Vokswagen Bik.e : Minimalist Electro-Micro Mobility

Volkswagen Bik.e is a very stylish electric-micro mobility unveiled at the China Auto Show. This cool looking mobility art looks like an electronic foldable bike, but we don't see any pedals. Unfortunately there's no press release from VW regarding Bik.e concept. Hopefully this is not just a design study, we would love to ride one, it's perfect for urban area. Designer : Volkswagen via [ZerCustoms] (more…)...
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Chariot Skates Combine Skiing And Cycling Into One Skating Product

Chariot Skates are revolutionary and unique design of personal transportation from Michael Jenkins. It crosses boundaries into skiing and cycling, very cool, no wonder it won People's Choice Award of ABC's New Inventors back in 2009.This product consists of a pair of large wheels that suspend the skater's feet below the main wheel’s axle for smooth skating experience. For stability, each of large wheels has a smaller back wheel, you can commute like bicycle without handle bars or seat. Desi...
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EKON : Futuristic Interactive City Coupe 2+2 By Thomas Pinel

EKON lights up to welcome you, literally! This interactive city coupe 2+2 is designed with electro chromatic glass that changes its opacity from tinted to clear by pressing a remote control or fingerprint reader behind the glazing above the doors. Thomas Pinel, the designer of this car was inspired by organic forms when he designed the interior, you can tell from leaves shaped OLED screens on the instrument panel. He also says that the seat covers are made of green fabric, aluminum for switches ...
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Eolo Urban Transportation Bus Can Purify The Air By Removing Toxic Elements Emitted By Cars

What can be better for us when one of the most air polluting agents, vehicles on street, become the key of air purifier? The Eolo bus aids the environment by cleaning the fine particles from the air emitted by cars, while providing a compact and functional urban transport system for small cities. This electric bus features four-wheel steering, each containing electric motors, powered with nano-titanium anode batteries and contains filters to clean the particulate matters from the air. With this ...
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BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven Heats Your Meals On Your Table

Every company would happily buy BrainWave for each of their employees, it keeps them working even during lunch. BrainWave is a desktop microwave that will heat your meals giving you as much time as possible to keep concentrating on your works. Office employees tend to work more and more hours each years, due to the pressure of modern working life, skipping lunch/meals becomes a bad habit. The positive effect of this device for you is, it offers hot and healthy meals for quick nourishment supply,...
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Mocca Pearl Outdoor Jug Provides Refreshing Hot Coffee In Emergency Situation

When an adventurous mountain rider wakes up at 5:30 am, 2300 meters above the ground with the deflated campfire and no strip remaining to burn, its quite certain that there is no way he can manage an angle to come and offer him with a cup of refreshing hot coffee as a superb start for the next day. However, Mocca Pearl outdoor jug will provide 180 ml of hot fresh coffee for two persons without the need of a burner. Just install it and with a few movements, it will start steaming. The jug remains...
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E.Capsule Generates Reusable Energy Through Natural Power

It’s been proven already that money can’t be grown in trees, but what about fuel? Can fuel be grown in trees? Think weird? Think again. The E.Capsule replaces the current gas stations with energy stations in a form of a tree that can generate and accumulate energy into a reusable capsule to empower a two person future vehicle. The smaller and more flexible stations uses rain, wind and sun power to generate energy and stores them into the e.capsule that can be easily plugged in the specially ...
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Lamborghini Yacht Can Produce The Same Amazement Seeing A Lamborghini Car In The Parking Lot

Lamborghini yacht is a conceptual yacht design proposal for Lamborghini inspired by Lamborghini transportation collection with all the elegance of their car or motorcycle range. To align the design of the yacht with the Lamborghini cars, it contains a huge window in place of the mostly accentuated air intakes of the cars. Aside from illuminating the interiors, this single element can optically divide the yacht’s side view into two parts that makes it recognizable as a Lamborghini from afar. Th...
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Volkswagen Mimio Can Represent The Future Commuting Alternative With Great Power And Usability

Can you ignore the possibility of using privately owned vehicles within metropolitan areas getting prohibited all over the world by 2032? An industrial designer, Jacky Wu envisioned that scenario when car would be parked outside and the only accessible vehicle into the city would be personal bicycles. That's why he designed the innovative Volkswagen Mimio vehicle with most of the interior containing storage space for folding bicycles. The shape of this small 3 meter long two-seater is an outcome...
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ARK Solar Boat Combines An Habitable Floating Home With Maximum Luxury

In the year 2020, most parts of the world have drowned under water due to excessive increase of sea level which was a result of massive ice melting because of severe ecological imbalance. The basic idea of the ARK solar boat is to face such a situation by creating an ecological combination of a house and a boat with all possible luxuries. The first thing that you may notice seeing the floating house is its huge open space with a surface like that of indoor basketball courts. However, the entire ...
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GMD-X4 Features Innovative, Quick And Handy Solution For Measuring Blood Sugar

How many times have you found it difficult to measure your blood sugar glucose with the existing kits? Doesn’t matter how innovative the gadget you are using, the painful shots and harassment of organizing the strips are some issues that you couldn’t avoid ever with the conventional systems. GMD-X4 is designed to overcome the barriers of convenient and efficient blood sugar measuring with an extraordinary manner. The device contains a tunnel where the user has to put their finger and press t...
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Campus Kart Allows Convenient Commuting And Space-Efficient Storing For Students In Campus

Shopping carts that are available in large stores are really amazing both in respect to their functionality and space saving storing ability. Whether you have ever thought of storing a bunch of transports like these shopping carts or not, Cory Cooke has envisioned campus kart concept with such an ability that can save a lot of our precious space. This cost-effective, user and environment friendly transport system is designed to smoothen commuting for students around the large college and univers...
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Ford Xplor Gives An Opportunity To Rethink The Shape And Functionalities Of A Traditional SUV

Sky = Blue, Grass = Green, SUV = an un-aerodynamic, heavy and giant sized four wheeler. This is what you used to think, right? Forget the last one. Need some assistance? Take Ford Xplor as an example that incorporates various innovative features like in-wheel electric motors, drive-by-wire, accident avoidance system, and an overall stylish look that challenges the conventional SUVs. With the successful relocation of the engines to the wheel hubs and the lithium-ion battery pack under the floor, ...
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Pland Temporary Floating Deck Makes Water Activities Safer And More Exciting For Kids

PLAND is a temporary floating deck concept filled with rotationally molded foam where kids will love to do various water activities. This unique modular unit is an ideal place for young children that can be used in any water where no beach or deck is available or enhance the attributes of an available deck. The deck contains a triangular life-saver shape unit, giving it the impression of a safer place for kids while having water fun. The base of several deck units can be tied together to form a ...
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Urban Mini Truck Makes Commuting More Efficient On Future Streets With Busy Traffic

Hold on guys, I can read your mind. But sorry this is a concept yet and you definitely can’t ride one tomorrow morning to your office, making it easier to avoid the busy and hectic traffic you have to go through everyday. But the day will come soon since this compact mini truck is going to be the only efficient commuting solution for you on the even more congested and busy urban streets than that you are experiencing currently. This four-wheel steering truck features 4 electric engines with ea...
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