iPetals : Solar Charger for Your iPhone

The iPetals is a solar charger concept that has been specially designed for charging an iPhone through solar power. This innovative design resembles a lot with a sun flower and was inspired by the great Sunny Flower design from Fandi Mang. iPetals has been envisioned as a bunch of petals that can be folded and unfolded with different color lightness which can be used as an iPhone stand too when all the petals are folded. Aside from the petals, the only peripheral it has is a connecting cable wit...
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The Strictly Limited Leica M7 Edition Hermès

Leica M7 Edition Hermès is a special limited edition digital camera of the series with 35mm rangefinder in silver chrome striking calfskin leather finish. It comprises an anodized Summilux-M wide-angle lens which was specially developed for this model only. The top plate is imprinted with the name Lecia replacing the previous red Lecia logo. All control parts are made exclusively with metal and silver chrome has been used to furnish the back of this Lecia M7. The red color of the imprinted auto...
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LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Review

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 is combining the versatility of the LEGO building system with a microcomputer brick and intuitive programming software, this building kit enables you to construct robots that see, speak, feel, and move. This robotics tool set features everything you need to create and program your first robot in approximately one hour. If this is your first electronic LEGO robot toy, you can easily install your first robot with the NXT 2.0’s special with a building element called “...
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Spudlight-Ultimate Underwater Fishing Lamp

The Spudlight is an underwater fishing lamp concept that has been designed to provide an ultimate solution for the lack of sufficient lighting underwater. The main body of the concept features two bulbs placed in two separate compartments which can rotate 360 degrees vertically. Not only that, the compact main body can rotate to any direction, providing perfect multi-directional lighting which is vital for effective fishing underwater. Both the connectors and the cables have been durably made to...
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SleepBox : Sleeping Capsule for Public and Shopping Centers

The SleepBox concept is actually a freestanding box shaped sleeping capsule that are meant to be dotted around transport centers or expedition areas where people can have uninterrupted and sound sleep with great luxury. The bed of the concept is designed to change its line automatically via rollers. The interior has been designed with functional ventilation system, Wi-Fi, TV, power outlets and storage space for luggage. Additionally, a quartz light has been used in between users to kill the insi...
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Elite Net Phone by Shane Crozier

The Elite Net Phone concept handset has been designed for the age of social networking and acts to align social networking with our real life. Contacts of the phone are added automatically by linking with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and then it stores other available contact information from the user’s friends list. This stripped back minimal handset can handle inbound and outboud calls but don’t features camera, music, video, speakerphone and internet functionality...
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Smart Baby Case Offers A Safe and Healthy Environment for Infants To Grow

The Smart baby case can be visualized to that of a pregnant mother on her 40th week or like a chicken’s egg. This case functions as a temporary protection to your baby once the baby is in the real world, letting us say that we love them. Believe it or not, your baby is still longing for the warmness of your body, which can be felt from your touch or during the time the baby is inside your womb. You might feel uncomfortable with this case due to the fact that it appears like an incubator, which...
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Design and Build Your Dream Car with Mazda In The Year 2030

In the year 2030, Mazda has taken notice how young entrepreneurs has become a hub for creating personal brands and products on desktop 3D manufacturing software. This is the reason why Mazda has created VMazda, a website where young designers can build, experiment and share their automotive knowledge. Mazda Souga is one of the possible designs that come out from youngster in the future. This lightweight and minimal sports car design with experimental shapes, dramatically proportioned exterior...
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GM Car Hero Challenges Your Driving Skills Against The Car’s Autonomous System

The OnStar Car Hero is much of a gaming experience while driving and is a very good teacher to the beginner drivers. During starting, simply enter your destination by using your smart phone and it will take you to there. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the car to match your skill level with the system and unlock the complete control over the car by overriding the autonomous system of the car. As you go better, the Car Hero will transform gradually to offer tougher challenge to the driver. Mo...
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Eko : Ecological and Economical Traffic Light Concept

Eko is the ecological and economical new design of traffic light. A highly useable concept, it will not only assist in preserving our environment in reducing the pollution, it promotes safe driving too. Eko traffic light tells drivers how long the light will change from red to green. This traffic light design will give a lots of advantages and the major benefits are : lesser pollution and lesser consumption of fuel (drivers can turn off their car while waiting for the green light). (more...
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Bubble Clox Is Not Your Traditional Flat Clock

Have you thought of the time clock based upon the revolving of the earth around the sun? The sundials had been introduced to many people years ago, thus, the traditional clocks, which was flat, 2 dimensional became boring to lots of people already. Bubble Clox is a new timepiece that will change the way you look at clocks. The Bubble Clox has 4" dm round and spherical metal with hour, second and minute clock hands that are wrapped elegantly at the clock’s body, thus, bend the space and time. ...
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Black Mouse Sensor Works Like A Joystick

At first glance it look like a spaceship. Would you believe that this is a mouse? Well, Black Mouse Sensor Technology got this type of appearance. It will surely be a hit to teens and those professionals because aside from sensor technology, it moves with your wrists. There is an ease on usage as well as reliability, very convenient as well as fast scroll on documents with no clicks needed on scroll bar. The design ergonomically are created for your right as well as left hands, it fits wide rang...
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Amatoya : A New Class of Vehicle To The Field of Fire Appliance Design

A new class of vehicle to the field of fire appliance design that is capable of reconnaissance as well as suppression will be introduced by Amatoya. As indicated by research, there is a need to develop an advanced and highly specialized light tanker which must function primarily as a reconnaissance vehicle while providing unparalleled vehicle and crew safety/survivability. It also need to maintain superior off road capabilities and possess appropriate fire suppression technology for the purpose ...
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Antares Wheeled Loading Shovel Vehicle by Mike Turner

The ANTARES design might currently be considered avant-garde for a construction vehicle, however within the next 10-15 years, proposals such as these may be thought conventional. The cab has a large panoramic glass area – to aid operator visibility. (air conditioning is increasingly commonplace for these machines, as they typically work in dusty quarry environments. Solar gain could be managed effectively through the use of photovoltaic glazing) Beneath the glass, a heavyweight ROPS str...
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Stylish and Eco Friendly Pangolin Backpack from Cyclus

The innovative and handy Pangolin Backpack, getting inspired by the nature, has been designed like the Pangolin, a bristly anteater creature with razor sharp scales and claws. The material that has been used to make this backpack is simple and easy to get old truck tires. Just like the creature, the backpack has multi-layered construction that step by step folds and unfolds during operation. This construction allows more storage comparing its outer appearance which has made it a good gadget espe...
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