P-Per Futuristic Cell Phone with E-Paper Technology

P-Per mobile phone is a combination of advanced, simple, green and unique, designed by Chocolate Agency, this cell phone won Red Dot Design Awards 2007. Exploring many possibilities of sustainable design, P-Per made only from 4 layers, and one of them is an e-paper screen (which is chocolate agency famous product) which warps the entire phone. Made out entirely of sustainable materials, this futuristic mobile phone is using extruded polycarbonate to cope with its physical functions, hypoallergenic and recyclable titanium parts, and environmental friendly organic battery which is free from heavy metals.

p-per mobile phone by chocolate agency

p-per futuristic mobile phone

p-per mobile phone iphone duplicate

People are comparing P-Per mobile phone concept to iPhone, well, I think iPhone is still the winner here, since iPhone is real and P-Per is still a concept.
Designer : Chocolate Agency

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Coalcoca says: August 2, 2008


Marco Garini says: April 13, 2009

Hi my name's Marco,

Very cool Phone, just a question any of these items are available to buy?

Please let me know something as soon as!!!

Cheers Marco.

bhhffttf gu says: May 11, 2009

not real yet

vanessa says: January 1, 2012

Gotta have ASAP! Let me know when it's out!;)

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