Expand Recycling Bin for Apartment and Office Buildings by SpringTime

The Expand Recycling Bin concept with its various handy features will be able to reduce the recycling management difficulties and inefficiencies for electronic wastages easily. It can be easily moved from one place to another and it will alert the recycling agency about its exact current location so that they can organize their pickup routes accordingly when the bin is full. The Expandable Recycling bin features a low starting and increases its height gradually with the wastages, allowing eff...
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BMW Lovos Body Looks Like Fish Scales

Lovos means Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity. Therefore, the concept BMW Lovos project is not like the usual process of designing, crafting, vehicle acquisition and management, rather, the project is a meaningful symbol of conscious self-restraint, that can encourage the viewer to discard their common ideas about the number of exterior elements that a car should required. The body of Lovos contains 260 interchangeable identical particles that can open and close like fish scales. These elements ...
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Rebel Transportation by Christian Susana

The Rebel is a design study by Snowcat, which is an all-terrain transportation means designed with power and efficiency to provide great functionality. The vehicle has been envisioned with rolling chain instead of conventional wheels, providing the grip that may require to run over the uneven surfaces of rocky mountains or snowy drive track. The driver’s cab is all-side glass-made and has the ability to rotate 180 degree in order to get comprehensive control over the pathway. A red light has b...
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X-Mini 2nd Generation Capsule Speaker Review

Hello Folks, I have received my X-Mini 2nd Generation speaker a couple of days earlier and have really amazed with what I got for as low as 15 pounds. Let me be a bit more elaborative… Starting from the package I received, a cool sleek package with the heading “Audio Revolution in a Box”, which really enhances the attention. I have opened the package and yeah I got a bit disappointed since almost all the portable speakers come in a pair. Well I must say this feeling got away as soon as ...
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Futuristic RollTop Foldable Notebook with 17-inch OLED Display and Full Fledged Keyboard

The RollTop is a flexible notebook concept that can be folded like a roll of paper allowing the user ultimate convenience of carrying and storing it even in a congested place. It features a 17” flat-screen OLED display when fully rolled out with the multi-touch facility that will offer the ease and functionality of that of an iPhone. Also, when required, it can be folded into a 13” smart tablet pc. Aside from the touch-screen controlling, it features full fledged keyboard like conventional ...
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Hugo Boss Fragrance Bottle by Karim Rashid

Hugo Boss is the renowned brand fragrance by HUGO that was first released in 1995 and is occupying one of the top ranks among the competitors. In order to keep it up, they have decided to launch their limited edition fragrance named as HUGO Man Exclusive and has asked Karim Rashid, the international designer, to design the bottle. The outcome was superb. With the illuminated color combination on white background with an exceptional shape to be a fragrance bottle, it would be able to generate cus...
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Pedo-Chi Educational Toy Grows With Your Children

The PedoChi concept device offers playful, fun, entertaining and thoughtful experience to the user without having to give much effort. This effective and educational concept is designed to enhance your children’s health and contribute to reduce childhood obesity through a motivating way of physical activity. With this device, users can share their personal physical records and play competitive intellectual and physical games between other devices. Operating the device is simple. Set your strid...
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Saucer Vehicle : You Can Sleep While You Drive

The Saucer is a modular self-driven vehicle that features a single size bed arrangement, allowing the driver to sleep in peace while the vehicle takes him or her to the destination. This innovative idea is specially targeted for those who have to drive a long way home from their night shift work place. The soundproof interior of this vehicle is equipped with various programming consoles for self-driving the vehicle. Moreover, if you don’t want to sleep when you are commuting, there is enough s...
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Clover Eco-Sensitive Mobile Phone Grows Old With You

The Clover is an eco-friendly mobile phone concept that has been designed to grow old with the user. This phone features four module interfaces; sound, sensor, vision and location, allowing the user to customize the phone according to their need and taste. Moreover, users can add quite a few numbers of additional modules to make the phone even more functional and attractive. The sleek black touchscreen offers different way of checking out the functions and a user-friendly operating environment. ...
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Music Chocolate Sofa is Integrated With High-Quality Sound System

Music Chocolate is an innovative and upholstered, chocolate colored sofa that features an integrated sound system to be used with external MP3 players. The speakers are placed all the directions of the block, ensuring high-quality surround sound to its listeners. The surface is designed with textured leather and contains an internal wooden structure to make the product durable. (more…)...
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Opehn Lamp Design by Flavio García

The superb design of OPEHN Lamp concept leaves the wires outside, giving the lamp an impression to be naked. The designer has used energy saving LED bulbs to make it even more efficient and the bulbs have been placed in a shameless manner too. However, the bulbs are decorated with petals which give the lamp an organic appearance with the wires to be some growing vines of a tree. The petals have been placed in different angles so that it can lighten in all directions equally. The round base is de...
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Aperitivo Table to Hold Food and Drink in Stylish and Simple Way

The Aperitivo table concept offers a stylish and simple way to hold food and drink which will diminish the inconvenience of traditional square table when you are gathering with your friends and relatives in a party. The table is outlined as a tree with branches of tiny circles which will allow the user to place and remove drink glasses easily, while the table itself looks like a small party place decorated with various colorful drinks and food. The branches of the table are connected to the main...
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Mosquito Repellent Gadget With No Harmful Chemical Processes

Driving away mosquitoes is a major concern with all range of people and there are various traditional methods of doing this such as mosquito repellent, liquid vaporizer, aerosol and finally mosquito net, all with different harmful and inconvenient attributes. The Mint Mosquito Repellent is an innovative substitute of all forms of mosquito drivers keeping the consumer’s preconceived idea intact that a mosquito repellent should always be green. The repellent doesn’t require lighting up with fi...
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Nature : Modern and Innovative Ceramic Planter

Nature is an innovative ceramic planter that has the ability to grow a range of herbs and flowers. The design is inspired from the shapes and patterns found in nature, which can be revealed from its name. The concept comprises several openings like blossoms with various forms, and the plants are placed according to their root size, topmost opening is designed to make room for plants with deeper roots. The planter features a complex mold with six parts and seventeen post-molding cuts. All the pie...
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Cojoy : Bicycle for Two Persons That Was Inspired By Dual Paddle Boat and A Wheelchair

Cojoy is a bicycle concept for two persons, inspired from the dual paddle boat along with an operational wheelchair, and is designed to offer sheer fun for the bicycle riders. Each rider is designed to control one wheel separately of the bicycle. The seat angle of the concept is totally adjustable by using the handle according to the need of individual riders. It runs straight when two riders pedal at the same speed and when it requires to turn, the outer rider will ride faster than the inside r...
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