The Mimeo Cellphone Enables The User to Write Like a Pen

Mimeo is an innovative cellphone concept that enables the user to make calls and send messages in a more interactive way. The writable bended body of the concept features a signal light on top of the phone and an OLED touchscreen for efficient functioning. On the bottom part, it contains a call button and a write button that enables the user to make calls and make the surface writable. The end contains the stylus which acts as a pen nib when writing with the cellphone. Aside from intuitive and c...
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Concorde Yacht Gives Ultimate Luxury Onboard With Stunning Natural Beauty

The Concorde yacht concept combines two different environments on its large 117m long and 13.5m high structure, the luxurious airplane Concorde and a villa with swimming pool, terrace and wide front yard. The front part contains a big salon with two spacious side wind deck where people can communicate with great natural landscapes. The long curved tail connects the cafeteria and the rear roof park, a great place to enjoy the time in swimming pool or stroll on big grass yards. This luxury yacht f...
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Rae Motorbike Features Different Riding Style and Position with Great Customizability

The Rae concept motorbike has been designed for next-generation young riders that enable the rider to create their own style on the bike with various customizable attributes. The variable geometry chassis of Rae features adaptable forks and swing-arm that can give easy to extreme sports riding experience to the user. The changeable arrangement of the seat, pegs and handlebars aids the rider to achieve a variety of riding style and body shapes. Moreover, a wide range of after-market extras have a...
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Twin Trike Enables Two People To Ride At The Same Time

The twin trike is an innovative tricycle concept that has been designed to ride two adults at a time with style and functionality. All the controls of the tricycle are operated by the front rider and it features two transmissions, the last tick and the rear axle. The rear rider can help by pedaling only and due to the higher seating arrangement he can watch ahead the road and warn the front rider about any upcoming obstacles. Most of the parts are made of carbon-fiber material, making the trike ...
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Nexus : An Innovative Scooter To Move Around in The Airports

Nexus is an electric powered scooter concept designed to be a great short commuting solution inside the airports. The front wheels of the scooter comprise two electric engines powered by four 12 V batteries that gives 2 hours of continuous use. The rear part is a freewheel that gives a third point of support to the user that ensures up to 110 kg of load to be carried. The front part of the scooter contains the power plug that can be used either 110v or 220v whichever is available. The handlebar,...
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Energy Efficient E-Commuter Promises Smoke and Noise Free Future City

The next generation e-commuter electric concept car is inspired to reduce the serious air pollution being occurred by the toxic exhaust of the increasing number of vehicles. This car is powered with two energy sources, mainly the solar cells of the car’s top surface generates photovoltaic power and the easily attachable or detachable outer battery that involves into action in case of low amount of sunshine. The wheels absorb vibration and generate no friction by using magnetic power to ensure ...
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Cognitive Balloon : An Essential Safety Wristband for Beach Swimmers

The cognitive balloon concept has been designed to ensure maximum safety for the swimmers that alerts the lifeguards about a swimmer’s danger. This concept aims to eliminate the difficulties of seashore lifeguards to spot a person in danger and their exact location, which is one of the key reasons of beach fatalities. Also, it eliminates the hassle of swimmers to wear inconvenient and ugly safety gears by featuring a fashionable discrete wristband that releases a balloon with a simple button p...
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Green Fox Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cart-Designed to be Pride of Street Cleaners

The green fox cleaning cart concept was designed like a cleaver fox that cleans the street with its tail combining with an environment friendly and clean image. The main goal of the concept was to reduce the hassle of street sweepers with conventional ugly looking cleaning carts that are hard to carry around and are not so functional. The green fox has been designed in three phases by emphasizing trash containment, smooth mobility of the cart and portability of the kits. Firstly, the dustpan ...
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Lotus Offers Unique Uni-Ride Experience with Different Riding Environments

The Lotus is an innovative concept car that is composed of several modules to adapt the passenger when and as required to ensure an ultimate comfortable ride. The entire car has been designed to be integrated into the featured single wheel and comprises three modules, two made of carbon fiber and the other one of glass. These modules can be arranged in different combinations to make this car a perfect ride for different environments. The weight of the car remains stable through an intelligent ov...
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Pygmy Jeep Features Stylish Appearance with Great Functionalities both On and Off Road

The pygmy jeep concept has been designed based on the Fiat Panda and features exude European character that infuses the American Culture as well as the quintessential Jeep spirit. This two-seater vehicle provides a variety of innovative options to make it a universal car that can convert from a shopping car to an off-road extreme vehicle according to the user’s requirement. Aside from the unique aesthetics of the outer body, this car features a fashionable interior with retro elements and high...
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Funny USB Memory Stick Features Different Colored Lights for Different State

The funny USB memory stick is inspired by Japanese revolving lantern, offering an excellent and unique aesthetic with its transparent glass body and all the convenient functionalities. Inside the glass, the memory stick shows different colored lightings for different data. For example, pink color demonstrates images, green for movies, blue for documents and no light means there is no data inside the stick. To make the fun more interesting, these lights moves whenever users shake the device. The ...
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The Health Manifesto-A Beautifully Designed Luxury Health Service Provider

The health manifesto is actually a series of excellent manifestos of high quality hospital bed queues that has been designed by examining every probable solution of improved products and services. The innovative design of these health service manifestos have been made possible through the extensive working experience of the designees in commercial areas and keeping the design principles in mind that generally designers apply on creating first class hotel rooms and airline cabins. These beautiful...
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Repair Toolset Offers Great Aesthetics with Ultimate Convenience and Functionalities

The Repair Toolset is an innovative tool concept aiming to ensure convenient and efficient household use with stylish functionality. This design eliminates the usual tendency of keeping tool boxes out of sight in a dark corner of the cabinet because of their ugly size and shape. The repair toolset has been designed with a range of handy and handsome tools that users will keep happily always at sight. The toolset has been designed to be integrated with bookcases to make a perfect aesthetics and h...
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Agro E.Sustentable Wind Generator Features Brilliant Functionality with Ease of Operating

The Agro E.Sustentable concept wind generator aims to ease and optimize the installation and transportation procedure, making it convenient and time-saving for the agricultural workers. The generator has been designed as a great system of producing and accumulating of wind energy that distinctively makes it self-supporting. The trailer holds the batteries and the generator along with its retractable tower and also acts as the base when it is working. The tower remains folded in 4 sections and is...
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RC4 : An Environmentally Friendly ATV

The RC4 all terrain concept vehicle has been designed in a more environmentally friendly manner to be used on the road. The electric drive train of the car is powered by a lithium ion battery that enables the vehicle to run up to 80mph. To make it more alluring than the conventional electric vehicles, the designer has integrated sharp aggressive lines to create a dramatic shape with plenty of visual movements. Moreover, making the position of the rider more effective has been emphasized by the d...
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