Pygmy Compact Portable Projector

Projectors are indispensable when you have to show a formal presentation in front of business associates and most of the projectors are large and heavy weight. Hence most of the times for outdoor business presentations you need to rely on the rented projectors. But this problem can be easily solved with the Pygmy Portable Projector. This is a tiny device which looks quite compact and usable. The projector is classic black in color and the buttons feature shades of Grey. There is a white knob at ...
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Versadome Innovative Modular Building System

The flavor of the season today is to have products which are attractive, effective, and can be customized as per requirements and budgets allowed. In comes Versadome, an architectural wonder which can be termed to be a response to the above criterion. The best part of this building system is versatile modular that is building system with the arches and domes as the elements of weight bearing structures while also being easily transportable and stacked. These systems have been designed so as to d...
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Tactile Music : Hear The Music by Feeling The Rhythm

People who are physically disabled are generally curious about the world especially to those factors which they are unable to access normally. Keeping this in mind a superb device has been created which can help the deaf to listen some music in a way they would understand. The Tactile music sports a classic white color that is soothing to the eyes. The box which plays the music is attached with a soft spiky white ball that pulses as the music plays. The deaf can feel the rhythm which gives them ...
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Manta Craft Design by Casey Reeve

Manta Craft is a uniquely designed watercraft which provides the user with an experience that is a blend of Jet Ski throttles and smooth surfing. The seating arrangement in this craft is created keeping in mind the fan factor. The rider will be able to sit comfortably and at the same time can come into close contact with water. It runs with an electric motor which makes it a cost-effective tool as there is no fuel purchase required. There are handles and hulls shaped like "Y" to control the thro...
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Comfortable Meeting Point with Transparent Walls by Emir Rifat

Waiting for someone is not going to be as painful and annoying as it used to be. The Meeting point is surely a unique innovation which provides an individual for as much comfort as desired. There are comfortable seats available outside the cubicle which is mainly used for resting for a short time. There are three doors to get inside where there is a semi-circular seat. You can wait inside for a long time and look through the transparent walls whether the person has come or not. In fact the inter...
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Handy : Electric Wheel Chair for Handicapped Children

Handy Wheel chair which due to its construction is very flexible for the users. The wheels are constructed in a way which enables the user to ascend one or two steps of a stairs. The design is particularly aimed towards children with various physical handicaps, and the construction will enable the child to participate in games and will also function as a "toy" to play with. Designer : Nicolas Nicolaou...
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Endlesstime Watch Design with Twist in The Middle

"Endlesstime", as the name suggests, is a never ending watch designed to represent the endless quality of time. The design is quite simple and clean for any user. The watch is made up of semi-transparent plastic which can be straightened if not tied up on your wrist. The watch is very flexible due to the magnets concealed in the band and it can easily fit on any wrist comfortably. Designer has given a twist in the middle of the watch for reminding the symbol of hourglass. The twist also shows th...
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The New Mac Mini Concept by A Mac Mini User

There are millions of fans of the Apple Macbooks who look forward to unique and improved versions of the laptops. The Mac mini is an innovative concept by Sait Alanyali that makes the Macbook look even more interesting. The color is classic white with the logo of Apple engraved on it (Sait is a huge Apple fan). The screen is spacious enough to be viewed with great precision. The exterior designs resemble a box which makes it look more compact and elegant. The appearance of the Mac mini gives a f...
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iMo is The Next Generation Urban Vehicle

It is quite evident that with the passage of time the designs and shapes of the vehicles, commonly used by people will change drastically. They will become environment friendly and also much safer than the current ones. iMO is a great vehicle that is designed to accompany the users as it seems alive with the insertion of several organic parts. It is round in shape and available in colors like yellow, blue, red and black. They have a transparent shield to cover the interior which makes it a fully...
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Nintendo Will Launch A New Family Member, a Nintendo Dsi

Nintendo is one name in the field of video game consoles which needs no introduction. Even if you are not a game addict, you must have heard it from others as there are millions of people from all over the world who are the die-hard fans of the Nintendo products. They are about to release a brand new member of the Nintendo DS genre which will not only feature better functionality bit also enhance your gaming experience. The device will be released in Japan initially and then in the European mark...
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On Time Sound Headset System by Pedro Gomes

ON-TIME Sound headset system is a great option for those who would like to sue a stylish and ergonomically efficient headset. The sound system has set new trends in the field of mobile sound tools. The head set looks like a fashionable bracelet that you can wear in hands which is simply unique and very handy. There is a black shining LCD screen on the silver bracelet which features the music track, time and other information. You can take or reject a call only with one or two touches on the scre...
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Horological Machine No. 3 Radical Watch Design by Maximillian Busser and Friends

This limited edition good looker designed by Maximilian Busser & Friends is surely a collector's item as the product has been designed especially for those who would like to own a masterpiece. The overall technology is based on Horological machines which tell time. The machine is designed and constructed in three dimensional unlike the traditional wrist watches and hence are revolutionary. This version called as Horological Machine No.3 has been introduced in two versions : "Sidewinder", wit...
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Mutation Futuristic Car Concept with “Wrinkle” Material

The new single seater electric concept car by South Korean designer Jongpil Shin is expected to take the car designing to the next level. The USP of this compact car design is that it has certain emotional elements which constitute a part of it like the wrinkle that has been incorporated into the overall styling and functionality. Even though it's a single seater vehicle, it still can accommodate two people easily thus transforming it into a two seater but in the process the wrinkle gets straigh...
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FWD : Human Powered Vehicle Concept

FWD is a human powered vehicle concept which is neither a bicycle nor a tricycle. Both configurations exist in the same product, and allow use on both streets and rails. The model is designed in order to bring forward an excellent steering, braking and shifting system. The seat is very comfortable and can be easily adjusted as per your height. There is a box attached on the back of the vehicle for keeping your stuff and this box also gives support while driving. This ideal vehicle is one-seater ...
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Cube Portable Wireless Speakers : Bring The Concert Hall Wherever You Go

There are millions of music maniacs in all parts of the world who believe in the fact that music is always at its best when it is played loud and clear. In fact you can get others tapping their feet to the sound of your favorite music only when you play them with speakers. Cube is a great portable speaker that looks like perfect square from all surfaces. All six sides of Cube are 5.1Ch portable wireless speakers. There is the option of keeping the Cube intact (via internal magnets) or separating...
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