Rolltop Folding Portable Computer System Features Innovative Great Performance And Aesthetics

If you have already watched the video, I am pretty sure you are feeling like just waked up from a fascinating dream and can still feel the power and functionality of the Rolltop computer system which always was your dream computer. Rolltop is a po...
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Duravit St. Trop by Philippe Starck

While there are plenty of steam showers available out there, none can beat the features of St.Trop designed by Philippe Starck. St.Trop has been designed as a simple rectangle. The inside becomes the work of art depicting all sorts of actions includi...
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Kitchen Nano Garden Serves Excellent Way To Grow Your Own Vegetables

Nothing can be as frustrating as loitering and searching for fresh vegetables from the market. These days, more and more people aspire to grow fresh vegetables and fruits right in their garden. As parents and communities bestow more consideration to ...
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Aesir Copenhagen In Collaboration With Yves Béhar Has Unveiled Yves Béhar Phone

In a world eclipsed by exceedingly versatile smart phones, many mobile phone design companies are unveiling stunning cell phone models. The collaboration between Yves Béhar, the founder of San-Francisco-based design plus branding firm, and Aesir Cop...
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Firmship Boat : 42′ Floating Work of Art

With the arrival of new yachts into the industry these days, none ever concentrated on those classic boats, which were quite renowned 50 years ago. However, Studio Job’s new Firmship 42 is more than just a yacht. Studio Job has turned this classic ...
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PreVue Fetal Visualization Device by Melody Shiue

Melody Shiue, an industrial designer of the University of New South Wales has designed a product called, PreVue. It is an e-textile based device that employs latest stretchable display technology over the abdominal region, letting other family member...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Gadgets

Re-Paper Chopstick as An Alternative To Disposable Wooden Chopsticks

Industrial Designer, Chung Ran Hee has created an excellent alternative to disposable wooden chopsticks, Re-paper Chopstick. This concept is clean, eco-friendly and portable as well. The main material used for creating the chopstick is renewable pape...
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G-Navi Improves Independence And Mobility Of Visually Impaired People

Those people who always see the empty part of a half poured glass will name G-Navi as a modern dog trainer, but the rest will certainly admire its ability to make visually impaired people free from their limitations. G-Navi is a concept mechanism ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Ava ONE Personal Jet Ensures Proper Time Management Of Busy People

We already know that great power comes with great responsibilities and just like that of Spiderman, rich people also have a lot of responsibilities and great work pressure. To address the quick and luxurious commuting requirement of these rich and re...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Jet, Transportation

DuPont and Disney Presents “Tron Designs Corian” Based On The Film “TRON:Legacy” from Walt Disney Studios

DuPont and Disney will present the most exclusive “TRON designs CORIAN”, an exhibition that draws its inspiration from the film “TRON: Legacy” from Walt Disney Studios, at Padiglione Visconti. The overall effect and appearance of TRON: Legacy...
Posted in » Design Exhibition, Designs and Concepts

AviiQ Unveils Line-up of Portable and Stylish Travel Solutions for Your Gadgets

AviiQ, the highly esteemed Mobile Electronics and Design Company unveils line-up of handy, stylish travel solutions for mobile devices, laptops as well as iPads. We have reviewed one of their great products AviiQ laptop stand, now they have released ...
Posted in » Accessories

Futuristic Mini Rocketman Features Split Tailgate and Widespread Doors

BMW MINI has designed a new vehicle, measuring just 11 feet in length. Considered to be the smallest vehicle designed by the reputed company, the new ‘Mini Rocketman’ concept has been showcased at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The three-door vehicl...
Posted in » BMW, Cars, Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car

Cristal Watch Design Was Inspired by A Crystal

The main idea of Cristal watch was to design non-standard hands of hours and minutes of a watch that resembles the shape of a crystal. In the middle of the watch, there’s a LED display to tell the exact time and date. Just push the button on the ri...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

Vida Stainless Steel Water Bottle From KOR Water Features Great Appearance And Usability

A common complaint about traditional stainless steel water bottles is the inappropriate feel both in hands when holding and on the lips when sipping. KOR Water has addressed this issue with an innovative reusable water bottle design Vida, a reusable ...
Posted in » Food and Drink

Minimalist “Plug and Player” MP3 Player by Giha Woo

We need to admit the fact designers are creating MP3 players of the least possible size so that they are portable and comfortable to use as well. Well, this is the reason why Giha Woo, a Korean-based product designer decided that an apt MP3 player co...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

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