3D Blue Ray Disc Camcorder by Nikola Knezevic

The extraordinary design of this concept 3D blue ray disc camcorder features portability, durability and small dimensions, offers semi-pro video recording with highly sensitive lenses and sensors. The appearance of this concept camcorder matches much with the robots of science fiction movies and has two stands under both sides of the lenses to ensure better balance. The feeling of existence and being involved in this camera cannot be evaluated to existing way of video recording simply because th...
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Forest Fire Clear Cut Robot Concept by Jordan Guelde

Technology has presented us various megastructures to make our lives better and Forest Fire Clear Cut Robot is one of such massive creation that is designed to make clear-cut paths in an on fire forest to prevent the blazes from spreading by cutting large quantity of trees at a time. It's true that with the combination of around 600 individual parts, the first look of this robot will create fear inside you but this useful robot will serve mankind as a savior of immense fire damage. This futurist...
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MODE Bike Features IF (Integrated Folding) Technology

The clean and prominent design of MODE, a foldable bicycle, has aimed to those travelers who never consider cycles as an option or transportation for various hectic reasons. This superb bicycle avoids complex tubes with unseen dirt traps, oily chains and the other messes of traditional bikes that deprive users from riding a bicycle. MODE from Pacific Cycles features integrated folding (IF) technology that features an automatic, single action fold without the help of any other tools. The IF techn...
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Plan A : An Electronic Planner of Office Workers

The device for efficient time management has designed in a way that resembles with an elegant cigarette case and the original functionality is quite hard to realize without checking out the duel touchscreen LCD. This intuitive time management device has been designed to enable users to make the most of their time in a simple way. This device is able to act as an electronic schemer book where users can organize their tasks in both a calendar and a list method. When you will hold the device horizo...
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Calypso Sports Car Concept is Inspired by A Shark

Calypso is a concept sports car with aggressive and strong but yet simple design line inspired by the sharks. The cutting edge simple design of this single-seater sports car has made it unusual from others. But the key amazing feature of this car is the pulled out rear-view mirrors from the cars hood which will not only improve aerodynamics but the visual elegance of this car will also achieve a new level. This extraordinary rear-view mirror also includes left and right indicator light that allo...
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Linea Sucree Stylish Scooter for Young Souls

Scooters are known for speed. They as they say don't waste any time to get you there. The young folks are in luck with the refurbished and well fine tuned scooters. This "linea sucree" type is long to accommodate every height. The rims are strong and long lasting, laced with firm but flexible rubber casings that literally meet the road. Since speed is a major consideration. The flatness of the feet pad is low on the center of gravity and moves with more speed than the other type. The aluminum fi...
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The Green Eye Candy and Orange Tequila Sunrise Bicycles

With the sunrise orange color and the perfect white shades, the Tequila sunrise bicycle is really offering an ideal visual according to its name. Even you can compare the body of this bicycle, made of laid fiberglass over steel frame, with a rising sun. During giving the final shape, fabrication of the bicycle's body has not been done with molds; rather the designer chose to put fiberglass over the top expanding foam. This bike may not seem quite ridable at the very first look but the designer h...
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NatureMill Composter : Clean, Green, and Easy

One of the most alarming issues for our loving earth is the environmental threat that is taking place everyday with used paper, plastic bottles, cans, packaging materials and pollution of excessive fuel burning. Naturemill has taken a very useful initiative keeping this issue in mind in the form of backyard composting. In this system, a huge amount of kitchen trash diverts from the kitchen to a compost pile. The point that has made this compost different from other methods of recycling is this s...
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Coffee Machine Design by Kamil Kurka

With the technological advancement, people are getting more used to with electronics gadgets for their various everyday needs. This coffee machine is one superb addition with the healthy collection of available coffee makers in the market, but still features some unique qualities that can keep it aside from the others. The appearance of this polished body coffee machine is very attractive. The forth control knob can adjust the heat and the coffee volume knob will allow you to fix the quantity of...
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Switch Commuter Bike with Ability to Fold in One Smooth Motion

Robert Dumaresq has designed a superb bicycle named Switch Commuter Bike which is a high performance foldable bike keeping easy handling in busy places in mind. This bike was develop to attain the need for a full functional bicycle especially for commuter use and encourages people to utilize pedal power as their main mode of transport which will develop a healthier life style and environment. The main target users of this bike are those who would like to ride from here to there because of their ...
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Kvant Motorbike : Combination of Motorcycle and Snowmobile

Kvant is a conceptual motorbike that will enhance the mobility in the snow climate as well as boost the winter sports experience for adventure enthusiasts. This bike is the result of a combination between a motorcycle and a snowmobile that will offer useful help during the snowy weather when people can't use any other vehicle for transportation purpose. It features mono curving ski to offer supreme curve handling and efficient curve belt drive that provides improved maneuverability. It may seem ...
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Iiamo Self Heating Baby Bottle by Karim Rashid

Iiamo is a brilliantly designed baby feeding bottle by Karim Rashid, which is the first baby bottle featuring a unique self heating mechanism. Iiamo feeding bottle includes a disposable heating cartridge that is able to heat the milk up to 37 degrees in just four minutes. The main ingredients of this organic cartridge are salt and water, thus you will not have to worry about the hygienic issues for your kids. This useful gadget will provide you easy access to warm milk whether you are on the pla...
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Crescendo Flash Light is Specially Designed for Police or EMT

Crescendo is a flashlight specially designed for Public Services Members such as police or EMT. The ergonomic shape of this flashlight fits every hand sizes with the cut away grip that enables to hold the light securely. On the tail cap, there are two power switches enables two light modes, steady on and blink. On the barrel, there are 3 way color light controller, red for sneaky night vision, green for urgent activities such as color recognition and ultra bright white for general use. Branding ...
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Peugeot Clear by Alan Kravchenko

Small in size just enough for one the Peugeot clear is a classy model that creates a divine beauty and permeates an aroma of excellent design in its features. Suitable for incredible speed it has an electric motor that heightens the electrical systems to work fluidly and almost effortlessly. The hydrogen and oxygen cylinders are well placed to improve the engine function on a car that uses little fuel. Heat in the sleek car is a thing of the past with the tunnel cooling radiators owned by the co...
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Burnham Eco Pavilions by Zaha Hadid and UNStudio

Award-winning architects Ben van Berkel (UNStudio) and Zaha Hadid have recently disclosed their designs for a couple of eco-pavilions that will be on everyone's attention in the celebrations of Burnham Plan Centennial this summer in Chicago. The main goal of both pavilion's design is to realize the importance of imagining a superior future for all. The Curvilinear pavilion designed by Hadid will be developed with stretched fabric over a frame made of aluminum. The tent-like shape has been planne...
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