Repair Toolset Offers Great Aesthetics with Ultimate Convenience and Functionalities

The Repair Toolset is an innovative tool concept aiming to ensure convenient and efficient household use with stylish functionality. This design eliminates the usual tendency of keeping tool boxes out of sight in a dark corner of the cabinet because of their ugly size and shape. The repair toolset has been designed with a range of handy and handsome tools that users will keep happily always at sight. The toolset has been designed to be integrated with bookcases to make a perfect aesthetics and h...
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Agro E.Sustentable Wind Generator Features Brilliant Functionality with Ease of Operating

The Agro E.Sustentable concept wind generator aims to ease and optimize the installation and transportation procedure, making it convenient and time-saving for the agricultural workers. The generator has been designed as a great system of producing and accumulating of wind energy that distinctively makes it self-supporting. The trailer holds the batteries and the generator along with its retractable tower and also acts as the base when it is working. The tower remains folded in 4 sections and is...
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RC4 : An Environmentally Friendly ATV

The RC4 all terrain concept vehicle has been designed in a more environmentally friendly manner to be used on the road. The electric drive train of the car is powered by a lithium ion battery that enables the vehicle to run up to 80mph. To make it more alluring than the conventional electric vehicles, the designer has integrated sharp aggressive lines to create a dramatic shape with plenty of visual movements. Moreover, making the position of the rider more effective has been emphasized by the d...
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OSE Outlays Rough Sporting Vehicle in a Great Green Aesthetic

The OSE concept vehicle has been designed to reflect the arrogant attitude of youthful extreme sport patrons. The name Ose is the hindi form of Dew, aiming to become a manifestation of that drink. The vehicle features unique aesthetics along with the required functionalities to become an effortless outdoor vehicle for the dew drinker. This two-seater vehicle features a mystic black and bright green color combination, making space for the riders in the front cabinet and adequate space in the rear...
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Touch & Go Navigation System Directs Blind People to Locate Their Destination

The Touch & Go is an innovative navigation system that has been designed for the blind people to make them self-directed. The device acts as a wearable navigator comprising a hand gadget along with an earpiece and a tactile display that provides the directions as a map. The device gives direction at 1:1000 scale and remains in the center of the position of the users. An indicating arrow directs the user to move in and supports the user via auditory signals to the earphone, equipped with an u...
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Light Tree Aims to Replace Conventional Street Lamps with Superior Aesthetics and Functionality

The light tree is an innovative street lamp concept that has been crafted like a tree with nanotube solar cells that provides unique aesthetics aside from great functionality. The concept combines hydroponic techniques with the latest solar cell technology and features water inside to efficiently conduce the light generated by a range of ultra-bright LEDs placed in the base. Moreover, the water feeds the seeds placed at the top extremities of the concept that will become plants soon, giving the ...
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The Puffin Air Vehicle-A Comprehensive Personal Transportation for Future

The puffin personal air vehicle concept has been designed with an unusual appearance and features vertical take-off and landing that enables people to use it anywhere. This innovative concept utilizes revolutionary technical challenges to make it an environmental friendly bird by featuring zero emission electric engines. The compact shape and lightweight construction of this single-seater air vehicle contains electric motors that can generate a total of 60 horsepower to hover. The average cruisi...
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Nev 01 Nike Expedition Extreme Sports Vehicle Can Beat Almost Any Terrains

The compact and optimized Nev ’01 expedition vehicle concept has been designed to take part as an all terrain extreme sports vehicle, such as climbing, snowboarding and surfing on the Nike’s international design competition. With a drastically unique shaped body, this vehicle is equipped with GPS navigation and four on-wheel electric motors. The design houses three people inside during a hard-core ride on a range of surfaces; the driver, the route supervisor and the mechanic, allowing more s...
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Falcon Concept Car Features Great Power with Jet Propelled Engines

Falcon is a futuristic car concept that elegantly combines two different platforms into an innovative and highly functional racing car with unique aesthetics. From the front, the falcon is a stylish car, while the rear end features double rotatable jet propelled engines that gives ultimate power to the car. Moreover, these engines push up the rear end of the vehicle to achieve a vertical position for efficient driving on the busy city roads. When the engines are turned off, the vehicles become a...
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Taipei Pop Music Center Features An Ultimate Architecture for Music

The Mario Bellini Architects have illustrated an innovative design idea for Taipei pop music center with a hill like structure that is connected through glass passage ways, making it an iconic landmark for the city and a range of views of landscape to the guests. The project combines all the green areas of the adjacent spaces into a single system and put direct relation with the city and protects it as a new house of music by featuring canyon shaped public open space that contains various functi...
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The Helping Hand Restores the Functionality of a Paralyzed Upper Limb

The helping hand is an innovative concept device that can efficiently help a person who has lost functionality of his or her upper limp due to a stroke by effectively regaining control over the paralyzed arm or hand. By wearing it, the motionless limb can do everyday tasks like holding objects, eating, dressing and even writing. The technology is to transmitting signals from the human brain through a neuro-implant to control the device, which allows the user to move their hands, arms or fingers ...
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The Electrolux Design Lab 2010 Design Completion Seeking Innovative Ideas

The Electrolux Design Lab 2010 features a great opportunity for worldwide undergraduate and graduate industrial design students to illustrate their skills and creativity on designing innovative home appliances that can shrink domestic spaces. This year, the contest has been named as ‘The Second Space Age’ and is looking for ideas on efficient preparation and storing food, easy dishwashing, washing clothes, and many more that contributes to the improvement of the year 2050 lifestyle. The key ...
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El-Egance-A Stylish Hearing Aid, Featuring Great Functionality

‘el’ is a hearing device concept that has been designed aiming to transform hearing aids into an elegant accessory. The concept comprises three main parts. First is the hearing device that can be worn in each ear to ensure clear sound for hearing impaired people by amplifying and adjusting sounds. Second is the two ring control unit, designed to be worn on each index finger that features a manual volume controller to adjust the volume of the hearing device. Inside the ring, a radio frequency...
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OEX_B Vehicle Brings Stunning Overland Expedition for Future Travelers

The OEX_B concept vehicle has been designed for ultimate future overland expeditions focusing on improved visibility of the passengers to create an innovative sightseeing vehicle solution. The vehicle features a large porthole with road side facing panoramic seats and a hatch on the rear end of the vehicle that opens for the passengers to observe behind the vehicle. Moreover, it contains a built-in binocular on the lateral extendible balcony that allows the passengers to see distant things and t...
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Prosthetic Limb Aids the Remaining Good Hand on Various Activities

The prosthetic limb concept has been designed in an innovative way, unlike other conventional technologies that duplicates the lost limb. This revolutionary prosthetic, with its stylish, elegant and functional aesthetics, will eliminate the negative mental and social impacts that users usually experience with existing prosthetics. The main idea of the prosthetic is to aid the user’s remaining hand in doing two handed tasks. It comprises a terminal device that acts much like a drill hurl by tig...
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