Mini Giant Concept Printer : No More Ink Cartridges and Ribbons

Mini Giant is a robotic printer concept that self-drives itself over a ZINK Paper sheet of any size in order to create a print. The main benefit of the ZINK technology is, it doesn't require ribbons and ink cartridges. The designer has replaced the ink cartridges and ribbons with a heating system that can radically change its shape. Instead of using large scale paper into the printer, this concept brings this special type of paper laid on any smooth and hard surface. Mini giant is placed on the ...
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Sea Raider Futuristic Concept Boat with Solar Energy Panel on The Roof

Sea Raider is a futuristic concept boat that is specially designed for the next millennium. This entertaining boat comprises a friendly finished design and is powered with both fuel and solar energy. The inspiration of this boat came from racing cars along with few boats and most amazingly, Jack Sparrow, the leading role of ‘Pirates of the Carabian’. The solar energy panel is placed on the roof to offer direct contact with sunlight and there is a small pool at backside of the boat where the ...
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Tikk-Tekk Rainbow Measuring Device for Visually Impaired People

Tikk-Tekk Rainbow is an innovative and low-cost universal measuring device that uses visual, auditory and tactile feedback for measuring an object and is specially designed for visually impaired individuals. The device has been designed in a simple and straightforward manner that it can be easily used by all range of people to get accurate measurement readings. Two rings made of rubber plastic slips over each index finger of the user. As the measuring string loosen, the device plays a “tikk”...
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Chukka : Kinetic Music Player That Can Produce Electric Energy by Any Kind of Movement

Chukka is a patent pending concept device that intrigues the user to interact. This concept device is consists of several freely movable beads tied with cable, allowing hitting together for an enjoyable motion or enable two balanced sections to energetically swing between the fingers. This concept device can be held in ways that is comfortable by the user and enables the utilization of the index finger and thumb. Most amazingly, this device can produce electrical energy by any kind of movemen...
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Evergreen Electric Inner City Transportation by Nick Fisher

Evergreen is an innovative alternative of the existing modes of transportation in a friendly manner, both from the environmental and inner city aspects. When it comes about "inner city travel", most of you will imagine of dirty, stressful, slow and dangerous transit. Evergreen, by getting inspired by the nature, is designed to offer a pleasurable inner city transportation experience by symbolizing the "green" lifestyle and minimize environmental damage. The everlasting green line offers a subtle...
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Buddy Concept Computer was Inspired by Home Furnitures

Buddy is a concept computer system which was specially designed keeping a better home-living environment in mind. This concept was inspired from the usual home furniture, and was aimed to enhance the major roles that computers take in our daily life. Buddy is consists of three components – a portable small touchscreen, a big touchscreen connected with a projector for sharing home entertainment with family and friends, and a module that comprises all other necessary hardware and utilities, and ...
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BeoTime : An Elegant Alarm Clock from Bang & Olufsen

BeoTime is an elegant and unusual alarm clock and sleep timer designed by Bang & Olufsen with system integration possibilities and as simple to use as pleasing to the eye. It is the substantial manifestation of an effortless message uniting humanization, utility and beauty in an amazingly discreet form. BeoTime can make every morning an enjoyable one with its discreet own chime or customizable wake up sounds from your favorite radio station, TV program or a piece of music and can be switc...
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IN Electronic Newspaper Concept with Embedded Alarm Will Wake You Up to An Updated Feed of News

IN is an innovative newspaper concept that is based on a flexible display and comprises Wi-Fi technology for its operational efficiency. The screen is attached with a frame that shows current time and other related information into a LED display. The frame can be fitted in front of your bed with embedded, and the device will wake you up alarm at your desired time with an updated feed of news on its large, crystal clear LCD display. This IN Newspaper design has won Bronze award from IDEA ...
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Future Amphibious Hybrid Concept Vehicle with Intelligent Wheel System

Amphibious Hybrid is a concept vehicle which was created under an industrial design course project. This intelligent and superbly designed car has adjustable tire and the ability to analyze particular terrain and change the shape of the tire automatically as required. The tires are able to open up if required depending on the terrain. When the vehicle is running on normal roads, the tires remain usual. When it is running in the snow, the tires are open a little bit. Finally, the flaps are compl...
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Ghost Concept Motorcycle was Inspired by “Ghost Rider” and Flying Falcon

Ghost is a concept bike that features precise aerodynamics in its unique and functional design. The bike has been designed keeping huge similarities with a flying falcon and was inspired from the bike tribute of ‘Ghost Rider’. The designer has put his ideas of his young and reckless mind into paper to create this wonderful thrilling bike that can offer un-parallel fun to those who are really in need for speed. (more…)...
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A Makeover of The Classic Surfboard by Thomas Meyerhoffer

Thomas Meyerhoffer has been creating a new type of surfboard since 2004 which is considered now by many people as the most innovative leap in the design of surfboards during the last 50 years. This handy board is outlined like an hourglass to emphasize tail-riding and nose-riding for recreational surfers and this long-board is supposed to be a quick rider than other conventional surfboards. Moreover, the cutting edge design of this surfboard will allow the surfers do various water activities eas...
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Wanna-Reach Shelf System for Personal Home Use of Paraplegic People

Wanna Reach is an adjustable shelf system concept which is specially designed for the personal home use of paraplegic people. This innovative system comprises a remote control that is used to vertically move all the shelves of the system independently, thus allowing the user to reach as well as use them. This unit hangs on the wall for effortless access and thus provides more floor space to use for other purposes. To make the product durable and long lasting, the designer has used wood and alumi...
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Exocar for Future Personal Transportation : Run, Walk, Roll, or Just Drive

Exocar is a concept transportation unit that enhances the user's capability to travel through his or her environment in a more flexible and natural way as opposed to traditional means of transport. Whether you want to run, walk, roll or drive, this transportation unit will let you to move the mode you want to move. The vehicle has four wheels and, can fit and adapt the body of the rider easily in an effective way. When the user decides to drive it vertically, it will stand on its rear wheels and...
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Audi Bosendorfer Grand Piano for Audi’s 100th Anniversary

As a form of 100 years celebration of Audi, they have allowed their German designers to create any kind of amazing stuff aside from cars and Bösendorfer Piano is the outcome of such an extraordinary effort. Audi designed this magnificent piano with sleek curves and Batman-black cowl, which resulting an alluring appearance that can attract all range of people. However, the basic structure of a traditional piano has been kept intact, but still the design is quite unique and appealing. The main go...
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VineGuard : Futuristic Concept Robot for Agriculture

VineGuard is a concept agriculture robot for near future designed to be used as an innovative working animal. The inspiration of this project came from the fully functional insects that needed to be eliminated. This concept insect killer machine works autonomously, leaving the user to relax from fretting about their work to be done. In special cases, this vehicle will provide the information to the owner automatically. It includes heavy duty batteries that provide hours of working by using a sin...
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