Ben : The Small Eco-car With Big Personality

Nowadays gadgets, objects and even vehicles have a very short lifespan, we always want more things and get them cheaper and faster. We don't realize all the waste, garbage and pollution created by this behavior until we start suffering the consequences with the economical crisis and global warming. The designer of this small eco-car named Ben, proposes with his MDes major project, a car that is...
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Eco Drop Is A Fierced Fighter Against Chemical Fertilizers And A Strong Ally Of Underground Water

If you love flowers or a green lawn, if you like your vegetables green, not in colour but in health, the Eco-Drop is the perfect gardener for you. The device is a sustainable gardening system that utilizes the benefits of Earthworms. The designer, Seung Kim, thought about the idea while reading a newspaper article regarding underground water contamination due to chemical fertilizers. This water sa...
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Honda Rogue: Sleek, Attractive, Segway Based Vehicle That Reveals The Future Urban Design Ideas

A clean, Eco-friendly, simple way to go around in a very busy traffic. The Honda Rogue is a vehicle concept based on the Segway, and more specifically, the P.U.M.A. concept developed by GM. This initial concept by GM transferred the functionality of the Segway and integrated it into a bare-bones, two wheel road vehicle. The Honda Rogue was born out of the assumption that this vehicle would grow in...
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Robust Arctic Explorer Vehicle Helps Researchers Cover Parts Of The Arctic Undisturbed By Human Presence

Now this is something I would definitely bring to the poles in case the humans want to conquer the vast no man lands, the arctic has to offer. This robust arctic vehicle is amazing, it has three basic features that make it outstanding. First is the ability to run on different terrains such as snow, flooded areas or even water and earth. It's an amphibious all terrain research vehicle. The vehicle ...
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O-Lec Draws Energy From The Road And Keeps The Environment Clean By Reducing CO2 Emission

To make future communication efficient, synchronizing the futuristic vehicles with the road system is very much vital and from this insight O-Lec (Online Electric Car) has been designed with an innovative traffic system. This compact and lightweight vehicle is being envisioned as an efficient personal mobility vehicle that can house two persons and will be available through a vehicle rental system...
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Impact–Motivating Energy-Efficient Behavior Through Designs Ensure Energy Efficient Household Use

Carbon and Artefact, two world renowned consumer electronics developing farm has created a range of four product concepts aiming to provide an energy efficient solution of daily household requirements for a green and sustainable lifestyle. These concepts have made the smart-grid technology available to the consumer which is the most effective way to engage mass people saving energy. The first c...
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Conecta Washing Machine And Dryer Gives Style And Performance To The Future Household

Of course a future washing machine would be efficient in power consumption and never waste a lot of water. What should be the other innovative features that you would like to see in a futuristic washing machine? Confused? Let me help you. It must be able to perform heavy duty, even though it will feature a compact and lightweight shape. An intuitive touchscreen control panel with the ability to ad...
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Now Disabled People Can Also Swim Like Micheal Phelps With The Aid Of Neptune

Even though Nelson Cardona from Colombia is physically disabled, he was able to reach up to the top of the Everest with the help of prosthetic legs. After this huge success, if Cardona starts pursuing his another dream to cross the English Channel, do you think using his same prosthetic leg would be an ideal choice? Of course not. Neptune is a simple, stylish and easy adoptable swimming aid concep...
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Upgrade Your Kitchen With Electrolux Invico

The future brings new possibilities to mankind but also new challenges. One of the problems we'll have to face is the decreasing space in our lives due to overpopulation, and here we have a clever and nice concept that reduce the space we need in our kitchens. The Electrolux Invico is a compact heating plate that enables you to have a cooker and a worktop in the same place. The heating surfa...
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Dew Wearable Mobile Device Concept Provides Great Functionalities With Simple And Stylish Appearance

The futuristic watches or wearable gadgets that we usually watch in sci-fi movies lack one important thing, which is simplicity. Who told that future devices always have to be weird and complicated when Dew wearable mobile device is being so simple in design and can do all the required things of our everyday life in style and convenience. Even thought it can’t launch a missile to the enemies, th...
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Sub-Biosphere 2 Is The First Self Sustained Underwater Habitat Designed For Long Term Human, Plant, And Animal Co-habitation

If you plan on spending the rest of your life in a place where you never thought you'd end up, the Sub-Biosphere is the place for you. This amazing structure is a self sustained underwater facility designed for aquanauts, tourists and oceanographic life scientists. But the line up doesn't stop here, the facility is also prepared to house long-term human, plant and animals co-habitation, bringing h...
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Flutter Mobile Phone Blooms Like A Flower To Reveal The Advanced Controls

Hope you still remember Flutter, the Prop Master’s Choice Award winning mobile phone design of 3rd Design of the Future Competition by LG Mobile Phone. Yeah I am talking about the phone that gave you an impression of being able to unfold like a blooming flower. When being folded, the phone features a sleek and unique look with a combination of glossy number pad and matt finished body that provid...
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Spring Rider Lounge Chair Is A Breakthrough Of Conventional Uncomfortable And Unstylish Formal Chairs

For some weird reason, we have adopted a common perception that a formal chair always has to be formal, I mean, stiff, tough and non-flexible, something that only can be sit on and do the regular tasks. Spring rider lounge chair concept has been designed to turn an office environment into a more enjoyable and fashionable one by featuring a sleek and chic appearance and comfortable qualities. Two e...
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Hyundai Aebulle : A Cocooned Motorcycle Designer For Los Angeles Commuters

This is a very interesting concept created especially for the Los Angeles region, where it would utilize commuter lanes and allow the passengers of the Aebulle to make a quick commute. The designer, Shane Baxley, has inspired from the European Peacock Butterfly cocoon, when he created the concept. Aebulle stands for cocoon in Korean. The idea was to design a motorcycle while offering the safety a ...
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The Electrolux Alinea Futuristic Kitchen Can Slide Up To The Ceiling To Reveal Extra Usable Interior Space

When I see my cellphone, it’s a sliding one, I imagine if ever I could slide up my table or bed up to the wall or ceiling to get some extra usable floor space. Before now, I considered my imagination nothing but valueless fantasy, but The Electrolux Alinea has changed my mind. This handy kitchen concept enables the user to slide up the entire kitchen to the ceiling, creating valuable space which...
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