Feline One Motorcycle Features Clean Lines Enhanced by A Powerful Front Fork and A Hook Shaped Back

Feline One designed by Yacouba Galel is one most luxurious and sophisticated motorcycle available today. This high-tech motorcycle delivers a new vision of motorbike, it features unique look to create immediate impact through its sensual panther style. This project is the result of 4 years of technological research, constructed with highest quality materials with parts manufactured by worldwide manufacturer experts. Carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum, combined with fine leather, those are m...
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Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch for Time Traveler

“Back to the Future” is a phenomenal time travel trilogy that has become worldwide cultural phenomenon. If you haven’t watched these films, we highly recommend that you have “Back to the Future” marathon weekend, you won’t regret it. Any hardcore fans of this trilogy would know about Flux Capacitor, it’s the main component that powers DeLorean’s time vortex. It has become one of best known props from the movie. That’s why reading time on the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor...
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L Concept Motorcycle by Bandit9

Bandit9 has released L concept motorcycle which will only be available in 9 units. It features powerful 125cc engine with gorgeous silver steel unibody that creates beautiful contrast to its skin leather seat. The minimalist design is achieved through custom engine cover, headlight, break light, turn signals, and L handlebars. Bandit9 keeps their philosophy of creating futuristic motorbikes very seriously, as you can see with all motorbike designs that they have, each model is an evolution of th...
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Modern Breathe Universal Respirator by Daniel Farmer

Our modern and urban lifestyle has led us to poor air quality, affecting our respiratory health. Breathe Universal Respirator concept uses pharmaceutical salt to treat respiratory conditions, trying to help millions of people in the world that suffer from asthma. Medical devices are usually associated with bad stigmas, people also find it as a bad dependency. This concept respirator has been designed to clear that state of mind, the designer wanted to change user’s perception into positive emo...
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Elio Motors : Affordable 3-Wheel 2-Seater Car for Solo Commuting

Elio is a compact three-wheel vehicle with a price label for only $6,800. Designed by Paul Elio, this car aims to be a solution for today’s generation of drivers where gas prices are constantly spiking. Elio saw the soaring costs of vehicles that we drive, including fuel prices that spike to record highs almost every year while Americans are struggling with an economy that takes too much. Keeping this in mind, Paul decided that the world need radical designed vehicle that is affordable, fun to...
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C#3 Motorcycle by Stefan Toth

C#3 Motorcycle is the latest design from Stefan Toth that expresses freedom. It's a conceptual electric motorbike that combines conventional design with advanced electric technology. One of the most exciting features of motorcycles is openness. A car works a bit like a membrane, isolating driver and passengers from their environment, inhibiting the feel of wind, the scents, the sounds (Ok, cabrios are exception :). Motorcycles are following contrary manner. Traditional bikes, naked bikes don`t ...
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Cruzeta Minimalist Hanger Made Out of Pine Wood

Hugo Ribeiro, a Portuguese designer, has submitted his furniture design to Tuvie. It’s a minimalist yet functional furniture that you can use to hang just about everything. Read his explanation below. CRUZETA is the name of this hanger and its shape is inspired by the need to simplify a simple task. The structure is made of pine wood in which the spring makes the connection, making it an elegant and very practical piece. It’s a hanger for him and for her, where they can put their day-to-day...
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Spyderco C188ALTIBBKP Dog Tag Folding Knife Looks Just Like A Military Dog Tag

Inspired by Serge Panchenko’s popular custom designs, Spyderco has come up with Spyderco C188ALTIBBKP Dog Tag Folding Knife. It’s a pocket knife that features a chisel-ground CPM S30V blade with titanium handle. If you know Spyderco knives, then you would know this model is a departure from its typical folding knife, the handle is constructed from solid titanium that accurately replicates the size and shape of a military dog tag. The center of the handle scale is machined in order to create ...
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Porsche 356 E Design Study Concept Car by Bez Dimitri

Bez Dimitri has submitted his latest car design inspired by one of premium auto manufacturers: Porsche. This concept is inspired by the iconic Porsche 356. It incorporates modern codes Porsche but tries to keep the original idea of the 356: a compact sports car that features essential lines. The 356 E is an all-electric concept vehicle; that is why the design is so special. Its elevated volume in back part welcomes the batteries and the motor. Designer : Bez Dimitri (more…)...
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Icons Of Sembawang – Rocking Chairs Design for Memories

"Icons of Sembawang" designed by Chan Wai Lim of Little Thoughts Group, is range of outdoor children rocking furniture inspired by the place the designer grew up. The 3 pieces of rocking animal first showcased at SingaPlural 2015, 10-15 th March 2015, in conjunction with Singapore Design week. The project started as a collaboration between Little Thoughts Group and Samko Timber. Samko Timber is a Indonesia based company that have been supplying outdoor architecture decking for more than 10 ye...
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Swirl Tap by Simin Qiu

Swirl Tap is a conceptual faucet design by Simin Qiu, a Royal College of Art student, that won a 2014 IF Concept Design Award. This innovative tap design makes water flow in a swirling vortex pattern that is claimed to be able to save 15% more water compared to standard taps. Based on the photos below, wow…the water flows in a beautiful pattern, thanks to 2 turbines that create the effect. It uses 2 separate flow elements of varying diameters where one spinning clockwise and the other counter ...
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Ground Wakeboard Is A Combination of A Fuel Cell Car and Hoverboard

Ground Wakeboard is a conceptual project that inspired by the idea where Toyota works together with Yamaha, two popular transportation makers. The concept car is a fuel cell crossover Toyota “Cross Cruiser” that pulls Yamaha “Hover Board”. It’s a unique concept, perhaps dedicated to people who love extreme sports to make their life even more exciting. Cross Cruiser is a fuel cell concept car that generates high power electricity, connected to the Hover Board through a wire cable, it...
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Mercedes One Class Revenge by Alfonso Nuñez Perea

In a training specializing in Advanced Industrial Design in Córdoba, Argentina; a "Revenge" 2030 year, Mercedes Benz motorcycle concept was proposed. It is remarkable the degree of innovation using aesthetics and sculptural Brand design lines. "Powerful, dynamic and sculptural" are the design cornerstones that the industrial designer Alfonso Nuñez Perea chose to develop the concept. The development is to generate a new segment, Mercedes Benz Class 1, and incorporate sports and vehicle safet...
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PetMonster : Smart House for Small Pet

PetMonster is a smart house for your small pet that incorporates interactive and playful environment as its main features. Subinay Malhotra has taken ludic approach when designing this pet house to maintain ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetic characteristics in one comfortable environment for our furry friends. A playful character inspired design helps incorporate emotional design elements which are highly related to pets, especially small pets, they love to interact within such a space....
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Echoes of a Nearby Future : Formula 1 Concept Car by Andries van Overbeeke

We just received a conceptual Formula 1 car from Andries van Overbeeke. It's a realistic vision of F1 concept car that can be implemented in 2017, following new rules revolution talks. You can read his explanations below. I made a realistic future Formula 1 concept that could be implemented in 2017, when there is a big rule change. The intention of these rules is to make the cars look more aggressive and attractive. A lot of prominent Formula 1 guys have been talking about wider cars and bigg...
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