SanTiTOs Project by Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo

In Mexico, traditions are very important and part of the way of life. When someone close to us, family, friends, or someone they knew a short period of time dies, they light big candles called “veladoras” to light the path of this person to reach...
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Renault R4 Rally Is Constructed From Stretched Textiles Over a Tubular Structure

Parisian designers’ yann terrer in partnership with jérôme garzon has unveiled a new concept car as part of Renault 4 Ever competition, called Renault R4 Rally, focusing on the energy cycle. The competition itself asked its participants to redesi...
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Seesaw Water Saving Faucet Can Reduce Water Waste in Public Restroom

Seesaw water saving faucet helps reducing water waste in public bathrooms or kitchen sinks. Do you know how much water is wasted while you’re soaping your hands? Normally, people won’t bother to turn off the water while soaping their hands, they ...
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Waxlamp Design by HASSELL

This Waxlamp design is made entirely of beeswax and wick and designed as part of July’s State of Design Festival in Melbourne. Designers were asked to explore the philosophies of environmental sustainability through their creation of a light fixtur...
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Novague Yacht Features Huge Solar Panel Wings

Novague Yacht has been designed with solar panel wings on both sides of the boat to power its engine. During the day, the yacht can extend the solar panels just like a bird’s wings to save the energy from sun. Thus, the energy can be used for diffe...
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Dragon Gullwing by MohammadReza Khosravi

Dragon Gullwing car design was based on the legendary Mercedes Benz Gullwing 300 SL. Although the designer name this “Dragon”, at first sight, we thought it was a bat wings, you know, like a Batman’s car. The headlamps of this car are installed...
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Limited Edition TokyoFlash Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch

A futuristic limited edition TokyoFlash Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD watch design. To read this watch is actually not as hard as it looks. This “always on” mirrored LCD display watch shows the time in hours and minutes in separate sections, top and bot...
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Greencycle Bamboo Bike by Paulus Maringka

Understanding the culture relevance in the analysis, design and evaluation process is the way to ensure that Greencycle bamboo bike is materially, economically and environmentally sustainable. Initial two years research study focused on looking at...
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Monocart Multi-Purpose Cart Is The Only Cart You’ll Need

Monocart multi-purpose cart concept is not just ordinary cart. It can adapt to various different functions with ease based on the needs of the users. The problem with many products nowadays is the short life span due to the small target audience; the...
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Frame-It Adhesive Memo Pad by Pak Kitae

Frame-It adhesive memo pad has shapes and functions as a modern photo frame. The designer wishes that this product traces all users’ works and can be displayed like an exhibition. We usually just place an adhesive memo pad that contains our notes o...
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Sirena Trimaran Yacht Features Larger Interior Space, Lower Drag Coefficient and Lower Emissions

Sirena trimaran yacht is a 50m trimaran, designed by Adrian Smith and Matthew Jeffrey. With an ever increasing need for more environmentally friendly motor yachts, a trimaran provides a more efficient platform for a super yacht, with a lower drag coe...
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Protector Portable Inflator by Jurmol Yao

Protector portable inflator concept is one of crucial equipments to have on your bike. There are more things to be aware of when riding a bike at night compared to riding during the day. It also has higher level of risks of having accidents. Protecto...
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Outdoor Khazri Focus Photographer Expedition Pack

Khazri Focus photographer expedition pack is ideal for photographers who spend most of their time outdoor or traveling. This light weight expedition pack (60L) was designed with amateur photographers in mind. Khazri Focus pack features removable phot...
Posted in » Bags, Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Travel

Smart Dish System by Jeongmi Lee

I hate washing dirty dishes, but who doesn’t? But I still do it anyway because I have to. But, what if your spouse or partner always leave dirty dishes in the sink and depend on you to clean them? I bet using this Smart Dish System concept will mak...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Home And Kitchen

Vote For Your Favorite Finalist For The INDEX: Award 2011

Now you have the chance to choose who’s going to win INDEX: Award 2011. Vote your favorite designs amongst the 60 finalists of INDEX: Award 2011, you can vote as many different designs as you like and as many times as you like. By casting your vote...
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