Semi Closed Concept Canopy for F1 Car by Matus Prochaczka

Remember the first semi closed canopy concept from Matus Prochaczka? This time, he has submitted another version of this project based on some fans suggestion. It’s the same semi-closed canopy but this time he converted the Indy version to F1. It’s special project designed for Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) with some small modifications of side shape and back area. This polycarbonate canopy is designed to protect driver from any debris or flying parts during the race. Since there’s high pro...
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Distance Less Device Functions As Auto Projector to Make You Feel Closer to Your Loved Ones

Distance Less has been designed for Braun contest, it’s a device to facilitate new technologies to allow people to feel closer to their family all the time regardless their distance. Everyone can easily operate this device, including elderly people, you can receive video messages without having to learn about complicated interfaces or applications. You can receive emails in video of your loved ones and even follow steps of their children or grandchildren to see how they’ve grown even though ...
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Renault 8 Gordini Is Redesigned in 2 Versions by Andrus Ciprian

Submitted by Andrus Ciprian, this concept car is based on the classic Renault Gordini R8. It's a design study aims to give modern look to this vintage car. Passionate and inspired by retro cars, I've created a concept for Renault that is inspired by the old Renault Gordini R8(R10) model. From the beginning it can be noted that there are 2 versions of cars both with two doors. I've wanted to give the model a new image in order to highlight its "moments of glory" when it was always present on ...
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Stylish Kole Thermal Flask to Carry Your Espresso or Whiskey

Carry your whisky or espresso in style, Kole offers you a stylish thermal flask. It is beautifully handcrafted with stainless steel with wood finish, resulting in modern product with warm touch. Kole would keep your whiskey or espresso hot for your commute, it’s been known for years that flasks have been subtle and sophisticated way to carry your drink of choice, well, this time, you can take the next step to have your espresso or whiskey on-the-go. Designer : Nisnas Industries ...
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Hummingbird Folding Bike by Peter Craciun

The company claims that Hummingbird Folding Bike is world’s lightest folding bike with 3kg lighter than its nearest competitor. Designed and developed in Britain, this folding carbon fiber bike weighs around 6.5kg, a perfect bike for short commutes or long journeys, you can easily store it in a car or on a plane. Peter Craciun, a 23-year old product designer, is a bike fanatic, he knows how to design a great bike for modern commuter. He tried to buy a lightweight folding bike, but he couldn...
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Ring Stash – Slim Engagement Ring Box to Better Hide the Surprise

Ring Stash was designed by Marin Velazquez to help other men propose marriage. He found out that most men had the same problem when it comes to hide their engagement ring, the boxes are just way to big to be inconspicuous on their clothing. Marvin even experienced this problem himself, he had to choose to place the ring in his pocket without the box, because it was just too large to hide. However, having naked engagement ring in the pocket was not ideal since it caused him nervous all the night ...
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Personal Tattoo Machine to Revolutionize Body Art Industry

Draw your own tattoo, thanks to Jakub Pollág that has designed and developed Personal Tattoo Machine to revolutionize body art industry. It’s a tool used only by a group of people to the hands of enthusiasts who want to find unique way to permanently ink meaningful memories/words into their skin. If this product is mass-produced, everyone can tattoo their skin without the need of professional tattooist. This tattoo machine has been designed to enhance tattoos that are not focus on aestheti...
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Typhon Hovercraft Concept for Most Types of Terrain

Typhon hovercraft concept is a special designed water transportation to ride on most types of terrain, not just on rivers but also lakes and oceans. This hovercraft is equipped with a one-liter 4-stroke engine that powers its central and lateral intake fans, it uses 2 electric thrusters that rise up above the vehicle making it easy to steer and move fast over any surface. Unlike many personal hovercrafts on the market, most of them are difficult to control and noise regardless their great abi...
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Social Shot Mobile Bar-Tending-Robot Makes Your Drink Based on Your Personality

It looks like in the future, we won’t be needing a bartender to make our drinks. The Social Shot is a concept mobile bar-tending-robot that makes your drink by computing personality profiled based on datasets acquired through Facebook. This information is then used to mix individualized drinks. That’s each of the ingredients represents one value in “Big 5”, a popular model in personality psychology that reduces a human personality to 5 fundamental characteristics. Each personality is ...
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Funnel Safe Roof-Cleaning Tool to Reach The Ceiling or Higher Location

Cleaning the floor is easy, but cleaning the ceiling or high corner can be difficult. Weisi Li has made an attempt to design a safe roof-cleaning tool that can prevent dirt falling from the top and might get into your eyes, Funnel. This tool employs gravitational and inertial mass between rest and use, you can put it upright just like that when you don’t need it. When it’s time to clean any dirt or spiderweb at the ceiling, simply invert this tool to automatically expose the broom, thanks to...
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Toyota KIKAI Concept Car Explores and Emphasizes the Fundamental Appeal of Machines

Toyota Kikai is a concept project as part of the desire to explore and emphasize the fundamental appeal of machines. Starting from fine craftsmanship, beauty, simplicity, and fascinating motion, this concept car has been designed to be free and reliant on the core concepts of automobiles. The open design exposes the machine of this car that normally hidden beneath vehicle body, this time, the open display principle makes it stands out. In this way, the vehicle’s inner workings become part of t...
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Trailpod All-Terrain Holdall Moves Easily on Rough Terrain

Standard wheeled bags are not designed to go off-road, they would fall over when dragged across rough terrain. Trailpod is an all-terrain holdall with innovative wheels that can roll where no luggage has rolled before. This modular bag can go anywhere; thanks to its all-terrain wheels, this adaptable holdall can go around the world of grass, mud, gravel, and curbs. This travel bag features extra strong exoskeleton structure so that you can enjoy outdoor adventures at the fullest. Those 3 big,...
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SoelCat 12 Solar Electric Vessel from SoelYachts for Eco-Tourism

SoelCat 12 takes ecotourism to the next level, it’s a solar electric vessel for coastal water, lagoon, and inter-island transportation. According to World Tourism Organization’s study, ecotourism has been identified as one of the highest annual growth rates in the industry. One of the qualifying criteria defined by Global Sustainable Tourism Council, is to reduce transport related greenhouse gas emissions and to use renewable energy sources where possible. SoelCat 12 yacht has been develo...
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Sada Spokeless, Foldable Bike Without Sacrificing Its Dimensions for Portability

Not wanting to reduce the dimensions of the bike, Gianluca Sada has designed a spokeless folding bike, Sada Bike. Realizing the concept of folding bike usually focuses on reducing weight and dimensions that usually lead to smaller sized bike, Sada feels that small frames and wheels only means expense of stability just for the sake of compactness and portability. The smaller size of the frame sacrifices rider position while driving while the smaller wheels are affected by variations in terrain. T...
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eGroov All-Road Electric Scooter Moves Easily Almost On Any Terrains

Have a great outdoor activity wherever you are, eGroov would be a reliable vehicle on almost any terrains. Riding this vehicle you can embrace all-road electric freedom with style, those 2 powerful Electric Hub Engines would take you anywhere you want to go. Made out of premium existing parts (except the frame and mudguards), eGroov is very robust and available in limited numbers with unquestionable quality. It features All-wheel Drive System that takes you virtually anywhere, on any terrains, w...
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