Ford Xplor Gives An Opportunity To Rethink The Shape And Functionalities Of A Traditional SUV

Sky = Blue, Grass = Green, SUV = an un-aerodynamic, heavy and giant sized four wheeler. This is what you used to think, right? Forget the last one. Need some assistance? Take Ford Xplor as an example that incorporates various innovative features like in-wheel electric motors, drive-by-wire, accident avoidance system, and an overall stylish look that challenges the conventional SUVs. With the successful relocation of the engines to the wheel hubs and the lithium-ion battery pack under the floor, ...
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Pland Temporary Floating Deck Makes Water Activities Safer And More Exciting For Kids

PLAND is a temporary floating deck concept filled with rotationally molded foam where kids will love to do various water activities. This unique modular unit is an ideal place for young children that can be used in any water where no beach or deck is available or enhance the attributes of an available deck. The deck contains a triangular life-saver shape unit, giving it the impression of a safer place for kids while having water fun. The base of several deck units can be tied together to form a ...
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Urban Mini Truck Makes Commuting More Efficient On Future Streets With Busy Traffic

Hold on guys, I can read your mind. But sorry this is a concept yet and you definitely can’t ride one tomorrow morning to your office, making it easier to avoid the busy and hectic traffic you have to go through everyday. But the day will come soon since this compact mini truck is going to be the only efficient commuting solution for you on the even more congested and busy urban streets than that you are experiencing currently. This four-wheel steering truck features 4 electric engines with ea...
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Audax Yacht Features Various Innovative Ideas To Accompany A Memorable Water Trip

Audax means adventure and the innovative and sporty appearance of the Audax yacht has certainly pointed out the significance of the original meaning of its name. The key goal of this yacht is to provide a luxury and stylish water trip to its passengers by featuring an open fly bridge, a sky lounge, and two decks along with a carbon fiber made tuna tower arching below above the deck and meets the yacht’s main superstructure. The reformed bow has made the yacht more streamlined and allows more s...
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The Energy-Efficient Leaf Car Produces Oxygen To Keep The Environment Green

Leaf is the latest concept car designed by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) that features an odd leaf as its roof, giving an impression of being eco-friendly. This innovative roof is crafted from foliage and able to produce oxygen just like a real leaf. Moreover, the leafy roof features a solar panel to generate and store electricity, and more surprisingly, it directs the car to move into a position where it can get the most suitable sunlight coverage. The wheels also contain spin...
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Rain Drum Makes Walking In The Rain An Enjoyable Event With Entertaining Music

Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features drums with various kinds of sound outputs, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. When playing a drum, the hi-hat, crash and tom-tom needs a high frequency of drumstick play to make the range bigger, whereas, the bass and snare requires a lower frequency for a smaller range of sound. To meet these requirements, the shade of the umbrella contains five wax cloth made shades with different elasticity that makes different s...
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Street Hopper Scooter Features A Compact And Lightweight Construction For Congested Future Streets

Street hopper is an unusual scooter concept that is designed with a compact shape and light construction in order to provide an ultimate urban commuter that can offer fun to the rider and at the same time help the environment from getting contaminated through toxic gas. Unlike traditional seated designs, this urban commuting concept is designed with a standing up riding position. It features two sturdy footrests to support the rider and the rear wheel is driven by an electric engine mounted at t...
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Last Resort Mobile Floating House Gives Great Opportunity To Enjoy The Nature

Last Resort is a mobile floating architecture that is successfully combined a traditional home with a mobile swimming architecture with great usability, spacious interior and modern technology. The design is inspired by the horizontal, undulated shape of the waterfront and the final outcome makes the beautiful natural landscape an extension of the living room. The concept features two levels, to facilitate the upper deck with adequate height, the technical equipments, sleeping bunks and hatches ...
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The Foldable Yikebike Integrates Power And Comfort When Driving In Busy Urban Streets

The YikeBike is a smart urban personal transportation bike, designed to sustain in the increasing congested and busy city roads by employing state-of-the-art technology combined with superior industrial design and engineering. This electric bike costs only a few cents to charge per day supported by the latest nano lithium phosphate battery technology that is not only highly functional, but also aids the environment by featuring zero carbon emission. Aside from being powerful enough with its cust...
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Solar Plant Generates Electric Energy From Sunlight Through Active Photosynthesis

Solar Plant encourages a natural energy alternative by transforming unlimited sunlight into electric energy through a flowerpot shaped charging photosynthesis. Like a real plant, this electric plant can help people by providing alternative energy to run portable electric gadgets. When an electronic product is showing a low battery signal, the cover of solar plant is placed that gets upward through an upcoming lead. The cover features solar panels that generate electric energy through photosynthe...
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Renault 2010 Sand Jumper All Terrain Vehicle Provides Fun In An Eco-Friendly Manner

The Renault 2010 sand jumper vehicle generates the energy itself that it requires to run and features a sleek and attractive outlook. Recyclable and ecological materials have been used to craft the concept to make it eco-friendly, while the wheels contains individual electric engines along with heat cell absorbing system to make the vehicle powerful. The innovative solar paint of the car features nano solar panels that generate the energy from the sunlight and the surplus energy is stored in the...
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The Innovative Led Galaxy Streetlamp Can Generate A Galaxy Of Stars On The Ground

With the massive environmental pollution, the reduced figure of stars in the sky has been observed. The Led Galaxy is a streetlamp that is designed to address this issue by bringing the stars on the ground through powerful LEDs, making an artificial galaxy that can make people comfortable and remind about the nature again. The idea features a brighter reverberator than the conventional one, making more recognizable stars as a galaxy under the streetlight. The lack of bright illumination is addre...
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O3 : The Product You Don’t Want To Have!

O3, a personal survival oxygen unit,  is designed to grow awareness of the potential natural disaster and the current environmental situation among mass people. The concept aims to provide sustainable oxygen support to mankind if a situation comes when artificial production and distribution of oxygen becomes a must to live in the massively polluted environment. Being a personal oxygen production unit, this gadget includes compressed oxygen refill units which is exchangeable through local oxygen...
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Pandur Tri-Wheeler Electric Car Features Great Performance With Unique Appearance

Pandur is an eco-friendly vehicle with great aesthetics that features an electric motor on its rear wheel and the front batteries can be charged through specific systems placed on the front wheels. The metallic frame of the compact and lightweight vehicle is strengthened by a band of durable plastic that acts as a chair too and sustains the three wheels. The vehicle contains a detachable luggage with a maximum capacity of around 170 cm. Additionally, it can change its tires automatically accordi...
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The Compact And Lightweight 2012 Izh-1 Motorcycle Can Give Ultimate Futuristic Commuting

The 2010 Izh-1 Motorcycle incorporates a smooth and aerodynamic design with a compact and lightweight construction to make it a perfect ride for congested future streets. The design starts with a strong and massive front and smoothly finishes to a compact and lighter rear. This bike is envisioned to be crafted with innovative and lighter components to make the weight nearly half than that of conventional motorcycles. The concept features a 505 V-twin engine, 50% of which is made of highly reinfo...
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