TokyoFlash Wavelength Watch

TokyoFlash came up with a new interesting watch concept. I think it's a little bit difficult to read the hours, you need some time to get used to it. The hours are displayed in digits as empty spaces at the center of the display. The minutes are shown by those blocks surrounding the digits, there are small markings to help you read it easier. There are 2 buttons on the watch, top and bottom. The l...
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Light Pool Mobile Phone by Hironao Tsuboi

Light Pool mobile phone was created by Hironao Tsuboi with the intention of service you an object that can act aesthetically upon your sensibility and surroundings. Well I must say, Hironao has done a great job. This futuristic mobile phone has a unique form, composed of a truss-like structure and surfaces. It gives Light Pool a visual aesthetic and rhythm of an expressive variability. The bright,...
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Opel Ewol Personal Commuting Vehicle Can Still Sustain When Gas Stations Will Become Hard To Find

During the year 2050, you will hardly be able to find a gas station since definitely there will be no fossil fuels available by then due to the massive industrialization using natural resources such as gas, oil, coal and etc. To offer an energy efficient personal commuting solution in such a condition, Opel Ewol vehicle has been envisioned to use human powers such as body heat and mechanical energ...
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Sylvain Gerber Created The Perfect Solution For Shaving On The Run

Do you always forget to shave before an important meeting, because you wasted your time preparing for something else? The Braun Mobile Shave is the perfect thing for you. The interesting device has been designed for the electric shave company, Braun, by Sylvain Gerber. Somehow, the shaver shape and size remind me of a mobile phone. Braun Mobile Shaver reveals itself after the user press the two...
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Arkhippo iPhone Cover Ensures Complete Safety For Your Cherished Phone

During the first glance, I am sure no one would like to cover his or her cherished iPhone with this extremely unusual bulky iPhone case. However, iPhone's sleek thin body makes it easy to slip accidentally. Especially when you are doing some other thing with your hands and keeping the phone at your ears with the shoulder. Arkhippo iPhone case would be a perfect safeguard for your loving iPhone, on...
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Motorola Cinch Is A Device That Helps The Staff Of Restaurants And Bars To Run More Efficiently

Ben Coble, the designer of Cinch, created this concept while he was working for Motorola in 2008. The project was heavily research-based. The restaurant industry has been observed and documented, with close attention paid to staff communication, work flow and payment. Cinch is a device specifically designed for the waiter/waitress. To better explain what this device does, let us create a scenario....
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Magic Rug Can Transform Into Various Handy Furniture With Unique Aesthetics And Functionality

Now, you don’t have to read a ton of ancient voodoo books or take drastic training from a professional magician to amaze your friends by showing some interesting tricks of transforming your rug into different shapes, sizes and functions, because magic rug will do it all for you. This changeable rug concept can transform itself into a functional table, up to three chairs, a long plate for doing y...
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Eco Ball Provides Distinct Music On The Go Getting Charged By Solar Energy

You are such an extreme music lover that you never forget your MP3 player along with your favorite portable speaker set wherever you go. But what good can your portable speakers bring when you are hiking or camping in a jungle where there’s no power source? Batteries? I don’t think that would be a good option considering the cost non-efficiency. The solution is Eco Ball, a sustainable portable...
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Jason Krajewski Created A Bluetooth Headset That It Is Functional As It Is Fashionable To Wear

The beautiful and stylish design, the simple lines and shape make this Bluetooth headset a true "tech-accessory". The device comes in different colours so you can use it as a fashion accessory. The designers goal was to blend comfort, ease of use, and styling seamlessly into one. Jason found inspiration in everyday objects. Some headsets tend to fall out from your ear as you move around, walk or m...
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Togian Shows A Possible Facelift For The Luggage Trolley Carriers Within Our Busy Airports

The luggage trolley carrier found in airports looks better than ever before thanks to Anupam Parihar. The carrier has been designed as a friendly looking vehicle, that it's also a friend to the environment. The name of this vehicle is Togian. It has a sporty look and the back wheels, which are bigger than the ones in front, not only it looks like a muscle car from the 70's, but also help Togian ha...
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Top 15 Red Dot Winning Product Designs

Red Dot has announced the winners of the 2010 design competition and here we are featuring the best 15 product designs among 43 winners which have been picked considering the functionalities and overall usability. Each of the winning designs comprises sophisticated details and the level best elegance to make them an indispensable part of our life. Here's our pick for the best of 15 product designs...
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Collapsible Bicycle by Kevin Scott

It's not often that I could see such a revolutionary design yet it is not just a concept. This bike design from Kevin Scott is a bendable bicycle that you can literally wrap around a lamp post or a pole. It certainly will stop thieves from targeting your bike. The young Industrial Designer used a ratchet system built into the frame of the bike to make it possible to wrap the bike around a pole. Th...
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Little Helper Can Offer Big Help When Running A Thread Through The Needle

When I was a kid, I always tend not to come in front of my grandmother or used to run away as soon as I saw her coming to me with a needle and a spool of thread. The scenario hasn’t been changed a lot as of now and I can tell that without any doubt since after 25 years, I am noticing the same intention into my child. Not only the elderly people, the number of people would be very much negligi...
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Mercedes C-ROC Is An Amphibious Vehicle For Future Transportation Both In Water And Land

If of you have seen a crocodile running into the water from the land, you might find the functionality of Mercedes C-ROC concept car similar to that. This amphibious vehicle concept has been designed to become the perfect urban wheels for the future where users can instantly get to the water to enjoy a great nighttime cruise from busy city streets instantly. The new era of transformable can easily...
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Writing In Bas-Relief Enables User Creating The Most Appealing Write-Ups

Wow nice work! You must have given huge effort to create the double-line texts which has really made the write-up extraordinary. In reply of your excitement, your friend says nothing but holding a cleaver smile on his proud face. Self-created, customized greeting cards are always preferable to be used in any occasion for all range of people which can be realized considering the newer and more i...
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