Bloodhound SSC Faster than Magnum Bullet

Don't get confused with it, it's neither a rocket nor a space craft, it is a perfectly designed car that may soon be running on the road of your cities. This unique piece of machine is specifically built to run at the speed of about 1050 m.p.h. Yes even faster than the fired bullet from 0.357 Magnum. It is yet a production model and engineers are working on it for over three years to make it a reality. Its sleek design together with a propeller engine at the back imparts a lightning speed that w...
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The Roddler, Tricycle Stroller for Your Baby

You must have had a stroller, but have you ever seen a product like this Roddler? It is a revolutionized hot rod inspired stroller that can even be converted into a tricycle. Now you need not walk by your feet while taking your baby for a walk, with this new revolutionized product you and your baby can together enjoy the ride with full safety. A shade at the top will keep your baby away from scorching heat of the sun. Its stylish design and elegant colors would impart a sense of enthusiasm while...
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Shoe Polish Design Proposal for Sitil by Fatih Baltas

The new shoe polish design proposal for Sitil, the largest producer of shoe polish in Turkey comes in both cream as well as liquid form. The manufactures have given special care to overall packaging as the bottle for liquid polish is unique design wise. It is shaped as 'S' which apart being visually appealing also makes it easier to hold and it enables easy access to the difficult corners of the shoe. Also the box in which the cream version of the polish comes is also designed in a manner that ...
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Futuristic and Cool Mobile Phone Designs by Mac Funamizu

Many cell phone users like to use phone with new design and impressive looks. This designer has tried to give a fresh new look to the mobile phones in different shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes are incredibly cool and sleek. Each and every mobile phone comes with different mechanisms for inputting data and soft key layouts. If you are searching for an innovative slider design with an impressive feature set then you might get one in these designs. (more…)...
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cityAnt Concept For Car Rental Service

With increase of vehicles on roads, it is but naturally shrinking the parking and the road space available for cars. Add to that the depleting natural resources, auto makers are trying to make concept cars that addresses both the problems. The 2-seater CityAnt seems to be a derivative of this thought as the vehicle runs on electricity. As per the designers it is an amicable solution for short distance rental service which can run on self service model which shall be controlled with membership. L...
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Flight Kitchen by Franco Pelosi

With modular kitchen being the order of the day, this new Flight Kitchen design from Franco Pelosi Design Lab is surly a designing marvel. This smart and easy design, which is also visually appealing, is something that will improve the overall look of your kitchen. Designed to give the user a complete comfort feel wherein everything is at an arm's reach like the placing of plate's shelf just above the dish washer or the drawers to keep kitchen accessories. It also comes equipped with the househo...
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Ammonoq Submersible Boat Concept with Re-Breather Unit

You must have heard or read about submarines, some of you must have had traveled in these submarines, but have you ever thought of submersible boats. A new concept has come into existence with this revolutionized submersible boat, called Ammonoq. It is equipped with all the necessary accessories to survive beneath the water. Fin wheels provide a steady movement in water where as on-board re-breather facilitates a comfortable breathing for the passengers. It provides easy accommodation for three ...
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“Personal Mover” : Personal Transportation for Traveling in Short Distances

Now you can have your own "Personal Mover" for traveling in short distances to and from destinations away from stations and bus stops. It is designed to meet the standard to provide sufficient door to door service. Personal Mover is a system of small vehicles having independent control and run on fixed guide ways. Basically this system is specifically designed to as a pedestrian enhancement device. There is an adjustable handle rail which can fit as per individual's shape and sizes. Overall, thi...
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Rubicona Multi-Function Rotateable Kitchen

Rubicona is a multi-function kitchen designed by Amar Cudic from Bosnia. This product is the combination of several components that are independent from each other and can be used as per user's requirements. There are 6 different elements in each level where you can keep fresh fruits or vegetables. Each storage element is opened from front side in the shape of a cut and contains a function of air movement which allows food to stay fresh. You can rotate each level to 360 degrees and this will ena...
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Nakheel Harbour and Tower by Woods Bagot Architects

Have you ever seen a tower with a height of more than a kilometer? Check out this world's tallest tower known as Nakheel Tower, designed by Woods Bagot. This tower & harbour is inspired by Islamic design and is going to be a home to more than 55,000 people and will attract millions of visitors each year. It will be a combination of a location for living, working, relaxing and entertainment. Nakheel Tower will have four individual towers within a single structure. A unique curved-shaped platf...
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I-Cool, Calorie Burning Seat Concept, No More Exercise … Yay !!

Obesity has been a major issue for teenagers and old age people these days. Lots of weight loss pills and therapies are available in the market but hardly anyone is found effective. For the first time in history, an exercise free, calorie burning seat has been launched that can significantly help you lose your weight, say hello to I-Cool. Its cervical shape provides a comfortable posture with a temperature regulator switch located at the right hand side of the seat. A uniform heat is emitted thr...
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Jik : Gadget Glove That Actively and Passively Records and Archives Everything About Your Day

Every parts of a human body are directly connected to the nerves of brain. Each and every movement of our body is governed by the signal sent by the brain. Using this principle, a very unique gadget has been designed which is named as "Jik - experience recorder". Looking like a hand gloves, this gadget has strong sensors fitted to each of the finger. Through these sensors it can record all his experience. Middle finger is used for data processing, first finger for synesthesia, thumb for sharing,...
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E-Wall Concept : Please Have A Seat on Our Wall !

Now your wall can be a multi purpose product for you. Check out this new concept called "E-Wall" designed by Josselin Zaïgouche. This concept is proposed development sprawl for offices. This wall offers never-ending and amazing opportunities to have a rest, calm down, have a drink and much more. There are multiple blocks integrated within the wall that can be used for different purposes. All the blocks are made of different textures and different densities. E-Wall is surely going to be a benefi...
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Altec Orbit Mp3 Portable Speaker System with Long Battery Life !

As the good things comes in small packages, the new orbit MP3 speaker system is surely a nice way to share with the regular music devices like MP3, CD Player, music enabled phones etc. All one needs to do is to slip it out of the storage space and the broadcast starts. The clarity and the range are immensely amazing which gets a boost by the 360 degree surround sound. It's a good company when one is looking for a break after a hard day's night! Add to this the long battery life all one can say i...
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Palm Lite Design Proposal for Mag-Lite

Emergency light or a torch is very essential equipment that everyone must possess. Those days are gone when heavy and bulky torch were used, now it's time for small and handy torch. This Palm Lite is the latest design emergency torch that is just 5 inches long and provides an intense light with a very long range. It is basically designed for firefighters, police, army etc, but due to its compatibility it can also be used for regular everyday use. It can easily be turned on by the trigger at the ...
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