Futuristic Mint Sputnik Projector for In-House’s Digital Life

The Mint Sputnik is a sphere shaped concept projector with four outer antennas that has been designed to ensure enhanced in-house digital lifestyle. The rotatable projector lamp is located at the center of the Mint Sputnik and two stereo speakers including covers are placed one each side. A remote controller, named Space Center, gives the convenience of controlling the projector from distance and the covers of the speakers open automatically when it detects a sound input. Since the projector ...
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Luxurious and Comfortable Moon Sun Lounger

The ironically designed moon sun lounger has been designed in a shape of the moon with great functionality to provide most comforting sunbath. The most advantageous point of this transparent and easily manufactured lounger is it can tan the body from back side as well by reflecting sunbeams through its water filled bottom part. At the same time, the air around the body remains cool through the vaporized water over time, giving a soothing feeling to the user. The shape of bottom and weight of wat...
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Intuitive Skateboard Tony Hawk Game Controller RIDE

RIDE is an innovative wireless skateboard controller specially designed for the brand new video game Tony Hawk: RIDE using a combination of motion sensors and accelerometers. This engaging and functional controller allows the player to control the action of the game character by performing various physical movements and gestures on the board. The design of the board translates the nudges directly into amazing game tricks which not only is convenient unlike traditional complex button combination ...
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Exciting Triton Scooter Concept

The Triton scooter concept can carry up to 150kg of load and has been designed to offer equally pleasurable ride and fun both for children and adults. Driving may require some expertise since turning this scooter to left or right involves accurate movement of the rider to the desired direction. When it comes about breaking, stepping on the rear mud visor will do it. The most useful feature of the scooter is its folding ability which will allow the user to put it in the car’s back. When in full...
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Boeing’s Groundbreaking 787 Dreamliner Airplane

Aside from keeping its size traditionally big, Boeing has more emphasized the 787 Dreamliner interior this time. With its unique split-level ranch with wings, the Dreamliner is a plane that can fly literally high with all the luxuries beyond someone’s dream. The plane features plenty of rooms in the cargo bay zone such as a master bedroom, bath with freestanding tub, guest suits, a conference area, a gourmet kitchen, a large-screen movie theater, a cocktail bar, office space, and many more. Th...
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NEXO Snow Groomer with Unique Modular System

Unlike the traditional snow groomers with giant diesel engine, NEXO features a set of batteries on its mainframe to store the energy collected from direct power source. Aside from that, the tracks, suspension, two vertical and three horizontal sockets have also been placed on the mainframe which makes NEXO tremendously flexible for any condition. The unique modular system of this snow groomer allows it to adapt various tasks at any time during the winter season and ensures ultimate performance o...
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Feel the Touch with Sunrise Faucet

The sunrise faucet is an innovative basin fitting that has been designed to control through an intuitive touch screen panel with 5 control buttons. The main objective of the project was to offer convenient and stylish use of a washbasin to the users, while keeping the water saving idea intact. The linear forms of horizon at the time of sunrise have inspired the project most; therefore it has been named as SUNRISE. The excellence of the project was awarded as a winner by the IF Design Award China...
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Great Opportunity for Designers on International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2010

The IDSA, in association with the Fast Company, has organized the IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) program, a premier design competition, in search of excellent designers worldwide in products, interaction design, eco-design, packaging, concepts, strategy and research. These kinds of contests have always been an excellent platform for designers to show their skills and get appreciated all through the world and the IDEA program is never an exception. The winning and finalist designs ...
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NetPad-The Ultimate Mobile Computer for Future

The ultimate notebook NetPad is in the advanced design stage and is being sculpted considering direct feedback from different range of users. The main display comprises two info bar touchstrips that offers great convenience of spotting new email arrivals, changing songs and bringing up photos to the user. The retractable razor-thin keyboard allows the user to keep it away when not in use without making it too imposing. To make watching movies more exciting than ever, it contains an HD screen and...
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Re-Design Adidas Eyewear iD2 Goggle for Winter Olympics 2010

The Winter Olympics 2010 is knocking at the doorstep and Adidas has announced a stunning opportunity for the young and talented designers to re-design Adidas eyewear iD2 goggles that is going to be worn by an Adidas sponsored British athlete contending in the Winter Olympics 2010. In this regard, Talenthouse has been chosen where all the designs will be submitted and voted out for identifying the top 10 finalists. Adidas will choose the winning design and will implement the customization on the ...
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Nova Concept DSLR Camera for Game Loving Photographers

The ergonomic shaped Nova DSLR concept camera features two foldable extension arms that provide the convenience of holding the camera during shooting, while giving the user the feel of grabbing a PS joystick. The folding handle design not only gives the camera an extraordinary look, but also offers convenient one-handed shots to the adventurous photo-shooters in various rough conditions through having all the controls button right onto the extension handle. Moreover, unlike the traditional DSLR ...
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Mystery and Moontek Watches by Horology Design

Industrial designer Jacques Fournier has designed two ultra-modern watches that are excellent in both aesthetical and functional aspects. The Mystery is a futuristic watch that features four different time zones in separate crown. Aside from the convenience of getting time for four different places, this watch is really unique all the way including the strap. Secondly, the Moonteck design has been inspired by space traveling and contains jumping hour feature including the usual Tourbillon, a tok...
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iPetals : Solar Charger for Your iPhone

The iPetals is a solar charger concept that has been specially designed for charging an iPhone through solar power. This innovative design resembles a lot with a sun flower and was inspired by the great Sunny Flower design from Fandi Mang. iPetals has been envisioned as a bunch of petals that can be folded and unfolded with different color lightness which can be used as an iPhone stand too when all the petals are folded. Aside from the petals, the only peripheral it has is a connecting cable wit...
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The Strictly Limited Leica M7 Edition Hermès

Leica M7 Edition Hermès is a special limited edition digital camera of the series with 35mm rangefinder in silver chrome striking calfskin leather finish. It comprises an anodized Summilux-M wide-angle lens which was specially developed for this model only. The top plate is imprinted with the name Lecia replacing the previous red Lecia logo. All control parts are made exclusively with metal and silver chrome has been used to furnish the back of this Lecia M7. The red color of the imprinted auto...
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LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Review

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 is combining the versatility of the LEGO building system with a microcomputer brick and intuitive programming software, this building kit enables you to construct robots that see, speak, feel, and move. This robotics tool set features everything you need to create and program your first robot in approximately one hour. If this is your first electronic LEGO robot toy, you can easily install your first robot with the NXT 2.0’s special with a building element called “...
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