Compact Camper Van by John Bridge

Most campervans are usually bulky and not easy to navigate. This Compact Camper Van design tries to change the scale of the traditional camper van yet still provide the user all the essential facilities required for short stay coastal breaks. The asy...
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AMMI : Mobile Marketing Intelligent Appliance For Future House

This technology creation is a dream of every housewife. AMMI is a mobile marketing intelligent appliance that has the ability to travel to and from the supermarket to fulfill our everyday grocery needs. Designers keep trying to introduce a new way of...
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London 2012 Olympic Torch Design by Barber Osgerby

LOCOG – The well known London Organizing Committee of Olympic and Paralympic Games has displayed archetypes of the world-fame London 2012 Olympic Torch, which will be carried by 8,000 torchbearers. The torch has been designed in a special way in a ...
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Revolutionary Paper Computer Would Be Your Future Flexible Smartphones and Tablets

Getting ready to revolutionize the interactive computing world is the latest interactive paper. This small sheet of paper computer lets the user bend it into a mini cell phone by flipping the corner in order to turn pages, or even write on it using a...
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PURE : Fruits – Vegetables Purifier and Dryer

PURE has been designed to provide solution for environmental problems. It gives an aesthetic solution as well as an easier and standardized customer interface. Efficient use of water is done using this system. This product aims to compensate clean-u...
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Maininki Concept Car Was Inspired by A Swell and A Drop Of Water

Maininki has been designed to meet the transportation demand, varying distances and seasons in Nordic countries. A luxury sedan yet compact as a hatchback that offers an environmental option is needed. From the start of designing this car, the design...
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Seahorse Buoys by Simon Spagnoletti

Simon Spagnoletti, an experienced product designer of high end as well as mass products, has unveiled his new concept, Seahorse Buoys. A magnetic anchor sets wave power buoys to be plastered. Internal coils travel down the anchor, as the buoys soar u...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Outdoors, Protection, Travel, Yacht and Boat

VT36 : 36 Feet Speed Yacht For Business Transportation

VT36 Speed Yacht has been designed for business transportation. There are many commercial districts in New York, Singapore, Shanghai, or Dubai which are located next to the beach or sea. During rush hour, the streets can be blocked. VT36 provides a c...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Yacht and Boat

Zero5 Ski Helmet Combines Futuristic and Retro Style Into A Modern and Innovative Helmet

This ski helmet combines the futuristic and retro with a wire mesh shell and integrated lens system. The result is a modern and innovative Zero5 ski helmet that solves some old issues of existing ski helmet such as: feeling of heat and sweating, inco...
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Flexible Crowd Notebook To Fit Any Application or Intended Use

The Crowd was designed in Germany by Philipp Schaake. It has won the second place under the LIFEBOOK category for Fujitsu Design Award 2011. It features a range of special usage technique together with a slate pattern, notebook design, and also a co...
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Beetling Airport Seat Design Features Dual Transparent Layers Body

Beetling is an airport traveler seat which is designed to meet the needs for waiting passengers. It has an elegant and transparent design that builds an advertising region that will be in sight of the passengers. The dual transparent layers of the bo...
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XSense Futuristic Personal Vehicle For Future Young People of Tokyo

The XSense Futuristic Personal Vehicle is designed by Shinsuke Aizawa from Japan who is currently studying at Tokyo Communication Art stirring to become an automotive designer. He got an Architecture degree from the Oyama National College. He also ha...
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Plastic Houseware Products by M-Design

These houseware products by M-Design, an Egyptian design and manufacturing company in Cairo, are colorful, fun, and unbreakable. To illustrate the quality of their products, you can see from the picture below how this muscle man is unsuccessfully try...
Posted in » Home And Kitchen

Basalto Fireplace Design Was Inspired By Giant’s Causeway

Inspired by an Irish Cliff called Giant’s Causeway, Massimo Battaglia has designed Basalto fireplace. The site of Giant’s Causeway has volcanic origin and is characterized by a vast amount of basalt columns with various polygonal shapes. This bea...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fireplaces, Interior Design

Zeppelin Ceramic Lamp Design by Vinaccia Integral Design

Zeppelin lamp body is made of entirely ceramic because due of their very nature and production process which are sustainable and ecological material. The raw materials of this ceramic lighting come from the earth itself which together with the water ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Interior Design, Lights

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