Black Coffin Car Design by Imran Othman

The Black Coffin car design motto is live fast die young. We think the designer is not trying to suggest you to die from speeding. On the contrary, he is trying to warn you. Speed thrills but speed kills if you don’t have the power to control it. I...
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Kicker Tea Tumbler Concept Blends The Art of Making Tea With Technology

Kicker Tea Tumbler was born out of the imagination how technology could influence an area that purposefully devoid of technology, tea. At the beginning of this project, Kicker Studio did extensive researches. They were interested in the rituals of te...
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Tactile Watch Design by Jake Rynkiewicz

Lucky are we to have been blessed with eyes that could spot out things. We can read things hassle-free, admire at nature’s beauty, but the blind? Can they sense things or at least know the current time? Why not! Specially designed for the visually ...
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LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource by Anurag Sarda

In developing countries, millions of people still have inadequate access to drinking water and usually have to use sources such as streams and lakes which are polluted with dangerous parasites, toxins, or suspended solids. LEAF Self-Generating Water ...
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Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’or Blanc Features Porcelain Elements For Its Exterior and Interior Design

Bugatti in joint venture with Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, has created the one-of-a-kind Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc. The name implies white gold. In most automotive construction, carbon fiber, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and titaniu...
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INgSoc Bicycle Design is Perfect For Daily Commuting or Racing Environment

Bicycle is one of the most efficient self-powered modes of transportation always. It serves as an excellent alternative for urban mobility. Well, INgSoc bicycle is not an exception. This bicycle conceives of a future where power-assisted bike will ce...
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Moosh Watch Aims To Increase Social and Physical Activities of Your Children

Moosh Watch has been designed with the intention of increasing the percentage of children playing outside, having great social and physical activities. Based on research in the UK, 64% children play outside only less than once a week, while 31% child...
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“Freedom for Disabled Divers” Project Offers The Freedom of Mobility Underwater

The physically challenged people do have their own desires and aspirations as others, be it walking, climbing, and swimming and so on. Scuba diving is one of many ways for us to experience the world in which we live in. To help these people have thei...
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Timeless Cigarette Package Design by La Seconde D’après

Timeless is an innovative low-cost marketing "goodie" aimed at the tobacco industries. It is a simple answer to the current gap in the marketing goodies for a sector which is in constant growth. This simple thermo shaped "U" is covered by laser-cut p...
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Futuristic 3D Scanner Design for “Generation P” Movie

Art. Lebedev Studio is a private design firm, which provides advanced engineering, graphic, and web and interface drawings. They provide most easy, elegant and suitable solution to any problem without losing the purpose. Their recent task was to desi...
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Futuristic Tron Style Phone Design by Andrew D. Morgan

Tron Style phone is a mobile phone that has been designed in inspiration from the movie TRON legacy. Well, the design goals indicate creative interpretation of a futuristic cellphone. The design integrates LED lighting with sleek dark chrome finishin...
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The Aid Personal Health Management Device Works As A Walking Cane

The Aid personal health management device provides the possibility for users who love to be an active member in their community but have difficulty in leaving their homes due to the health issues. This cane-like unit has been designed to become usefu...
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Raptor : A Sexy Skateboard Design Inspired by AlfaRomeo

Raptor concept board was born as the result of collaboration between the designer and the Italian car manufacturer AlfaRomeo. The initial instruction was to design a sport accessory that reflects the strong characteristics of a modern lifestyle of ...
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OPTI Driverless Taxi For London in 2025 by Paul Piliste

The rising cost of fuel has become a big matter of concern these days. Adding up to this is the increasing amount of pollution in the city, all of which contributes to depleting the quality of air. Based on Department of Transport (England) 55 percen...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation, Travel

Lotus Ephemer Concept Car by Maël Oberkampf

After BMW M-Zero design, this automotive designer wanted to design a car that could remind everyone of beautiful sea creatures such as sharks or manta-rays. That’s when Lotus Ephemer concept car born. Ephemer is an aggressive yet beautiful roadster...
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