoyant aircraft makes it possible to vertically raise and set down payloads, almost anything and anywhere. This piloted dirigible gas balloon system is not design...
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Peugeot Features Ex1, An Innovative Two Seater Electric Car For Future Transportation

Imagine you are seating on the door of a car that swings your whole body into a sleek, safe and comfortable leather-lined cockpit. Think it’s pretty hard to envisage? I know. LOL… When it comes about an efficient future transportation, nothing...
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SOLARIS : Eco Friendly Sun Shading System For Outdoor Public Spaces

SOLARIS is a sun shading system which uses solar energy to create new work and leisure spaces. It allows you to work/study in outdoor places such as cafés, parks, and beaches by creating a shaded area and providing a power source for electronic devi...
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LUM Smoke Detector by Arthur Brault

Based on recent studies, France is one of the countries that focuses less on fire protection compared to UK, USA, or Canada. There are 10,000 victims and 800 fire related deaths every year. France recently has established a new law that makes it obli...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Home And Kitchen, Protection

Ora Radiator : Catch and Bring The Heat With You

Catch and take the heat with you. Ora is a radiator with "hot pot" element. Ora will heat the element which then can be used by the user in more comfortable way. You can enjoy the warmth of a heater outside. The "hot pot" element looks like a wrappin...
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ELPH Future Personal Vehicle Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cell For The Year 2025

What do you think of ELPH as your future vehicle in 2025? This vehicle is equipped with high tech and smart features to provide a complete satisfaction for its passenger. This all terrain personal vehicle is equipped with computer aided driving, safe...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Transportation

Urban Collapsible Bicycle by Jochen Laveno Mangesldorff

This bike has been designed to fit our urban environment and public transportation systems. Riding ordinary bike, it’s impossible for you to carry it into the bus or the train. One of the rules to bring your bike in the train or bus is that no shar...
Posted in » Bike, Designs and Concepts, Folding Bike

Shore Bathtub With Elevation System From HeyTeam

The idea behind Shore Bathtub was to create a relaxing environment for gathering and socialization. This bathtub has been designed with elevation system to provide easy access, especially for people with moving difficulties. Shore Bathtub is perfect ...
Posted in » Bathroom, Designs and Concepts

Loader-Bot Is A Stylish And Functional Solution For Carrying Load In The Future

When everything in the world is getting the touch of advanced technology with the aim of making everyday life of human easier, why industrial loader will remain in the Dark Age? Jone Pope, a Hackensack based industrial designer has taken this crucial...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Robotic

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