INSIC Wall Socket Encourages You To Stop Wasting Energy

Have you ever wondered why your electricity bill jumps to the roof on particular months? I have. I don't feel that I used more electricity compared to other months but the bill says otherwise. It would be great if I could get INSIC wall socket that informs me how much energy I spend or waste. This wall socket quietly informs the users the amount of electricity they used, which will encourage the u...
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Philips AirFryer Uses Hot Air To Cook Your Food

When you watch "The Biggest Loser" episodes, you'll know that eating deep fried food is one of the biggest sins for the contestants. What about air fried food? Is this a healthy option? Well, according to Philips, their new AirFryer product uses Rapid Air Technology to cook the kind of meals that would traditionally be dunked in a deep fat fryer. Philips claims that using this technology to fry fo...
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Sharing Music With Your Friends Is Easier Using BUDS Bluetooth Headphones

Sharing your headphones with friends is easier using BUDS. This bluetooth headphones encourage music sharing while at the same time combating anti-social playing of music through phone loudspeakers in public places. The idea behind this concept focused on how to charge and sync headphones that allow 2 headphones to link together. Buds is a pair of induction chargeable headsets each with their own ...
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H2Pod Portable Water Tank Increases The Public’s Amenity Of The Park

CobaltNiche has designed an innovative portable water tank called H2Pod. It is specifically designed to drip-feed water to drought-stressed trees in parks and urban environments. Not only used as water tank, H2Pod can also be used as a seat. H2Pod has the perfect shape and height for people to sit comfortably yet discourage long term use such as people lying/sleeping on the unit, clever right? Wit...
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VOLTure Watch Design by Maciej Mandrysz

VOLTure is a conceptual LED watch designed by Maciej Mandrysz. As you probably know, TokyoFlash is one of the leaders in LED watch market. This watch design was inspired by the look of voltmeter. It displays the hours with the dial 3,5,7, and 9 in the center and additional +1, +2 at the left bottom corner. Minutes are displayed by small digital display at the right bottom corner. It looks pretty c...
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Rescue Station For Miners Can Make It Quick And Efficient To Rescue Underground Miners

What could be the most common reason of casualties that are taking place every year in underground mines? There may be several issues which require to be addressed but can any corrective measure always ensure 100% safety? Here comes the necessity of an efficient and easy to handle rescuer for injured miners during any unexpected accident to bring him or her to a medic in quickest possible time. ...
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Relevo PC by David Alabau Raga

Have you ever imagined that future computer might look like a tablecloth? Relevo computer by David Alabau Raga is a tablecloth PC that can connect to each other. The screen magnetizes the edge when Relevo connects with the other one. You'll be able to carry your 15" computer in your pocket as a tube. Designer : David Alabau Raga (more…)...
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Life Sack Is Not Your Ordinary Grain Sack

The main problem of third world's crisis is to get food and fresh water supply. World wide charities such as World Vision have sent common supplies such as grain, packed in sacks. Based on this information, three Korean industrial designers have ingenious idea to redesign the sack. Life Sack is a sack that can also work as a water purifier kit. After grain is stored, they can reuse the sacks to pu...
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Let’s Play Throw and Catch With Cobow

Cobow seems like a fun game to play with. Designed for decathlon, basically Cobow is a throw and catch sports game, use the net of the bow to throw and catch the ball. It uses a flexible polyurethane ball, free rules, you can simple throw and catch the ball between friends or as a team. You can play Cobow on the beach or anywhere outdoor, it looks really fun. It is designed with different colors a...
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Tactile Enables Visually Impaired People To Access Mobile Devices Through A System Of Digital Texture

Cell phones are becoming important parts of our everyday life. They also have become more powerful with every new model. Unfortunately, those cell phones don't have features to make them accessible among the blind and visually impaired community. Tactile is a future application of electrotactile technology that engages the sense of touch by sending digital information as beats of electricity. Ther...
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Yoyo Chair by Tamara Svonja

Yoyo chair is a modern version of a swing chair. I would love to have this on my garden. This chair stands on the floor, great for modern, young, and stylish people. It is made of perforated metal with comfortable cushion seat specifically designed to fit the chair. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Do you know a swing chair can help you relax? Designer : Tamara Svonja (more&...
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Ville Folding Bike Doubles As A Shopping Cart

Bicycle Friendly Communities are growing. There are great reasons for this trend, bicycle is the most energy efficient form of transportation known to man, it’s eco friendly, and it provides a great form of exercise. Ville is an urban folding bicycle that answers the urban commuter needs. It incorporates a folding design that allows for easy storage while not in use. But, there’s one cool thin...
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ZigZag Three Wheeled Personal Electric Vehicle

Do you still remember your great great grandpa bicycle? This personal electric vehicle is inspired from those classic high wheel bicycles. ZigZag three wheeled electric vehicle tries to answer the need for environmentally friendly transportation. The frame is made of aluminum alloy 6161 which is commonly used to produce lightweight products. The designers hope that this vehicle can satisfy the nee...
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Poor Little Fish Basin : Your Fish Will Die If You Waste Water!

We all know the importance of saving water. But to some people, they think water is the most abundant natural resources that they could just take for granted. Unfortunately, most of the water on this earth is not directly in potable form. Saving water means saving the energy required to filter and purity water. "Poor Little Fish" basin design tries to persuade consumers to reduce the waste of wate...
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TubTub Baby Bathtub Grows With Your Child

This amazing baby bathtub is designed by Teddy Lu. TubTub is not your ordinary baby bathtub, its functions will grow with your child. This tub has 2 sides to accommodates different size babies from newborns to 6 months old. As the child outgrows the tub, parent could use TubTub as a seat or a stool while bathing the child. This product can also be used as storage to keep bath toys. Designer : T...
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