Swirl Simplifies Laundry Making Washing Cloths a Fun

Swirl is an innovative concept that simplifies the hectic process of laundry in developing countries by eliminating the need of carrying water from distant supply areas and carrying heavy laundry to and from the source of water. This human focused design shapes like a ball that contains a swirled sphere like basket and lid, joined to a steel tube handle. After putting water and the cloths inside, the user have to simply roll the washing ball back and forth by pulling or pushing the handle that i...
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Formar Video Camera Will Create Today’s Archive for Future Generation

Formar is an innovative sealed video camera concept that can float around to record various present events. The design has been envisioned to be an archive of today and accessible for the future generations only to let them know about the civilization of 100 years back. Aside from that, it would be a fruitful way to make people of governments and organizations behave properly keeping the consideration in mind that someone is watching their activities. The compact and lightweight camera with glos...
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The Clip Watch Provides a New Way of Seeing Time

How many times have you found it difficult to see the time when the watch is laying under the heavy coat during winter season? The clip watch concept, with a shape of a tiny button, has been designed to address that difficulty by making it convenient to see and more functional than traditional watches. This button like watch can be clipped with any outfit the user is wearing which in term will enhance the user’s elegancy. Since, it’s not necessary to gaze at the watch for a long time, the gl...
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Eco Shower Contributes the Environment by Saving Water and Energy

Having a hot water shower after a busy day is always preferable for all range of people, but not much of them think about the huge wastage of water and electricity. The Eco Shower concept integrates various handy ecological features to efficiently minimize the use of water and energy. Inside the head of the shower concept, a turbine has been incorporated that produces the required energy to heat the water from the water flow through the showerhead. The bottom of the shower features a set of pres...
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B1K Concept Bicycle Features Unique Chainless Drivetrain

The B1K concept bicycle has been designed as a race bike by incorporating various unique features aiming to make it suitable for convenient riding on different surfaces. The unique chainless design of the bike allows the rider not to worry about a chain displacing anymore and provides great control over the bike. The carbon fiber construction along with the compact shape of the bike has made it lightweight. The unique tubeless construction of the tires has made it even more functional and the ro...
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Guardian Home Fire Extinguisher Offers Easy and Efficient Operating

The Guardian is an innovative fire extinguisher that has been designed to eliminate the user inconveniences of traditional fire extinguishers which is being considered as the most concerned matter when emergency fire situation arrives. It features a 3V battery that can be recharged via the solar panel and lights the red LED bulb on the surface. To access the LED, battery and microchip, users have to remove the handle that contains the button and track system to control the range of the movement ...
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Vayro Ensures Future Long-Distance Road Haulage Efficiently

The Vayro is a future track concept to meet the increasing freight requirement of long-distance road haulage for the year of 2020. The design incorporates high capacity semi-trailers towed by the tractor to ensure greater productivity by large quantity of freight at a time. The sleek profile of the truck ensures minimal air resistance and the suspensions have been designed to automatically lower the whole combination by 4 inches from the drive height at speed above 55 miles/hr. The truck is powe...
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The Revolutionary Apple iPad Can Go Beyond Imagination

Apple has announced the date of release of iPad, their revolutionary device with the most advanced technology and lots of incredible features and apps. Precise gesture readable large 9.7-inch high-resolution LED-backlit IPS touchscreen along with numerous functionalities have been embedded into a thin and lightweight device that can go beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s quite hard to tell about the future of existing iPod, Kindle and other e-book readers when this ultra-portable device with s...
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Extreme Powersports Vehicle Can Ensure Efficient Recreation

Inspired by various extreme vehicles around, the extreme powersports concept vehicle has been designed to make it a perfect recreational vehicle. The vehicle features excellent aesthetics that has been achieved by dune buggy chassis and comprises a 900cc engine to ensure smooth driving. The controls are designed like that of a Star Wars pod racer and allow the driver to position low to the ground to ensure more adrenaline concentrated ride. The wheels have been designed to replace with tracks by...
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Household Centrifugal Pump Seed Eases Watering Effort

Seed is a household centrifugal pump concept that can effectively water the orchards, gardens and lawns by taking water from lakes, rivers, ponds as well as from water storage reservoirs, wells and chinks in order to reduce the constant human attendance and controlling the watering procedure. The main objective of Seed is to solve the everyday problems associated with watering and providing ultimate freedom to the owner by featuring a full function remote control on the panel that can adjust dif...
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TREAD Allows the Riders to Record Their Complete Travel Log

TREAD is a concept device that remains mounted on the bicycle and can record the complete travel log of a rider through GPS connectivity. The main goal of the design is to ensure comprehensive safety and efficient use of the bicycle by standardizing the user aesthetics, user rituals and integrating a computer along with special software with the bike to make it analytically powerful. This device can get assisted through real time route analysis powered by Google map, infrastructure mapping of th...
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Stryder Hybrid Crutch Can Perform as a Knee Scooter

The Stryder hybrid crutch has been innovatively designed to perform as a knee scooter for non-weight bearing legs caused by lower leg injury. This crutch provides greater movement efficiency to the users, while ensures lesser strain and tiredness on the body, especially in the wrists, hands, axils and chest wall than the traditional crutches generate while using it. Moreover, this knee scooter can enhance the commuting speed as well in urban environment. The parts of Stryder have been designed t...
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OAED-An Innovative Device to Treat Various Eye Disorders

The OAED or Optical Accommodation Exercise Device is an innovative concept with the goal of treating various eye disorders like long-sightedness, shortsightedness, cross eye, etc. The basic principle of the device is to alternate different dioptres lens in front of the eye to provide some swinging to the eye-muscles which ensures steady lasting of eye refringence by letting the eye focusing on elements of various distances. The stylish sunglass like gadget can be easily used in the everyday life...
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The Ecorium Project Can Foster Environment Awareness

The Eden Project by Samoo Architects, being a part of the imminent National Ecological Institute of South Korea Site, features all the optimum conditions over a giant ecosystem of 33,090 sq miles that can make it as the Ecorium Project, which comprises different interlinking wedge-shaped greenhouses that are acting as domes. This eco-design comprises various advanced technologies to create a perfect internal environment, such as the simulated shade, the metal panel finished exterior, low iron gl...
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Air Alien Green Helicopter Uses Electric Energy for Pleasant Commuting

The air alien ship is a green helicopter concept that offers a range of flying opportunities by comprising a large electric motor and a stator with two large electromagnetic rings. The Two giant fuel tanks filled with hydrogen and oxygen are laid under the floor that generates the required electricity. The concept integrates two propellers with permanent magnetic wings running in the opposite direction independently and contains a detachable ring that provides stability. With its magnetic levita...
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