HANEBRINK Electric All-Terrain Vehicle For Great On and Off-Road Performance

FortuneHanebrink has designed, engineered, and handcrafted HANEBRINK electric all-terrain vehicles for all of you who have great sense of adventure. Whether you are interested in off-road travel, trail riding, bike commuting, or utilizing low-gear to...
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CAS Clean Air System Saves Even The Future Life Of The Firefighters

After completing the entire life protecting people from fire incidents as well as many other emergency situations without thinking about the potential risk they are taking with their life, what we give a firefighter in return? A crest or maybe a meda...
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Alessi Mutants Tea Coffee Breakfast Set Shows The Power Of “Jointness”

If I ask which one is the most amazing part of Olympic opening ceremony, there may be many answers from you. But if I ask what do you think about the stunning show done by a flock of performers in a systematic and creative way, the universal answer w...
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Cyomo Electric Bike Can Harvest Its Energy From The Sun

Cyomo electric bike can recharge its energy using solar panel. This bike has been design for our daily commuting. It's an electric bike that has been designed to be able to harness its energy from the sun. When you arrive at the office, just park Cyo...
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Portable Bike Pump Design by Alastair Warren

Having a flat tire in the middle of a ride is certainly a bad thing for bike riders. The good news is that flat tires are easy to repair. One of the tools to fix flat tires is portable bike pump; you really should carry this tool for a long distance ...
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Swiftpoint Mouse Hands-on Review

Still remember about Swiftpoint mouse we talked about before? Finally I got the chance to review this cool device. Though it was recommended to charge it fully before using, I couldn’t resist myself tearing the box and jump on my laptop with it....
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Redesign Forklift Truck For Better Lifting and Maneuverability

Redesigning forklift truck is not going to be an easy task. Marc Zieger has come up with ingenious design for better lifting and maneuverability. He broke down each component and reviewed how each part works together. Explanation about new Forklif...
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NULL : Mobile Widget Concept Allows You To Install Various Application Modules

I've seen so many modern and futuristic electric vehicle designs as the solution to save energy and space. At first, I thought NULL was another electric vehicle design, but I was wrong. NULL is a mobile widget concept for next generation electric veh...
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Super Lightweight And Ultra-Portable Kart Bike Offers Superb Personal City Commuting

No, functionally, this is not one of those tiny wooden toys that you frequently see kids playing around. However, you can still consider Kart bike concept as a fun toy, while roaming around on it with style and convenience. Folding bikes are quite...
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Kitchen Waste Management Turns Kitchen Wastes Into Eco Friendly Organic Grains

Cooking shows are quite common in the TV channels and are pretty popular among a wide range of people. According to my opinion, the main reason people like these shows is that they always have a happy ending, a plate-full of delicious dish, without t...
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DongSeo University Industrial Design Project Exhibition – Oceanic Design (Part 4)

This is the fourth and the last part of DongSeo University 12th Graduation Exhibition of the talented students who major in Industrial Design of the Department of Design. This part is focus on Oceanic design. 1. Rescue Ball by Inyoung Kim, Sohyun ...
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Luppolo For Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010

Exploring Youth Olympic Village is fun with Luppolo, a personal fuel cell transportation. Youth Olympic Village is a village built for the Youth Olympic Games 2010 that was held in Singapore, that's why this vehicle has been designed with modern and ...
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Evo-Mobil Is Not Just Another Concept Car

Do you see a car here? I don’t. But then again, Ora-ïto didn’t design another concept car, but rather a genetic transformation. After more than 3 years of collaboration with Citroën, he has come up with a future car that reunites more than 400 ...
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A Men’s Iron by Nico Kläber

This iron has been designed to address male users. Common irons around are usually in round shape and white color, they only change the color into black to address male users. Nico Kläber tried to redesign our current iron into something more mascul...
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Sleek M10 Foldable Bluetooth Headset Design

M10 is a bluetooth headset designed for easier usage. Do you realize a bluetooth headset is occasionally not too comfortable to be kept in your pocket due to its earphone part? That's why M10 has been designed with a foldable earphone part. It offers...
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