Guepardo : Human Powered Vehicle That Imitates The Movement of The Ferocious Animal

The name Prado came from the Spanish word guepardo, which means cheetah, is a human powered concept vehicle that imitates the movement of the ferocious animal. The lower part of the vehicle contains two pedals that users push down with their feet to move the vehicle forward. The idea of the vehicle came from the nature and the eagerness of the designers to imitate it among human beings. Therefore, a thorough research has been conducted to pinpoint its movement during hunt and the vehicle started...
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Blue Coast 95 Yachts from Megayacht Catamarans

The Blue Coast Yachts, in association with Coste Design and Partners, has announced the 95 feet extraordinary luxury yacht Blue Coast 95, which is being constructed at La Ciotat, France. This new generation sailing yacht has been designed for cruising worldwide and is equipped with functional materials, latest technologies and intelligent designs for sea life. The Blue Coast 95 yacht features three decks, providing excellent performance and comprehensive cruising comfort to its boarders. The ...
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Toyota LINK Transportation System for Students

The Toyota LINK is a customizable, affordable and mass transit vehicle concept for students with high demands of social networking. In the less appealing and more expensive transportation system of the year 2030, students with little-to-no income will be able to enjoy their commute in style through this vehicle. There will be different HUBs for the students to pick a LINK. Once taken, the vehicle will link seamlessly onto a transportation social network, through which the drivers can share their...
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Funky and Futuristic Roll Up Vehicle by Edwin Conan

The Roll Up vehicle concept has been designed to uplift the lifestyle of urban peoples with great outlook and many functional features. The funky and simple bodywork of this single seater car can achieve the attention of all range of people. The canopy of the vehicle looks like that of a jet fighter and contains the dashboard mounted on it. The tires are airless and features four wheel steer with aircraft like steering wheel. Scissors doors are another highlighted feature of this car. This light...
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TAB Is Not Just Your Ordinary Table

TAB is a dual dining table concept that can save your time and space by featuring different compartments for storing different office usable stuffs. Razy2, a Gdansk based design studio has envisioned this useful home office table where the hidden storage compartments can be revealed by simply pulling the particular section. You can store pens, papers or other small desk articles in different compartments which will allow you to find them out easily and when the compartments are closed, it become...
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Moving Kitchen : Portable Kitchen for Indoor and Outdoor

The Moving Kitchen concept has been designed to move anywhere, even in a tiny sized kitchen, and allows easy cooking as well as eating outside the house. There are many hidden functions of the product that will surely amaze the users, and the same time will prove very much functional. Under the tabletop dish, an induction has been placed that is meant to be used for cooking. There are folded tables on both side of the moving kitchen on which users can put dishes and other ingredients of cooking....
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Cooktop Ventware Design by RKS Design

World-recognized design firm RKS has envisioned an innovative cooking vent concept aiming to bring a breakthrough of customizability for future kitchens. This cost-effective and retractable kitchen vent solution can create a dream kitchen environment that offers a whole new model for kitchen appliances. Unlike the traditional ventware systems, both the filter units and plates of RKS can fit easily into a dishwasher for easy cleaning. The Season Cooktop Ventware eliminates the possibility of g...
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Pavilion 21 Mini Opera Space for Munich Opera Festival 2010

The Pavilion 21 MINI Opera Space is one of the tiniest but most interesting designs by Wolf Prix for the Munich Opera Festival 2010 with a maximum seat capacity of 300 only. The designers have achieved a visually and acoustically pleasing lightweight structure through enhancing the visualizing properties of the tilted walls and enlarged surface area. Also, this design strategy reduces the influence of external sound sources. The pavilion is 17 meters wide, 21 meters long and around 6 to 8 meters...
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Lamborbiker Version II by Flavio Adriani

Still remember with Lamborbiker ? Now, Flavio Adriani has come up with Lamborbiker version II which is still a unique bike concept which has been differentiated from other conventional bikes through its hub-less wheel design. The concept was inspired from the Ferrucio Lamborghini designed by Nicola Tesla which includes an electric engine to contribute with the environment. Both the rear and front wheel is rimless and uniquely designed to enhance the performance of the bike. The exhaust pipes are...
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Ultra Portable and Lightweight Litl Web-Book

Litl Web-Book is an innovative and intuitive device that has made surfing the internet easier and more joyous than ever. The simple and plain main navigation screen will immediately let the users know how to use it. Usual computer administrative debris like icons, menus and folders has been eliminated and a built-in browser has been integrated right into the user interface to ensure convenient browsing. No need to resized or juggling with overlapping windows with its constant full screen view an...
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Rural Transportation Is Especially Designed for Rural Areas

Rural concept is a clean, practical and efficient transportation concept specially designed to be used in rural areas by focusing on minimalism and functionality at the forefront. The wheel hubs of the concept wrap the electric motors which provides quieter driving, keeping the calmness of rural nature intact. The passenger's pod is located on the singular carbon fiber chassis on the top of the vehicle. The most amazing thing about the vehicle is that it doesn't require any mechanical joints si...
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Futuristic Bionic Transportation for The Year 2030

The stylish Bionic concept car is simply a token of functional values and innovative natural aesthetics through its radical aerodynamic design. The car has been designed to change its shape as per requirement in different situations by implementing EAP-electro-active polymer layers, which is an optimized and advance automobile material. Moreover, it features advance in-wheel motor technology that allows the car to produce zero-emissions and a polycarbon roof with attached solar photovoltaic cell...
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Sake Bomb Stylish Cup Holder by Alexander Purcell

Sake Bomb is an innovative and stylish cup holder that delivers the experience of more than enjoying a beverage and sharing the fun with buddies in a more intuitive manner. The name came from the American modernization of drinking a shot of sake into a beer pint and this ceramic container avoids the traditional shape of a cup holder. Having a shape somewhere between a Japanese blowfish and a WWII mine, it includes four tiny cups placed outside and is insulated naturally to keep the sake hot. Asi...
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Pagora by Jooyoun Kim

Pagora is an innovative concept that allows a place to put your bike while getting some rest under a lotus flower shaped spot. The design was inspired from the traditional roofing tile of Korea, yet has been modernize to enhance the appearance and functionality. Pagora features adequate space for racking one bicycle only and the rider is envisioned to be protected from the sun through its beautiful shade that protects only the heat of the sun, not the light. The frame of the concept has been mad...
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Honda Native is 3 Seated Vehicle Powered By Lithium-Ion Battery

The Honda Native concept comprises an electric engine which is powered by heavy-duty lithium-ion battery and can house 3 persons including the driver. This ultra compact car with great aerodynamic features has been designed for the massively congested future traffic where speed will be ignored over low space riding efficiency. Its down to the ground design will allow the car to offer smooth riding experience to the riders. The exterior parts of the vehicle are made of photocromic materials that ...
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