ADJUST Modular Screen Watch by NL1 Studio

ADJUST Modular screen watch features a unique way to tell the time, a new language based on triangles. Futuristic and minimalist at first sight, the combination of 32 LED-enlightened triangles and emulating classical digits are the main features of t...
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AUTONOMO Futuristic Vehicle Concept For The Year 2030

Autonomo is a simple, sleek and futuristic vehicle designed for the year 2030. It’s been designed with the objective to provide solutions for many problems we might be facing in mega cities such as Los Angeles, New York, etc. Autonomo futuristic ve...
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Communicaid System To Faciliate A Communication Between Hearing and Non-Hearing People

Communicaid system has been designed to facilitate a communication between deaf or hearing impaired people and hearing people. One of our senses that enable us to interact with our environment and other people would be our ears, however for hearing i...
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Get more exposure to your brand/service/product through editorial content with our Sponsored Post campaign. All sponsored posts will be marked as “Sponsored Post” and published between our regular posts. Sponsored Posts: FAQ Q: Who will wri...
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Efi Space Divider : Unique Office Divider Concept by Mathieu Servais

Efi Space Divider is a unique concept from Mathieu Servais as the result of an important user study where he realized today’s issues that most employees have to deal with in an open space office. Instead of creating boring cubicle dividers, he desi...
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Check 1-2 : Innovative All-in-One Self-Service Digital Guest Check Device

Check 1-2 is the solution of the painful moment when you’ve just finished a great meal and shared with your friends. When the bill arrives, there would be much debate who should pay a full share and who doesn’t have to. Using today’s technology...
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Mercedes 320 Tourbillon Watch is A Tribute to Mercedes Benz 320

Mercedes 320 tourbillon watch was design as tribute to Mercedes-Benz type 320, firstly introduced in mid-1937. This car was special because it was given an independent front and rear suspension, with coil springs at all four corners. This gave the ca...
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Re-Wine Classic : Modern, Chic and Green Packaging for Wine Bottle

Re-Wine Classic does not only offer a green solution but also a chic package to gift your wine in. It is a statement of a creative, sustainable and re-usable solution to protect and present your wine bottles in an elegant way. Each unit is made from ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Packaging Designs

Snappy Dresser : Your Future Wardrobe by Nelly Trakidou

Snappy Dresser was born out of the idea of a wardrobe that doesn’t act only as a piece of furniture but also a smart home appliance. Living in a small space can be a bit challenging to some people, however organizing small living space can be easil...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

My 50m 50 Meter Yacht Features A Revolution In Luxury And Fun

Motion Code: Blue, an Austrian yacht design studio, has came out with a super yacht concept named My 50M yacht, which is a perfect showcase of luxury and fun through an ultramodern and elegant design. The yacht has a massive 50 meter length, packed w...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation, Yacht and Boat

Trolley-Bike Design by Fang-Chun Tsai

Shopping effortlessly, that’s what the designer of Trolley-Bike said to us. It takes only 3 steps to convert from a traditional trolley to a bike, so instead of pushing and walking the shopping trolley in the supermarket, you can now ride it. What ...
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Pandur 2L Concept Features 2 Vehicles with Electromagnetic Propulsion System

Pandur 2L project consists of 2 vehicles that utilize electromagnetic propulsion system. As you can see from this vehicle design, the wheel system involves the movement of a sphere inside a shell to minimize friction and maximize the vehicle speed. T...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Motorcycles, Transportation

Bent Hands Clock : Read Time in Different Countries Around The World Just From A Single Clock

Bent Hands Clock is pretty weird name for a wall clock, don’t you think? Well, the name actually fits very well if you take a look at this unique clock design. Reading a single time in a watch is normal, however, what if you could tell the time in ...
Posted in » Clock, Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Go Green with Style : Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers

Stylish and modern transportation Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers are inspired by the successful cruiser-line. These MPB (Multi-Purpose-Bike) units are made of aluminum that makes them extremely light weight and maneuverable. Wonder when do you need this ...
Posted in » Transportation

Spooled by The Other Edge Design

Tangled cord is really annoying, thank God there are many accessories on the market that can help us solve this issue. One of them is Spooled which has been designed to protect the ear buds themselves by stashing them in the center. When you’re don...
Posted in » Accessories

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