Hurricane Car Concept with Innovative Body and Wheel Suggests a New Paradigm of Automobile’s Structure

This is a unique vehicle called by the name Hurricane and features the design that is inspired by the speed and power of the hurricanes. The steel gray structure looks immensely stylish and shows off the powerful stature of the vehicle. It has wheels that are complexly coiled in order to enhance the speed and pace of the automobile. The handle is strong and there is a screen to shield the rider from all obstacles. There is a steering that is set with a rod for better user interface. This is sure...
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Go Rack by Abhinav Dapke

The mantra today for all the designers is go green as more and more products are being designed keeping in mind the E factor. Like The Go Rack designed by Indian designer Abhinav Dapke, it's an OLED strip with a solar panel. The two aluminum members are connected like clothes rack and have a solar panel on its back which can be placed in the sunlight for charging. And the charging hours can be seen through the indicator placed on the edge of the cloth. Once the charging is achieved one can bring...
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“Hold The Line” Modern Alternative To The Traditional Public Space Bench

Christian Precht has designed great pieces of furniture for various purposes. The seating furniture created by Christian resembles a "waiting loop" in appearance, he call it : "Hold The Line". It is curved and looks quite sculptural. The seating arrangement completely changes the concept of a normal bench. It is modern and unique unlike the other public seats. Some of the benches feature geometrical shapes which are stylish but comfortable to sit. Network cables and power supply run through the ...
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Motobecane Motivo Comes with A Battery Carrier Stored in A Suitcase

This is an electric motor bike that has style written all over it! This beauty is called Motobecane Motivo, a single seater designed for the purpose of motoring in around the city without much of a hassle. Designed by Spain based freelance designer Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez, the bike comes with a battery carrier stored in a suitcase and the battery can be charged easily at home. Also the design material is a mix of aesthetics with modern technology. The walnut wood and leather mix sure gives...
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Futuristic Mission One Motorcycle from Mission Motors

To fulfill dreams into reality is what legends are made of and one such designer being Forrest North. His desire to make light weight electric motorcycle drove him and his team to deliver a stunning design and all this happened after successfully designing a car on the same lines. This sports model is powered by a lithium ion battery which is lighter in weight but does not compromise on the performance. With its stunning looks, Mission One surely seems to be in the reckoning for the big league, ...
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Go Fresh Fridge by He Cheng Fei

Designers have started designing products that are not just good to look at but are also environment friendly and saving resources. This new concept called 'Go Fresh' is an energy saving fridge which has been uniquely designed to keep the items fresh while saving energy. The fridge has been divided into 12 individual compartments which can be temperature controlled individually. These honey comb shaped compartments automatically shuts the air inlet the moment the desired temperature set is reach...
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Organic Motion Bike is Based on Z-Frame Concept

One can say without a hitch of a doubt that the bicycle is one of the most environment friendly modes of transportation designed by man. It also is a good medium of exercise so to say as the driving force is one of organic human effort. This new bicycle design called OM-Organik Motion is based on the Z – frame concept, which features integrated systems such as integrated front and rear suspension and an integrated shaft drive. The handlebars and saddle are adjustable and the joystick mounted g...
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Z-Drive USB Flash Drive Combines Technology with Fashion

Mindsailors have come up with their unique and exciting flash drive which is being adored by most of the users. This is a simple yet stylish device that is portable to carry wherever you go. It is available in a silvery gray color teamed with a polished and shining look. This is a slide open tool that can be inserted in the machines easily and perfect to fulfill all requirements of the users. The design has a masculine touch in it wherein the user interface is really enhanced. The design of the ...
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Zip Cure Design for Your Backpack

Most of the travelers lose their peace of mind while carrying a backpack especially because they are scared that someone might have stolen something from their bag. But the Zip cure will provide a complete solution to this problem. It will hold the backpack tightly at the Zip portion and no one could easily open it. It is oval in shape and the color is classic glossy black. The tip of this tool has orange borders and a black clamp to hold the zips tightly. The unique hook and clutch makes this t...
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Cool Drive Single Seater Vehicle

Cool Drive transportation design by Chinese designer Robin Wang is what he developed for mode of transportation for the future. The vehicle is quite practical as it is single-seater. It is made from complex fiber material, which provides complete safety to the driver by using brand new shock proof techniques wherein the impact on the body is directly transported to the wheels. The vehicle is shaped in the form of egg, which is another safety factor and has a front entry with a comfortable seatin...
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nDoo Medical Communication Device Can Destroy Various Harmful Virus

nDoo is a great creation which aims to enhance the medical treatment methods greatly with the help of nanotechnology. There are two airfoils in this device which are joined together to flow easily. This light weight tiny device resembles the shape of a butterfly to some extent. It can destroy the various harmful cells like virus, bacteria and other marking cells. The device is efficient enough top share information with the global data bank. The 3dimensional hologram is one thing that the user s...
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Yellow Motorcycle by Igarashi Design

This Yellow Motorcycle prototype that has been introduced is quite revolutionary of talks about the overall concept. The aim of the project was to develop a concept wherein the same is controlled by high performance motorcycle robots. With the bikes being driven by high power electric motor with a built in battery pack thus ensuring that the space available is utilized quite optimally. The balance of the vehicle is actively controlled by swinging the boom by the hydraulic actuators. Since the ve...
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Easily Store This Foldable Beetle Cycle Helmet in Your Backpack

The new helmet concept designed by French designer Paul Loury is surely quite innovative going by the purpose and design. The foldable helmet named Beetle Cycle, addresses the issue of urban cyclist carrying around the helmet after riding through the city, one can easily store this in the backpack. The helmet has been designed by the designer after studying quite a good range of folding solutions and the shell structures of helmet and thereby developing this comb and given the mechanical flexibi...
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Megaphone for Your Mobile Music Experience

Contemporary lifestyle is deeply affected by mobility. People travel a lot, because of their work, for personal interests, or simply to enjoy themselves. Strict boundaries between workspace, home, social spaces, and entertainment venues no longer exist. Developed for the Nokia Nseries Design Award competition, Megaphone is your next mobile music experience: just a seat for trade events or a music amplifier for Nokia mobile phones. (more…)...
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Manta Bay Cruiser Was Designed With Great Concideration Of The Enviroment

This new boat design will sure be cynosure of all eyes while also gaining brownie points as an eco friendly concept. The Manta Bay Cruiser as it is called is a concept that has put to use the best of technology for its construction with a sole aim of looking good but in an Eco-friendly manner. The plastic components are all organic i.e hi-tech bio plastic while the wood being drift wood. Also the metals and glass used are of recycled material making it a thoroughly environment friendly automobil...
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