Rescue Station For Miners Can Make It Quick And Efficient To Rescue Underground Miners

What could be the most common reason of casualties that are taking place every year in underground mines? There may be several issues which require to be addressed but can any corrective measure always ensure 100% safety? Here comes the necessity of ...
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Relevo PC by David Alabau Raga

Have you ever imagined that future computer might look like a tablecloth? Relevo computer by David Alabau Raga is a tablecloth PC that can connect to each other. The screen magnetizes the edge when Relevo connects with the other one. You'll be able t...
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Life Sack Is Not Your Ordinary Grain Sack

The main problem of third world's crisis is to get food and fresh water supply. World wide charities such as World Vision have sent common supplies such as grain, packed in sacks. Based on this information, three Korean industrial designers have inge...
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Let’s Play Throw and Catch With Cobow

Cobow seems like a fun game to play with. Designed for decathlon, basically Cobow is a throw and catch sports game, use the net of the bow to throw and catch the ball. It uses a flexible polyurethane ball, free rules, you can simple throw and catch t...
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Tactile Enables Visually Impaired People To Access Mobile Devices Through A System Of Digital Texture

Cell phones are becoming important parts of our everyday life. They also have become more powerful with every new model. Unfortunately, those cell phones don't have features to make them accessible among the blind and visually impaired community. Tac...
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Yoyo Chair by Tamara Svonja

Yoyo chair is a modern version of a swing chair. I would love to have this on my garden. This chair stands on the floor, great for modern, young, and stylish people. It is made of perforated metal with comfortable cushion seat specifically designed t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture

Ville Folding Bike Doubles As A Shopping Cart

Bicycle Friendly Communities are growing. There are great reasons for this trend, bicycle is the most energy efficient form of transportation known to man, it’s eco friendly, and it provides a great form of exercise. Ville is an urban folding bicyc...
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ZigZag Three Wheeled Personal Electric Vehicle

Do you still remember your great great grandpa bicycle? This personal electric vehicle is inspired from those classic high wheel bicycles. ZigZag three wheeled electric vehicle tries to answer the need for environmentally friendly transportation. The...
Posted in » Bike, Designs and Concepts, Scooter

Poor Little Fish Basin : Your Fish Will Die If You Waste Water!

We all know the importance of saving water. But to some people, they think water is the most abundant natural resources that they could just take for granted. Unfortunately, most of the water on this earth is not directly in potable form. Saving wate...
Posted in » Bathroom, Designs and Concepts, Green

TubTub Baby Bathtub Grows With Your Child

This amazing baby bathtub is designed by Teddy Lu. TubTub is not your ordinary baby bathtub, its functions will grow with your child. This tub has 2 sides to accommodates different size babies from newborns to 6 months old. As the child outgrows the ...
Posted in » Bathroom, Designs and Concepts, Family

iPod Nano With Multi-Touch Technology

The newly designed iPod Nano got our attention from today's big Apple announcements. This new iPod Nano is smaller and redesigned with Multi-Touch technology, the same technology for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Listening your music is easier, intui...
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Universal Military Service Corp (UMSC) Enables Expanding Mankind To New Worlds Beyond Our Own

Intelligence units of a combat squad play a vital role by sneaking around within the rival territory to gain information and pass them to the main battle force so that they can have an estimated scenario of the unseen spots and act accordingly. Thoug...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Robotic, Transportation

Turn Your Laptop Case as A Laptop Adapter Instantly

My main problem when using laptop to work is the battery life. Carrying the laptop adapter may be bulky but it's necessary. To eliminate the need of carrying bulky adapter, two Korean industrial designer has design new "Laptop Adapter" that also func...
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Bike Design by Marina Gatellli

The Zaha Hadid's works with bold shapes, a minimum of structural elements, fragmentation, and fluid lines, has inspired this bike's design. The designer chooses to use carbon and Kevlar as the materials to reduce the impact of rigidity, provide great...
Posted in » Bike, Designs and Concepts

Wanderest Ergonomic Seat Can Be Attached To A Lamp Post As A Resting Point

The easy way for elderly to keep healthy and mobile is to do a short walk. Although a short walk can be considered as light exercise, the elderly need to break their walk into manageable distances, take some rest for small intervals, enjoy the surrou...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Outdoors

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