Sun Container by Florent Bouhey Fayolle

The Sun Container designed by Florent Bouhey Fayolle is capable of radiating heat up to 120 Watts. It is one of the conservative household machines with a smart and elegant design that helps in utilizing the natural heat source for as a Space Heater....
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BMW Ghost Sports Bike Design Inspiration Came From A Snowy Owl

BMW Ghost sports bike is a concept design study of what our next generation motorcycle should look like. If you are BMW aficionado, you probably realize the resemblance between this design and BMW concept 6, because Ghost is actually inspired by the ...
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Futuristic House Biomorphism by Ephraim Henry Pavie Architects and Design

Futuristic House Biomorphism expresses sensitive architectural approach to build a future house. If you take a look at the concept here, you’ll see that the architecture company decided to free itself from the usual technical and geometrical constr...
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FeelTheHeat Outdoor Heater by Bilgehan Keçeli

Spending your time outside even in cold weather is going to be more enjoyable with the help from Feeltheheat outdoor heater. If you notice, nowadays people prefer to stay at outdoor cafes or restaurants in all seasons; unfortunately there are some pe...
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Eco Noise : Lighting Panel Powered by Sound

Eco Noise could be the solution to cover construction projects in fast-growing cities. If you have visited one of the fastest growing cities, you’ll notice there are a lot of construction projects everywhere; they clutter the beautiful city with th...
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Transport Hornet : Air-Powered Vehicle For Short-Range Travel

Transport Hornet is an air-powered vehicle which ideal for short-range travel. The main idea behind this design was to find out the proper use an air-powered two-wheeler as urban transportation. This eco-friendly vehicle can be used as delivery trans...
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You Can Use “On Air Cam” by Lee Jung Hoon For Self-Promotion

On Air Cam enables its user to record videos and include the individual who shoot them. There are dozens video sharing websites today and almost everyone is uploading videos on the internet. Unfortunately, our existing camcorder can shoot the object ...
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Global Spirit Racing : Future Racing Vehicle Design by Victor Acuna

Global Spirit Racing is a futuristic racing vehicle design for Terra Prix 2085 design competition. The automotive designer created amazing detailed background story and won the first place in community selection category with this awesome future raci...
Posted in » Design Competition, Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car

Note-Taker Portable Device To Help Low-Vision Students In The Classrooms

Note-Taker helps visually impaired students to see their classroom presentations or writing on the board clearly. Based on US National Center research, only 18% of 20 million people over the age of 24 with low vision have bachelor’s degree. Student...
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City Context : Solar Powered Street Light with Trash Bin

City Context is a combination of a solar-powered street light and a trash bin. The main goal of this design is to bring a bright and clean environment in big city. It’s not easy to maintain a clean environment especially in a big city, thus, making...
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Hug Painless Vaccination System Provides Stress-Free and Enjoyable Vaccination

Hug painless vaccination system will replace those traumatic and painful experiences for children. Hug employs innovative microneedle technology that’s developed at Georgia Technology, Institute Laboratory for drug Delivery. The microneedles dissol...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Life Science and Medical

Underabove Dual Lens Camera by Han In Kyung

Regardless of their propinquity, the environments both above and below the water surface remain separate ever. It is difficult to grasp a visual view of both simultaneously. However, with Underabove dual lens camera, it is now possible to visually gr...
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Chasing Kitsune Is A Yatai Designed by HASSELL For The 2011 State of Design Festival in Melbourne

HASSELL has designed a new pop-up Yatai called Chasing Kitsune. Drawing inspiration from a mythical fox named Kitsune that possesses people and unveils its form solely in shadow, young and expert designers at HASSELL implemented this idea for creatin...
Posted in » Design Exhibition

Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Features A White Kinetic Sensor, Custom-Designed Console and Controller

This is the first time the Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars comes with a white Kinect Sensor together with a custom-designed console plus controller. Involve yourself deep into the star wars characters like R2-D2 and C-3PO as you’ve always...
Posted in » Games and Toys

VV-Talker Speech Assistive Device For Vulnerable Deaf Children

Oftentimes deaf children are not able to speak effectively due to their disability to listen normally. Although the education system for the deaf has improved considerably, still these children are finding it difficult to communicate fluently or lear...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

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